Saturday, February 07, 2015

Has DAP been biadap to Hadi Awang?

TMI - Hadi says: No one has the right to make me attend Pakatan meet

... this despite Mat Sabu assuring all that Pak Haji will attend today's Pakatan leadership council.

You know, I don't like Pak Haji because I sense he's not only reluctant to work with the Chinese and Indians other than wanting them to vote for PAS, but also because I suspect he is a non-inclusive Malay nationalist like the blokes in ISMA - don't worry about their Islamic credentials as they're first and foremost Malays rather than supranational Muslims.

Incidentally, 'supranational' in above context means transcending established national boundaries or spheres of interest such as racial consciousness of being a Malay as different from Chinese and Indian Malaysians.

Religiously a 'Muslim' is (supposedly) above all such racial boundaries, being a member of an Ummah (Commonwealth of Believers) a la ummat al-Islamiyah.

Additionally, Wikipedia stated: Non-Muslims are viewed as brothers and sisters in terms of all being children of Adam. The Muslim Ummah is responsible for upholding the religion and therefore benefiting the community regardless whether the community is Muslim or non-Muslim.

But alas, in the Islamic World we know that, for example, the Saudis hate the Persians (Iranians), the Kuwaitis hate the Iraqis, & vice versa, etc, and ...

... that during the aftermath of the Boxing Day tsunami some Arab nations ignored or gave very pathetic amount in aid to their Muslim brethren in devastated Indonesia in shameful comparison to Christian individuals like Sandra Bullock and Michael Schumacher.

A Lebanese news media reported that some muftis in the Gulf countries claimed the SE Asian Muslims were divinely punished for their sins, presumably as an indirect excuse for their nations' very shameful apathetic and pathetic response to their supposed Muslim Brethren in Aceh, etc.

staggering contrast, after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans those Muslim Arabs gave hundreds and hundreds of millions in American dollars (eg. Kuwait gave US$500 million) to the USA. Can we then assume that was because those Gulf Arabs considered the New Orleaneans were without sin, or Allah swt wasn't angry with those Americans as He was with Indonesian Muslims.

I don't mean to lecture a Muslim as I would be the last person on earth to preach on Islamic teachings, wakakaka, but the point I want to make is that some PAS members have been perceived as suspiciously Malay first, then Muslim after that.

So I am not much surprised by their reluctance to work with DAP, and to a lesser extent, PKR, in the pursuit of good governance, let alone viewing "Non-Muslims ... as brothers and sisters in terms of all being children of Adam" or striving to "... benefiting the community regardless whether the community is Muslim or non-Muslim".

Hearkening back to 2008, Malaysiakini published a news article of PAS Youth defends overtures to Umno, in which PAS was reported to flex its political muscles with regards to its Pakatan ally, namely, PKR (wakakaka). Its Youth chief then, Salahuddin Ayub, said rather condescendingly that, in PAS meeting with UMNO recently (presumably as per Pak Haji Hadi's much loved Malay-Unity forum), PAS wasn't intimidating PKR - wakakaka!

In fact Hadi Awang declared that PAS leaders have just the same rights as, if not more than, PKR to hold discussions with UMNO on issues of mutual interest.

I have to say that Pak Haji was quite correct in saying so. But we have to recognize that assertion as PAS telling PKR: “F* off mate, you don’t have a monopoly on negotiations with UMNO on Malay or Islamic affairs. Who the hell are you to tell us who we may or may not talk to.” Wakakaka.

Pak Haji Hadi then removed his gloves and said assertively: “No one is the sole leader of Pakatan Rakyat. (Its) leadership is collective, and we have mutually agreed that the respective party leaders can seek to influence our friends in BN to join us. Because of this, the issue of why PAS is meeting Umno should not arise.”

Obviously chaffing at the rein because PAS (probably in Pak Haji Hadi's thinking) had graciously taken a back seat for far too long in allowing Anwar Ibrahim to dominate the public limelight, Hadi warned ominously:

“After the victory, the role of PAS people needs to be taken into account. PAS people are not stupid. Do not sideline their contributions after the win.”

And haven't we just witnessed this in the recent MB issue in Selangor where PAS under the direct instruction of Pak Haji Hadi pulled the rug from under Anwar Ibrahim's feet, wakakaka.

He must have waited a long time (since 2008) to relish doing that, wakakaka again. It has been a 6 year grudge.

In my post two weeks ago titled Local council elections? - USTFU I asked:

Now why has Pak Haji gone to the extent of warning about another May 13, a USTFU warning hitherto monopolized by UMNO kakis, on such a small issue, one which could cut down those unrepresentative swill mis-spending public money?

I then explained ... yadda yadda yadda .. on how the local councils BUT ONLY in urban areas like Penang, Ipoh and KL are likely to be dominated by elected Chinese and Indians.

Pak Haji Hadi has of course chosen to ignore that other than these 3 urban areas, all other local councils are likely to be dominated by elected Malay councillors.

Nonetheless, it does seem PAS in the person of Pak Haji Hadi plus cohorts don't want this to come about whether in Penang, Ipoh, and KL or elsewhere, not because it is worried about Chinese-dominated councils not looking after Malay residents but more because (a) it wants to be able to appoint its own people as part of the Pakatan appointment-sharing, (b) it is petrified of UMNO making hay out of Chinese sunshine at PAS’ gloomy expense and (c) in the final analysis it is a parochial Malay party inasmuch as it claims to be an Islamic party.

To reiterate, both Pak Haji and his former party deputy president Nasharudin Mat Isa have never been comfy working with Pakatan's non-Muslims non-Malays and preferred instead to work with UMNO, both PAS leaders being ardent proponents of 'Malay-Unity' in the immediate aftermath of March 2008.

Additionally, I suspect Pak Haji, apart from personally disliking Anwar Ibrahim, has been harbouring a deep resentment in his heart when he perceives PKR being given the special treatment by DAP at both national level politics (supporting Anwar Ibrahim as PM-designate) as well as in Selangor (supporting Dr Wan as MB).

No doubt he must have mulled angrily: why should the PM be AI when PAS is the bigger party, or why should the MB in Selangor be from PKR when PAS has 15 seats to PKR's 13?

I personally feel there is some justification for his resentment, that DAP has ganged up with PKR to subtly marginalize PAS from the important appointments.

Anyway, that's the background to Pak Haji Hadi's recalcitrance towards a Pakatan summit today.

But again, to be fair to Pak Haji Hadi, I feel Lim Guan Eng and Anthony Loke have not been very diplomatic towards the proud old man - see The Star Online (wakakaka) Guan Eng: No Hadi, no meeting and Anthony Loke: DAP to stop attending Pakatan Council if Hadi doesn’t show.

Mateys, you can't f**king communicate with a (supposedly) Pakatan ally through the bloody media - that's the f* worst thing to do, more so when relationships are already on the brink or in urgent need of serious salvaging.

Just recall how mad you guys were when PKR used to unilaterally announce seat-sharing allocations to the media, much to your WTF's when you read the news, wakakaka!

And without any doubt, the reality is the current relationship between PAS and DAP has long been shot to shreds, starting with the stupid Kajang rancid satay right up to the hudud bill, when PAS' objection to local council elections had not only been to ensure some of its members get a free ride on the local council meal ticket but I suspect, also in retaliation to DAP's objection to its hudud bill.

While DAP has been right on both counts, namely its unswerving objection to hudud implementation and its promise to restore local council elections, it could do better than to publicly threaten Pak Haji Hadi who is a very very proud old man with a HUGE chip on his shoulder.

Now, for want of face, the disgruntled old man is more UNlikely to attend the meeting.

I have to say that DAP does have this f*-up talent in antagonizing senior Malay personalities like (previously) Tunku Aziz and (now) Pak Haji Hadi Awang.

If the aim is to get rid of PAS for good, then that's fine. But OTOH, if the aim is to seriously conduct a Pakatan leadership meeting so as to hang on to the coalition as a viable opponent to BN, then Lim GE and Anthony Loke have f* up kau kau. It's the sort of attitude that Tunku Aziz has termed 'biadap'.


  1. Since Hadi's near fatal illness in Turkey last year, he has really become flaky and unstable.
    Frankly he is now a loose cannon, clothing hinself in conservative Islam, but in reality becoming arbitrary and irascible. A sober assessment of his leadership would suggest he should be replaced .
    The conflict with DAP ,however , makes it impossible for PAS to consider that at all. They cannot afford to be seen as backing down from DAP.
    Quite apart from existing substantive differences between PAS and DAP and PKR, this Hadi personal issue is a major impediment.
    With Hadi continuing at the top in PAS , a breakup of Pakatan is practically inevitable.

  2. The HUGE chip on the shoulders of these ketuan freaks is semua nya MESTI Melayu first, the rest second, even when that Melayu is a dungu!

    1. If only melayu woke up.......Perhaps, the nons should have chosen bang karno instead

  3. I was at PAS HQ KL at about 9.30am today. Hatta wants to unseat Hadi? Hatta should lead PasMa. Let's see how far he can go.

    - hasan

    1. Fuck Hasan........Go back to Brunei.......Suck that cibai sultan cock

      One fucking good kelantan song

    2. weiii looes cino... mu doh gilo ko? mu klako... wakakaka..

      - hasan

  4. AI, HA and LGE share the Putrajaya Dream.
    But LGE's having daily hudud nightmares.
    HA won't give in on local council elections.
    While it's possible for LGE to give up the elections, HA cannot live without hudud.
    It would be the same scenario even if HA is replaced because PAS is based on Islam.
    On hudud, Group of 25 says, 'they're using evidence used in the 12th century, pushing out science methods'.
    These irreconcilable differences are enough for the couple to sue for 'divorce'.
    The court may change AI's future in the next 48 hours which may further exacerbate the problem.
    Perhaps most of the 52% electorates who supported PR in GE13 still want the trio to succeed in their Putrajaya Dream quest, but wouldn't it be an unreachable star ?


    1. Huaren,
      Because that cibai kaytee constantly reminded the nons on hudud

      Time to shoot KT MOK

    2. LGE to HA, or,
      HA to LGE,

      "I'm gonna miss you, I can't lie
      Understand me, oh won't you try?
      It's gonna hurt me, I can't lie
      Take my handkerchief an' wipe your eyes
      Maybe you'll find, you'll find another guy
      Well let's kiss and say goodbye, pretty baby
      Please, don't you cry
      Understand me, oh won't you try?
      Let's just kiss and say goodbye"
      by Manhattans


    3. peace and prosperity will come to Malaysia once we sembileh cibai looes74 to Baal, wakakaka

    4. @KT, looes

      Can our side afford to lose anyone of you ?


    5. Huaren,
      It has been known that Patton, a general speaks all forms of vulgarities have great culttural tastes, deep knowledge in history and speaks perfect french
      Me.......I belong to the Penghasut clans. Members including Patrick Teoh. Kinda my senior back in hometown. I am waiting for Patrick to hurl heaps of insults on Kaytee. Sure die cock stand.
      Ipohites known to be no nonsense, hard hitting son of bitches. Hahahahaha! DR Seenivasagam has shown the way. Kapish!

    6. no fight against Penangites lah, pordah cibai face your SP sold out, wakakaka

    7. Thank god (if there's one).
      Both of you are your usual selves, alive and kicking !


  5. Forget DAP.
    The best platform to safeguard minority rights in Malaysia remains Barisan Nasional.

    Surely the Non-Muslims would have learnt a clear lesson from the dysfunctional PAS-DAP relationship?

  6. I was informed by a DAP lawmaker who attended a DAP retreat that a vote was taken if DAP should ditch PAS. Virtually all supported the idea. Hadi Awang is the cancerous wart destroying Pakatan Rakyat.

    Norman Fernndez.

  7. 'Perhaps, the nons should have chosen bang karno instead'

    everybody in nusantara would be communicating in bahasa indonesia and the christians could use the word allah freely and so-called divine law would be a non-starter, highly likely. everyone can live happily (aw kau is good for you) ever after.

    1. tempeh with aw kau? wakakaka - maybe Bir Bintang lah

  8. Cibai Kaytee,
    Talking about biadapness towards that presideng. Some PAS member even more harsher than LGE and the gang.......What the fuck Pak samad is saying to hadi awang? Who is Pak Samad? As compared to you

    1. cibai looes, let me give you a piece of my late mum's advice - "Just because someone eat shit, do you also want to eat shit?" wakakaka, so don't give me the cibai "Some PAS member even more harsher than LGE and the gang".

      LGE should be above such gutter shit and behave with halus-ness and sopan santun, kapishe cibai looes?