Sunday, April 23, 2017

Achilles heel

Every strong man has his vulnerable point like our legendary hero Achilles. Said hero was doused in the divine waters of the river Styx by his immortal mum Thetis to make his body invincible to weapons, but alas when plunging Achilles into the Styx she held him by one of his heels above the water which thus rendered that heel vulnerable. And so the legend tells us Achilles was slained by the arrow of Paris (or in his original name Alexander) which struck our hero right in that heel.

The biblical hero Samson had his strength in his hair. Cut those locks off and he became a weakling which sweetie Delilah did.

The Norse perfect immortal, the invincible Baldr (or Baldur), was killed by the puny mistletoe when nothing else could do so.

Our demon the Pontianak was vulnerable to iron nails.

Well, finally the so called Raja Bomoh has had his days in the state of Johor when no other Malaysian states with a JAN (eg. Jais Jawi Jakim etc) have the balls to touch him. I suspect HRH might have given the greenlight to arrest him. The police just did that. Perhaps his Achilles heel was his coconuts. Seize him by the nuts and he would be like Samson wakakaka.

I wonder what we can do with an Indian national wanted by his own country for alleged terrorist-related activities?

Give him Toddy and pretzel kucing? Wakakaka.

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  1. What is Umno/BN's achilles heel?
    What is Najib's archilles heel?
    Fat Mama and her shopping sprees?
    Or Fat Mama's son's shopping sprees?
    Or maybe GLC'S shopping sprees?

    The opposition pact's achilles heel?
    Well,there are many smart young lads in the opposition coalition.Many of them consider themselves too smart,that they have no respects for each other.So,more often than not,they spent most of the time squabbling,fighting and stabbing each other's backs.

    So among the pack of talented young crop of upcoming leaders in the opposition coalition,because of infighting,non has shone or able to outshine the others.There is not three,two or even one young candidate that is considered PM potential in the coalition.Except for the rejected old horses,who considered themselves "PM's" in waiting.

    So,coming back to the opposition's archilles heel?
    No consensus acceptance of any candidates to lead the coalition as a single party candidate.
    Conclusion-Leadership vacuum.Period.

    If the elections were to be held 6-12 months from today,with the well acknowledged acceptance of widespread corruption by the ruling gomen in power,Najib,his Umno/BN coalition will still be able to kick butts,and win back 2/3's majority.