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Agong having tea with Anwar?

You are going to hate me for this, wakakaka:

Rakyat Post - Anwar must be allowed to attend parliament, said a PKR leader Nurul Izzah

Malaysiakini - Let my father have tea with Agong, said a PKR leader Nurul Izzah

Malaysiakini - Public can pressure Agong to pardon Anwar, said a PKR leader R Sivarasa

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No doubt Anwar's family has sought a royal pardon for him (which incidentally he himself refused to do), but hasn't he been found guilty by the Federal Court and is now a convict?

Alas, no appeal is available after the Federal Court has passed its judgement.

Seeking a royal pardon is NOT an appeal. In fact, the application for a royal pardon will have to go through the Pardon Board on which the AG and (if crime was committed in any of the federal territories) the Minister for Territories sit with 3 other members appointed by HM.

Did you know that Lim Kit Siang had once received a royal pardon during the period following 1969?

Wikipedia says: Lim was first elected as an MP for the Bandar Melaka seat in 1969. His election was initially held to be void, however, because the law prohibited an election agent who had previously failed to discharge his duties from standing for election in the future. The Pirne Minister of Malaysia, Tun Abdul Razak moved a motion in Parliament to prevent Lim from serving as an MP, granting him instead a period of time to request a royal pardon from the Yang di Pertuan Agong (King). After receiving the royal pardon, Lim was allowed to retain his seat.

Thus a royal pardon is possible but not automatically given nor guaranteed as that remains the prerogative of HM.

But until the royal pardon has been granted ........?

So why is Pakatan ignoring the fact that until Anwar is actually pardoned he is a convict and remains a convict, and therefore by law and logic would/should be denied privileges such as sitting in parliament and having tea with HM.

Whether we agree or disagree with the Federal Court's ruling is a separate issue from the elephant sitting in the room, namely, Anwar is now a convicted criminal.

No doubt you'll be accusing me of your usual 'vengeful blogging against Anwar' paranoia, wakakaka, and you can go ahead and conjure up whatever silly grudge against me you believe in. I am more concerned about the preposterous ridiculousness of the ongoing nonsense in having a convict sitting in parliament and having tea with HM.

Go get Anwar a royal pardon first!


  1. I consider Anwar Ibrahim a prisoner of conscience , not a convicted criminal.

    Regardless 5 men in funny robes pronounced their judgement, it was the end product of a process where so many norms of acceptability of evidence were put aside to ensure one particular man gets sent to jail.

    1. What funny robes? Have you read the full written judgement? Do you think judges love sending people to jail? Perhaps, you are funny?

      - hasan

    2. Total no of judges involved are 1+ 3+ 5 = 9 and 8 found Anwar guilty

    3. I am going through the full written judgement.
      Have you?
      By the way, I am trained in law though I have never practiced professionally.
      NO, I don't think judges love sending people to jail. However, at least some do love certain things which are attainable only if they rule in a certain direction. The people in high places don't even need to make any phone calls anymore.
      For at least 20 years now, Malaysia's judicial appointment and promotion system has been bastardised. We got a small glimpse of how far it has been corrupted during the Royal Commission into the Lingam tapes.
      I haven't even started with the list of retired judges who are on appointments to various Corporate boards, including the former UMNO Chief Justice. Check Kidex.

      The system stinks, but maybe we don't know how bad it smells anymore.

    4. Haha...nice way of putting it...."NO, I don't think judges love sending people to jail. However, at least some do love certain things which are attainable only if they rule in a certain direction."

      If someone has to ask "What funny robes", then this someone's nose is so stuffed he can't smell any bad odour anymore, even when it stinks to high one ex CJ who ruled that Muslims do not lie.. shouldn't all his past cases ought to be reviewed to ferret out any funny business. And of course this old coot recently had the gall to to come out and baldly declared that PAS and UMNO must come together to have Malay unity, the disunity of which was caused by the instigation of the Chinese ! That is the main problem with Malaysia....when passing grades in schools and universities are all confidential, under OSA ! I think no other country in the world have this sort of marking system under not surprising we produce dunggu lawyers and judges, dunggu doctors and dentists, dunggu teachers and dunggu so-called professionals. Towering indeed !

    5. @ Rocketman...

      Since you have asked: I’ve read the summary earlier and later I read the full written judgment. Law is my second degree, but like you I did not practice.

      I had been to the present Chief Judge’s house in London when he studied for his LLM and Bar together in just one year. I have been to his official residence in Putrajaya with him just wearing a skullcap, a sarong and a pagoda singlet. He had graced my daughter’s wedding too.

      The Chief Judge is a very pious man since his student days but he never show it. I know him and accessible to him. But never have I taken advantage of that relationship… not even once.

      - hasan

    6. Rocketman,
      Never get associated with such persons. Best is to ridicule and insult them. Their modus operandi has never changed since Tunku's time and when UMNO failed miserably, all hell broke lose.
      Just stab him with the steely knife, make sure he kaput

    7. bloody good advice BUT we must apply it to looes first, to hear, just as we plunge the steely knife into his bowels, the musical chimes of his squealing like a wild pig caught in a trap, wakakaka, BUT don't kaput-ize him too quickly - let's do him over slowly a la seppuku, slicing his bowels gradually from left to right and then steadily upwards through his throat to his big mouth - O Delicious Thoughts, wakakaka

    8. Hehehehe......You can try but you never succeed because you know who is on my side when you don't have any but yourself.

    9. A person's piousness has nothing to do with the integrity with which they carry out their duties. Likewise there are atheists who are capable of carrying out their duty with unimpeachable integrity.

      Ambitious people will do whatever it takes, act according to whatever is needed, to fulfil their ambitions. Very pious people can be very, very ambitious. Their self justification is usually that their ambitions are necessary to fulfil their service to God/ Allah/ whatever deity they worship.

      They are not in it for personal gain. It IS actually a form of personal gain, but they are blind to it themselves.

      Dig into the hierarchy of any organised religion with power - the Catholic Church, Shiah Islam in Iran, Malaysia's Sunni Muslim organisation, the powerful Thai Buddhist priesthood, the Sri Lankan Buddhist priesthood, India's Hindu priesthood - you will see toxic power struggles of ambitious people who will do whatever it takes to progress in their organisation, all the time being Very Pious.

  2. The granting or not, of a royal pardon is a royal prerogative, however one of the factors the Pardons Board will consider is whether it is in the public interest to release the prisoner.
    So yes, a serious outpouring of public support for a pardon is something the board will have to consider.

  3. A wish list ?


  4. There is no hope of getting a positive recommendation from the Pardon Board except to hope for the King to make the decision on his own.

  5. If I remember it correctly, Lim Kit Siang's offence was "technical" only - apparently the election accounts he filed (as the agent) were slightly late. He was not the candidate. Lots of agent file the accounts late, especially when details of the election expenditure is not forthcoming immediately. The BN Govt was just twisting Mr Lim's tail. He could have gone to the High Court to ask that he be excused. Instead he made a tactical decision in going to the King first for a pardon. I remember that the Govt announced that his petition had been granted on the advice of the Govt.

    Anwar's matter is different in that he had ben found guilty (rightly or wrongly) of a crime. He can still apply for a pardon but I do not think he is going to have 'tea' with the King anytime soon. The King is going to rely on 'advice' from the Govt anyway.

    1. that Lim KS' 'offence' was technical only is what Wikipedia has narrated, as I posted above. I didn't said otherwise

    2. 1. i believe lks himself requested the 'ampun tuanku' but did pak syeikh do the same?
      2. 'anwar must allowed to attend parliament'. 'let my father have tea with agong'. 'public can pressure agong to pardon anwar'.

      these statements (commands?) made by the people who are yet to control putrajaya. imagine if they had the chance. very arrogant and insolent.
      3. you can't possibly put a cat inside the cage as a bait in order to trap a mouse. has pak syeikh walked into the trap?

  6. Now the dust has settled a bit on the Anwar Ibrahim case, and many have had a chance to examine the full judgement.

    My own sense of this is , like so much else in this country, opinion among legal practitioners and lawyers is split along race/religion lines. There are exceptions either way, of course.

    Most Muslim/Malay lawyers regard that Anwar was tried correct and proper. Criticism of the judgement is a disrespect of the Federal Court and an unwarranted slur on the judges.

    Most non-Malay/non-Muslim lawyers I've talk to have expressed opinion that the judgement was deeply troubling and puzzling. Important standards on admissibility of police evidence have been moved, and will negatively affect many other ordinary criminal cases in future.
    Many have said the Federal Court severely damaged itself and its reputation in ruling the way it did.

    Opinion on the appropriateness of granting a pardon on Anwar is similarly split.
    Many Muslims consider Anwar is guilty of a morally heinous crime, and must serve the penalty as required by law.

    Many Nons, already very doubtful about the verdict in the first place, think even if guilty, if it was an act between consenting adults, the punishment is disproportionate, and Anwar should be freed.

    1. How many muslims? Got number? Why not tried under Syariah Court? Hahahaha! Disrespect to Federal Court is an affront to Islam. That is news to me. You are sure that lines drawn along religious and racial lines? Hahahaha......You orang MCA kah? Hahahaha!

  7. 1. 'an act between consenting adults'

    the bar council president said the same thing and he did not say that anwar did not do it, only commented that the law is archaic. well, it's very unfortunate as the law against buggering is still in force.

    2. 'Many Muslims consider Anwar is guilty of a morally heinous crime, and must serve the penalty as required by law'.

    i don't think 'many muslims' comprise pas-muslims & abim as they wanted the case to be heard in the syariah court (though they damn well know that syariah courts have limited power in term of punishment). and i do not know whether the verdict pronounced by the civil court is recognized by them? 'video itu besi', so, no case.

  8. Anwar Ibrahim will soon become a forgotten man in prison. When he is released, he will just be another weak old man.
    DAP , PAS will go their separate ways, end fight for their narrow support base, as they have for 57 years.

    PKR Malays will go back to UMNO. The nons in PKR just have to fend for themselves.

    BN is destined to rule Malaysia for a long time to come.
    It will actually do Malaysia a lot of good for PR to break up and Anwar Ibrahim reduced to a nonentity.

    Accept it, and move on.

  9. I think some people will not rest satisfied until Anwar is strung up by the neck and no longer kicking.

    1. incorrect. I don't think BUT know some people will not rest satisfied until Anwar has tea with the Agong and then moves into the PM office, or perhaps even becomes President

    2. President, Malaysia ?


    3. I know there are UMNO idiots who have accused Anwar as promoting a campaign for Malaysia to be come a republic.

      Is this blog joining those idiots ?

      Anwar / PKR is guilty of many things but the republican accusation is one of the more idiotic stories thrown at him.

    4. don't be so quick as to imagine anyone is accusing Anwar himself of republican inclinations. no one here has or is.

  10. Have to begrudgingly resent the logic of KT's "convicted criminal until pardoned" reasoning.

    And according to Nurul "the petition for pardon was made on the basis that the conviction failed to adhere to the principles of justice."

    "Playing for time before deciding on DSAI MP status is one thing but ..
    This reasoning for the pardon petition just reads so unrealistic and diminishing DSAI hopes for any comeback.
    Hypothetically speaking - Even if his majesty considers merits for a pardon..recommendations from AG / PM or who else on the board notwithstanding .
    It still places HM in a almost impossible situation . If granted a pardon along this reasoning, won't it mean that the King concurs that the Justices - all 5 of them ,have been naughty- and have erred in their judgements. and thus a miscarriage of justice has been commited by them in the highest court of the nation..(another conspiracy in the making) and in lieu of the political conspiracy accusations and interference of the Executive in Judiciary affairs- that his own PM has been misbehaving rather badly and conjuring conspiracies plotting the demise of political rivals.(walau eh,really reeks to high heaven)
    Even if HM gives the reasoning due consideration , implies the same thing ! Like compelling H.M to take sides..whether it feels like push or shove,doubt it ll be appreciated by HM.
    Does DSAI's case or - unsurprisingly-not very audible public opinion carry that much weight!
    Mulling also on the fact of this conviction on archaic law,never used except this one time.
    Then why are legislators not aggressively putting motion to tweak it in parliment.?
    On a fluke,if that is successful, Wah kor may have a better chance for pardon based on humanitarian grounds if the outdated section is repealed or modified.

    Milking the sympathy card by stirring emotive reactions can only go so far .think PK ought to calm down re-strategize.

    1. dear bryan,

      'And according to Nurul "the petition for pardon was made on the basis that the conviction failed to adhere to the principles of justice."

      if that's is the reason, then i can only sympathize with the family members of pak syeikh. here is the meaning of (royal) pardon that explained in the legal dictionary:

      the action of an executive official of the government that mitigates or sets aside the punishment for a crime.

      the granting of a pardon to a person who has committed a crime or who has been convicted of a crime is an act of clemency, which forgives the wrongdoer and restores the person's Civil Rights.

      and i believe the above is the key to the door of royal pardon. you may want to check "Recipients of Malaysian royal pardons", at least five names are mentioned in it.

  11. many see it as a daughter helpless plea, u see preposterous ridiculousness?

    i think u indulged in too much hatred, u, similar to looes n helen, inseparable from hatred. go talk to hannah, lets het shower u with love.

    1. I've never liked Anwar Ibrahim but I hate to see someone kick another person and family when they are down.

      Here's my Middle-Finger Salute to Ktemoc

      Salute !

    2. now tell me just how preposterous it is to suggest a convict have tea with teh King, and just how insulting it is to HM

    3. Huh? Me hatred. Hahahaha! Me just want some entertainment. Between Kaytee and CL Flamiaris

    4. ask looes about his Methodist involvement in Fiji

    5. Then Khieu sampan must be kaytee good friend

  12. The Khairy, Shafee and Ktemoc show - 3 Stooges