Thursday, April 17, 2014

Vale to my Bhai

My hero Karpal Singh has left us for a far better place. I will certainly miss this great man, who I consider as the spiritual leader of the DAP. I respect and even adore him for his persevering principles which he had never allowed to be compromised for mere political gains.

I will write more about him once I catch my breath after hearing of this most shocking news. For now, just let me shed a tear or two for Bhai Karpal.

And I also express my condolences for the families of Bhai Karpal and his assistant Michael Cornelius Selvam Vellu.

I trust his son Ramkarpal and the driver will recover soon.

For more read Karpal Singh dies in road accident, son injured


  1. Kaytee,it is sad that Karpal has to leave the world this way.My condolences to his family and may he rest in peace.

  2. Karpal Singh was an impressive political opponent.

    I did not agree with and did not like, his brand of politics, but he was a worthy adversary.
    Rest in Peace.

  3. The Kapal has sunk
    The Singh has gone to join the great Khalsa in the sky.
    Rest in Pieces.

  4. Sardar Karpal Singh was a true warrior, a samurai for Justice, a legal thinker par excellence, fearless in his defence of the oppressed and honest to the core.. He was a true Malaysian, treating all with respect without regard to colour, race or creed. He had appeared in all levels of our courts including the Privy Council with much success and earned the respect of his peers.

  5. This is a blow to the nation.....he will be sorely missed ! My condolences to his family. Very true KT....he was indeed the spiritual leader of DAP. RIP

  6. In the dark late morning
    The bang of vehicles on the highway
    The sound came the groaning of pain
    Death came and injuries and groans

    The next thing we knew
    It wasn't an ordinarily accident
    It involved the Tiger of Jelutong
    He was gone in the accident!

    While I was living in Penang
    I saw him standing with his wife
    At the Pulau Tikus hawker's stalls
    A few feet from where I was

    The man had the charisma
    The Tiger of Jelutong
    He stood tall in the morning rays
    And I stood there forgot to say hello

    The Singh is gone
    Many will come to take the stage
    Thanks for the memories
    We will miss you

  7. Now we can have Hudud and Malaysia as an Islamic state.....
    The Lims don't have the spine to stand up the way Karpal did over the issue.

  8. This penang lang, Hussein Abdul Hamid who stays in aussie land just like kaytee is talking