Saturday, April 04, 2020

Trump ignored warning by US military on Covid-19


In January 22, as the nation saw the first American diagnosed with Coronavirus after returning from China, President Donald Trump told CNBC – “We have it under control. It’s one person coming in from China. It’s going to be just fine.” He was asked during the interview if people should be worried about the outbreak turning into a “pandemic”.

Some eight days later (Jan 30), the president was still not worried at all. Despite 6 confirmed cases of Coronavirus, he said – “We have very little problem in this country at this moment.” Hours before the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the outbreak a global emergency, the president assured the people that the virus would have “a very good ending for us.”

At a press conference on Feb 10, the U.S. president suggested that the highly infectious Covid-19 which began in Wuhan, China, would simply “go away” in April, as temperatures warm. Trump was still satisfied with 12 cases of Coronavirus in the country. As of Feb 13, the virus had infected more than 46,000 people and killed at least 1,116.

For the entire month of February, Donald Trump, like a broken record, had repeated almost the same message – the Coronavirus is very much under control in the United States. Heck, on Feb 27, the president even said – “It’s going to disappear. One day – it’s like a miracle – it will disappear.” Two days later, he boastfully said a vaccine would be available “very quickly” and “very rapidly.”

Up until March 10, the U.S. president continued to assure the people that he was not concerned at all. To prove his point, he actually compared 546 confirmed cases of Coronavirus with 22 deaths on March 9 to the 37,000 deaths in the U.S. due to common flu in 2019. A day later (March 11), WHO declared the outbreak a pandemic.

By March 17, the pandemic had spread to all 50 states in America – infected 5,894 people and killed at least 100 Americans. The president had finally taken notice of the seriousness of the virus, but still managed to brag, saying he had believed the Coronavirus outbreak was “a pandemic, long before it was called a pandemic.”

Today (April 3), global cases have breached 1-million with over 50,000 deaths. The U.S. top the chart with 259,750 confirmed Coronavirus cases with 6,603 deaths. In a dramatic change of tone, President Donald Trump finally admits that between 100,000 and 240,000 Americans could die – even if the people followed the social distancing guidelines.

Even on the low end of the projection, the estimated 100,000 deaths will be more than the 90,220 total deaths of American soldiers in the Vietnam War (1955-1975). And it will be about double the deaths in the Korean War (1950-1953). In the World War I (1917-1918), there were 116,516 U.S. deaths while 405,399 Americans were killed in the second world war (1941-1945).

As President Trump and his boys took the easy way out by blaming China, continuously calling the pandemic “Chinese virus” or “Wuhan virus”, an unclassified briefing document on the Coronavirus has been revealed by the U.S. military showing that as early as Feb 3, the Army had warned the White House that the pathogen could kill at least 150,000 Americans.

The document – “Black Swan” analysis – which was prepared on Feb 3 had projected that between 80,000 and 150,000 people could die while up to 80 million Americans could be infected by the Covid-19. The briefing paper also projected that between 300,000 and 500,000 may require hospitalization, not to mention between 15 to 25 million could require care.

The assessment, based on a worst-case scenario, was apparently prepared by the U.S. Army-North. Looking back, a month after the Army’s briefing to Donald Trump and his staffs, on March 4, the president told Fox News that the WHO’s fatality rate of 3.4% as a result of the Coronavirus death worldwide was a “false number”. Instead, Trump believed the actual mortality rate was way under 1%.

Regardless of the mortality rate, the fact remains that the POTUS had been briefed and warned, but he chose to downplay the U.S. Army’s assessment. Revealed by the Daily Beast, the document also reached the highest levels within the U.S. Northern Command (NORTHCOM) – tasked to provide command and control of homeland defense efforts and to coordinate defense support of civil authorities.

Even before the preparation of “Black Swan” analysis dated Feb 3, the U.S. intelligence agency – presumably CIA and Director of National Intelligence – had briefed and warned the Trump administration as early as January about the global danger posed by the Coronavirus. But President Trump and lawmakers played down the threat and failed to take the necessary actions.

The fact that Senator Kelly Loeffler, who sits on the Senate Health Committee, began selling stock holdings worth at least US$18.7 million on January 24 – the same day that the committee held a private all-members’ session on Covid-19 – is the clearest proof that lawmakers, including Trump, knew about the severity of the pandemic. Loeffler continued selling more shares in February and March, triggering suspicion of insider trading.

Yes, had the Trump administration listened to the Army’s warning exactly 2 months ago, it might have prepared the country to prevent an outbreak, or at least strategized a plan to slow down the spread of the pathogen. The president had chosen to ignore all the warnings until it was too late. He did not want to spook the stock market. And now he’s blaming the Chinese for not telling him earlier.


  1. Using war game simulation coupled with the known epidemiological studies of SARS-CoV-2, China has raises her pandemic readiness for 2nd wave to defcon2.

    Similarly the Singgie has also raised her covid-19 preparedness. Thus, the out of the blue announcements of:

    *Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong in a live address said his government will stop discouraging the public from wearing face masks.

    *SINGAPORE will shut for a month most workplaces except for essential services and key economic sectors from next Tuesday as part of the government’s stricter measures to “minimise physical contact” and keep the Covid-19 outbreak in check, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong announced today.

    The Singgie is kiasi but they have brilliant mathematical strategists who can forecast as well as the Yankee & the Chinese.

    The US defense intelligence has done similar good pandemic simulations & come out with almost on the dot predictions. The unfortunate parts is Trump listens to nobody except his ego! Thus, all the missed readiness manoeuvres in outpacing the covid-19 hurricane! The ordinary Americans r paying for those missteps!

    Get ready for the 2nd wave. It would be more deathly unless u read those 台湾水炮!

    1. china no need simulation, they can change data as they wish to, 1.4b provide much room to play with numbers. mao zedone once said, die half oso not a problem.

    2. Mfer, less than 14 days now!

      Better prepare to do yr doggy duties to demoncratic Formosa lah.

      Better inform yr 台湾水炮 mates. Just hope yr best that they wouldn't do a escape backdoor plan, wakakakaka…

  2. What was happening Feb 3 ?
    The US Congress and press was fully focused on proceedings to have Trump fired - impeached.

  3. trump thot his good friend xi tell the truth, n want to conclude trade agnt, no diff with mahathir/ph that hv illusion china wuhan virus carrier money n economy stability r more significant.

    now american n msian suffer under this 2 idiots. luckily one 95 yrs old conman kena kick out, left only one idiot, god bless american.

    as for that lifetime chairman cum liar, he be here for the next 30 year, unless infected by wuhan virus bec mao zedong want to see him.

    1. Mfer, did u stand by their sides when trump & xi talked?

      Or u r in yr Chinese bashing dream again, with the 台湾水炮 cheering u on?

      The BIGGEST lier on this blog is none other than a genuflecting shameless moron panegyrizing about his beloved demoncratic Formosa!

    2. wakakaka CK, you made me reach for my dictionary to find out what was 'panegyrizing', wakakaka again

    3. didnt the idiot trump said xi doing a good job tackling wuhanvirus? only those that believe xi did a good job now suffering the worst, taiwanese n hker (the public not the ccp running dog sar govt) dun believe a single word from xi liar, thats y they survive much better. dun ask stupid question if i stand by their side, that demonstrate yr incapacity to ask sensible question.

      btw did u chk thesaurus on wuhanwirus, so that we all can learn more eng words, for eg ccpvirus, xibaozivirus etc?

    4. If u r not around them during their conversation, then how do u know what the farts they r discussing about?

      & Who to believe who?

      Know nothing shot from the mouth is usually just saying faster than the words can link in the brain. Any wonder why he keeps labelling people stupid w/o thinking of himself!

      Why should I check 台毒 labelling even when I don't like to play yr kind of thesaurus?

      Let me give u a hint about that 14 days warning.

      Google HHS pandemic influenza preparedness for USofA. There is an appendice mentioning about scenarios in Taiwan & HK. Very scary, especially when this simulation comes so closly resemblance to the current actual covid-19 pandemic!

      U r going to be toasted kau2 while u still dancing to yr democratic steps.

    5. Oooop.... make sure u read about project Red Cloud mentioned in that report.

      I sourced mine from the Dark Web & I have not compare the googled web version.

      Mmmm.... Red Cloud! Dragon Seed!

      Soon lah.

    6. i said trump believe xi tell the truth, didnt xi said on both 3 feb n 23 feb how he work hard to manage the wuhanvirus, the fact is xi play the main role to conceal the truth, n those chinese that criticise xi all went missing. idiot trump n kt shd thank god they r not living in china, or else they oso went missing, but running dog no problem, that the subtle diff btw u n kt i think wakaka.

    7. What's Xi's truth?

      As coming out from yr 台毒水炮 diarrheas that u so keen to spread?

      If Trump believed what Xi told him, US won't be in such a deep shit now.

      Keep farting, & pray yr 蔡妹妹 would take u in when the 2nd wave hits bolihland!

  4. If only this man had stuck to his favorite pass time of grabbing pussies...alas Americans are most unfortunate, like the NONs here, having to suffer such lying nincompoop leaders. Typically this low class coward,
    when under pressure, will look to blame some one or something. China fits the bill perfectly for his pointing finger but then he messed up on the timeline when he repeatedly accused China of not giving early enough warning and of course now that it was revealed that his own intelligence agency had informed him very early on, his own accusing lie back blasted on his fcuking face.

    Under his administration, we get senators like Republican Tom Cotton with his fabricated story of China releasing the virus as a bio-warfare on its own people as an experiment and senator like Martha McSally now wanting China to forgive US' debt to China to the tune of $1.07 trillion for " covering up and the spreading the Coronavirus." Then we have a greedy bunch in the US eyeing to make a quick buck by initiating a $20 trillion lawsuit against China for endangering the world with a made-in-China bio-weapon.

    Other scumbags jumped onto the bandwagon to load up on the bashing...the more the merrier, haha. One favorite making its round is the so-called counting of the number of urns that contained the ashes of the dead coming out of Wuhan and horror of horror, the number of urns much exceeded the 3000+ of the Covid19 deaths. Ha Ha Ha Ha. Only the brain dead or more likely the vicious manipulators think that in city of 11 million, only those who died in that city have only died of one cause - novel coronavirus. Forget about those died of heart attacks, cancer, diabetes and a few hundred other illnesses and sickness. Or even those who died of natural causes and accidents.

    And then 'they' latched on to another story...claiming that 21 million mobile phones were de-activated, thus "proving" that 21 million Chinese were the actual 'real' figures of those died of the virus in Wuhan ! LMAO.

    If one has the time of the day, one could actually sift through and be able to assemble a mile long of such 'shocking breaking news' of the perfidy and evilness of the Chinese government and poor US of A is the unlucky victim of such wickedness...hehehe cry me a river haha

  5. Let me from the onset declare I am not here to querrel which is the better, democracy or communism. Anyway both are still evolving, I suspect one day they may even converge.

    Nevertheless, this Covid-19 pandemic thingy, no one can dispute that China has handled that best due to their system, regardless whether it was 4000 deaths or 20 millions deaths :


    Isolation (lockdown), no more human rights
    No isolation (lockdown), no more human left

    So which system is better? Wakakaka .........

    1. the one with freedom to talk to express to question to report the truth is better.

    2. then how about Pentagon's treatment of Captain Brett Crozier, commander of the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt?

    3. actually i support both brett n zaidi, i dun see any diff of the 2, but u did.

    4. Captain Brett Crozier risked his career for teh safety of his crew

      By contrast Major Zaidi held an unnecessary press conference to show the indelible ink was delible (after he had already made a police report which was his right), but an event which but no armed forces personnel can/could make when UNauthorised, in accordance with AFCI. His motive was personal and for his own pomposity which was eventually revealed when he pompously said he answered to no one other than Allah swt - an insubordinate declaration considering he was receiving military salary

  6. This IS not a sopo comparison!

    Rather, it's a display of cocooning mindset (read that book yet?) while condemning others as if he is of a higher 'class'.

    I feel been stigmatized by a coconut every time that mfer is going about his stupid pigeonholing using his high & mighty demoNcratic farts!

    I would leave him to his pretended sleep iff he renounced that he isn't of Chinese origin.

    你可以忘本, that's yr f*cking nature. But do remember, DONT tell me u r Chinese while doing so!

    From NOW on, just call yrself whatsoever label. Chinese (M'sian or otherwise) u r NOT!

    Comprehendi, mfer?

    1. yr only justification is u r a chinese. i dun want to be yr type of chinese.

    2. Mfer, READ again - there is ONLY one kind of Chinese - my kind!


      A spurious 墙头草 with cocooning demoNcratic mind that treat human life as statistical number ≪ the moneyed economic matrices!

      U r NO Chinese !!

  7. "You know, when you suddenly have an outbreak of a highly infectious respiratory disease you tend to make mistakes. But China got their act together pretty quickly.
    Its like this, say Florida has an outbreak of a new disease, the state government is tasked to handle it first and they are bound to make mistakes and only when it is clear they can't handle it, Federal steps in. This is what happened to New Orleans re Katrina.
    On the 17th of January, China's number one infectious disease guy representing the Central Government, dr zhong nanshan, went to Wuhan. On the 23th China locked down Wuhan. That's fast action by Central.
    Prior to that on 31st Dec 2019, China had informed WHO of a new virus that's causing pneumonia. On the 11th of January China shared with WHO and the world the entire sequence of the genome of the virus so that scientists world wide can start preparing test kits and lay the ground work for vaccines etc.
    So on 11th China had effectively told the world, we have a problem, a new highly infectious virus and this is its genetic make up. Please start preparing your defense.
    Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, Singapore all started work immediately.
    And what did the West do? What did the US do? Some idiotic American politician (US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross) said, this disease will bring back jobs to America.
    This was the general attitude of the West including the Europeans. Towards the middle of January, returning Chinese residents of Italy started to warn their Italian neighbors of the coming storm. Chinese shops in some Italian towns started to shut, Chinese started to stay home and started wearing masks when outside. But the Italians refused to listen and continue having their coffees and wines in their cafe. Then the virus came, from of all places, a visitor from Bavaria.
    Now the same sad story is being played out in America. Even a simple thing like wearing a mask in public is politicized. I cry for my friends in America seeing how they are being led up the garden path by Trump a his bunch of yes-men, its like the flu, they say. More people die from flu, from car accidents, they say. And now belatedly as the numbers sky-rocket in America, they suddenly surface a CIA report that claims china has covered its true numbers. Ya, exactly like the CIA report on Saddam Hussain having WMDs.
    But does it really matter? The point was on the 11th of January China gave you the entire genome of the enemy to start preparing your defenses. What the heck did you do with that information? How can the Trump Administration fail the American people so very badly!!!