Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Ridhuan is ironically the ultimate ‘ultra kiasu’

My letter to Malaysiakini published today as follows, wakakaka.


7:14PM Oct 14, 2014
By K Temoc

Ridhuan is ironically the ultimate ‘ultra kiasu’


I refer to your news article ‘Ridhuan: How can pigs outnumber cows in M'sia?'

Dr Ridhuan Tee Abdullah has complained that Malaysia has to import livestock such as cow, goats, sheep, etc but has such a surplus of pigs that the last is exported. He voiced his unhappiness at what he sees as an imbalance in our national husbandry.

Of course he ignores issues such as the remarkable National Feedlot Centre project, or local conditions for rearing certain types of livestock, market forces, and farming preference. He would not be unlike a durian-loving New Zealander asking why her country with a population of 4.5 million and over 70 million sheep does not have one single durian tree.

The truth is Dr Ridhuan Abdullah is at it again, politicking and pushing his standard fare of bangsa dan agama (Malay race and religion). Sometimes I wonder whether he does it on his own accord, perhaps to gain attention and relevance, or has been pushed forward by known forces to ‘attract and distract’.

And right on time in regards to my pondering above, he has challenged the new Selangor Menteri Besar Mohamed Azmin Ali on whether the latter would be willing to approve the RM100 million integrated pig farming project in the state.

We all know Dr Ridhuan Abdullah, his political proclivities and yes, his favourite term for those he dislikes or considers as political-social foes, namely, ‘ultra kiasu’. We also know he constantly reminds everyone he is a Malay, no doubt a Malaysian constitutional one but nonetheless a Malay. He informs readers of his column on this via his ‘kita Melayu’.

But there’s no denying he is an ethnic Chinese, one even with a Chinese surname Tee. I only raise this in order to remind Dr Ridhuan Abdullah that he ought to know what the Chinese (Hokkien) word ‘kiasu’ means. If he doesn’t then he ought not to brandish the word so liberally as he has been doing. Instead, he should take note that he ironically is the ultimate ‘ultra kiasu’ in his political-social polemics.

But Dr Ridhuan Abdullah is not the first Muslim in this country to raise the issue of pig farming in Malaysia. Back in 2004, a blogger by the nickname of Aisehman posted an intriguing article which raised some health questions related to the rearing of pigs in Malaysia.

He quoted international health officials (then in 2004) on an imminent pandemic - a possible hybrid strain of avian influenza and human flu virus, with Asia as its likely epicentre. According to him the pandemic may be even worse than Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS). He mentioned the World Health Organisation (WHO) raising the possibility that bird flu could mix with a virus carried by pigs, giving rise to another mutated and deadlier progeny.

He posed the query as to whether we Malaysians ought to think about a pre-emptive and massive culling exercise of every single pig in our country (then I asked, would this include wild pigs in our jungles?), and a total cessation of pig-farming activities, of course to prevent the feared pandemic.

He stated he was mindful of the adverse economic cost and cultural impact, but nonetheless he queried whether this might come about, and whether it would be worth the inevitable sacrifices?

I then replied that if we select pigs to purge completely from Malaysia, on the basis of a viral danger to health, then what should we do about the problem of Avian Flu? I reminded him that Avian Flu was then the imminent danger rather than pigs. I asked further whether we should also cull all types of fowls (and eggs), and ban Malaysians from indulging in their hobbies of keeping merbok, merpati and various other birds as pets?

Never seeing a satisfactory conclusion

The problem with the culling-elimination approach would be that we would never ever see a satisfactory conclusion, even if we ended up shooting every bird that dares to fly over peninsula Malaysia, Sarawak and Sabah.

And I posed the question of mad cow disease (BSE) and the foot-and-mouth disease which affected hoofed animals like cows, sheep, goats, perhaps even camels.

Now why did the blogger not see the answer to our health concerns was not in removing any particular species completely, but rather those conditions that promoted the development and spread of a pandemic virus.

We could and can do this by developing and practicing good personal hygiene, quarantine control, management of healthy and clean animal farming, and public education. Australia, New Zealand and Denmark have these procedures and practices in place. The USA, Canada and UK dealt extremely well with their respective BSE problem, which for the last had been in the magnitude of a national disaster.

Their people and the Japanese and Europeans continue to enjoy pork, beef, lamb, fowls, etc without undue fears.

Alas, for him then and perhaps Dr Ridhuan Abdullah today, the pig, unfortunately for us Malaysians, is an animal that represents a very real divisive politico-religious-social factor, because to Muslims it’s religiously an unclean animal and thus haram [forbidden, not kosher], while to non-Muslims especially Chinese Malaysians, it’s the source of a delicious and popular meat.

But to non-Muslim Chinese Malaysians, the pig continues to be a significant part of so many aspects of their culture. For those who can afford them, roast pigs are used in cultural, religious and social ceremonies such as offerings to deities, pre-wedding exchange of gifts with new in-laws, funeral offerings, Cheng Beng festivals, pièce de résistance at birthday dinners, etc.

Then there is the uniquely world famous and by now (thanks to the Alvivi couple) politically-socially notorious Malaysian bah-kut-teh, a popular pork herb-soup dish that started its fame in Klang before sweeping through the country. Even foreigners in their own country ask for it when they shop at Asian grocery shops.

Not quite the same without pork

Indeed, many other Chinese dishes wouldn’t be quite the same without pork.

All the above Chinese delicacies are of course forbidden to Muslims, who viewed the meat as unclean stuff, and for some of them, also utterly repugnant. The pigs reared here in Malaysia for their meat have never been meant for Muslims but for local non Muslims and for export overseas. I was informed that prior to the Nipah virus problem, Malaysia was exporting RM2 billion worth of pork - yes, RM2 billion, not million.

Incidentally, one of the oft-heard complaints from non-Muslim has been the unequal treatment by Muslim-dominated city councils and municipalities. At some public centres where food are served, the authorities would prohibit food stalls from serving food containing pork, such as wan tan noodles which normally are accompanied by char siew (barbequed pork).

The complaint has not been so much the prohibition in sales of pork-related food per se, but more because, as non-Muslims would point out with much chagrin, beef-related food has not been similarly prohibited despite the meat being haram (forbidden) to Hindus and some sects of Buddhists (eg. of Pure Land Buddhism).

Once my friend, a very staunch Hindu, and I had beef served to us while we were attending a course run by a government department. I wasn't even asked whether I could take beef but it’s fortuitous that I didn’t and still don’t subscribe to my family’s religious belief which considers beef as haram.

My Hindu friend went ballistic not so much because the centre had served beef to him but because when he told the catering supervisor he was a Hindu and couldn’t eat beef, the manager responded insensitively, “I don’t see what's wrong with eating beef?”

Imagine what if the table has been turned around...? Would my friend be charged with sedition?

Of course most fair-minded non-Muslim Malaysians understand that it’d be only natural for Muslims to want pigs and its farming rid of from Malaysia. There are substantiated complaints of pigs’ excrement polluting rivers and other water sources. We recall what the Malacca government did to the pig farmers in that state some years back.

There is no doubt that pig farming had contributed to pollution though it's not the only cause - in fact there are worse, like certain industries. Unfortunately because of the religious-emotional implications the solution seems to be to ban pig rearing rather than enforced strict health and hygiene controls over pig farming activities.

Export item

The pig is reared successfully in many western countries, outstanding examples being Denmark and Australia, where piggeries are very well kept and maintained to the highest health and hygiene standards. Denmark has been doing so with the highest standard of hygiene for eons, making pig related products a multi-billion dollar export item.

Just to remind everyone, the pig and its pork were once Malaysia’s multi-billion ringgit export item, too. I wonder whether it still is today?

I think we should give credit where it’s due, that it’s wonderful Dr Ridhuan Abdullah said, “I do not insult pigs because pigs are Allah's creatures.” But alas, when racial and religious emotions step in, logic and consistency of arguments have to exit.

It’s a pity that a pair of pigs, and indeed birds, chickens, cows, rats, were allowed on board the ark of Noah (pbuh).


  1. I can see the gatta (permanent shade of black) on Ridhuan Tee’s forehead. Not many Muslims have got that - it is normally a mark of one who does more than regular prayers and prostrations.

    Hadn’t DAP/PR lauded that pig farming or rearing should only be for local consumption? Because of the sensitivity I think we should leave it to other countries to export pigs/pork. I agree with DAP/PR that we should breed pigs only for our domestic needs.

    You mentioned about Prophet Noah (pbuh) and the animals that were in his vessel. Please remember that pigs are garbage gut; they eat everything, including urine and excrement. They were needed to keep Noah’s Ark clean. Thus, sometimes we can also hear expression like ‘she is a slampig’.

    - hasan

    1. hasan, you reminded me of my Muslim matey (still in Malaysia). He told me the same story about the 2 pigs on Noah's Ark, but then he added with a wakakaka, That Muslims won't acknowledge there were many other shit-eating-pecking animals on board as well. He pointed out the shit-eating fishes (if of marine variety, besides and not in the ark), shit pecking chooks, etc.

      Scientifically, it's a fallacy to believe pigs eat shit and urine; just a Muslim prejudice

    2. This CB is showing his one-up-ship again!

      Scientifically, pig has much more closer genetic DNA clone than the oft-claimed primate to human.

      Dont just jump to conclusion here, ok? Primate shares very 2nd-to-none genetic make-up with human, BUT in term of genetic cloning with human, nothing comes closer than pig! Remember that!

      That's one of the reason why many replacing organs NEEDED by human r NOW been cloned, using pig as the base medium to regenerate.

      Since God is all knowing, perhaps this is the reason why pig was been included in the Noah's ark!

      Moreover, someone/something needs to clean up the shit generated by all those living onboard of the ark, so HOW noble would be the task equally shared by those many other shit-eating-pecking animals on board?

      & DONT tell me about throwing those shit into the sea, easy pocedure for CB like u to propose!

      Oh... do remember, next time when u need a replacement organ, check first it's NOT grow from pig, BUT must from kaffir donors, legally &/or illegally!!

    3. Even among well educated and "moderate" Malays, its almost impossible for them to leave behind their "Ketuanan" mentality.

    4. Ok KT, I will drop the pigs eating excrement and urine from my comment and add the following:

      Prophet Noah (pbuh) was instructed to take seven pairs of CLEAN animals and one pair of UNCLEAN animal (Genesis 7:2). Accordingly, even before science could confirm that the CLEAN and UNCLEAN animals to be true, God’s word told the truth. Pigs are not clean!

      God was cleansing the world to start it new. But why did HE command this saving and grouping of animals on the ark of Noah? Is it not as a guide for the mankind today?

      Well, if Anon 10.03 wants to eat something UNCLEAN I don’t mind sitting next to him while I eat something CLEAN. Anon 10.03 please stop messing my comment with your UNCLEAN comment! Perhaps, you should try avoiding swine meat and who knows it might stop you from CB-eing the Malays/Muslims? Wakakaka…

      - hasan

    5. To followers of the Abrahamic (Judeo-Muslim but not Christian) religions, "clean animals" like sheep, cattle, goats have satisfied both Mosaic (in Book of Leviticus) qualifications to be considered "clean", namely, have cloven (split) hooves and ruminates (chew cuds).

      The pig satisfies only one, having cloven hooves but apparently doesn't ruminates, hence is an "unclean" animal, and thus pork is haram.

      But I have always wonder about the camel which has been known to be purchased in numbers by UMNO politicians-ministers and slaughtered on Korban Day, and then distributed among the supporters in each respective constituency.

      But the camel like the pig does NOT satisfy both requirements to be a "clean" animal. It ruminates but does NOT have cloven hooves, the opposite to the pig's characteristics, but nonetheless is still an "unclean" animal. Thus, haven't those UMNO ministers been ignorant in slaughtering camels and offering its "unclean" butchered meat to Muslims in their constituencies?

      I am not being disrespectful and will now quote the Bible (Leviticus 11:3-8) as religious authority on this point:

      Leviticus 11:3-8 (King James Version (KJV)

      3 Whatsoever parteth the hoof, and is clovenfooted, and cheweth the cud, among the beasts, that shall ye eat.

      4 Nevertheless these shall ye not eat of them that chew the cud, or of them that divide the hoof: as the camel, because he cheweth the cud, but divideth not the hoof; he is unclean unto you.

      5 And the coney, because he cheweth the cud, but divideth not the hoof; he is unclean unto you.

      6 And the hare, because he cheweth the cud, but divideth not the hoof; he is unclean unto you.

      7 And the swine, though he divide the hoof, and be clovenfooted, yet he cheweth not the cud; he is unclean to you.

      8 Of their flesh shall ye not eat, and their carcase shall ye not touch; they are unclean to you.

    6. Aisehman KT,

      Leviticus is from the Book of Torah (or Taurat), which was sent down to Prophet Moses. The Muslims/Malays/UMNO must/have to refer to the Quran. You do not expect me to start quoting the Quranic scriptures, Hadis and Sunnah, do you? Anon 10.03 would surely puke! Wakakaka……


    7. Camel meat is a delicacy in Middle Eastern countries.
      They even have "Camel burger"....just like McDonalds-style...

    8. Who r u to say that yr god said this & that r clean & unclean?

      Yr Quran? Pls quote the surat in Quran that says that, if u may! & do forget about yr hadith? I do hope u understand the differences between Quran & hadiths!

      All Holy books r been written by man, after the passing of the prophets involved. So can u honestly claimed that yr holy books had not been sanitized along the way by the religious zealots?

      But then, obviously the process of sanitization was not very well completed. Thus, from time to time, u find all those hideous acts, rules, repugnant to common human senses/thoughts, r been mentioned as gospels.

      So be very care about what u r asking!!!!!

    9. Anon 5.45

      You are showing your depth of ignorance on Islam. But Allah had already anticipated comments like yours. Allah has mentioned this in surah al-baqarah (2:23).

      Hasan is right to mention that you would surely puke if he were to quote the quranic verses, hadith and sunnah. (Re Hasan 4.29). In fact you have already puked.

    10. Ah the gatta. Knew that is bound to impress someone. Not all the time permanent bro. Just ask that minor celebrity chef Ismail. You guys need to wash your sejadah once in a while man.

    11. So u r enlighten in yr Quran?

      Then, do so by quoting surah al-baqarah(2:23) - word by word lah. Don't just quote the tag, let the people decides after reading the actual words. Big head ignorant!

    12. BTW, Moroni like u don't read very well isn't it?

      Haven't I said that all the holy books have been sanitized by their respective later-day zealots? This is especially so wrt hadiths & sunnah!

      Sort this out before u quote yr holy book!

      & remember what u r asking for. U might not like it, triglodyte!

    13. It would certainly cost more if everybody were to consume pork !

  2. Mohd Ridhuan Tee has raised a very pertinent point.

    Pig rearing has many negative consequences on health and environment, and amplified by social and religious concerns in Malaysia, where Islam is the religion of the Federation, and Muslims are the majority.

    Industrial scale pig farming in Malaysia produces very large amounts of wastes which pollute waterways and costal seas where these waterways flow into. The Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) of the pig wastes is so severe , it basically turns these rivers into dead sewers.

    Pigs also often harbour and transmit dangerous diseases which can infect human beings.

    Add to all that, the pollution and stench from large industrial farms of animals which are "unclean" in Islam is especially revolting to Muslims in ways which non-Muslims may not appreciate.

    You respect us, we will respect you as well.

    There are many ways to address the Revenue produced from pig farming.

    They require creativity, constructive thought, cooperation and resolve..
    And the most important first step requires the government - Federal and especially State - to determine that industrial-scale pig farming be phased out or minimised.

    There are a good many successful cases around the world where people have been weaned off economic activities which are profitable but highly damaging to health and environment.

    1. disproved by the western pig farming systems

    2. There is not one single pig farm in Malaysia which would comply with Australian or British regulations.

      So it is irrelevant bringing up western pig farming systems.

    3. once malaysians didn't wear shoes nor drive cars but now they do. once malaysian fishermen dived into the sea to hear and detect fish, now they don't but instead use sonar detectors

      why? progress ma!

      pig farming can and will progress

  3. Pigs, like humans, have relatively inefficient digestive systems, and produce large amounts of waste which are highly polluting.
    I used to live near Batu Maung in Penang, where once there was large scale pig farming. Even 10 years after the farming was stopped, the streams and canals have not recovered, and once in a while, when they dig the sediment from the bottom, it still stinks of pig waste.

    I agree we should only rear pigs sufficient for local consumption, and under strict environmental and health regulation.

    1. disproved by the western pig farming systems

  4. The other time he was complaining about the disproportionate number of holidays of nons , or the decorations in shopping malls during festive season?

  5. KT,

    WHY waste time to educate someone who OBVIOUSLY trying very hard to wipe off his ancestral trace, short of redecorate his face & change his skin colour?

    Unfortunate for him, changing faith & name CANT do that!

    By now, everyone SHOULD know this scum's REAL intention. Kiasu, doesnt apply to him, since this is the very word from a culture that he tries VERY hard to despise! In his adopted culture, he forget, that there r others cultural memes that r worse than kiasu, which surprisingly is also inherent in his new culture though with a different name!

    Save yr energy, to take pot-shoting at other issues lah!

  6. Excuse me." A sharp tongue and a sound mine does not exist in the same skull." I do not know who sait it, b ut it makes a lot of sense.

  7. About pigs and men.....

    People who suffer from Type 2 diabetes (body producing low amounts of insulin) need insulin injections to stay alive.

    Human insulin from genetically modified bacteria only became widely available in the 1990's . Before that, insulin came either from pigs or cows.

    The closest insulin to humans (just one amino acid difference) is that from pigs.
    Cow insulin differs by 3 amino acids, and has many more side effects, some people developed dangerous allergic reactions to cow insulin and couldn't use them.

    So....pigs save lives....

  8. Selamat menikmati Bah Kut The...

  9. Well... that's Malaysia for you.

    One man's favourite meat (for Ah Beng ) is another one's Najis (shit).

    Just the thought of shaking the hands of one who may have bee gorging himself on Pork just five minutes ago makes one's skin feel icky....

    One Malay colleague who is going out with a Chinese man is regularly ribbed by her Muslim friends....how could you even bear to kiss him...pork eater....

    1. Go to east Malaysia lah......muslims and non muslims eating at the SAME table, with the non Muslims eating their pork happily away....no problema....This scenario was common even in the western side during P Ramlee's time....now semua haram lah, tutup aurat and cannot dine in homes of non Muslims. But...but....semua ok if uses the tax money derived from sales of pork, liquor etc to fund Muslims activities and building mosques ???

      ".how could you even bear to kiss him...pork eater....".......maybe she made him clean his lips first with some soil ( semak ?)before they cium ? wakakaka

  10. As one who enjoys cooking, I have many times tried to convert traditional Chinese dishes, which are usually based on pork , to use chicken.

    It just doesn't taste the same, and often not as tasty.......its the Pork that makes the difference, ya....

    1. Once a Chinese contractor running a government canteen was instructed to ensure his food was halal, so he used chicken instead of larp-cheong in his char koay teow. I ate that particular dish with some skepticism but can truthfully declare it tasted bloody delicious so the zero-pork substitution was a success. It's doable.

      Though he was very popular with the Malay customers, especially with his char koay teow, he was eventually replaced by a Malay contractor - not sure whether it's part of the NEP to give precedence/priority to Malay contractors or maybe the authorities didn't trust him enough to be 100% halal, wakakaka.

      I and many of hsi Malay customers missed that char koay teow very much and we regretted the Malay contractor didn't serve that dish.

    2. BTW, KT, u must be quite happy that now many pseudo ummat Islam have jumped onto yr blog to defense their beloved hadiths & sunnah!

      They r superficial Muslim bcoz they ignore the word of Quran that ONLY what's been said in Quran is the true words of Allah. Not hadith &/or sunnah, as these zealots like to include in.

      & their key word of argument is very well be puke - in their faces!

  11. This post is not about racial or political supremacy. It is about pigs! Most of the commentators rebelled against the Christian/Muslim dogma that pigs are unclean. They want to replace the dogma with reason; as the sole criterion and claimant that pigs are clean. However, their dispute is focused on Muslims (not Christians) and thus locked Islam into an exclusive confrontation.

    They just want to condemn Islam/Muslims but not Christianity/Christians. As they are not interested in a more knowledgeable understanding of religion it would be impossible to harmonize the contradictory ideas on the subject. When KT retorts me that I am prejudice, I accepted it. I then tried to harmonize and reconcile my prejudices with reasons. I can see where KT is going; and KT can also see my approach. We bounce ideas and opinions intellectually.

    It is proven that Christianity/Islam might be irrational and intolerant in regard to pigs, but regrettably, the commentators are not too worried about the Christians. Perhaps, their racism got the better of them: Because they see that the Malays/Islam as an embodiment of power in this country for the present and the future.

    I think in the back of their minds they would actually welcome IS so that the West can bomb the Muslims/Malays “charm ch’ow tnooi keen” kau kau? Thus, don’t blame the Malays ‘IF’ the Malays/Muslims are in favour of the reinstatement of the so-called draconian Internal Security Act? ‘IF” it is to check and prevent the import of IS into the country, why not? Wakakaka...

    - hasan

    1. Hahahahaha, trying to be 'sensible' & yet inject subtly & shamelessly too, yr ketuanan into the argument!

      Unfortunately, man, u r no Goebbels material.

      CB, all the comments, so far, r bounded within Judeo-Muslim sects, ie Judaism & Islam ONLY. & dont u pull Christianity into yr cesspool, bcoz the last that I checked from the outside sources & re-read the comments thus far, NO ONE has said anything about the intolerance of Christianity vis-a-vis PIG. & Christinity DOESN’T equal Judaism &/or Islam, even though they share the same Abrahamic source.

      Trying to be inclusive WOW, when u lost an argument?

      BTW, what is this shit – ‘…When KT retorts me that I am prejudice, I accepted it. I then tried to harmonize and reconcile my prejudices with reasons.’

      & then turn around to quote the Bible with this – ‘..Prophet Noah (pbuh) was instructed to take seven pairs of CLEAN animals and one pair of UNCLEAN animal (Genesis 7:2).’?

      So, harmonizing by piggyback onto the Bible? Or could it be bcoz, nothing is/was been said in the Quran about the cleanliness of the khanzir????

      Then again, u’d chosen not to read those comments diligently when they were only pointing out in general wrt to these religions, that r considered pig/pork non-kosher. Yr CB mind can ONLY have the exclusivity of Islam in all yr dirty thoughts!

      Similarly, when someone snappered u for yr stupid comments, u brought out the claim of he was trying to offending ALL Muslims &/or Melayu! Hello, u r not the representative Muslim, neither r u the representative of the Melayu at large. Conveniently forgetting about yr constitutionalised race, again?

      & u r so pathetic & sink so low into one-up-ship that now u want to bring RACE into yr argument!

      Even more jialet, u WANT to bring back those draconian laws just that they could make yr life cozy again?.

      What a sick mind! When that is really DONE in the bolihland, ALL M’sians would suffer, including u, iff u r still shitting around in bolihland then.

      Scorched earth policy, ye? CB!!

      BTW, it is zhuó cǎo chú gēn (斫草除根), & NOBODY wants to do that to the Muslims/Malays, lest u do that to yrself! In fact, IS could be handy for that role.

      One more thingy, r u sure u don’t share that same paranoia dream of isma – that just about everybody in the world want the Muslims/Malays exterminated?

      Yr ego knows no bound, so just don’t flatter yrself again! Intellectual???? My foot!!!!

  12. The Chinese ancestors of this one born as Tee Chuan Seng must be turning in their graves.
    He now fancies himself as a Keyboard Jihadi Warrior fighting for his Muslim Religion and Malay Race.
    Maybe he is looking forward to be a Shahid (Religious Martyr) as well ?

  13. There is a long held precedent in Islamic states to levy additional tax non-Muslim subjects for activities which are disallowed in Islam, but given concession to non-Muslims to pursue privately.

    These includes production, sale and consumption of pork, alcohol, other non-halal activities.
    In that way, Islamic rulers could claim to be "tolerant" and also earn extra revenue from such activities. State taxation makes those funds "halal".
    Its perfectly acceptable to e.g. build a mosque from funds levied on non-Muslim activities.

  14. There is no denying that Christianity at its worst was also a very ugly religion.
    Repression of non-Christian subjects, forced conversions, bans on activities seen as unChristian, burning of heretics, torture of "witches", draconian civil laws translated directly from Christian religious dogma etc.

    However, in the last 100 - 200 years countries with mainly Christian populations have all become secular states, and religion (mostly) does not dictate state policy.

    Unfortunately, Islamic practice as well as Muslim thinking today in many, many countries is still at that reactionary, backward , even primitive level , which Christianity has already moved on and buried in the past.

  15. @ Anon 12.58

    As I have said the topic is on PIG. Here are the Quranic verses in regard to PIG or SWINE:- (1) Surah Al-Maidah [5:3] - Prohibited to you are the flesh of swine… (2) Surah Al-An’aam [6:145] - Flesh of swine, for that surely unclean… (3) Surah An-Nahl [16:115] - HE has forbidden you the flesh of swine…

    I am not interested in your other bla bla bla high literary piece of work. Wakakaka... Save it! We will debate them in a relevant forum.

    BTW why not you try your skill in eulogy writing business? Perhaps you can make good money, meh?

    But I would suggest that you size up the market first by writing your own blog and see how many hits you get. Wakakaka…

    - hasan

    1. Haven't I said this;

      ' Haven't I said that all the holy books have been sanitized by their respective later-day zealots? This is especially so wrt hadiths & sunnah!

      Sort this out before u quote yr holy book!'

      Obviously u read & DONT understand - just like the the process of reciting the Quran among u people.

      Someone mentioned about my deep(????) ignorance about Islam. So, 'intellectual' like u, please tell what's the 1st word qouted by the Quran?

      Something, vainglorious fool like u has showcased many a time over in this blog!

      Try fooling others somewhere else, bcoz it wouldn't work in the realm of WWW. It fits the saying of - 'keep yr mouth shut, rather than opening it & prove to the world what a fool one is'.

      As for yr suggestions - been there & done that with flying colour too.

      My casual hobby now is snappering bigot like u, with the amount of infos I've gathered via readings & researches, till they move somewhere else - preferably among their cult.

      They deserve to keep those incestuous ketuanan poisons within themselves & rot.

  16. @ Anon 9.32

    When I do not want to quote the scriptures, you forced me to quote the scriptures.

    Haven’t I told you that you would surely puke when I mentioned about the Quran? Look! You’re puking already!

    But this crappy write of yours also makes me want to puke too…OMG…Aaahhhhhhhh… PUKE. That’s for you.

    BTW to say that the verses that I quote from the holy Quran have being modified by later-day zealots is a blasphemy and can be considered seditious too. Prove it then if what you say is true.

    O yes I almost forgot... the first word of the Muslim Holy Book is " Iqra' ".

    - hasan

    1. So puke u do! Totally expected!

      Last thing 1st, what does " Iqra' " mean?

      U dont want to translate it, bcoz it actually say what I'd mentioned.

      Read & understand - that's what it means! Read, u do BUT the understanding part.....hmmmm..... u have already proved it.

      By the way, all the Quranic quotes u mentioned have been quoted out of context.

      Example Surah An-Nahl [16:115] by Sahih International

      He has only forbidden to you dead animals, blood, the flesh of swine, and that which has been dedicated to other than Allah . But whoever is forced [by necessity], neither desiring [it] nor transgressing [its limit] - then indeed, Allah is Forgiving and Merciful.

      See the forgiving part? Especially the part about - He has only forbidden to you dead animals, blood, the flesh of swine, and that which has been dedicated to other than Allah.

      Hmm... does it means that those of the same that r dedicated to Allah r kosher? U tell me, ok????

      For a Quranic reciters - u quote a surah without considering the whole text, It's known as pick & choose!

      It's ok for u BUT when some outsiders do the same, u jump up & down about blasphemy & want to go amok!!

      For all u want, is just to win an argument! Pariah!!!!

      I said ALL holy books have been modified by the later-day zealots & u accused me as seditious! Bravo!!! another subtle threat!

      BTW, what u said about the blasphemy part is know as a circular question.

      Know what circular question means? Google it!

      U CANT used a source that's spurious to prove yr point. It's meaningless.

      & I especially like that part about asking me to prove it!

      I can quote MANY alternative sources to prove that ALL the holy books exist have been sanitized. U wont like it & I bet u can ONLY quote the SAME circular source to back yr argument.

      Knowing the paranoia nature of u people, I strongly suggest u google it (ie Ali Sena) to enlighten yrself.

      It's not fair to get KT into trouble bcoz of an idiot like u!

  17. Abrahamic religions are so obsessed with the End of the World -
    Christianity - Armageddon ,
    Islam - Akhirah
    Judaism -Acharit Hayamim

    Note the term used in Islam is the same root word used in Judaism - Akhirah / Acharit.

    The way things are going, it is the very real clash between these three religions and their extreme adherents, supported by not-so-extreme ones, which will result in the End of Times.

    Consider it as Self-Fulfilling Prophecy.

  18. Wah...faced with ISIS threat , Britain may be dusting off their archaic laws of "Waging war against Her Majesty"


  19. "Once a Chinese contractor running a government canteen was instructed to ensure his food was halal," - Ktemoc

    Must have been a long time ago.
    Absolutely no such possibility for a "Non" to get appointed for quite many years now.

    Its a vicious circle - first Nons got locked out of government contracts and government jobs starting in the 1970's.

    Then Nons had no choice but worked out ways of surviving separate from the government ecosystem, including jobs, contracts, public universities, national schools, etc. etc. etc.

    Over time Nons became very distrustful of the government.

    Now, 40 years later, government departments, national schools , military, police are almost totally mono-ethnic.

    There is also an uglier side to this - many Non small and medium-sized companies place low priority on hiring any Bumis, a kind of reverse discrimination.

    The result is a highly polarised and segregated Malaysian society.

  20. @ Anon 12.56

    Your upside down world eminently fits in what you write. Wakakaka....

    - hasan

    1. Is that the best u can mastered NOW????

      How shallow is that wakakaking ..hmmmm...possibly is being drowning out in blood.

      Or cow vomit?? Sorry, u ain't no Melayu tulin, so u wont understand.

      Quote some more Surah lah. Let see how well u understand the Quran.

      Oooop...no thousands apologies for a being who lives in a downside up world of self denial.

      Better sleep on it, bcoz the more rounds it goes, it would be something else u would puke!!!

    2. anon 9.03, you're desperate for hasan to write more and you're also begging the readers to clap their hands.

    3. Read again in my previous posts - I ONLY want this hypocrite to disappear from this blog (sorry, KT about yr favourite pet writer!)

      WRT the accolade u'd claimed, save it for yrself to do something RIGHT.

      I'd had them long long time ago. Now, that part of the effect is like wind blowing through the woods - if it rattles for a very short time, then quiet. If it doesnt throw a leave, the forest still remains unchain. Nothing great to shout about!