Friday, September 01, 2017

Was this murder?

FMT - 25-year-old Singaporean dies after hospital insists on payment before treatment (selected extracts):

A 25-year-old Singaporean died following a hit-and-run in Johor Bahru after the Sultanah Aminah Hospital there withheld treatment until family and friends paid cash up-front, according to a report in Singapore’s The Independent. [...]

The last straw for the friends came at 8.30 am, by which time five hours had passed since the accident. The hospital demanded another RM1,350, saying Tan needed surgery as “his brain was bleeding”.

Staff told the friends that the operation would be conducted by a medical officer, not a surgeon or consultant, and that he had only a 50% chance of survival.

At this point, the friends contacted the Singapore embassy which sent a private ambulance to bring the victims back to Singapore.
Hours after the accident, Justinian Tan was transported back to Singapore for treatment, but was declared brain-dead on Monday as too much time had passed. [...]

According to the report, the ambulance arrived at 10.45 am. Tan was admitted to the Singapore General Hospital at noon.

However, doctors there told his family that nothing could be done as too much time had elapsed.

I wonder whether this would be considered 'MURDER' by the Sultanah Aminah hospital?

But we have become like the notorious and callous American hospitals where no treatment would be provided for those without insurance.

As former PM AAB said: Malaysia has 1st World facilities but with 3rd World mentality.

Al Fatihah, Justinian Tan.


  1. To be neutral and fair we should wait for the report from Hospital Sultanah Aminah JB and the Police.

    1. And the news from the new media!!!

      Mobile phone is so prevalence nowadays. Just wait for the postings lah!

    2. Citizen journalists? We have millions of them everywhere in the world. What about truth, responsibility and accountability?


    4. What's wrong with Citizen journalists backed with streaming video?

      Many a time, REAL truth comes out from these media than the conventional 'official' source le! Especially those with 'voluntary' self censorship.

      So, r u honestly looking for truth, responsibility and accountability?

      Tsk...tsk....what a mindless rant!!

  2. is this the usual slandering by bloggers relying on single sources of news portal?