Thursday, February 12, 2015

Who after Anwar?

The name of the person who is expected most likely to step into Manmanlai's shoes is anybody's guess, though the big money is on the Dökkálfar Dwarf, wakakaka.

He is both accidentally and strategically placed gnam gnam because (i) of PKR benefiting from the likely deadlock between PAS and DAP, as has been the case in Selangor DUN, and (ii) the Dwarf has long harboured such ambitions while in Anwar's shadow for the last 15 years or so, and has been working his way slowly up the ladder of his aspirations.

Hmmm, the moment seems to have arrived for the Dwarf because like the Norse mythical being named Billingr he may also become a Giant.

In Norse myth, Billingr is the name of a dwarf (wakakaka) in the Vǫluspá and also that of a giant in the Hávamál, both being sections of the Poetic Edda, the collection of Norse myths.

Norse Valkyries

Indeed, in Selangor, because of PAS and DAP's mutual distrust (gajah sama gajah berjuang), PKR the minor party, the f* pelanduk doesn't get trampled to smithereens but instead the lion's share of the DUN positions which comes along with becoming the ruling coalition.

Apart from PKR re-securing the MB post for Azmin, with the blessing of HRH, it also grabs a disproportionate number of exco positions.

DAP Selangor under Tony Pua was seen pathetically in a beggar's position of "begging" for an additionally Deputy Speaker post, a shameful attempt at scrapping the bottom of the barrel.

WTF do you want Oliver?

Azmin matey ... I mean .... Sir, may I have another bowl, just a wee 'deputy' one?

WTF use is that of a Deputy Speaker post, other than a jolly position for a DAP member, when DAP should have demanded at least an exco job to serve the Selangor rakyat.

But DAP was caught nicely in a 'fix' as Azmin Ali knows that the DAP won't support PAS while its Chinese-Indian-ness doesn't allow HRH to support DAP for the MB or more exco positions.

Incidentally the phrase 'caught nicely in a fix' means Azmin got Tony Pua nicely by his Chicken Little balls, and poor Tony couldn't even squeal nor yelp about the pain. Thus beggar bowl in hand, he begged for an additional Deputy Speaker post as a 'reward' for supposedly 'supporting PKR' for the MB post in the recent state near-constitutional crisis.

How the f* would that Deputy Speaker post benefit the Selangor rakyat?

Why the f* would Azmin entertain his request when DAP's support of PKR for the MB post was personal-to-holder specific, namely for Dr Wan Azizah and not Azmin Ali?

Thus it's hardly surprising Azmin has been lukewarm towards Tony Pua and DAP.

I have no doubt that Azmin sees himself now as nicely positioned to step into Anwar's shoes as the best compromised candidate for Anwar's role as Pakatan's new leader.

And did you read of his cool response towards Anwar's daughter, Nurul Nuha Anwar, as a PKR candidate for the coming Permatang Pauh by-election? See Malaysiakini's Azmin coy when asked if he'll be top man.

Azmin tap-danced nicely away from any positive indication for Nurul Nuha, which in itself is an indication he does not favour any of Anwar's family members (Dr Wan or daughters) playing too big a role in PKR politics. He wants to be No 1 in PKR, and out of Anwar's shadow forevermore

But will The Dwarf become The Giant like Billingr?

PAS is jealous of him and PKR in Selangor, undoubtedly blaming DAP for bringing about the PAS-DAP stalemate which allows Azmin and the junior PKR (junior by number of ADUN) to gobble up the lion's share of the DUN's executive positions.

Apart from that, I suspect Pak Haji Hadi Awang also fantasizes being the new Pakatan leader. But he is currently facing his own intra-party problems, and may be to tied up with his own political survival. And who the f* in DAP or PKR would tolerate, let alone welcome his leadership in Pakatan?

As for DAP, its Selangor branch has been stung kau kau by both Khalid Ibrahim and Azmin in the sharing bullshit that represents the executive positions in the Selangor DUN, but only because the DAP has put itself in the role of a willing captive due to its distrust of PAS.

To know how Khalid Ibrahim played Tony Pua out, see my post
Selangor saga shows PKR's ketuanan mentality?

Sweetie was a better Selangor DAP chief

Mind, I don't blame the DAP for not trusting PAS because of the Islamic Party's hudud agenda and its ulama faction who's less than friendly to DAP. But PKR is NOT a good and trustworthy ally but a very avaricious one when it comes to seats allocation, wakakaka - see my post PKR destroying Pakatan in Sarawak.

If not for PAS' insistence on implementing hudud and Pak Haji Hadi Awang's dislike of DAP, PAS would have made a better and far more trustworthy ally than PKR.

Recently, it has been remarked that DAP has voiced its interests in obtaining the Pakatan leadership position for Lim Kit Siang, but mentioning its readiness to defer to ONLY Dr Wan Azizah (and silent on anyone else).

It's the first time the DAP has shown temerity in wanting the Pakatan No 1 post. Thus it's possible it may not support Azmin Ali.

Coincidentally, KJ John wrote in Malaysiakini Can a Chinese Malaysian lead again?

His 'again' in his question about the Chinese leadership in Malaysia bears in mind Ling Liong Sik's brief political split second (wakakaka) as Chair of the BN when UMNO underwent its traumatic split up between Dr M and Ku Li, wakakaka again.

Hmmm, I wonder whether Ling had then fantasized about conducting a coup d'etat, wakakaka. Alamak, apa lagi Cina mahu, wakakaka!

But nonetheless the MCA should be proud of and should go ahead and wank itself silly (wakakaka) over its former President's top political billing, albeit for a short while.

Incidentally I suspect though can't quite recall accurately that Tan Siew Sin was at one time acting PM, thus possibly the only Chinese ever allowed that privilege, brief as it was, and undeniably the only Chinese ever trusted, respected and liked by UMNO leaders during Tun Razak's time.

Mind, if he ever was, at least he didn't go around making mewing noises like "Kita orang Melayu" (wakakaka) though being a true Baba in Malacca he spoke Melayu like a Malay and virtually lived life comfortably amidst Malay culture.

Okay, back to KJ John who posed his question:

My question to the DAP leadership, since they have the most significant political support of the Chinese Malaysians: will you provide a quality of leadership which demonstrates unquestionable political will, tactical skill, and a transformational strategy to move Malaysia beyond the race-based politics of the past?

And neither is PAS alone the bad boy of Pakatan; the bad boys and girls are PAS or PKR members who were cultured by "the politics of race during their time of love affair with Umno", and they have thus lost their capacity to make distinctions between right and wrong, and truth or falsity.


All good leadership must cut through this 'political noise' and look at issues from a strategic perspective, as the times and seasons require even better models of leadership quality.

Let us once and for all forget the race-based model of the Hasan Alis and the Ibrahim Alis - they are part and parcel of a political rhetoric of the past. Let us bury them and May 13 in the past. [...]

Let us, therefore, not focus on other Malaysians of different origins and ethnicities anymore; but let us instead focus on the next-generation leaders and their quality of leadership.

We face a very different world now - one in which people like the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil) kill and demonstrate evil of every unthinkable kind.

We must, and can only move forward as a country, if we (the majority) remain moderate and address every issue regarding extremities with the same vigour of rejection and hatred as for all evil wrongdoings. [...]

So, let us all please take care with our middle, moderate Malaysian spaces. As National Unity Minister Joseph Kurup said: "Please handle such spaces with care." May God still bless Malaysia.

In other words, KJ John has virtually told us, vis-a-vis the 'No 1 political leadership', to f* PAS and PKR off, and f* race also, a la his "... cut through this 'political noise' and look at issues from a strategic perspective, as the times and seasons require even better models of leadership quality."

Thus a DAP Chinese, Indian, Thai, Iban, Kadazan, etc or even Malay (wakakaka) should not be afraid of laying claim to being a future PM.

dei, Ah Chong and I can be PM oso lah

Well said KJ.


  1. "Thus a DAP Chinese, Indian, Thai, Iban, Kadazan, etc or even Malay (wakakaka) should not be afraid of laying claim to being a future PM."

    Even when the all the waters on this earth boil over and dry out, we all know this will never happen in Malay-jer. The BTN brainwashing from 1980s and the daily propaganda from the extremists and racists have done its damage....all irreparable, and irreversible, because the fathers ( mothers ) infected with such ketuanan melayu so deeply implanted right to their innermost psyche, mind and soul have already inculcate
    the same toxicity to their children and from there, these children to the next generation on....

    Although BTN is now banned in Selangor and Penang, all the rest of the country is still busily churning out 'patriotic' Malays by the thousands every's some idea what's really happening in these public funded courses :

    'One BTN alumnus claimed that he was "taught a song with lyrics like 'the land that you walk upon is owned by others'.

    'Another alumnus claims he was taught that the Chinese were "the Jews of Asia," and part of a conspiracy to topple the government.'

    'Another alumnus alleged she was "told that the Malays were the most supreme race in the world, we were God's chosen few, that the others were insignificant.'

    Read more at :

    1. Hah, so according to the Sg Petani MP, Johari Abdul, who was also a former Director of BTN, Mahathir was the PM who changed the BTN courses into one of supporting UMNO and its racist policies. It has to be noted of course that Johari Abdul has been a PKR MP since.

    2. What about Kaytee who might be related to lim yew hock. We knew what lin yew hock has done. All evil deeds

    3. Ha things change for the sake of politics ....Johari Abdul was an UMNO Ultra, one of Anwar's UMNO coterie...

      Now he is PKR Sungai Petani MP for a 2nd term, and has an easy-going relationship with the local Chinese community. He can even sing a few Hokkien karaoke tunes....minus the beer, of course.
      His constituency includes the large town of Sungai Petani, and has 30% Chinese voters....he needs the Chinese support.

    4. It was Mohd Rahmat himself, a die-hard supporter of Dr M, who had said in an interview that Dr M had asked him to inject in the BTN courses some "emotional" hook for the Malays....hence that song " kecil kecil main api, bila besar jadi lawan" referring to the warning not to ignore the warning that Orang2 Lain will oppress the True Owners of Land if they become negligent and become unguarded.

      wikipedia :
      Tan Sri Mohamed Rahmat was a Malaysian politician, and former Information Minister of Malaysia. He was famously known as Tok Mat, Mat Setia and Mat Mr Propaganda.

  2. "PKR, PAS, UMNO? Wakakaka!"

    PAS = FOR clerics & skull caps & loose whites

    To me it appears that only PKR can integrate/interface all the races in Malaysia. But today if PKR said we support HUDUD, all the NONs would leave PKR. Pray tell me which MALAY in PKR does not support HUDUD? So, mana boleh bersatu punya?

    IMHO it would be PERIKATAN/BN dulu, kini dan selama-lamanya. Wakakaka!

    - hasan

    1. The best choice for the well being of all Malaysians was, is, and remains Barisan Nasional.

      That just a fundamental fact, once you run through all the information and issues, and do a dispassionate assessment.

    2. Hasan

      Pray tell me which Malay does support Hudud ?


    3. Sad but true...there is no Malay politician who can openly come out and say he/she opposes Hudud. None......political suicide.

      Marina Mahathir says that, as well as SIS, but they are not politicians who have to stand for elections.

      The most you can get is for them to say is Hudud is not appropriate to implement in Malaysia right now. Or Hudud needs a concensus among all the communities in Malaysia to be turned into law.

      That is the official PKR position.
      Kind of wishy-washy, but if they stick to that, there will be no Hudud, because I don't see the Chinese or Indians accepting Hudud.
      Maybe it will not matter when the Chinese are less than 20% of the population.

      Anyway....for those who are in a relationship, Happy Valentines Day....

      ...especially to hasan... ....

      there is nothing Wrong with buying chocolates and flowers for your loved one.....February 14 is as good as any other day...

      only the dirty-minded jump to conclusions about illicit sex.....


    4. Thanks very much Jambu... jeng jeng jeng... a dozen roses for you... muah.. muah.. wakakaka.. - hasan

  3. KT

    We never have a PM of Indian origin ?

    (The last picture resembles a Penang politician ?|


    1. mamak not included lah, wakakaka

    2. KT

      Really ?


    3. Mahathir S/O Iskandar Kutty.6:55 pm, February 13, 2015

      Factually, if you parked aside political dislikes etc., Malaysia's constitutional quirks, Mahathir was Malaysia's first ethnic Indian Prime Minister, Indian-Muslim to be precise.

      Up to his student days, Mahathir was very "Indian" in identity, complete with S/O (son-of) name. His King Edward VII College of Medicine (Singapore) student records identified him as "Indian", and the university admin put him in the hostel with an Indian room mate, who happened to be a relative of mine, that's how I know his personal story.....

      That was also the beginning of Mahathir's denial of his heredity and heritage and reinvention as a "Malay". This new identity accelerated with his political activism, and he spent the rest of his life in overcompensation to affirm his "Malayness".

      I believe the Chinese have a saying that a man who denies his heredity and heritage is a dangerous man. Well Proven in this case.

    4. M S/O I K

      Pre-constitution days, has this change happened before ?


    5. Mahathir S/O Iskandar Kutty12:56 pm, February 14, 2015

      Up to the 1970's , the Indian-Muslims maintained a separate identity.
      Some were successful traders, others were professionals, lawyers annd doctors. Hardworking, often well-educated and fluent in English, they were a separate cultural community. They kept family surnames (not a Malay practice ) and would remind you they are Not a Melayu.
      There was also a large poor Indian-Muslim underclass which was actually worse off than the Malays.
      Mahathir made a brilliant move to bring them into UMNO. It injected much needed new blood. Whether the new blood was clean or filthy was a different matter.
      Most of the Ketuanan troublemakers in Penang currently are riff-raff from this group. As one commentator here remarked previously, they are "Malays" who speak Tamil when they congregate among their own kind.

    6. Ones who carried coffins to Komtar !


    7. "Malays" who speak Tamil when they congregate among their own kind. You mean those whom Sakmongol labelled as Rancid Curry....ouch ! But I think he included one ex premier in this Rancid category....hehehehe....if words could kill...

  4. Tell and convince those who're not with us with up-to-date information and facts on why we want to change this government. Don't just condemn others without substantiations. (Use the 'help' of Ismail Sabri by all means !)

    Win over neighbours, colleagues, friends and strangers on social media.

    Ini kalilah, GE14 !


  5. Like Dr Mahathir likes to say,Malays (Malaysians) have poor memories.Or rather they have been fu*ked in the brains.The GE 13 is just past one year over and Malaysians have forgotten who fu*cked the PR in the ass.The dwarf fu*ked up Sabah local warlords causing PKR in not winning parliamentary seats in Sabah or Sarawak.Or else who knows?Umno/BN might be in the opposition today?And days before nomination he was squabbling with DAP,PAS and the mosquito party PSM.Azmin is no MB material,lest to say PM material.

  6. " PKR the minor party, the f* pelanduk ...."

    I think we need to clarify semantics, as well as reality a bit here.

    PKR is a minority party in the Selangor ruling coalition. That Is a technical term meaning a party which does not hold the majority of the seats, and that is true.

    PKR is by no means a minor party in Selangor. 14 State Reps is 1 less than either DAP or PAS. The rest is political reality, and in no way makes PKR a minor party.

    PSM is a minor party (no State Rep) . Gerakan is a minor party (no State Rep)
    MCA is a minor party (no State Rep).

  7. Malaysia's last non-UMNO Finance Minister was Tan Siew Sin, 45 years ago.

    Ever since then the status of the Chinese as equal partners in Malaysia's political-economic system has been reduced to one of subordinates.

    GLCs are all headed and managed by UMNO types
    All Government department heads come from one ethnic group.
    All Federal Court judges. So much so one stupid "academic" instantly turned criticism of the Anwar Ibrahim verdict into a racial issue as an "attack on the Malay judges".
    All military leaders.
    All police leaders.

    The Chinese retreated into the world of Chinese owned-small business, quick turnover businesses such as Property, Retail, Sales.

    It won't change with Pakatan.

    All Selangor GLCs are still mono-ethnic. All Selangor State and Local government management is still mono-ethnic.

    Khalid Ibrahim once made a very timid move to appoint a well-qualified Chinese woman as Temporary Acting head of PKNS, even that was heavily attacked by Race Champion Hulubalang.

    1. The appointment of the Chinese lady Low Siew Moi, was a violation of the NPZ (No-Pendatangs-Zone) so ingrained in the system that even the PKNS staff objected, for just an acting position.

      However, she served for only 5 months, and was eventually awarded the Datukship by the Selangor sultan.

  8. Remember Dr Munawar Anees & Sukma Darmawan Sasmitaat Madja ? These two were charged in court (for allowing themselves to be sodomised) after police got their confessions in custody, their strange appearance in court ...

  9. Malaysia's future?
    Brunei severely restricts public Chinese New Year celebrations.
    No public displays Of Chinese culture

    Lion Dance only on certain days , at certain hours, must no disturb the Muslim Azan.
    Muslims forbidden to take part in Lion Dance, even though it is non-religious.

  10. A senior lawyer's reaction when I asked him about the Federal Court verdict on Anwar Ibrahim.

    Mind you, this guy is no PKR supporter. I don't think he even cares much about politics.

    "Three centuries of development in jurisprudence in the British and Malaysian legal system were thrown out the window in order to convict one man."

    Zunar was perfectly right...these were just 5 lackeys wearing black robes.

    1. Lackeys.....well, lackeys rhymed with monkeys, hahaha.