Thursday, March 12, 2015

Are we past PAS?

Malaysiakini - 'Decrease in non-Muslim support for PAS worrying'

INTERVIEW PAS has admitted that the decrease in support of non-Muslims for the Islamist party was “worrying”.

PAS Youth chief Suhaizan Kaiat also admitted that something should be done to rectify this.

Suhaizan, in an interview with Malaysiakini, was responding to the decreased support by non-Muslims for the party since the last general election.

“Yes, we admit there is a slight decrease, and this has become a challenge for us.

“We received high support from the non-Muslims in the last general election. Maybe several misunderstandings have occurred since then.”

Huh? Maybe several misunderstandings have occurred ...?

Wow, where has this guy been?

The other big issue is that we must ask, nay, examine carefully is the compatibility of PAS with the democracy we desired.

In my previous post Party presidents I had written:

But far far more importantly for us, the subtext you should be looking at in Tuan Ibrahim's rejection of his nomination for PAS party presidential election is that PAS ulama don't like nor will countenance democratic process as we know it. Mind you, not that we aren't aware of such thoughts, having already witnessed what's happening in Saudi Arabia, Iran and Taliban-Afghanistan (the real or de facto mindset of Afghanistan).

Thus if you vote PAS, that's what you'll be voting for.


  1. There is no misunderstanding. We understand too well what PAS stands for. know my prescription. ... support BN to prevent an extremist Islamic state from taking root In Malaysia.

  2. “Maybe several misunderstandings have occurred since then.”

    The best kept secret in Malaysian politics: Hudud laws.


  3. as the great American sage has said " I know that human beings and fish can coexist peacefully" and more relevant will be " fool me once,shame on you - errr --fool me ,you can't get fooled again" YUP the wise man himself George w ke

  4. I am always caught by surprise that they seemed to be caught by surprise at the turns of even some very critical when they thought they ought to be do well, nay even surpassingly well in some constituencies, which turned out to be utter disasters, they invariably come out mewing that ....." there must be some misunderstandings" when at the very last minute, they turned the table right around and declared they want Hudud and acted SURPRISED, asking why the non Malays were upset ! when their Director Dr Zuhdi with his jentik and sergah, again they acted SURPRISED later, asking why the non Malays again feel upset and betrayed. Or like when their midget Nasha followed and trailed around Najib like a little besotted little puppy, and the Pak Hadi were seen sneaking under the same blanket with Umno, again they acted SO surprised when the non Malays were upset and warned of the snakes in their rank.

    Surely no one is that naive and doltish ? More like an act. And we are tired of these actors. Can the kind god in heavens or wherever, please do give the long suffering Malaysians, at least the 52 %, a break already now !!

  5. PAS is Taliban/Afghanistan? That is more akin to slander man!

    The members of the clergy/syura are not uneducated fools and troublemakers who have no understanding of democracy and the modern world, okay! By the virtue of their policies and programmes (one of which is to free this country from corruption and injustice) they have attracted mass support.

    The rank and file members of PAS are scientists, engineers, medical doctors, academicians and professionals. They did not attack the Nons, or did they? Why still stay in PAS? Why not they join DAP or PKR or PasMa?

    KT’s post is attempting to paint a negative variant of PAS/Islam which is essential to/for the cause of secularism. Hello.. excuse me... Islam made no contribution to mankind except hudud, death and violence and that only secularism or perhaps only Atheism (wakakaka) could save Muslims from certain oblivion, eh? Cukup lah KT… wakakaka again.

    - hasan

    1. hasan you do me much injustice. Re Islam I have been very respectful, having denoted my admiration for a few of its teachings such as fasting and zakat

      but PAS as a political party is fair game and when it pushes for hudud ignoring more important and urgent issues yet to be resolved, I as a voter have EVERY right to criticize it

    2. In fact KTemoc has been far, far more respectful of Islam then Judaism or Christianity, both of which he regularly derides close to the point of insults.
      I have often wondered is it because he knows he can get away with insulting Jews and Christians in Malaysia without any consequences, but definitely not Islam

    3. I am sorry lah KT... sometimes I write without thinking, pondering and reflecting on what you write especially when you kutuk Pak Haji Hadi. He was my religious teacher. Still, my religious knowledge is still not a quarter of his. But I am not a PAS member.

      I want to say that you are a great scholar, thinker and writer... I know you are not against Islam. I admire your knowledge and skill. Cheers mate...

      - hasan

    4. The ONLY way for Islam to regain her respect is to separate religion from politic in her core thinking.

      Nothing more nothing less!

      For those troglodytes who still indulge in the completeness of Islamic teaching - take a hike & heading back to the cave, block the opening with big bolder & stay inside. U would meet yr god sooner than u blink!

      They have NEVER learn that it was the return back to orthodox religious dogmas that causes the fall of Islam from the world stage of development & relevancy.

      In short, this is the path that those 'learned' clerics of PAS is heading toward to. They dont & cant think out of the box to give a new Islamic interpretation. Instead they keep falling back to the old hearsay as the guidelines to everything!

      Same like that half anomh's claim of studying the entire 11 volumes of Tafsir Al-Quran under 'renounced' ulamas & yet came out with nothing new except incoherent rants in his response to Harold Kong (

      SO, how well 'educated' r they? In fact, their so called education reinforces their die-hard backward looking attitude - in so doing, forgetting about that golden tenet of ALL religious believes - God only helps those who help themselves. & those who help themselves, tend to creative destruct, to invent new paradigm for new vision, giving old dogmas new meanings to seek new path in reasoning.

      Same goes with their herd of lemming followers, again, despite the level of 'education' they claim to be earned!

      As a religious outfit, that would cause their demise eventually.

      While as a political entity, they can ONLY survive by enforcing the 3Ps, thus their draconian rules border on dictatorship.

      The cruelest part is what they reinforcing, have to encompassed those who dont believe in their Islamic faith.

      Hence, the current Huduh death-lock!

      Real the nth....

    5. F**ker, wakakaka, I've explained before that I have studied and am still studying the Bible plus associated documents and books (including historical development of Christianity) but not so much the Quran (sedikit saja) hence my wee ability to write about more on the Judeo-Christianity than Islam

    6. yes, but it won't stop me fro hentaming PAS wakakaka

    7. The prob with PAS is Nik Aziz edicted that the entire Quran can be used as a political tool.

  6. In George Orwell's "Shooting the Elephant" he told the story of a White colonial officer who made a big show of bringing out the big elephant gun to shoot a rogue elephant, followed by a crowd of thousands.
    Once he found the elephant he couldn't bring himself to shoot the animal.

    Too late , he realised he had made such a big spectacle with the gun, if he didn't end it with killing the creature he would lose a lot of credibility or "face".

    PAS is caught in such a trap with Hudud.

  7. To know more about Kelantan's hudud laws, please read: