Friday, February 20, 2015

Sodomized allegations & counter allegations

Malaysia-Today - Jude: I was asked to subvert the trial

We know who Jude Blacious Pereira is, don't we?

In case you don't, he was the Police DSP handling the Sodomy 2 investigation. And he was found by the Suhakam (Human Rights Commission of Malaysia) inquiry to be an untruthful witness.

Ironically, the Suhakam inquiry was chaired by then commissioner Muhammad Shafee Abdullah, yes, the same bloke who appeared as lead prosecutor in the recent successful appeal against Anwar’s acquittal, wakakaka.

Based on the adverse finding of Suhakam's inquiry against Pereira, the Bar Council had applied to the High Court to reject Pereira's application to join the Bar as an unfit person. On 10 January 2014 the Court allowed the Bar Council's application.

Anyway, RPK's latest revelation is an article by Raggie Jessey who wrote (just relevant extracts):

Ever since sodomy charges were brought against Anwar, he remained consistent with allegations of a purported conspiracy by the Government of Malaysia to incarcerate him. In fact, prosecuting lawyer Tan Sri Mohd. Shafee Abdullah once iterated that “Anwar was again making the same kind of conspiracy claim he had made against former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.”

It is interesting to note the manner with which Anwar singled out Jude from among police personnel who were involved in his sodomy tribulations one way or the other. As Anwar would have it, Jude colluded with the Government of Malaysia in sending him (Anwar) into political oblivion.

Just so, Zaid Ibrahim has recently also mentioned that (as reported by the Malay Mail Online):

Anwar Ibrahim’s outburst in the Federal Court when he accused the judiciary of being in cahoots with politicians was uncalled for and “deserves condemnation”.

Zaid said the Opposition Leader’s “flowery and well-rehearsed” speech in the courtroom was pushing things “too far” as he insinuated that the judges were biased and acting in favour of political leaders.

“It’s one thing to disagree with the findings of the judges, or to criticise their sloppy reasoning, but to accuse them of being complicit and active players in the political scheme to imprison him is without basis and deserves condemnation”.

In other words, Anwar had expected a guilty verdict and rehearsed a speech of ostentatious 'outrage' to play to the public gallery.

Continuing with Raggie Jessey's article, he released DSP Pereira's personal account involving the former IGP Musa Hassan, MyWatch Chairman Sri Sanjeevan Ramakrishnan and Anwar Ibrahim.

As the post title of Malaysia-Today's article Jude: I was asked to subvert the trial implies, it allegedly involved an attempt to coopt DSP Pereira's into making a press release saying that Anwar Ibrahim was innocent and was charged unreasonably, with evidence fabricated against him - presumably in at a press conference organized by PKR or pro-PKR people, like was done with PI Balasubramaniam and Saiful's dad, wakakaka.

Jude Pereira narated: I then suggested that if they wanted me to help out in any way, at best I could say that I respected the High Court’s decision to acquit DSAI and wished him well. Sanjeevan then proceeded to call DSAI with his hand phone and informed DSAI that I was there with him. He then gave the phone to me, requesting that I talk to DSAI. I just wished DSAI well for the elections and told him that I was not able to say what Sanjeevan had wanted me to say, but that I would just mention that I respected the Courts decision in his (DSAI’s) case. DSAI replied that it was alright and good enough for me to say just that.”

“Sanjeevan than suggested that he would write down something mild for me to say to the press in support of DSAI, and that he would call the press in the morning should I agree. He then asked me to go to a new hotel in KL Central and meet a person who would show me what he had written on my behalf, which I was to give to the press the next morning. Sanjeevan also told me that I would be well protected in the hotel and that I can stay at the hotel for the night, all on the house. Just out of curiosity I decided to go and see how far it is going to go.”

“I reached the new hotel at KL Central at about 8 pm. At the lobby, I met a bearded Indian Muslim man and another person sitting at a table. I introduced myself and said that I was with Sanjeevan earlier, and that I was to see them. They told me that they were assisting DSAI in the elections. The bearded man had already drafted a letter and asked me to read it, and that if I had agreed to it, they would call the press in the morning."

"I was completely shocked after reading a passage of about 100 words, which said that I was the Investigation Officer and that DSAI was innocent and was charged unreasonably, with evidence fabricated against him. The passage made me look like a fool and would have thrown my integrity down the drain after all my hard work. I refused to subscribe to their request and just walked away from the hotel.”

Well, you can decide for yourself whether that's true, as you should/would have in the case of Balasubramaniam's multi SD and Saiful's dad apologizing to Anwar and then wakakaka, ...

... less than two months after dismissing his son’s allegation against Anwar Ibrahim as a fabrication at a PKR organized press conference and then joining the party as a member, did a volte-face to state that he had made a mistake in his earlier declaration after he realized the sodomy charge was not a political conspiracy against Anwar, wakakaka again.

Jude Pereira related that all these happened about a week before the last GE in 2013 when he first received a phone call from the former IGP. That would be in May 2013.

UPDATE 21 Feb 2014 @ 0940: Last night Malaysiakini reported that former IGP Musa Hassan has confirmed what Jude Pereira said in his personal account as per above

Well, almost 6 months before that, I posted Sleeping with the enemy in which I wrote:

A week ago I posted Political WTF 1 - Musa Hassan in which I raised some questions:

Is it be likely that Musa Hassan will re-occupy his old job as IGP PDRM if Anwar Ibrahim becomes PM?

I ask only because the ex IGP, one of the most despised and most accused person, has lately been rubbing pally-buddy shoulders with PKR-affiliated NGOs, and making virtually anti-Government statements and accusations, some of which, laughingly, had been attributed to his term as IGP.

Has there been a done deal between Musa Hassan and PKR?

Or, is the ex IGP just another Dr M, wanting to rewrite his place and performance in Malaysian history?

I commented that Saifuddin Nasution, then the PKR secretary-general, when asked about Musa Hassan joining PKR, avoided, evaded and tap-danced around that question.

I continued in my post: Then, when he was pressed by the media on whether Anwar Ibrahim would object to his past tormentor joining PKR, Saifuddin did the hula hula dance, stating that “When there are applications made by big names, the decision to approve them is made by the party leadership” and not by any individual (meaning Anwar Ibrahim).

I take that as Saifuddin virtually admitting Musa Hassan will become a member of PKR ...

All just too suspicious in a picture of Musa Hassan cozying up to PKR, it galvanized Robert Phang, a former panel member of the MACC advisory panel, into voicing his belief that Musa Hassan's statement against Hishamuddin Hussein, that Hisham had interfered with the police force under his IGP days, was 'backed by PKR'.

Phang accused Anwar Ibrahim's party of (allegedly) sleeping with their former enemy.

Phang must have been shocked to see Musa Hassan flanked by PKR national policy and strategy bureau secretary S Gobikrishnan and Negeri Sembilan PKR youth exco member Sri Sanjeevan (was this the same bloke as MyWatch Chairman, wakakaka), when Musa made that allegation against his old boss, Hishammuddin.

Phang said: “If Musa is backed by PKR, then I must express my utmost disappointment that PKR appears to be a desperate party."

Yadda yadda, " ... going into bed with this cunning man and supporting his cause will mean that the leadership of PKR has no principles. I say to PKR - dissociate yourself from this wolf in sheep’s skin."

“Ask why is he now attacking the government as evil, whereas he once was its key perpetrator. If PKR keeps supporting this evil man, then PKR will lose the support of the public for stooping so low just to undermine the BN government.”

It sure as hell didn't help when Saifuddin Nasution tap-danced around the question of Musa Hassan's possible membership in PKR, as discussed above.

But I wonder whether my recalling the above helps clarify Raggie Jessey's article about an alleged nexus then between Musa Hassan and Anwar Ibrahim (including Sri Sanjeevan)?


  1. I m surprised unhadnt roped in rodwan
    Rememer his freaking role in sodomy 1 no?
    U r sick to the core coz anwvar cant even defend himself now while in jail
    Oh btw didnt the fucking petra accused shafee as mastermind?
    Now he is singing a diffferent song
    Oops i guess u forgot abt this also

    1. oh dear, now how would I be sick to the core when I merely relate what was already reported in the press and by another blogger? y r too emotional and just lashing out blindly, without thinking - oh I forgot you ppl don't think, wakakaka

    2. Of course u wouldn't be sick to the core. After all this is another golden opportunity for yr egoistic Anwar bashing. Yes?

      Moreover, when u quoted a known umno ass-licker blindly, u r 'thinking', while others r just too emotional & not 'thinking'!

      U r beginning to show yr true colour of been 'sleeping' with that half anmoh.

      Can I just curiously ask when is the time with ms Muppet, if it's not been happening NOW?

    3. aisehman, you now want to put in a situation where I could be charged for sodomy, wakakaka

      as for Ms Muffet I have always made it known I love her, wakakaka

  2. 90 % of the half angmo's articles since the Federal Court verdict are Anti-Anwar. If this were an open playing field I would just let the attacks and counter thrusts flow.
    However, under the circumstances, I find the current attacks by Shafee Abdullah and RPK ( and Ktemoc's promotion of them) execrable.
    Anwar Ibrahim is occupying a 6-foot prison cell with no right and no possibility of reply.

    Someone here termed Ktemoc's pursuit of Anwar as a vendetta, which he has denied. It is starting to look a lot like that.

    Shame on Ktemoc and his blog for kicking a man when he is down.

    1. if he is innocent what matters if a 1000 criticize him

    2. criticize is fine, criticize selectively is not that fine, but still okay as everyone have their prejudice, but sometimes u n rpk sound like slander, for the sake of yr ego when u r wrong i think.

      i read 1 fantastic reply on mt, "someone did run away but not anwar", this almost sum up the entire character of 2 personalities. that's y he n his supporter n fan (including kt) stoop so low. they claim others dun know how to debate, but their reply is often attack on personal.

      kt, u r similar to helen, the only diff is yr blog still present a pretty diverse view, but in term of hatred ie helen vs dap n kt vs pkr, i think both of u r on the brink of psychotic. go see doctor.

    3. What matter is his right of reply...ah sooo

    4. Someone said a lie repeated thousands times will "become" truth, KT is just trying to make up the numbers only mah ............ wakakaka

    5. don't forget........Kaytee hated christians and jews too. Which is why I am convinced that CL Flamiaris is an eunuch. He does not have cojones to exorcise kaytee in ausse land

      CLF is frickless! CLF is frickless!

    6. Right of reply , or the right to defend oneself is justice at its most basic, most fundamental. Even a 10-year old kid understands it.

      In the old days of the Wild West, beyond incorporated territory, where United States law had no jurisdiction, there still existed a kind of rough justice. If two men shot at each other face to face, and one got killed, it was just a conflict, and the other one often walked away free. If you shot a man in the back, or killed an unarmed man, that was murder, and you got hanged if caught
      If two able-bodied men fought each other, that was just a brawl, and the community didn't interfere. But if you attacked a man who is down and cannot fight back , that is an assault, you get punished if caught.

      That is why others here are right when they say Ktemoc shames himself and his blog for attacking a man who is down, locked up and cannot respond back.

    7. cibai looes, did your Aussie friend called you a cibai face as I have? wakakaka

      you're a cibai batu api trying for ages to get CL Flamiaris and I into a verbal stoush, f* off, you cibai batu api, wakakaka

  3. Raja Petra just 2 articles down in the same Malaysia Today portal spins fairy tales attacking the activities of the mythical DAP Red Bean Army Chinese cyber-troopers.
    This chap has either gone into cloud-cuckoo-land
    Or he is now little more than a pathetic UMNO cybertrooper.
    Both the DAP Red Bean Army tale and the Jude Pereira fiction have the same level of credibility.

    1. I have to agree that Raja Petra is totally in cuckoo land now.....just check what he vented....

      "I would rather suffer under Umno and Barisan Nasional than see these DAP Red Bean Army Chinese cyber-troopers rejoice.".......most unfortunate! ....he reminded one of those mythical monkeys gone crazy with uncontrollable hatred and come out slashing wildly.

      Just this morning, we read about Zaid Ibrahim forming a moderate Malay portal to counter racial, religious extremism. Kudos to this guy....he's the PM we wish we had. Compare this guy to Raja Petra......this is what Zaid Ibrahim wrote...." The Nasionalis website set up two weeks ago is aimed at creating a culture of discussion, peaceful debate and understanding of issues instead of making provocative statements."

      Btw....we all know Zaid Ibrahim too had his crossing of swords with Anwar and Gang and have to leave :PKR.....did he sulk somewhere and later come out like a swinging madman foaming at the mouth ? Heck, he even showed his big heart on the eve of the Anwar court hearing by imploring that Anwar be set free, saying...." at best, that was a moral offence" and one should not be imprisoned for that. The other guy we can use for comparison is Haris Ibrahim....he too don't 100% see eye to eye with Anwar/Pkr and there's a parting of ways too....did he change tune and start a devious campaign to cause more divisiveness among the various races ?

      But we ought to count our blessings.....Malaysia Today is now only preaching to the converted, after attracting within its fold those bigots and racists who rant on a daily basis the same Ketuanan song and the same Only Allah is Great song.....and of course 'death' to communist "DaPigs" and the fictitious "Red Bean Army".

      Like they said.....give him enough rope and he will hang let's give Raja Petra enough ink to rant and he will write himself off ........ the hate toxin in him is too enormous and he will eventually poison himself is just that for now we have to bear with his toxic spew contaminating the rest all around...especially his distorted hatred for the Chinese.

    2. Rocket,
      As for Zaid Ibrahim, just read what din merican going to say about him What the cibai fuck kaytee going to say this time about din's harsh word on Zaid, kaytee's lover boy........Failed diplomat!!!!!!!!!

      Go to fucking la.......enjoy you fucking time

      What Din says.........

      Nobody listens to a failed politician. He was with UMNO; he left to join PKR and when that failed he formed a new party, KITA. KITA did not take him very far. After that, he quits politics. Now he is itching to get back in. With UMNO? –Din Merican.

    3. re RPK's RBA I have to admit I don't even know whether that exists, other than reading of it from time to time

    4. Zaid Ibrahim is the ultimate jumper currently in Malaysian politics.
      I won't call him a Frog, since Ktemoc has imposed a strict criterion for that involving an elected Representative switching parties while still holding the seat.
      By any other measure, he is a Serial jumper, changing allegiance like a wardrobe change.

    5. Jeer all you want...but try it yourself to set up a new party to take on these corrupt UMNO least ZI tried lah. But what matters is he walks the talk.....unlike those who hypocrites who changes tune, fume and foam when things don't go according to their selfish these people, I say PORDAH lah.

  4. Wakaka,

    Didn't RPK write 3 articles in which he went into great detail about Shafee's role?

    Is it all fiction now, wakaka?

    How can you "toggle" truth on and off, wakaka? Fact is fact, no?


  5. RPK's articles about Shafee were written 5 years ago , when he was a different animal.
    He's simply switched sides.

    1. His most sensitive sore point is that he sold out....that he received money from Umno ( most likely Dr M ) to switch sides. I have friends opening eateries in Europe too...and with the current exchange costs a bomb to really set up even a modest restaurant using ringgit. Notice how carefully he prepare his 'groundwork' his Chinese 'friends' ( it HAS to be Chinese lah ) who came out providing FREE designs, FREE expertise, FREE whatnots to set up his Manchester restaurant ....why, he's saying he practically got his restaurant for FREE ! But we all know he's famous for writing pure BS fiction maybe he did get it for FREE, from someone with deep deep pockets, and NOT by his so-called fictitious Chinese friends ? With friends like him, which Chinese need a traitorous Malay friend like him ? Pordah lah

    2. Can't be Madhater la......Else kaytee would be badmouthing Jibby liao

  6. All these fantastic 'revelations' and juicy 'roadshows' are distractions designed to divert attention away from the impending Sirul 'tell-all'. For this Raggie Jessy tale, wait for what Sanjeevan has to say (we are ask to believe a story that Sanjeevan is asking the IO to go against the gist of his duties).

    1. former IGP Musa Hassan has confirmed what Jude Pereira revealed - see Malaysiakini

      Incidentally, even if we shouldn't believe Jude Pereira's revelation, should we Sirul's? Wouldn't that be double standard?

    2. Is Musa reliable either?

      The main thing is to divert attention, i.e. propaganda warfare from both sides, for the gullible public. No doubt there will be a flurry of discussions and arguments arising from this Raggie Jessy tale, to counter the same from Sirul. So what matters most is which one is going to prevail.

    3. Yes, we should turn around Ktemoc's "objectivity" around and ask him - if he can accept Jude Pereira's story, why does he continue to Sneer at Sirul's ?
      Why the double standard ?

    4. Former IGP is as good as a liar when asked and swore in court he said he will lie if he is asked to by his superior. He probably had a grudge against the government for all ex-IGP before him are given extension of tenor and plum job thereafter retirement except him. Why bring out M'kini article when in your heart M'kini is also always pro opposition and never neutral as compare to KTemoc who is the only one in this world who is never bias?

    5. Look, every one has their is only human, but let's be honest, one can see that KT has always tried to be 'balanced', and where he thinks he is bias, he openly came out to say so, like his deep suspicion of Anwar and the Dwarf....and all these 'suspicions' for want of a better word, has many a time borne out by the brazen shenanigans carried out by these ex Umnonite leaders with their Umno dna intact.

      But it is an injustice to KT when he himself described Raja Petra as his sifu ! If only that so-called sifu took a leaf from not lie, do not deceive, do not simply ban comments that have a differing opinion, do not manipulate, do have some integrity, do not play to the gallery of bigots & racists......if Raja Petra could do this, then he is fit to be called a sifu. Now he is just a zero with a huge bruised ego and acting like a crazed monkey foaming at the mouth although he is a old monkey at that...64 years old !! would have thought some one that age would be more mellow, wiser and balanced.

    6. Hahahahaha! Hahahahaha! Kaytee is trying to be balanced.

      Like Fox news! Hahahahahaha! Fuck you la!

      Gotcha kaytee......Have you been to Fucking, Austria?

    7. Well, obviously you haven't or they would have gas-chambered you, and you would have deserved that f* fate, wakakaka

  7. KT

    Thank you for your constructive criticism of PKR because you mean well for the PR coalition. I assume every detail in your article is true and nothing is false.

    Jude, who was found by the Suhakam (Human Rights Commission of Malaysia) inquiry to be an untruthful witness and his application to join the Bar was rejected as an unfit person, "was completely shocked after reading a passage of about 100 words, which said that I was the Investigation Officer and that DSAI was innocent and was charged unreasonably, with evidence fabricated against him. The passage made me look like a fool and would have thrown my integrity down the drain after all my hard work. I refused to subscribe to their request and just walked away from the hotel.” Jude left the hotel with his excellent reputation intact.

    Robert Phang was right when he "express his utmost disappointment that PKR appears to be a desperate party" and that " ... going into bed with this cunning man and supporting his cause will mean that the leadership of PKR has no principles."

    Yes, PKR was /is desperate. What with 916 Plan, Kajang Move and "sleeping with the enemy" Musa etc. On the other hand, the opponent BN, is the most gentlemanly pact which follows all the best principles ever laid down by mankind and observe all human rights as agreed upon by international bodies.

    In the same way, PR's also desperate and without principle !


  8. If Sirul openly speaks to the World press on his allegations, he is at least putting his name behind it. Whatever credibility it has depends on how believable Sirul is.
    This innuendo about Anwar by an an anonymous hack calling himself "Raggie Jessy" saying Jude Pereira told him something 2 years ago simply has no credibility behind it and cannot be compared.

    You ought to be able to understand the difference, otherwise you are unfit to even comment about Sirul vis. "Reggie Jessy" (Jude Pereira hasn't even appeared in public)

    1. Sirul is a condemned convict for murder - do you think he's going to admit he's guilty?

    2. Whether Sirul admits guilt or not is secondary. The public wants to know why commandoes were ordered to handle a case of harassment or public nuisance by a woman, when an ordinary constable from the local police station would suffice? What exactly were the orders given to the two commandoes?

    3. does anyone really believe that people in high places are not aware of sirul's abscondment? he was promised a new beginning down under with the knowledge that the death penalty does not apply there but he certainly did not foresee being detained indefinitely, the threat of exposure is just that, a threat, once the guilty party cough up another few more millions, he will sing another tune and all these opposition people falling all over the place to get a scoop are going to be very dissappointed

  9. The Raggie Jessy tale doesn't make sense.

    DSP Jude Pereira is a Senior retired policeman.
    Regardless whether he was a Ranking policeman carrying out his job investigating the Sodomy case without fear or favour , or a key conspirator working to frame Anwar, it hardly makes any sense that Anwar's camp would approach him to support Anwar. They might as well approach Najib or Mahathir

    1. Right on....this Rag Jessy tale tak masuk akal ! Of all the people...why approach a senior police officer for support ? So right lah....might as well go begging the PM or the olde man ! These tale

  10. If you believe Raggie Jessy and Jude Pereira's story, you should also believe Sirul's story.
    Yes ? No ?

    1. Now where was it that says I believe Raggie Jessy's and Jude Pereira's stories?

      In fact, if you had bother to read my post correctly, you would have noted that I penned "Well, you can decide for yourself whether that's true .....", indicating I have only repesented the stories as published elsewhere

      I'm glad I'm not an accused before you as a judge, wakakaka

    2. Hahahahahaha! Hahahahaha! Ok, kayteee........We know your cibai fucking intention la

      Just like that cat in din's blog.

      Pretentious and a hypocrite

  11. Ktemoc is sodomizing Anwar Ibrahim !

    1. how to when he is in prison while I'm outside, wakakaka

    2. When a Bugis Prince a Chinese Prince and perhaps a Baba Princess combine their sinews and brains, they can become very brutally invasive? What to do? Poor AI/PR kena terima aje lah... wakakaka.

      - hasan

    3. yeah, sodomise even from outside, very vicious n brutal, must be aussie prince la, we chinese dun do this. bugis n baba i dun know, by looking at our 2nd pm n spore 1st pm, maybe.

      wrt debate (with logic of course), the princess do show some talent, the rest either wakakaing no 1, or twisting n spinning no 1.

  12. Generally speaking, 80 out of 100 are amenable to changing sides - it depends on the amount of moolah that's dangled in front of his/her face. It all comes down to the size of the bait. Having said that, there ARE people who are incorruptible, but these are very rare birds. ;-)

  13. At least one mid-level UMNO leader has advised Khairy and Shafee against going on the road to attack Anwar.
    He astutely observed that most people have a natural tendency to sympathise with someone who is being hit while he is unable to defend himself.
    This will include a much wider population than just PKR or PR supporters.

  14. Sanjeevan has issued a denial, maybe you should update your blog.

    1. according to the news article Sanjeevan quote "... admitted meeting Jude in April 2013, days before the 13th general election." unquote

      Continuing: He said the meeting was arranged by Musa, who was then the patron of MyWatch. "The meeting was to confirm from Jude himself whether there was a conspiracy in Anwar's case, however, unfortunately since Jude was not willing to go on record, it ended there.

      above was what Pereira narrated, though he filled in more as to what happened during the meeting with Sanjeevan who now rejected the interesting part as to what Pereira had alleged

      To me, that they met was the crucial factor, and which both sides can or won't hang whatever stuff on it, wakakaka

    2. Just having a meeting is the crucial thing?

      What about the "I-was-asked-to-subvert-trial" thing screaming from the media headlines and blogs? This is a different thing from just a "meeting" to confirm if there's a conspiracy.

    3. I met a woman for two hours yesterday. That is a fact.
      There is a huge difference whether we discussed about detailed business plans, or we fucked each other.

    4. you need to examine the "interests" of each person meeting up, and what common "areas of interest" would be the case?

      if your common areas of interest was business then it would be reasonable to conclude you would be discussing business. OTOH, wakakaka, I'm sure you can work that out

    5. read pas syed azman non fiction version of the unity talk, the same common sense apply in this "subvert" fiction. the problem here is those who present thier view base on hearsay insist that they r right, others r wrong. some even make a sd base on hearsay n now tell us he has nothing to do with it. ini jantan ke betina?

    6. HY... doesn't it shows that Hadi is very much smarter than Anwar? Wakakaka...

      - hasan

    7. Hahahahaha! Hahahahaha! Hadi is beri beri smart. Hahahahaha!

      I prefer Ahmad Awang..........I know why you hate him Hasan........You fucking litle prick

  15. Now that Musa and Sanjeevan have contradicted parts of Raggie Jessy's story, perhaps Raggie should clarify whether he stands by his story about the subversion of the trial or he have been conned.

    Otherwise, when the next instalment of Raggie Jessy appears on RPK blog, take it with a large pinch of salt.

    1. Nowadays, many stuff written by RPK.....many have wise up and took them with not just a large pinch, but a whole box of salt ! And have you noticed the way he spins.....most times just hot air, almost equivalent to the logically fallacious circular arguments....he's only able to 'convince' those bigots and racists among his small group of the usual suspects of commentators, like those at miss muppet.

      He thought he had a lot of traffic, but even he would realise that most just peep in to see how far he would go to vent his venomous anger and rage......nothing entertains more than to see a man's true colours coming thru, lol....what a dud this guy have fallen so far down and for all to see his really pathetic side.

    2. Sometimes we should just ignore that cibai bastard

  16. Regarding God's Gift to the Nipple ..... but wait ..... guess who is the Nipple?

    If you answer: Why, of course, it is the one who first suggests that he is God's Gift - then you are right on the money!

    OK, with that out of the way, regarding God's Gift to the Nipple - even if one is half-interestedly following his career/actions, one cannot help but be convinced that he is a deeply flawed character. Right from the time when he was at the apex of his power and the insolent way he treated the Nons in order to burnish his standing with members of his tribe and esp his mentor, to his cool, calculated attempt at a coup against said mentor, and then all the shenanigans he indulged in during the time when he was out in the cold (which you, KT, have amply annotated and documented in your blog). Disappointing and appalling are words that come readily to mind.

    1. I don't know you are (obviously as you are an Anon, wakakaka) but I have to say you have a very good command of English, an earlier style fo English, wakakaka

      it's a compliment so take a bow

    2. Elementary..... raggie jessy...or more likely another th wannabe coming to the defense!

    3. Which part...............Cibai kaytee........What the fuck about you? Sorry hor, like Khieu Sam pan, the atheist who murdered 1 million cambodians, you are not a human


      Fuck you, kaytee

  17. VENDETTA - "a prolonged bitter quarrel with or campaign against someone".

    This succinctly describes Ktemoc's long Crusade against Anwar Ibrahim . Now, I can understand him doing it while Anwar was out and about politically active. Its a kind of self-appointed warning against Anwar's politics and tactics.
    Now that Anwar is in a jail cell and essentially incommunicado, I would regard Ktemoc's continuing VENDETTA against Anwar as going beyond the bounds of human decency.

    1. What vendetta lah. When you have so wrongly defined it, then everything following thereafter will be go askew because at the very start, you did not get it right.

      When a politician like Anwar, who at one time looked likely to lead the whole country as he was the designated, hand-picked PM-to-be got suddenly kicked out, he went on a Reformasi platform......we of course will watch closely to see what manner of Reformasi he's pushing ! Now we saw that it was actually a Deformasi. As some one had so aptly commented.... it was disappointing and appalling and because a conscientious blogger like KT has been shining a spot light on their despicable shenanigans we ought to be thankful rather than castigating him.

      Where is the continuing so-called Vendetta against our God's Gift even when he's now being imprisoned ? You mean commenting on the new media items as it arises is taken as stepping on a man when he's down ? You should train your guns instead at the Shafee and that monkey KJ for the road show which really is stepping on a man when he's down.....this is what is meant by beyond the bounds of human decency.

    2. stupid, if umno/bn can do this to anwar, again n again, they can do this to anyone including lks, lge, u n me. vendetta is merely a courteous term some of us use not to reveal your stupidity, ada paham boy?

    3. Sound like this blog is beginning to gather the attention of the choirboys of AI bashing band!

      Ya...hoop, to the rescue & defense of kt - the mock!