Friday, September 01, 2017

Cigarette smoking

FMT - Sundry association backs sale of 10-stick cigarette packs (extracts):

The association says having fewer cigarettes at hand will push smokers to smoke less and address trade of illegal cigarettes in the country.

There is some 'truth' in that statement yet some 'self-interests' too.

The government 'trick' is not to drive sales of cigarettes underground, whence then the cost to eliminate that (sales of cigarettes) will be horrific and frequently ineffective.

Some more effective ways to discourage cigarette smoking, especially among youths and women, are as follows:

(a) de-glamorise it - no more bull about 'Mahfulou High Country' or 'finest craftsmen hao-siou' etc,

(b) continuous health education of school children,

(c) make cigarettes, e-cigarettes and general tobacco products bloody expensive,

(d) make cigarette ad illegal - in Oz even "nice" cigarette packing is not permitted - only generic packing showing cancerous mouths, lungs, victims are permitted

(e) pariah-rise cigarette smoking in every way,

(f) make almost every conceivable public place smoking-free thus make public smoking illegal with severe fines.

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