Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Why PAS clings on shamelessly to Pakatan Selangor

Remember Penang when PAS left Pakatan? Those ulama wanted to shamelessly cling on to state government appointments. Malulah.

And that was why Hadi Awang opposed local elections in Penang (of mainly urban areas). He knew no one would have voted for PAS.

Appointments by the state government was guaranteed. Being voted was also guaranteed but with zero outcome for PAS wakakaka.

Likewise now in Selangor. They are already out of Pakatan but sluttishly hang on to Azmin's ding-a-ling. Azmin syiok juga so both parties' hands are ... er ... well .. whacking each other ler, wakakaka.

By staying in government PAS has 2 aims, which are (i) to hang on to the state gravy train and (ii) to control through the exco and state appointments the mosques and kampung penghulus (all in preparation for the next election).

Azmin Ali is complicit in allowing PAS to do so.


  1. Politicians who run mostly as holymen,like those in Jais and religious gurus in other religious departments,many are not true believers,but fakes.

    First of all,go check on every one and see how many have committed khalwat.How many are frequent customers of hen houses.How many have young wives or mistresses?How many have raped their own daughters or relatives?How many have played the 4 ekor or bet on cock fighting.

    To enjoy these expensive haram past times one must have money.That is the reason these political and religious fakes are hanging onto power by all means.Meaning that they will be most happy to bend over and offer their behinds to the highest bidders(or rather sugar daddies).

  2. 13 kerusi sahaja boleh jadi MB. Kalau campur dengan DAP/PAN.. hanya tinggal simple majority. Malulah..

  3. Yang memang malu adalah kaum tongkat.

    Kalau ikut bilangan kerusi, SIAPA yg betulx2 dapat menjadi kerajaan dan mb?

    Pariah - org yg tak tau maruah dan memikir !

  4. Tiada majority pun jadi kerajaan, lagi sedih ...... good to know lah!

    1. the auto-disqualification of Chinese and Indians from becoming MB helps

    2. Wakakakaka...What a definition of maruah bangsa with a twisted demoncracy!!!

  5. Daulat Tuanku... Daulat Tuanku...Daulat Tuanku.