Sunday, August 02, 2015

Two Bugis - one down, one left

Good article by Aspan Alias in FMT today. It's titled Muhyiddin became both the bait and the victim.

Moody, did you feel something sharp & painful in your back?
Yes Tun but no one's behind us except Jibby

In it Aspan tells us that Muhyiddin has brought all his woes upon himself when he played (stupidly twice) to Mahathir's tune, first in bringing down AAB in which he had a leading role. The article stated that Aspan reminds us, not because Abdullah had done wrong, but because Dr Mahathir Mohamed did not wish to see him run the country any longer.

And Muhyiddin played ball, I suppose, imagining (foolishly) he would be the successor to AAB.

Recently, Muhyiddin was once again more than a willing captive to Mahathir's wish to get rid of a further PM, but this second time around he failed.

Aspan claimed that Mahathir, feeling lonely in retirement, still wants to be involved in the country’s administration. I think Aspan has been polite and kind to Mahathir when it's more likely that the Old Man still wants to RUN the country, and not just get involved.

We have witnessed him, as just one example, chewing up firstly AAB and then Najib over the crooked bridge.

It's known Mahathir has a few pet hates and to his immense ire both AAB and Najib failed to observe those hates. But that's because to do so would have mean they individually and respectively were not running the country as PM, and Mahathir was. No one wants to be a puppet.

Regarding his pet hates, from reading the news I could speculate on a few, namely, Singapore, Chinese ascendancy over Malays, and anyone who f* around with his kids. The last has been why he has been angry with KJ and now Najib. But Najib has been guilty of all three.

But Mahathir has been right at least on one score, that Najib was wasting his time and resources on Chinese as they won't vote for his BN.

Ironical, hasn't it been? I have spoken to quite a few elderly relatives who praised Najib as caring for giving them financial subsidies through BR1M, yet the Chinese in general have refused to support Najib as PM, but have been prepared to support Mahathir to depose Ah Jib Gor.

Mahathir had demanded that Najib stop BR1M. Somehow I suspect that if BR1M has been exclusively for Malays (like the NEP), perhaps Mahathir might not have raised any objection.

So, when Najib said no to his demand to stop BR1M and to recommence work on the crooked bridge, that was the beginning of a Mahathirian raft of anti Najib issues, for example, to re-open the Altantuyaa's murder case, etc.

Why wait until so late to raise that murder case when two murderers have already been convicted? Why not raise this issue earlier, during the court case? Would he have raised these issues if Najib had cancelled BR1M, recommenced work on the crooked bridge and supported Mukhriz become one of UMNO VPs?

Back to Muhyiddin - after Mahathir used him to force Abdullah’s resignation, instead of rewarding Muhyiddin as the poor bloke had expected/hoped, the emperor of Malaysian politics anointed Najib instead, wakakaka.

I suspect that Mahathir had then trusted Najib over Muhyiddin to mentor and nurture his Mukhriz into the highest echelon of UMNO hierarchy, probably because he believed he and Najib have 'family kamcheng' (hutang budi), whereas Muhyiddin was probably seen as treacherous in his willingness to sabo AAB.

Karma for Muhyiddin! And indeed for Mahathir too!

Initially as PM, Najib did make some (perhaps half-hearted) efforts towards appeasing Mahathir, making Mukhriz a deputy minister when he wasn't even the UMNO Youth boss as KJ had then been, and not appointing KJ the UMNO Youth as a minister. Another of Mahathir's pet hates is KJ.

Yes, KJ indirectly created history of sorts, wakakaka, when he as UMNO Youth Chief was NOT appointed a minister while one of his Youth juniors/subordinates became a deputy minister. I'm not sure what Najib said to KJ to placate that disappointed Youth Chief, wakakaka, but I bet Mahathir's name would have been mentioned.

In the end no ruling PM could have tolerated the interfering intrusions into his policies, programs and rule by a nonagenarian who is supposedly retired but who still believes he is the emperor of Malaysia. I suppose that's when Najib avoided him for months, which Mahathir complained about.

And really, was a PM supposed to report to him at regular intervals?

Sometimes I wonder whether Najib regrets granting financial subsidies to some Chinese through his BR1M which had been one of the reasons why Mahathir became very angry with him.

That M-anger must have been compounded humongously when Najib agreed to jointly develop the KTM land in Singapore with the Lee government without any evidence of giving Mahathir what he has always wanted from those pesky Sing Chinese, to wit, a bridge to replace the causeway, new rates for Malaysian water, etc.

Aspan finally informs us that Muhyiddin has been discarded (like a used tissue paper?) by his user after having failed. Sadly for the former DPM, I also suspect Mahathir doesn't think too highly of his capability to be PM.

In Muhyiddin offering himself as a willing captive (yet stupidly again) to another Mahathirian scheme to remove a sitting PM, he made himself into both the bait and eventually the victim, and thus deserves no sympathy from us. Live by the sword, well, die by it.

Incidentally he's also a Bugis, a kakinang (teochew for clansman) to Ah Jib Gor, wakakaka. I wonder whether he would now say, "I'm a Bugis first, a Malay second and a Malaysian last!"

Now, our sweet boy Mukhriz is really who the emperor wants as PM but alas, there's still a big gap between Mukhriz and the highest echelon of UMNO hierarchy. And who's to be blamed for introducing poor Mukhriz to UMNO politics late? Hmmm, perhaps he had somehow imagined Najib would be by then the PM which gnam gnam would fit into his grand design? 

You know what? If Mahathir doesn't act soon to sponsor someone who is willing to mentor, nurture and nurse his boy, it's highly probable that Mukhriz may become another casualty of UMNO politics as Muhyiddin has become. And time's running out too.

I wouldn't be surprised if the next 'conversion attempt' may well be of Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, wakakaka, who's afterall just a heart-beat from becoming PM, a gnam gnam candidate to look after his nice young lad.

But will Ahmad Zahid be tempted and as foolish as Muhyiddin had been, indeed, twice over?

dei I'm Javanese you know, not so tai-siao lah 


  1. Mukhriz is MB of Kedah because Najib wanted to get him out of federal politics,and also out of his sight.

    Najib will be PM for many GE's to come.He had already emerged stronger in Umno by his recent cabinet reshuffling.The opposition have to wait till the young Dyana sofyas in the DAP grow up.For the time being,the leaderless opposition will have to bid their time and stay relevant.By then the DAP will be the taikor of the opposition pact.PKR will be relegated to playcard carriers and become Malaysia's political clowns and minnows.

  2. In Indonesia: Jokowi is a Javanese and Jusof Kalla is a Bugis. In Malaysia: Najib is a Bugis and Zahid is a Javanese. Malaysia and Indonesia are closely linked indeed.

    Two Bugis were declared Indonesian National Heroes: Raja Haji Fisabilillah – the brother of Raja Lumu who was the First Sultan of Selangor; and Raja Ali Haji (who was born in Selangor) aka Bapak Kesusatraan Melayu – the grandson of Raja Haji Fisabilillah. Tsk…tsk…tsk… Who said the Bugis were pirates or lanuns?

    Former DPM Muhyiddin’s scenario is a classic example of “Rusa yang ditembak Kijang yang Kena” or “Yang dikejar tak dapat yang dikendong berciciran”.

    It is just karma Muhyiddin – ‘ambik kau’ perhaps said AAB?

    What goes around comes around.

  3. "I have spoken to quite a few elderly relatives who praised Najib as caring for giving them financial subsidies through BR1M, yet the Chinese in general have refused to support Najib as PM".....

    Most Chinese, even elderly ones correctly saw BR1M as an attempt to trade for votes.
    RM 500 o 600 for your support so that the Bugis Pirates can stay in power to continue to plunder the country ? No thank you.

    Take the money - its taxpayer's money, but you do not owe Najib anything- definitely no quid pro quo debt or votes as gratitude.

    1. in a relative sense, would the Chinese have benefitted anything from BR1M if Mahathir or Muhyiddin was PM? The NEP says no. So I say take those subsidies. Better than nothing which was what Mahathir was demanding Najib do, to cancel BR1M.

      And is there any difference to the financial subsidy the Penang govt has been giving to elderly Penangites?

    2. Same thing...the Penang Senior Citizens who receive the payments from the Penang State Government do no owe Lim Guan Eng anything....

    3. of course there r diff. pg govt dist out of it surplus, what abt yr bn govt. n i know when u cant retort my assertion, u will start yr name calling, label me a racist.

    4. I've met people like you who are always divisive a la "my" and "yours" and "theirs", not unlike Ridhuan Tee. So BN is my government and not yours? So who is your government?

      If you are not racist why did you describe Praba Ganesan as a baboon?

    5. i dun like to explain myself to a slanderer, but for the sake of praba, i do it. first i wanna use the word babu, but baboon share the same rhyme to his name that more suit his half baked pretentious intellectual writes, similarly to those that rationalise their absent in bersih 2,3 accusing the event as partisan. if u truly wan to see a racist, gaze into the nearer mirror next to u n u would found it. otherwise how to explain yr imagination to relate baboon to race?

    6. your explanations are pathetic. trouble is you're just too fond of abusing people whose views don't suit your liking or preference

  4. Regarding the view that BR1M is favouring the Chinese (and for
    which Dr M labelled as undeserving of the money in one particular
    outburst), is it not true that the lower income group that qualifies for
    BR1M is mainly Malays?

    A few uncle and aunty nons brandishing the BR1M vouchers do not
    represent the racial makeup of whole group that is receiving the vouchers.
    Reading the news, Dr M was more concerned the free money is making people
    lazy, regarded as a 'bribe', better ways of using the money etc

    Take away BR1M and the poor Malays will feel most deprived. The handout
    do go some way towards offsetting the effect of GST.

    The lower income group are rightly exempted from income tax, they will feel
    the impact GST, for which Dr M did mention briefly in his tirades against Najib.

  5. this is my observation. during the reign of che det, he appointed ah jib gor as the chief of umno youth & then followed by h2o. both are the sons of ex-premiers. he expected pak lah to reciprocate (or to continue the adat) by appointing his son for the wing's no.2 since h2o was still the chief. pak lah sudah derhaka by appointing his menantu. this has made che det sangat murka terhadap pak lah. round no.1

    ah jib gor did the same thing (tak ikut adat) for not supporting the son for a vice president post. murka lagi & lagi. round no.2

    altantuya, br1m, 1mdb etc etc are merely excuses. would he still care about those things if his son were a vp now?

    1. diff antara mahathir, aab and najib is the doctor wants to control the chess board even in government policies, and is very demanding on certain issues like the bridge, etc, and not just inherited lineage and ascendancy in UMNO hierarchy. I wonder whether if he wasn't so interfering, overcontrolling and rudely intrusive in AAB's and Najib's governments, would they (especially Najib) have been more willing to help his son

    2. pak lah would still be our pm until today if he were to follow the 'adat'. (ah jib gor kena tunggu). as i said jambatan bengkok is one of the enablers.


    The term Boogeyman original came from South East Asia, where Malay mothers used to threaten misbehaving children "the Bugis man will come and get you !".

    European sailors brought the term back to Europe - it changed along the way, and "Boogeyman" has stayed in the English Language ever since.

    In their heyday , over 100 years of the 18th Century, the Bugis were the greatest indigenous political and military group in South-East Asia. Their pirate ships ranged all over the seas of Nusantara.

    They took over power in a large chunk of today's Indonesia, the Johor Empire and the Selangor sultanate.

    They even laid a long siege to the Dutch controlled Malacca - the only local power which could go head to head against the Dutch VOC's military.

    Don't get me wrong....I sokong Najib.....wakakakakakkaka
    "Zahid vows to blitzkrieg 'spinners' without warning"

  7. Mahathir was a Crooked man with a fixation on his Crooked bridge.

    He has unfortunately been Out-Crooked by an even bigger Fucking Crook, namely the Bugis Pirate.

    "I am not a Crook" - Richard Milhouse Nixon

  8. There are many sea, land, air, and political pirates in the world and of various races and nationalities too. Thus, it is relative as to who is the biggest f*g pirates. Wakakaka...

    1. I am a Teochew so it's possible I was descended from Teochew pirates plying the Formosa Straits. I like to believe they were swashbuckling seafaring people, very handsome Chinese too, wakakaka.

      And the Poms too have their pirates who became knights, blokes like Henry Morgan.

    2. melanun dulu2 halal, sekarang haram.