Monday, April 06, 2020

Thanks India, keep them there


Report: M'sians in India's Covid-19 epicentre nabbed at Delhi airport

CORONAVIRUS | Indian immigration authority today arrested eight Malaysians who are believed to have attended a tabligh gathering in New Delhi that was linked to the spread of Covid-19 there, according to a news report.

The report by Delhi-based news company NDTV quoted sources as saying that the eight were detained at the Indira Gandhi International Airport when they were about to board a mercy flight back to Malaysia.

"Eight Malaysian citizens who were about to board a special flight to Malaysia were caught at Delhi's Indira Gandhi International Airport today.

"Sources said they were part of the Tablighi Jamaat Centre at Nizamuddin, which has been marked as a hotspot for the spread of coronavirus.

"Though international flights are not operating, special flights are being operated by some nations to evacuate their nationals stranded in the country," said the report.

The suspects were said to be handed over to the Delhi police and Health Department for investigation.

Last month, around 8,000 people including foreigners were said to have attended the two-day religious gathering hosted by Tablighi Jamaat, despite the Indian government's warning of Covid-19 and social distancing.

The gathering had reportedly become the biggest infection cluster in India so far and set off several other clusters of Covid-19 infections across the republic.

This had sent the republic's authorities racing to detect the participants and those who have come into contact with them.

It was reported that at least 20 Malaysians were found to have attended the two-day gathering from March 8 to 10.

The Indian Home Ministry had since vowed to take strong action against those who attended it, including foreigners who abused their tourist visa.


  1. Hurray, 8 less for our DG to worry about. He just have to worry about the 3000+ tabligh participants who are now playing the hide and seek game.

    Maybe MooMoo should cut to the chase : offer these god loving people each RM 1 million to come for testing, with a promise not to penalize them, not even a slap on the wrist. Tak boleh tegur orang kita tau...nanti tak boleh masuk shurga and worse of all, lose their votes, god forbids.

  2. ("On 25 March 2020, the Government of India under Prime Minister Narendra Modi ordered a nationwide lockdown for 21 days, limiting movement of the entire 1.3 billion population of India as a preventive measure against the 2020 coronavirus pandemic in India")

    The Tabligh Jamaat Conference in India was held on 8-03-2020 to 10-03-20. So, why are they being arrested? Have they committed any crimes?

    "Eight Malaysian citizens who were about to board a special flight to Malaysia were caught at Delhi's Indira Gandhi International Airport today.")

    Why are they being treated like criminals? They were put in a filthy and unhygienic detention or quarantine centre - a school. The classroom is so dirty. The floor is full of black dust. They were given a two-inch mattress on the floor and a white cotton blanket. The place is full of mosquitoes.

    I ask again, are they criminals? Have they broken any Indian Covid-19 lockdown curtailment?

    The eight were detained at the Indira Gandhi International Airport when they were about to board a mercy flight back to Malaysia.

    And here we show great joy and delight and say Hurray - "Thanks India, keep them there". Wakakaka..

    1. Actually yes they did break Indian visa law which prohibits visitors on tourist visa engaging in religious activity. Strange law.

    2. Tabligh Jamaat was established in 1927 and the Tabligh gathering has been held every year. I had been to India and stayed there for 40 days with the Tabligh group before. We stayed in mosques and madarasahs. No problem. Well, it was not under Modi's rule then. The present Indian government is anti Islam.

    3. Pakistan quarantines 20,000 tabligh attendees.

      PAKISTAN has quarantined 20,000 worshippers and is still searching for tens of thousands more who attended an Islamic gathering in Lahore last month despite the worsening coronavirus pandemic, said officials yesterday.

      Authorities said they want to test or quarantine those who congregated at the event held by Tablighi Jamaat – an Islamic missionary movement – from March 10 to 12 over fears that they are now spreading Covid-19 across the country and overseas.

      Modi is NOT in Pakistan

    4. Let the Malaysians go. They are just about to board a mercy flight back to Malaysia. Upon arrival in Kuala Lumpur, they will be quarantine for 14 days. What's the issue that Modi has got with the 8 of them?

    5. "The present Indian government is anti Islam"

      Maybe this is an opportunity for Modi to show his middle finger at Madey for his inaccurate tirade against India, the harboring of Zakir Naik and the mufti up north writing cowdung pantuns about the Indians, wakakakaka. They say revenge is best eaten cold, hehe

    6. i think the precise term is anti virus. msia problem is we r worry being label as anti chinese when all the mainlander walk in n out freely as if kl is beijing shanghai during jan feb, that cause each msian today to suffer this chinese opps .... wuhan virus.

  3. India want a swap. Zakar Naik for this Gang of Eight....ha ha ha..