Friday, April 21, 2017

Abandonment of Pancasila by Jakartans?

In the land of Pancasila, not that of the original Buddhist Pancasila in India but rather of Indonesia, a Christian was charged for alleged blasphemy against Islam, notwithstanding the fact the country is NOT an Islamic nation.

Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, more popularly known as Ah Hok (which straightaway identifies him as a Chinese, and one who is a Christian) should be now somewhat relieved to learn he may not be jailed for his alleged offence of blasphemy, all because he has lost the gubernatorial election for Jakarta to his Muslim competitor Anies Baswedan.

Had he won the election he would possibly still be facing a nasty jail term.

Is this the fate of a non Muslim candidate downunder where a jail term awaits him or her if he or she does not lose to a Muslim competitor?

And f**k the tenets enshrined in that country's national ideology which Indonesians supposedly revered.

I wonder from who those Indon ulama learn how to misuse and abuse the great religion of Islam for political gains?


  1. In the eighties,I had worked in Indonesia for a few years.The food is good,especially the barbecued chicken,fish and snipes(birds)from the padi fields,with white rice and sambal belachan.

    The people are friendly,and Malays and Chinese (Muslims and Christians)get along together just fine.Malays,including policemen and soldiers,have lunch and dinners and drink beers openly in Chinese kopitems.Nobody cares,and there are no religious police fakers in sight.Not like in Malaysia where there are battalions of religious fakers.

    Go to nightclubs,bars,massage parlors and hen-houses and one will find mostly Muslim ladies working there.

    Maybe,these types of nonsense of locking somebody up if they win in elections,and letting them go scot free if they lose is just plain present day politics.These types of rhetoric politics are what got the UK the Brexit vote and got the statutory raper,Donald Trump elected.There are lots of angry voters out there.

  2. Kaytee,by the way,it is nice to have you back.It is okay if you are on your yearly pilgrimage to the "hermit kingdom".Luckily you were not in Malaysia visiting friends or relatives or having getting abducted by some crazies.It is a trend in Malaysia to abduct or kidnapped a person who thinks or talk to much about races or religions.

  3. sekian lama menghilang diri anhea, selamat kembali.

    who they learn from? it's that idiot wanted in his home country.