Friday, September 01, 2017

Malaysian rara avis?

MM Online photo

Alhamdulillah (praise be to god) we still have the lovely traditional Malay dance ... but for how long more?



  1. It will be cherished.

    Hari ini di dalam majlis merisik, meminang, pertunangan, pernikahan dan perkahwinan, sudah ada berbalas pantun, tarian zapin, joget, silat, diselokakan dan dipersembahkan kepada hadhirin hadhirat.

    In addition, those from the Arab lineage, they also have introduced 'samrah' to entertain their guests.

  2. Soon the newly acquired arabialized customs WILL totally replaced the original Melayu traditions too.

    Indeed, those disappearing legacies will be cherished like dodo....

  3. the host imply we welcome k pop,japs animation, china money, british sitcom, hollywood n latina culture, but arab n camel is no no.

    1. Be realistic lah!!!

      K pop, japs animation, china money, british sitcom, hollywood n latina culture etc r NOT that pervasive & influencial as those arabic deviant influences, especially the zombieic camel thoughts, spreading through that large section of the blur-sotongs & zombies.

      Besides, none of these 'foreign' imports trie dictatorially as hard like that arabialized camel dung to control the lives of rakyat, believers & non-believers alike!

      This IS no contemptuous rant but FACT of life in bolihland.