Tuesday, February 17, 2015

No more 'Bridesmaid Forever'

The post of Leader of the Pakatan Rakyat coalition is important to the extent the appointee can on behalf of the coalition members plan, direct, implement and coordinate strategies, and make policies, public announcements after appropriate consultations with member parties.

Yes, we don't want to see again some "self-appointed" spokesmen like AA or TC, wakakaka, making statements "on behalf of Pakatan" which strangely or coincidentally favoured only one f* party, wakakaka.

The current appointee is Anwar Ibrahim but his tenure will soon, alas very shortly, come to an end. Some in Pakatan component parties are already staking their claims to replacing Anwar as Pakatan Leader. 

First two cabs off the rank are PKR and PAS, both throwing their hats into the ring for the Pakatan leadership crown.

The former in the person of sweetie Fuziah Salleh has been reported by The Star Online as being NOT happy to let go of the Pakatan Chief post, believing the post "belongs" to them in the same way as the post of MB Selangor (the latter with a wee help from HRH).

How so? Well, sweetie Fuziah Salleh asserted that her party has a special 'unifying' role to play in Pakatan Rakyat and deserved to keep the job.

Aiyoyo ama, sweetie Fuziah, much as I adore her for her sterling efforts in the Lynas issue, has obviously or very conveniently forgotten that her party has been the VERY culprit which unilaterally brought about the Selangor MB debacle due to her leaders' selfish intra-party interests, and which unfortunately became the catalyst in an unfortunate wrestling match with HRH and the near-disintegration of Pakatan, currently under further stress in the PAS vs DAP centrifugal vortex.

So mana ada lah, her claim of PKR's 'unifying' role.

DAP as a political party has lost considerable prestige in the unnecessary confrontation with HRH, regardless of how right or how wrong its stand behind Anwar had been. It can't afford to be seen by prospective supporters as being biadap or derhaka to any Malay ruler. This is a political reality so DAP should suck on it, the sooner the better.

The PKR claim to 'owning' the Pakatan Chief post is a reflection of its mentality, that of ketuanan Melayu, believing that only a Malay can lead any political organization for the organization's acceptance by the rakyat, the majority of whom (50%) are Malays. For more, see my post GE-13 post Selangor saga shows PKR's ketuanan mentality?

In short, PKR is in reality a Malay political party, one that was taken out of UMNO but without its UMNO-ness being taken out of it.

It likes to imagine it's a multi-racial party but where the f* is Tian Chua, Sivarasa or Eli Wong in its leadership troika? Even young and more junior Rafizi Ramli or Nik Nazmi has more intra-party clout than any of the three mentioned nons.

As for PAS, this other Malay party has marginalized itself (wakakaka) by insisting on belly-dancing to the tune of Ya Mustapha ...

... and by virtue of its hudud-bent insistence has thus effectively removed itself from being supported by DAP as a better Malay alternative to someone from PKR.

In a recent post Who after Anwar I wrote as follows:

PKR is NOT a good and trustworthy ally but a very avaricious one when it comes to seats allocation, wakakaka - see my post PKR destroying Pakatan in Sarawak.

If not for PAS' insistence on implementing hudud and Pak Haji Hadi Awang's dislike of DAP, PAS would have made a better and far more trustworthy ally than PKR.

Thus PAS has by default of its lonesome self in its hudud path made the PKR option looks as if the latter is the only option for DAP to ally itself with - alas, which has been why PKR gets to not only nominate its candidate for the MB Selangor position but to also sapu most of the exco positions, at the expense of DAP of course, notwithstanding DAP has more ADUNs than PKR in Selangor.

DAP has not been without its own f*up faults. The Selangor branch has been led by an inexperienced and naive Tony Pua who was somehow convinced into playing Chicken Little in the PKR's Kajang Satay shindig but without any benefits for DAP. Au contraire the DAP was placed in an uncomfy position of being confrontational with HRH - mate, that's not very clever Malaysian politics, unless of course you're Dr Mahathir, wakakaka.

It embarrassed me when Tony Pua asked for a deputy Speaker post for DAP as a quid pro quo for supporting PKR. WTF for, man, because that's akin to wandering into MCA, Gerakan and MIC territory of picking up f* meaningless crumbs!

I was damn glad, nay, grateful that Azmin Ali spurned his Oliver Twist-like request, though I am still attempting to soothe away my pro-DAP shame.

Sir, may I have some more, just a wee 'deputy speaker' post?

Presumably, in the current PAS vs DAP deadlock, Fuziah Salleh must have felt emboldened enough to propose her party deputy president Azmin Ali as a capable leader who should assume the post of Pakatan Leader.

Meanwhile, TMI reported that PAS ulama [have unashamedly, wakakaka] pitch Hadi as Pakatan chief, stating rather preposterously that Pak Haji is the right candidate to replace Anwar Ibrahim as the opposition leader, because Hadi had the credentials and the ability to solve problems faced by Pakatan Rakyat.

Those PAS ulamas have been obviously suffering from a convenient bout of amnesia about PAS' go-it-alone green-eyed way in the recent Selangor MB debacle which nearly brought about a constitutional crisis. Podah!

The relationship between Pak Haji Hadi and the DAP is already 101% toxic, and I suspect can only be resolved by DAP dealing directly with blokes like Mat Sabu. Besides, it's unlikely PKR with its big-headed and avaricious mentality would accept Pak Haji as the new Pakatan Chief

In Who after Anwar I wrote:

Recently, it has been remarked that DAP has voiced its interests in obtaining the Pakatan leadership position for Lim Kit Siang, but mentioning its readiness to defer to ONLY Dr Wan Azizah (and silent on anyone else).

It's the first time the DAP has shown temerity in wanting the Pakatan No 1 post. Thus it's possible it may not support Azmin Ali.

I believe DAP should not cower humbly anymore in the background and become on the issue of Pakatan leadership a bridesmaid forever to PKR. It should now step forward to claim the Pakatan Leadership.

Before anyone shout me down for being not realistic because, oh the f* usual wailing and chest-beating, the rakyat being mainly Malay will not accept a Chinese as their PM, please note that I did NOT say a DAP man should be PM. I only suggest that a DAP man, preferably Lim Kit Siang, be Pakatan chief.

In other words, the Pakatan boss need NOT be the PM in the event Pakatan wins majority rule. This is not uncommon overseas where the chairperson or president of a coalition or even party which wins the election did not become the PM.

I see the Pakatan Leader as a senior statesman-like person who focuses on looking after the health, well-being, political wealth, dignity, inter-party cooperation and prestige of the coalition.

The first task of the coalition leader should be the determination of a shadow cabinet. A political opposition without a shadow cabinet is in fact a political organization afraid of its own shadow. The Selangor MB debacle showed the difficulties of agreeing to ministerial portfolios among coalition members.

Until Pakatan agrees on its shadow cabinet, it is not fit to be an alternative government because it's cowardly putting aside a vital element of being in government

As for the PM being a different or separate person to the Pakatan Leader, another leading personality can by consensus be the PM - yes, perhaps someone like Mat Sabu, and indeed why not if Pakatan is going to depend on PAS in one way or another.

You can't f* keep PAS out from important cabinet positions including that of the PM (unless it's the very person of Pak Haji Hadi, wakakaka).

Think about my proposal.


  1. U forget about that transient NPZ (no pendatang zone) symptom, so prevailingly exhibit here & there in bolihland?

    They would ONLYconsider a Melayu dungu than appoint a pendatang to lead them!

    1. in which case all nons should withdraw from politics

    2. Izznt it the case now, with only runnning dogs kowtowing for crumbs for show only?

  2. You are sure funny! Your first paragraph alone was out of sync. Today, the opposition leader needs to be charismatic (including good oratory skills) and help galvanize the troops. Like him or hate him, Anwar was all this. The glue that kept Laurel & Hardy together and who could fire salvos on the ruling government. The wheeler dealer, get things done type. Isn't politics all about this?

    LKS has already been opposition leader once and is pass his due date. The check list you give is like any managerial position, not a Steve Job's kind of personality. Unfortunately, LKS, his beloved son or any of the young Turks in DAP are not going to cut it with PAS and worst with the rag-tag UMNO remnant, PKR. Maybe Baby Singh may fit the bill in a year or two.

    PKR can have the job. The next in line either are half baked twits strategically speaking, past due date princess' or a youth leader without anyone to lead and the worst part, they are still talking about Wan Azizah. AA has live too long in Anwar's shadow and its hard to emerge as himself.

    The best solution is to join MIC and sue ROS for the world's problem... Wakakakaka

    1. perhaps it's now time to cut out the snake-oil salesmanship and get down to political brass tacks - good old fashioned (perhaps even colourless) leadership and sound management to make Pakatan cohesive, strategic thinking and progressive - no more bridesmaid forever - also no more bullshit forever, wakakaka

  3. "I did NOT say a DAP man should be PM. I only suggest that a DAP man, preferably Lim Kit Siang, be Pakatan chief."

    y not pm but pakatan chief? what r u talking abt? moreover lks was the longest serving opposition leader, in fact almost longest in everything dap n opposition, i think dap can claim the opposition/pakatan chief as long as pkr n pas remain weak like in the past, bak kata hasan, bn dulu kini dan selamanya.

    1. Chinese PM may be too far a bridge for now

    2. u r full of contradiction, bec deep inside u already know dap is opposition dulu kini dan selamanya, that is y u could only propose a pakatan chief, n yr prejudice toward pkr n pas is oso dulu kini dan selamanya.

      if u think dap / chinese cannot be pm, what is the point to go for a pakatan chief? only to show lks is much better than hadi n azmin n anwar's wife n daughters n perhaps son? n to give umno more bullet?

      i think hadi is the best choice.

  4. 'I did NOT say a DAP man should be PM'.

    are you implying that the party tidak ada hati to hunt for suitable, capable & pm material malay talents? (save the one who lost in the teluk intan by-election & the other female malay). if this is done, then the pm can be a dap man, though the constitution doesn't state that the post must be a malay. can or not?

    kong hee fatt choy....yaaam sengggg!

    1. yes, you're right but where would that Malay DAP man be who's suitable as a PM? r u thinking Ariff Sabri? ya, who knows tho' I feel he may not be the one yet. The DAP needs a few Malays who have the status among the Malay community, where the bulk of the voters would be - but where are these DAP Malays?

    2. 'to hunt' - obviously not the wakil rakyat of raub but he's good no doubt. do you know that there's a lot of capable, qualified and professional malays (who have the status among the malay community as you put it) cannot tahan leow, with the antics of umno (baru), pkr & even pas? dap is in need of lots of malays and not only a few, but don't just only recruit soldiers la. but is the party really color-blind and sincere towards the community? that's my observation. take the recent case of the friday sermons for example, which had nothing to do with the non-muslims, but why some dap wakil rakyat so kaypoh about that?. is that the way to attract the malays? and other than that melayu perlembagaan, who else sit in the cec?

      how about in the east malaysia which has 56 parliamentary seats - not a small number though - is the party not keen to get strong support from the huannas there other than tiongkok community? they could play major & effective roles in formulating the policies as their needs & issues are different from malayans.

    3. This will be a great opportunity for KJ to fulfill his ambition, Quit dumno and join DAP, he will have better chance as the best alternative for PR after AI, Wakakakaka ,,,,,,,,,,,wakakakaka ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,wakakakaka

  5. Kaytee,if I have to choose between the dwarf and Hadi,I will choose Hadi.He had real balls to checkmate Manmanlai vs Khalid.Which other top leader in PR are of Hadi's equal?Hehehe

  6. Anwar Ibrahim's forced departure creates a window of opportunity for PR.
    A key criteria should be to put forth the next generation of leaders. Both Kit Siang and Hadi are past their prime and should not take the Opposition Leader's job. It is like a COO position and should be filled by an an experienced AND youthful, energetic individual. Wan Azizah is not and never was a real politician, though I have tremendous respect for her.
    Azmin Ali is, objectively, a leading contender for the job. Lim Guan Eng would be the DAP's obvious choice, but his most important focus must remain his CM responsibilities in Penang.
    PAS has an UMNO-like problem with the entire 2nd echelon leadership consisting of grey, conservative, old men. Their younger membership's role is just as subordinates. It is not surprising the party is often so reactionary in behaviour.

    The PR Elders should stay on in the Pakatan council which ought to be turned into a real High level steering committee, instead of its current zombie status.

  7. Bob Azzam’s Ya Mustafa is the French version love song of a man and a woman. The original Ya Mustafa of the Egyptian version is actually a love song of man singing to a man after not seeing him for several years. It is not suitable for Hadi but perhaps more appropriate for that someone to sing that song to that someone one day….wakakaka

    What, Mat Sabu for opposition leader? Aisehman, if that non-alim PAS member can’t even garner the support of his constituency, how can he harvest the support of PKR members? It is high time for Mat Sabu and all the Erdogans to leave PAS for PasMa lah and dance to the beat of Ya Mustafa with AA and LKS… wakakaka.

    For 13 seats and you get to control Selangor, that sweetie Fuziah Salleh should just keep her mouth shut! IMHO LKS can lead the Ya Mustafa dance. Wakakaka…

    - hasan

  8. In the Westminster system, the Leader of the Opposition is the leader of the party or coalition's Parliamentary caucus i.e. its elected MPs. The normal expectation both in the party and in the eyes of the public, the person is the PM-in-waiting.

    I believe Ktemoc himself has used the term "alternate PM" before.
    This is not to be confused with the party chairman , who is often a very powerful and influential person within the party, but is not the executive head of the party. In the UK, sometimes the person is not even an MP, maybe a member of the House of Lords, ie. the Upper House, which makes it impossible to be PM.

    The Leader of the Opposition normally becomes the PM if the party wins power, unless the person is replaced, or the party overtly states that the PM will be someone else, both if which could be very troubling and controversial.

    Back to the realities in Malaysia.
    Lim Kit Siang has been Leader of the Opposition before, so it is no problem per se for the DAP to take the role if it has the largest absolute MP numbers. In those days when the Opposition had less than two dozen MPs it was no issue.
    However, were are now in a Malaysia where 53 % of voters wanted a change of Federal government in the last GE. Najib knows it, UMNO knows it - that is why all means fair and foul - emphasis on Foul - are being used to ensure BN/UMNO's grip on power.
    Granted, a most important and urgent task for the Opposition is to form a shadow cabinet to effectively tackle BN, function by function.

    The Leader of the Opposition in the House has to be acceptable as potential PM to most of the community.
    The country is not ready for a Chinese PM. The Chinese (and many Malays, for that matter) will not accept a Hudud-toting PM. Pakatan also needs to move beyond Anwar Ibrahim & family (though it must not forget Anwar, alone in his 6' prison cell and concrete bed).

    I suspect, in the end, the best, most acceptable existing candidate of this moment is....gulp.....Azmin Ali....

  9. Why make your life so difficult?
    Just support BN for good government.
    No Islamic State

  10. Based on his seniority, experience and capability over almost all the rest, LKS is my choice as PR leader !


  11. I support Hadi for Opposition Leader!

    Lim Kit Siang, W4an Azizah and Azmi all unacceptable in their own way.