Friday, April 04, 2014

RMAF and Zhang Ziyi on MH370

My letter to Malaysiakini published today, and reproduced below for your perusal, wakakaka.


4:21PM Apr 4, 2014

RMAF and Zhang Ziyi on MH370

Perhaps as the title of my letter might have alluded, yes, I would certainly love to write pages and pages about gorgeous Zhang Ziyi who captured my heart with her performance in Ang Lee’s film ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’, but alas, who has since disappointed me with her attacks on the Malaysian authorities for allegedly hiding information when in truth there have been more than two dozen nations participating in the search for Flight MH370 but thus far without success.

Zhang might have her reasons for what I see as her jingoistic criticisms but I feel we need to cut her some slack as she had just managed very recently to neutralise some terribly salacious rumours about her character which were spread by a US-based dissident website called Boxun News.

But I believe we need to start first with the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) with regard to its role and performance in the tragic and as yet unsolved incident of Malaysian Airlines (MAS) Flight MH370.

Lately, for very obvious reasons the RMAF has been in the limelight for all the wrong reasons.

I believe the complaints against our air force with regards to the missing MH370 aircraft, its crew and passengers can be grouped under two principal questions, namely, (a) why the RMAF did not act soon enough to alert air traffic control (ATC) of MH370’s turn-back from Igari, the waypoint where Kuala Lumpur ATC handed over control of the flight to the Vietnamese ATC control, and (b) why it did not send fighter aircraft to intercept the MAS aircraft?

More than a few journalists have written to condemn the RMAF, particularly in its failure to send interceptors up to check on the track deviation by the MAS aircraft. One even wrote that the air force could have scrambled fighter jets to “identify the plane, make contact with it and finally guide it to a safe landing”.

I’ll come back soon to this assertion of “finally guide it to a safe landing” which would be quite funny if not for the tragic circumstances associated with the loss of Flight MH370.

Okay then, let us attempt to deal with the two questions separately, though of course both would be inter-related. But we need to remind ourselves that we will only be speculating like others until the authorities offer more information.

To speculate on the first question, perhaps we need firstly to examine the geo-political situation insofar as air threats are to the sovereignty of Malaysian airspace.

Since Abdul Razak Hussein’s proposal of Zopfan (Zone of Peace,Freedom & Neutrality) for Asean took off successfully in 1971 and which in turn engendered the Treaty of Amity and Cooperation in South-East Asia and also a UN Resolution supporting Zopfan, we have generally enjoyed peace and non-belligerence from neighbouring countries.

Neighbourly peace continues

When the then-principal concern of Asean, namely, a Vietnam victorious from its war with the USA, and other South-East Asian countries like Kampuchea, Laos and Myanmar became member states of Asean, that neighbourly peace has not only continued but also strengthened.

Yes, there were the occasional tiffs and arguments including the Thai-Kampuchea limited conflict over possession of the ancient Hindu temple of Preah Vihear and within our own backyard a short-term armed brigandry in Lahad Datu but in the main, peace prevails in South-East Asia in which most members do not have belligerent neighbours for the last forty-odd years.

So under such militarily benign conditions what sort of air defence readiness condition is the RMAF likely to be instructed to adopt?

The maximum readiness would be a la the US military Defcon 1, where pilots sit strapped up in their primed up ready-to-go fighter aircraft, suck Minties, read serious (or naughty) magazines but all ready to light the fire (of the jet engines) and hit the afterburner button in their immediate takeoff on instructions?

I would imagine such an air defence readiness would be in place at the airspace borders of Pakistan and India, Iran and Saudi Arabia, South Korea and North Korea and throughout the USA. But in Malaysia?

If not a la Defcon 1, then what about 15 minutes readiness, or 30 minutes, or perhaps two hours? But I fear anything more than immediate or 15 minutes readiness conditions, the RMAF would be unable to satisfy those journalist ‘top guns’ and other detractors.

Well, by now it’s obviously clear that many in Malaysia have agreed with some news media that the RMAF had failed to react promptly to the turn-back by MAS Flight MH370 or had elected not to react promptly. We can of course make an educated guess, read between the lines, etc, without consulting Raja Bomoh and his twin coconuts on why the Defence Ministry has been silent on this.

Whichever, whatever, however, let us not wash our own military dirty linen in the view of the international public, but instead allow a parliamentary select committee (PSC) to examine behind closed doors what had happened, and more importantly, to make appropriate recommendations after analysing how many fighter-interceptor aircraft, sets of trained pilots, weapons, support equipment including air-to-air refuelling aircraft, and logistics etc, in order to have, say, a 24/7 immediate or 15 minutes air defence readiness conditions, and also to decide on their optimal disposition around Malaysia including Sabah and Sarawak.

Surely, we aren’t suggesting that air defence is just about peninsula Malaysia, or worse, just its north-western part centered around the Butterworth air base?

Our little southern neighbor has an air force inventory (interceptor force and support aircraft mentioned here only) which comprises 24 F-15SG Strike Eagles, 74 F-16 C/D Fighting Falcons, 41 F-5S/T Tiger II, four Grumman E2-C Hawkeye Airborne Early Warning and Control (AEW & C), four Gulfstream G550 AEW & C, four Boeing KC-135R Stratotanker (to refuel the interceptor fighters without requiring the short endurance jets to return to base for refueling), five KC-130B/H also for air-to-air refueling of fighters, and has on order six Airbus 330 MTT for the same purpose.

I am sure the RMAF would love to have those 139 interceptor aircraft and its impressive range of supporting aircraft such as the AEW & C aircraft and the air-to-air refueling tankers, which would allow our air force to deploy them adequately among the locations of Butterworth, Gong Kedak, Kuala Lumpur, Kuantan, Johor Baru (or a new fighter base at the current heli base at Kluang), Kuching, Bintulu, Miri or/and Labuan, (a new base at) Kudat, Sandakan and Tawau

But the reality is, what do we now have in the RMAF in contrast to the Republic of Singapore Air Force?

24/7 immediate readiness?

So, can we maintain a 24/7 immediate readiness condition throughout the length and breadth of Malaysia if that’s what those media ‘top guns’ had sneeringly insisted upon?

Additionally, the PSC should also need to re-assess whether the current radar equipment, both civilian and military, can ensure a comprehensive coverage of our airspace inclusive and especially of the ones over Sabah and Sarawak.

Former deputy prime minister (DPM) Anwar Ibrahim is insisting that what the Marconi radar system he had purchased for our civilian air traffic control in the 1990s is a marvellous system which could see into the Indian Ocean and would have tracked MH370 for kilometres.

Finally we need to calculate the defence expenditure required to have and maintain this nationwide 24/7 15 minutes or immediate air defence readiness conditions, and how Malaysia will budget for this expenditure?

No one likes increasing taxes and/or reducing some subsidies to pay for such an air defence structure, preferring instead to build schools, hospitals, roads, bridges and low cost housing.

But then the recent outcry has shown many Malaysians want to have a super duper air defence structure which not only will ensure our national security but can also, in situations like what happened to Flight MH370, allow the RMAF to immediately scrambled fighter jets to “identify the plane, make contact with it and finally guide it to a safe landing”, as we have been told so brilliantly by our ‘top gun’ journalists.

A Motherhood truth is that there isn’t any free lunch and we need to be aware that all things come at a cost.

Let us move on to the next complaint against the RMAF by those Tom Cruise ‘Top Gun’ wannabes, namely, that the RMAF could have but didn't immediately scramble fighter jets to, in the words of a journalist, “identify the plane, make contact with it and finally guide it to a safe landing”.

Three possible scenarios

In a hypothetical air interception by the air force fighter aircraft, let us visualise (or speculate on) three possible scenarios, where in two we will have the opportunity of coopting the help of beautiful Zhang Ziyi into playing a vital role. Have I your attention by now? [smile].

Scenario No 1: A hijacker (or hijackers) was in command of the plane on its westward route.

Scenario No 2: This would be the bizarre favourite of those western media, where three phrases would trigger them into sensationalising frenzy, to wit, (a) Muslim pilots, (b) big airline-type aircraft, and (c) flight deviating from scheduled or authorised route. I won’t go any further than this out of respect for the two MAS pilots’ families but I am sure you can visualise this scenario which would not be very much different from Scenario No 1.

Say, the pilot of the intercepting jet fighter caught up with and contacted Flight MH370 and instructed the pilot to land at (take your pick) Penang, Butterworth, Langkawi, Sepang, Subang or even Kota Baru airport. The hijacker, if polite or humorous, would probably smile at and wave to the fighter pilot or if rude, give the universal sign of bird, but would have continued flying the MAS aircraft on its westward direction.

What would or could the fighter pilot do next?

Shoot down the MAS Boeing 777 with its 12 crew members and the 227 passengers with a missile or the fighter aircraft’s cannon? And who would have given the order? Indeed, who would have dared to give that order?

Wait wait, I sense a glib solution coming from one of those media ‘top guns’, like: Why don’t the pilot shoot the tyres of the Boeing 777 flat; that should stop the flight from going any further. [maniacal laughter].

Since we are on inane solutions, why don’t I bring Zhang Ziyi back by suggesting the fighter pilot hold up a poster of beautiful her to the hijacker, and inform via radio communication that Ziyi would like to see him (the hijacker) at the airport? Wouldn’t this be a far more feasible solution of “finally guiding the MAS aircraft back to a safe landing” than shooting it down with an air-to-air missile or shooting the Boeing aircraft tyres off?

Scenario No 3: The fighter pilot intercepted the MAS aircraft but saw both pilots slumped motionless at their controls. This was what happened to Helios Airways Flight 522 on Aug 14, 2005. The post-accident report on that Greek flight said that the pilots had suffered the onset of hypoxia which made the captain ignore several warning signs and queries from the ground engineer speaking to him on the radio.

The pilots of the two Greek Air Force F-16 sent to intercept Flight 522 could do nothing as the Boeing 737 eventually ran out of fuel and crashed.

This is the scenario that probably the Boeing Company dreads most as it would have meant something happened to the aircraft which possibly led to rapid decompression (depressurisation) resulting in the incapacitation of the pilots and probably all on board. There have been quite plausible suggestions that a part of the aircraft hull (fuselage) was torn off together with the transponder aerials, and which led to depressurisation.

The time of useful consciousness at 35,000 feet high is around 30 to 60 seconds, but rapid decompression would have halved that time. One of the insidious effects of hypoxia would also be the pilots suffering from a state of euphoria, that of excessive well being and false elation which could further impede or make erratic a pilot’s actions. It’s akin to a state of drunkenness where a person’s action would be irrationally erratic.

Nonetheless, I suspect or speculate that one of the pilots, despite his impaired state, still had just that wee bit of mental consciousness to react instinctively to turn back to KL as well as descend the aircraft to an appropriate cruise level, though it would have been better if he had kept descending to 10,000 feet or lower where he and the others would then have been able to recover from the possible hypoxic condition.

Strong professional instinct

From what I have read about the flight captain of MH370, Captain Azaharie Ahmad Shah, he had been the ultimate professional pilot. With such a man, I would not be surprised at all that his professional instinct would have been strong even in a state of physical-mental impairment. But alas, given my speculation that he was already seriously affected by hypoxia, there's a limit to what could be achieved by even such strong professional instinct.

Thus it would be too much to expect a hypoxic-affected pilot (like the captain of the Helios Airways Flight 522 in 2005) to be fully conscious of what he was doing. I reckon he did his best as could be for a hypoxic-impaired pilot but alas, in the process of attempting to turn the aircraft around to KL did not complete the turn but also inadvertently zoomed the aircraft up high before pushing the control stick forward to correct that error and plunging down by 20,000 feet.

Could he have also meddled erratically with the Flight Management System to set a new course in that hypoxic state but which led the aircraft flying off into the Indian Ocean? The pilot-less aircraft must have eventually settled down into autopilot-ed flight.

And what would our wannabe ‘top gun’ do when he like the Greek Air Force F-16 pilots flying echelon to Helios Airways Flight 522 see the pilots of the airline aircraft unconscious? Shoot the plane down?

If we condemn the RMAF for not acting promptly upon its information on MH370’s turn-back, we need to recall that one day after losing contact with MH370 the search authorities were not only scouring the South China Sea but significantly, the Straits of Malacca. Obviously they had received notice of MH370’s turn-back, and while that and its subsequent track westward might initially have been unbelieving to many, was nonetheless acted upon.

It is a tragic and still mysterious incident without the need for further accusations of conspiracy as Anwar Ibrahim has now screamed out to the British daily The Telegraph.

Finally, the world now knows that MAS Flight MH370 did a turn back and flew westward in the direction of the Indian Ocean, or we would likely still be searching the South China Sea until today.

Yes, the search authorities haven’t been impressive in their release of information and other conduct of business regarding MH370, but we need to ask in this concluding paragraph, who provided the information of the turn-back and the subsequent direction of travel of Flight MH370?

Was it the USA’s CIA, FBI, NSA or its military? Was it China or India? Was it former deputy prime minister Anwar Ibrahim’s marvellous 1990-purchased Marconi radar that could see into the Indian Ocean? Or, was it Raja Bomoh and his bamboo binoculars?

Ask yourself that because Zhang Ziyi would like to know, too.


  1. Malaysian in Beijing8:20 pm, April 04, 2014

    You might want to know that Zhang Ziyi had a personal connection to a passenger lost on Mh 370. Her weighing into the issue was not gratuitous 'Kay Poh'.

    Everyone who was on board MH 370 was somebody's son, somebody's daughter, somebody's father, mother, brother, sister, husband, wife, cousin,uncle, aunt, friend.

  2. Retired TUDM Butterworth9:00 pm, April 04, 2014

    In the early morning hours of December 7' 1941 , US military radar in the Western most tip of the Hawaiian islands actually detected the approaching Japanese attack force.No action was taken, no Senior officer was woken up to make any decision, no fighter planes took off or even placed on alert.

    In the aftermath, The Admirals in command at Pearl Harbour were court martialled and relieved of their positions without pension. It was considered a lenient penalty in light of the seriousness of the dereliction of duty.

    Depending on the outcome of a fair AND OPEN proceeding, some Senior heads may similarly need to roll in the RMAF after the tragedy of MH370.

    I don't know about now, but that was the standard of accountability I was trained on back in the 1960's by RAF officers at Cranwell.

    1. agreed and that's where the PSC should be able to hopefully and eventually sort out - yes, heads must roll and we must NOT exclude those ministerS of defence

      A Cranwellian eh? There were only a handful of such RMAF officers, the elite, with one already gone to the blue sky above (B.C). I salute you.

    2. Sir,
      We are in 2014. Accountability, transparency, responsibility..........these words stop to exist in our vocabulary ages ago....... As for the PSC or RCI, does it matter? just look at the PSC on electoral reforms, or PKFZ fiasco..... did anything worthwhile come out of it? Answer is obvious, isn't?

  3. It's time to pay respect these fine man & woman. Irene Fenandez & Bernard Khoo. I hope that kaytee should know who this matured man is. This fella always in the thick of the battle. Bersih 2.0 & Perak state government illegal takeover. With this I leave you with these videos

    (Lilian Chan, Penang lang on Bernard Khoo aka Zorro unmasked)

    If my vulgar is bad, wait till you hear what Bernard got to say. He may even include the FART chamber.......I guarantee the perpetrators would be mampus by his FART chamber

    Irene Fernandez (One feisty lady)

    To this, I leave with some tribute songs

    They have fought the good fight, finished the race & KEEP THE FAITH!

    I believe kaytee what happened to Paul when he wrote the Philipians epistle.......HECK, KAYTEE'S A FUCKING ATHEIST anyway

    I BET THOSE ARE Bernard's last words........Just like that one cockroach, Xiao Qiang who showed the middle finger to his "oppressors"

    One of many of bernard's fart chambers in action

    1. thanks for alerting me to teh sad news about Bernard. Though I haven't much in terms of interactions with him, I did share a few words once and also on our common love about scotch whisky, especially 'The Macallan'. Bernard told me the correct way to drink scotch would be to sit with some friends (who enjoyed the stuff), open up a bottle and slowly sip the scotch, and keep on doing so

      But looes, please don't drag him down to your gross and low class level

  4. Kangkung Air Force9:42 pm, April 04, 2014

    Warm standby - fighter plane fueled and confirmed ready to fly, but engine switched OFF, a pilot on duty kitted to fly, but sitting in the air conditioned lounge is really not that expensive to run, and a tiny fraction of the cost of the Altantuya Scorpene submarine, according to my Air Force sources.
    Now, if most of our fighter jets are not fit to fly, that's a totally different can of worms, and I put it to you that need to be aired in public, not swept under the stinking carpet.

    1. wow, sounds like you want the world (and any potential enemy) to know our military weaknesses. Fantastic Malaysian you are!

      As for cost, one of those F-15 Strike Eagles that the Singapore air force has (24 of them) costs nearly half a billion ringgit each

    2. Kangkung Air Force11:33 am, April 05, 2014

      What happened to our 18 Su-30MKM ?
      Wha happened to our 10 MIG 29 ?

      If they are not fit to fly, that is a national scandal.
      A scandal which will NEVER get resolved as long as it is kept in the dark.

      It is not just about how many shiny planes. Its how well they are being managed and maintained.

    3. You don't expect Ktemoc to answer you that, right?
      In Ktemoc wet dream, Mahathir great idea of purchase those "diversifies" aircraft will give some bargain power. Oh wait, without thinking of maintenance, parts availabilities,etc. And don't forget, Ktemoc keep telling about the "cost",peace, etc. Alas, Bolehland already raise the military budget to join in the arm race (AKA, excuses to buy "new" stuff) for 2 decades, it never slow down. And bet Ktemoc will enlighten everyone about the money spend. (oh wait, he might start talking about super power defense budget)

  5. KT, why bring yr wet dream(Zhangziyi) into a serious topic unless u want to use her as a constant distraction from the points u raised?

    1) Zopfan have generally let ASEAN enjoyed peace and non-belligerence from neighbouring countries. But it never removes the inherent suspicions within these countries. Thus the heavy spending in military budget allocations, especially for weaponry.

    Using zopfan to resolve 'allowable slackness' in any defence preparations in M'sia is a lousy excuse. Why spend so much & yet is not combat ready? Keeping military personnel for them to shake legs ANYTIME?

    2)To defence a country IS a 24/7 job with NO whatsoever excuses acceptable. There is no money in military services (except perhaps M'sia) but pure sacrifices through & through.

    Quantity in fire power helps but NO replacement for better trained & dedicated armed personnel.

    Royal British airforce had proven that in WW2 against the mighty & technological superior Nazi fighter jets. Vietcong had proven that too with their ragtagish weaponry against the more advanced US army.

    So is money still matter to u NOW?

    3)The 3 scenarios u described proved yr naiveness in real life situation. In the hijacking case of 1&2, if the demands, monetary/political, cant be met then the hijacked plane should be allowed to depart for its chosen destination. The lifes of the passengers r of the upmost.

    If the hijackers r the 911 suicidal morons, then shooting that plane down is the ONLY choice before it hits a populated target causing more life lost. That decision has to be made - it distinguishes leader from followers, no matter how painful!

    The case of Helios airway flight 522, the Greek fighter jet had made a right call. Unless KT suggested a Hollywood stunt of mid-air pilot transfer & replacement that is only Hollywood!

    Before I dig into yr inexcusable defence of RMAF's inability to response to the ATB in my next write-up, I cant help but to advise u to cross-check Alenia Marconi radar system that DCA bought when AI was the FM.

    U just cant help to suppress yr AI-bashing-intis, can u - even though u know u r talking bull!

    1. Anon of 11:36 pm, April 04, 2014

      My post is not so much about excusing the RMAF but (hopefully, wakakaka) a kick in the guts for those so-called 'top gun' journalists who talked cock about "identify the plane, make contact with it and finally guide it to a safe landing".
      But it seems you're a blood thirsty chap (or lassie) to talk about shooting down a plane flying off into the Indian Ocean with 239 innocents on board. I'm sure glad you are NOT the person who would ever be in a position to make such threatening life-&-death decisions.

      As for your Anwar Ibrahim's Marconi radar system of the 1990's (wakakaka), here is what Dr Kua Kia Soong said in parliament in 1992 during the parliamentary debate on the Supplementary Supply Bill (presumably when he was a DAP MP):

      ***“It has been alleged that the Marconi radar sold to us under the MOU – costing RM1.2 billion – is four times more expensive than the compatible US system which costs only RM300 million. This Marcello radar (by GEC Marconi) was to be integrated with the RMAF system, but it doesn't work! It seems the RMAF prefers the US Raytheon system, a proven system. Furthermore, it seems the British themselves do not want this system! The RAF has given it up for the US Boeing system…”***

      wakakaka, so much for Anwar's boast, about a radar system which costed FOUR TIMES more than an alternative American system and couldn't be integrated with the defence radar system, and also a system which the British RAF didn't want as well. Well done, Anwar wakakaka

    2. Now u r talking!

      Right here, I'm NOT talking about the cost of the Alenia Marconi radar system. There were hanky-pansy in that dealing, granted - BUT didnt anything touched by umno bear that signature?

      U keep bring up this issue simply bcoz u want to bash manmanlai for whatever topics that u happened to grasp in hand.

      BTW, British RAF didnt buy that system was more of a integration issue rather than technological.

      Keep wakakak-ing - there r other super-powers in the world have that in their military arsenal! So r these military powers equally blur-sotong-ish as the M'sian?

    3. BTW,

      'But it seems you're a blood thirsty chap (or lassie) to talk about shooting down a plane flying off into the Indian Ocean with 239 innocents on board.'

      What rubbish r u talking?

      We r discussing yr 3 scenarios here! (Yr wet dream didnt work here!)

      About the blood thirsty chap, u can claim it hand down - bcoz u allow an suicidal plane to ramp into a populated target thus getting more people killed, just bcoz u r 6&7 with yr silo (in)humanitarian decision making!

      Can a claimed atheist behave as such under such circumstance!....sigh... what a cock talk expert!

    4. now who's talking cock wakakaka - which populated target would have a plane flying off into the Indian Ocean targeted? The missing city of Lost Atlantis, wakakaka. And to your narrow mind, it seems only a person with a religion can be humane, not an atheist - what a silly idea

    5. 1st - the Southerly track was/is only a mathematical conjecture, sought immediately by an opportunist to find a quick diversion for his/her own mess.

      2nd - in all yr thee scenarios, they were all assumptions. So u can use assumption to back up yr cock talk, others cant use the same to shoot yr cock talk down! What a mind!

      3rd - do re-read 'Can a claimed atheist behave as such under such circumstance!' with contextualized reference to 'bcoz u allow an suicidal plane to ramp into a populated target thus getting more people killed, just bcoz u r 6&7 with yr silo (in)humanitarian decision making!'

      Dont pick & choose lah - like I said, yr wet dream dont work on me!

  6. What a masterpiece. I am so impressed. Superb discourse and lamentation peppered with wit and jest. An allegorical write to explore the use of reason in ascertaining the TRUTH.

    From my heart: They will be home soon - I can hear them all singing.

    - hasan

  7. My opinion is that let's say the RMAF pilots had intercepted and flew side by side MH 370 we would be able to know the situation of the plane - if pilots were incapacitated due to hijack, hypoxia and all these other questions whc the world are asking. If it was due to hypoxia RMAF jets could fly along until 370's final destination. The SAR would totally be different if this interception had happened, as it is now the SAR can't even find the haystack. Rgds, Rj Hanim

    1. "RMAF jets could fly along until 370's final destination"??

      Range-endurance of a fighter jet is pitiful compared to a long range airline aircraft like the B777

    2. In this dire situation I am sure Msia wud be able to get assistance from other countries to monitor the flight path (of the zombie/hijacked plane) or some other arrangements. But my major point is that the SAR would not be as massive as it is now. Not finding any trace of 370 is truly a sorrowful feeling for the NOK and evn regular ppl like us. RjH

  8. In Marine Search and Rescue literature , they talk about the "Golden 24 hours".

    The wreckage and any survivors would likely be close to where the aircraft went down.
    If there are any survivors, they may be seriously injured, and must be recovered within the first 24 hours.

    In the case of MH370, the first 24 hours were completely frittered away by the officials.

  9. KT,
    How much do we allocate for our MOD? And a far more pertinent question will be, "how much of the money is well spent?" WE are all aware of the leakages, over-inflated hardware(negotiated tenders" and cost overrun.................

  10. i read yr 2 articles, only can said yr view is "interesting".

    1) u make use of the diplomat shit talk from a authoritarian country that treat their people as shit to retort lks opinion? interesting.

    2) u pen at least 10 articles on mh 370 n u call zhang criticism as jingoistic? interesting.

    3) when some criticize the govt, u said they did a good job by citing the western sources, n at the same time u said the western media write bad about msia. u start to sound like the propaganda head of the communist. interesting isnt it?

    4) bla bla bla rmaf, so what rmaf has done in the last 2 weeks? lets hear more interesting bull from u.

    1. HY, problem with you anwaristas is that you look at things a la Bush-ism, that is, "either you're with us or against us". In life, with a balanced outlook, you evaluate and grade each article on its merits, value, credibility, plausibility etc - thus was my referencing to western media articles. Not all western media articles are shit-stirring, but when the western media runs out of news they have a known propensity to either recycle old and already DIScredited news (eg. Capt Azaharie suspected of being a mad Muslim suicidal pilot) or create them via insinuations and quoting so-called "unnamed official source" etc

      Hasn't the rmaf C-130 being out in the internal search?


    2. let me tell ya what is bushism aka wakakaism.

      refer to western sources when it suit u, however when the western sources criticize the handlinmg of mh370, they become shit sterring. call any politician thay give their negative view on mh370 issue as politicize. the opposite is ....nationalist? n every mainland chinese that criticize msia as, interestingly, nationalistic n jingoistic, while msian who did the same as unmalaysian. calling many that disagree with u as anwaristas, is that not the same with one that use the term evengelisxxxxx and dapstxxxxx.?

      actually the 3 of u ie rpk, helen n u wakaka have the same trait, egoistic.

    3. alamak. read lah my previous comment, wakakaka

    4. u r so black n white in the entire mh370 issue, u criticize anyone that sound critical, u even cite boxun to discredit zhang, a usa funding so called alternative news, managed by a group of falun gong idiotic followers. u r no diff with one u accuse, just with a diff position, perhaps this is what u mean by 'balance' outlook.

      n of course u shd know how the west news outlets work, they r mostly profit oriented, but at least they are more objective if compare to those in china n msia, and reporting in a less bias manner, is that not one of reason a chinese malaysian like u not reside in either china or malaysia but stay in a western country?

      okay, from now onwards i shall say u know the trick of "balancing", no more interesting.

    5. aiyoyo my dearest HY, you're now like looes with your wild reckless and unfounded accusations, wakakaka. Now, qhere did I discredit my sweetheart Ziyi, au contraire. In fact I wrote "she had just managed very recently to neutralise some terribly salacious rumours about her character which were spread by a US-based dissident website called Boxun News."

      You have even abused the fact that I work in Australia (bread & butter issue) as exploited proof of your angry perception. If I have a job in Malaysia or China I would have been in one of these countries, most fo all Malaysia

  11. ".....those people have forgotten that they are Malaysians and haven't behaved like Malaysians"

    hmmm this r the most interesting comment. remind me of helen. great minds think alike.

    1. Aisheman, HY, me like helen? The previous helen, yes, wakakaka, but the current one, really you're most unkind, wakakaka

  12. kt,

    your lover boy najib now is a script reader? just wondering is he still the PM of this country?

    never mind, you aint no BAT. you have an answer for that.

  13. For a fresh conspiracy theory on the disappearance of MH370, go no further than Utusan.

  14. The MH370 tragedy has exposed many Chinese Malaysians who apparently show stronger allegiance to China than to Malaysia.
    Their rants in support of extreme Chinese statements in China-based chat rooms are very, very disappointing to read.

    It looks like the Tunku made a major error in insisting that the forebears of these Chinese be given Malayan citizenship with just almost trivial preconditions.

    I was hoping that these Idiots are just the minority of Chinese Malaysians, but it appears that is not the case.

    1. you're wrong. they are not pro China but anti UMNO government

    2. Just as the Chinese are very very very disappointed to read that some Malays are asking for Chinese blood to be dripped from their kris, that the Chinese should be canned, be driven off from this country, or stripped of their citizenships or that they should die for the country as those policemen in the recent Sulu incursion....blah blah blah of such mengamok Malay rantings.

      I was hoping that these idiots are just minority of the Malay Malaysians, but it appears that is not the case.