Thursday, April 17, 2014

Tribute to the people’s Tiger

Tribute to the people’s Tiger

I saw the Khalsa Warrior saddled up on his white steed
With steely eyes, a lion’s heart and strong moral kirpa
And ready to offer for the downtrodden his good deed
Even if that requires him to ride bravely into Nirvana

Indomitable, courageous, resolute yet conscionable
He was the people’s Tiger with a compassionate heart
No legal or political challenge for him was impossible
Even if he had to upset sacred cows and the apple cart

So he has ridden his faithful steed into the setting sun
Along a lush valley of fragrant lily and bunga cempaka
But he wants us to know his tasks are yet all to be done
With even more after he reaches the Golden Gurdwara

Thus we his heirs of conscience, of public responsibilities
Must pick up his mantle even as we bid our Bhai adieu
And continue unabated his discharge of righteous duties
So he can sit peacefully on the right side of Waheguru

my tribute to Bhai published by Malaysiakini today
[in this post, I've changed one word in 1st sentence of 4th paragraph, from 'So' to 'Thus']


  1. Penang should give Karpal Singh a State funeral as a final send off.
    A true great son of Pulau Pinang.

    I believe Penang State has a right to make such an announcement.
    It requires the Yang DiPertua Negeri's assent, but would be on the advice of Lim Guan Eng as Chief Minister.

    1. Yes...fully agreed....a State funeral, nothing less for this Khalsa warrior.


    The above is in dedication to Karpal Singh, who will always be remembered by many. Rest In Peace and God Bless.

    - hasan

  3. Dear KT.....what a fitting, touching tribute to our Tiger......may the spirit of this Khalsa warrior watch over us to ensure that our country not descend towards 'the club of doom' !

  4. How accurately you portrayed this tiger.
    Funeral is on Sunday in Penang. Is there a way mourners can pay respects from other States? Overseas? Thanks

  5. Seriously, LGE should do more than just according Karpal with state colours. State funeral. Datuk Seri award and a road named after him

    1. looes, I believe the road named after Bhai will eventually come. As for the Datukship, that should not be a problem but will depend on Bhai's family wish/agreement. I am not sure what would be the criteria for someone to be honoured with a state funeral though I'm in agreement with most here who would like to see Bhai so honoured

    2. The Penang State government will honour Karpal with a state funeral with State flags flown at half mast until the funeral is over -

    3. State honours are not exactly state funeral. As for the road named after Karpal Singh, remember what happen to naming a road over P Patto

    4. The Star has confirmed it'll be a state funeral. The Patto Road was in Selangor unfortunately led by a manmanlai MB, wakakaka

    5. Well, I am not going to argue further as it's extremely clear that it's not state funeral per se. It's just funeral with state colours. By the way, P Patto was always with Perak especially Ipoh. So, go figure la

    6. Ayoyo..Ktemoc.
      Jalan P.Patto is in Penang Mak Mandin area ler.!/cmlimguaneng/photos/a.264189290277846.86916.127235530639890/264189910277784/?type=3&theater

    7. Again, when one know nuts about P Patto........Beyond help la you.

      Go ask kulasegaran

  6. Gone but never forgotten !
    Thank you, Karpal !