Saturday, February 14, 2015

Rudyard Kipling couldn't stop the twain coming together?

Do you recall last year, following the poisonous Selangor MB debacle, a foul festering fetid leftover of some rancid Satay, Dr Mahathir supported Azmin Ali as the new MB, saying he hoped there won't be a vote of no confidence taken against Azmin when the State Assembly convened in November. For more, see TMI's Dr Mahathir supports Azmin as Selangor menteri besar.

The Star Online in fact reported Dr Mahathir expressing his hope that the state assembly would give Azmin Ali its full support. I hope Azmin did the right thing, and remembered to thank Uncle, wakakaka.

Oh, I assume you all are aware that Dr Mahathir is staunchly UMNO, wakakaka as if we don't (and still wielding much influence and power in that party), while Azmin Ali is from Pakatan, though I am sure you recall the latter was also from UMNO. Wakakaka.

So who the hell said 'and never the twain shall meet'? Wakakaka.

Do you also recall Dr Mahathir advising Azmin Ali as the new Selangor MB to stand on his own, and not be influenced by others if he wanted to be a good leader. I hope Azmin did the right thing, and remembered to thank Uncle, wakakaka.

Well, let's f* whoever said 'and never the twain shall meet'. Wakakaka.

Do you know that Pak Kadir Jasin has written an article in his blog about Azmin (and picked up by TMI in its Azmin as opposition leader will draw young crowd, says veteran newsman)?

In the article he said if Pakatan appoints Azmin Ali as its new coalition leader to replace Anwar Ibrahim, it will give Pakatan a youthful edge which will stimulate the younger generation to give its support to the coalition - yes you did read me right, the Pakatan coalition, not the BN coalition! Wakakaka.

Then, according to Pak Kadir, Pakatan will pose a threat to the ruling BN because Malaysian youths will give their sympathy and protest votes to Pakatan in the next general election.

Huh? As if they (the youths) haven't already?

So why is Pak Kadir advising Pakatan to attract the votes of Malaysian youths when that's already achieved since 2008? Indeed, why is Pak Kadir even advising Pakatan, full stop?!

Oh, I assume you all are aware that Pak Kadir Jasin is the former group editor-in-chief of Umno-linked New Straits Times, a quite influential player in UMNO politics, a very close confidante of Dr Mahathir, reputed at times to be Dr Mahathir's 'other' public voice, and currently a harsh critic of PM Najib, most certainly like Dr Mahathir, wakakaka.

Yes, why is Pak Kadir, an über UMNO voice, advising Pakatan to make Azmin Ali the new leader of the coalition so as to enhance the attraction of Pakatan to young voters in order to give UMNO a jolly good bashing ........ if we can remember that Pak Kadir is UMNO true and blue while Azmin Ali is PKR - but I wonder whether I ought to remind you all that the latter was from UMNO. Wakakaka.

Blast that bloody Pom and his bullshit 'and never the twain shall meet', wakakaka.

Dearie dearie me, Rudyard you've been a bloody loser with your Ballad of East and West:

I say old chap, bad show your ballad

Oh, East is East and West is West, and never the twain shall meet,
Till Earth and Sky stand presently at God's great Judgment Seat;
But there is neither East nor West, Border, nor Breed, nor Birth,
When two strong men stand face to face, though they come from the ends of the earth!

But wait wait, let's hear what else über UMNO Pak Kadir has said in his high praise of Azmin Ali as the man to lead Pakatan to topple Najib and BN.

Pak Kadir reminded us of how Dr Mahathir had recently told poor Ah Jib Gor to resign for pissed-poor performance, and mentioned UMNO' current malaise and the required treatment.

Oh Ah Jib Gor, see what you have brought upon yourself for not supporting someone vying for a VP position in UMNO! Wakakaka.

Ah Jib Gor, you could be joining Sweetie (in her current political fate)


Yes sir, to summarize the essential points of Pak Kadir's article at this stage, Azmin is No 1, while Ah Jib Gor is No 10, wakakaka.

TMI reported on Pak Jasin:
 "The reality is that Umno is old and it needs a radical anti-aging treatment. Without it, Umno will die of old age," he wrote.

He added that even among the party's top brass, they were aware of the actual situation but did not dare opt for the right treatment.

He said going by analysis done, there was every possibility that Umno could lose its hold on the 88 seats it secured in the 13th general election, as more youths register to vote in the next election.

 - as more youths register to vote in the next election - unquote. Aha, those Azmin supporters!

"There is concern that Umno's seats could reduce to 70 or even 60 if the current situation is allowed to persist," he said.

Adding that the ruling coalition could not depend on Chinese and Indian votes, he said this meant that BN's strengthening must begin with Umno.

"BN cannot gain strength against attacks by PR and at the same time transform itself to attract the younger generation if it does not free itself from its feudal and dynasty-type hierarchy," Kadir wrote.

Quote -
  transform itself to attract the younger generation - unquote. Aha again, those Azmin supporters!

Saying that Umno needed “major surgery” and treatment for its cancerous parts, Kadir added: “Or Umno can depend on bomohs, fortune tellers and witchcraft who will echo what Umno bigwigs want people to hear rather than what they should hear.”

Quote -
Umno needed “major surgery” - unquote. Aha, aha, aha! Wakakaka.

By the by, do you know that the Mahathir family brought up dear lil' cute Azmin Ali? And that it was Dr Mahathir who told his-then deputy Anwar to give Azmin a job?

a bit blur, but the one on the left is a young Dr M

guess who's the other person? wakakaka

Looks like there may be another Mahathir-offer on line for leng chai, but this time without intermediary Anwar, wakakaka.

Could it be possible there will be a new 'doctor' wakakaka to treat a cancerous UMNO. Wakakaka again.

follow me, I'll introduce you to my deputy


Rudyard, my dear old chap, didn't you realize even in your time that the world is round, and while East may be East and West may be West, the twain will eventually meet.

Wakakaka. Don't you just love politics, the art of the 'possible'?

wishing you all the best, my dear boy

who knows, one day you may be the PM


But don't we all know why, in the eyes of Dr Mahathir, KJ can never ever be the young 'doctor' to treat UMNO, wakakaka.


  1. KT... the winner in the end is Tun Mahathir. It is very clear for all to see. Wakakaka...

    - hasan

    1. "It is very clear for all to see"

      not really, some r as blind as the blind man n the elephant. i think mahathir truely know the art of balance. he would twist n turn like a ular to ensure no one become too strong n powerful, be it one from umno, opposition, whatever race n religion. only another ular name harry lee that is similarly "commpletely" heartless n extremely ruthless could perhaps challlenge him, the rest r too amateurish

  2. I once hired an ex-convict in my organisation. My HR manager was very doubtful of my decision. However, it was a long-ago indiscretion, and he managed to convince me he would not cause any problems now. It turned out he worked loyally and honestly for the company over 10 years until he retired.
    Moral of the story is it is often not wise or useful to dredge up yellowed records or faded photographs and hold it against somebody.

    1. The operative word in your mentioned experience is ........ wakakaka, I better not say that two-letter word, wakakaka again

  3. KT, in short, you mean AA cannot be trusted ?


    1. in short, "East may be East and West may be West, but which means the twain will eventually meet", wakakaka

  4. Then what about Mukhriz? Mahathir is telling UMNO to make his son PM or else he will destroy UMNO. For this mean old bastard either he gets the whole pot or he will spoil the broth for everyone.

    1. I don't think even Dr M expects his son to become PM overnight as that's a bridge just too far for now. I think he would love to have someone to become PM and who can oversight and guide his boy upwards - I suspect Najib has failed in this tho' as in all things it's never too late, wakakaka.

      So it's still all manmanlai (wakakaka) but just not TOO manmanlai, wakakaka again

  5. Yes, it is bizarre to say the least, why would Umno ( Dr M and gang ) endorse a PR leader to succeed, eh ? These old farts will NEVER give up on Umno, so either they are playing mind-games ( if they endorse Azmin, they hope the Opposition supporters will be suspicious, be put-off and give Azmin the wide berth) or they are co-opting PKR to join Umno and offer Azmin the PMship, with PAS playing the bridesmaid, leaving DAP in the cold, isolated in Penang, wakakaka

  6. "East may be East and West may be West"

    but many hypocrite from the east who choose to live in the west r thick face enough to criticize the west. knowing the fact that the west actually allow diverse opinion n view, of course include those hawk, n those that against the govt. this opinion n view, if rationalised n supported by the people, would slowly n ultimately transform the govt.

    y not the manchaster turncoat n the half aussie dun back to msia? bec they treasure the freedom there, admit la hypo, we dun laught at u, in fact we envy yr freedom to whack yr host country as you like it.

    1. oh dear dearie me, HY, it's obvious you like to use the word "half", as in half angmoh and now half aussie. you may not realize that there's bread & butter issues (not just your 'freedom') involved in people having to live and WORK overseas so don't be a katak dibawah tempurung lah, wakakaka

    2. yr "overseae" is limited to the west la, tak nampak pun itu katak lompat kapalterbang sampai palestine dan iraq.

      u n rpk live in the not in kampung shd know better than us how the west operate. if 50% agree to war, there is another 50% that oppose. n any decision under their democracy system cannot be changed overnight, but in due course, they r not having a dictatorial system like one in the east where sodomy pun masuk jail, tak nampak itu mca taukeh kena sue? the many expose n material u use to criticize the west, us n uk n their cohort in half asia, is done by westerner, not hypo like u n rpk.

    3. my dear HY, re your "the many expose n material u use to criticize the west, us n uk n their cohort in half asia, is done by westerner, not hypo like u n rpk" kindly remember I am a blogger by desire (hobby) and not a journalist by profession, so don't talk cock lah, wakakaka, but at least I further those observations-criticisms, instead of some Malaysians even willing to suck US dicks for the US to forcefully intervene in (invade? wakakaka) Malaysia to free Anwar

  7. on anwar n azmin, i have no idea whether they r true reformer or merely opportunist. read zhao ziyang if have time, he never criticise ccp before 1989 6.4 tiananmen square protest, he persist with his stand not to imposed martial law to clear the square, he think he made the right decision wrt his decision n his many call for reform, he maintain the same stance until he died in 2005, in his memoir, he believe china can have democracy, not limited to one party system. many criticise zhao for not doing much when he was one of the top leader in ccp, but did china become more democratic after zhao was under house arrest?

    does malaysia become more democratic under umno/bn? how much the many so . call true reformer has achieved in the last 50 years? y many of u leave msia? bec anwar n azmin ka?

    1. Re your "y many of u leave msia?" see my response above your earlier comment

  8. Despite the "wakakaka" overkill, this is a good essay. So, I'll give you an 'A', as in Astute. ;)

  9. I love old photographs. ....wakakakaka. ...

  10. Defeat BN, with or without AA,

    'And we can build this dream (Putrajaya) together
    Standing strong forever
    Nothing's gonna stop us now' by Starship


  11. I strongly suspect 5 years from now , Ktemoc will stll be writing entertaining posts about Azmin/PKR possible reentry into UMNO -and it still won't have happened.
    10 years from now, who knows ? Maybe by then DAP would have merged with Gearakan.....wakakakaka. ..

    1. 10 years from now no one will be in pretending, I guess there will be a coalition of UMNO/PAS conservative 100% Malay against the coalition of the rest.

  12. Tun M saw it coming? maybe, but it is also true that to be succesfull one must be able to see into the future

  13. Purely fictional entertainment. ...and I'm just being polite.

    1. the real monsterball was never ever 'polite' wakakaka which means you're an imitation, wakakaka again

  14. My dear friend HY....

    This song 'IF' by Joni Mitchelle (lyrics by Rudyard Kippling) is specially for you.

    - hasan

  15. Najis and Mahatiu are locked in a power struggle over the direction UMNO should take. Mahatiu has influence over the old-guard establishment, but Najis has control over the machinery and megatons of $ Money. Najis knows what Mahatiu did to his predecessor, and it won't be easy for Mahatiu.

    Mahatiu's camp is trying to make use of PKR's Malays to leverage his attack on Najis.
    UMNO does acknowledge that PKR has support among the younger, below 40 Malays.
    Anwar may have tried to play with Najis for a while, with his offer to provide evidence on Daim, but that is a dead-end now with Anwar in jail.

    Its all tactical maneuvering , positioning and shadow-play.
    If PKR thinks wisely it will realise UMNO is just trying to exploit them, and discard them like soiled tissue once they are done.

    I doubt it means Azmin is preparing to go back to UMNO.

    Akan datang....

  16. Nobody can change their past.....but a person has varying degrees of control over his future....nobody has no choices at all....

    Which road will Azmin take ?

  17. Woah.....Hadi for Opposition Leadership ? Hehehe....the ulamas need the consent from PKR and DAP for this. A snowball has a better chance in hell than Hadi becoming the head of the opposition coalition. Padam muka quarrel with DAP and you don't give no support to PKR....hehehe....and now have the audacity to ask for the Presidency ? He must be dreaming of the PMship in 4 years' time ? Go on dreaming lah...pordah


    Azmin has passed a key test on Kidex.

    The Selangor State government earlier made a conditional approval on Kidex - instead of an outright ban on the project.
    Many activists protested strongly, including even promoting UMNO leader Noh Omar's reference to Azmin as "Father of All Hypocrites".

    What they didn't read was the fine print. The project would not be allowed to proceed unless key conditions were fulfilled. The developer would have to provide an independent traffic impact assessment, social impact and environmental assessment.
    The toll charges would have to be pre-declared, an estimate provided of the total toll charges that will be collected during the period and the returns of invesment rate.
    These are all requirements which social activits have demanded of Toll projects before, but never obtained government support. The BN government has in the past treated the terms and conditions of toll concessions as State secrets.

    So yesterday the MB Azmin essentially declared the project dead since the developer has failed to respond to the conditions.
    Again - fine print. This project is NOT buried. It may come back if the Kidex developer magically manages to comply with the terms.

    My thinking is it would not be such a bad thing if we actually get a highway developer in Malaysia to finally meet what is standard disclosure procedure for proposed highways in many developed countries.

  19. Hadi was already been given a shot at a top leadership position.
    He was Terengganu MB 1999 to 2004, and made a disaster of it.

    Terengganu is the most conservative Islamic state in Malaysia, more so than Kelantan, and should theoretically have been the "best case" to implement Hudud and Sharia laws.
    Hadi and PAS attempted introduction of strict Islamist regulations were rejected even by Terengganu voters - 95% Muslims. They still continue to reject PAS.

  20. Fucker.....bullets can't penetrate the prison Ktemoc must find another target....

    Azmin will do....

  21. yes, in politics nothing is impossible. the primary goal is to gain power & wealth. shall the twain meet?, boleh jadi. will it be between azmin ali & mahathir mohamed or azmin ali & mukriz mahathir. but both azmin & mukriz will be 51 this year & would we see the repeat of 2m administration?

    btw, in the oncoming permatang pauh by-election, can pr put mat sabu as their candidate?. pity him la for having lost twice consecutively in the last elections. the more clowns in the malaysian parliament the merrier. at least an ordinary rakyat like me can get entertainment for free. (comes april fool's day this year, prices of goods and services definitely escalate).

  22. Azmin is a good man running with the wrong crowd.

    He is beholden to DAP's Chinese-chauvinists, the latest news of cancellation of Kidex is yet another example.
    It is painful to watch so many PKR Malay politicians grovelling to Chinese communal politics just to get their votes.
    Only a return to Malay unity can bring about a restoration of Malay dignity. Anwar Ibrahim jailed is a good beginning, but much more needs to be done to heal the Malay psyche.

    1. why........because your ball not kenna sucked, you sulked ka.......Fuck you la!


    Sirul contemplates telling ALL....
    Aussie newspapers will be falling over each other to get the exclusive....

    come on Sirul.....the whole of Malaysia wants to know.....

    were you acting under orders to kill Altantuya ?
    WHO gave you the orders to do so ?

    1. I have allowed mention of Sirul just this once bcause it's not the correct post to bring in Sirul.

      Anyway, I will also make a note that whatever Sirul says, he'll be believed 110% wakakaka unless of course he's silly enough to clear Ah Jib Gor, wakakaka