Sunday, July 08, 2012

Wiping out the Malay race?

Maybe someone may wish to check out the Hansard to verify this story I'm just about to relate, one which I heard it from my elders.

Many many years ago, perhaps during Tun Razak’s time as PM, during a parliamentary debate on the NEP, one UMNO MP said words to the effect that the affirmative action of the NEP should not be just about promoting the economic advancement of the Malays (that was not good enough), but should also consist of a second prong attack, namely, negative actions against Chinese economic advancement, with the aim of preventing or stagnating the Chinese from advancing too far or too fast or the Malays wouldn't be able to overtake them.

And ironically he must be aware of the avenue by which most Chinese, especially those in the peasant or lower class, achieved their advancement, namely, via education, the Chinese's Lotus Principle, where education promotes one to rise like a lotus above his or her muddy (poor) origins.

Perhaps he understood that was/is why the Chinese throughout the world, and most certainly in Malaysia, considered/considers education as one of the central pillars of their culture. Perhaps he knew that Chinese parents would give their everything, including unto mortgaging their house, to finance their children's education.

Thus he proposed that Chinese Malaysians be curtailed if not completely stopped from sending their children overseas for tertiary education, knowing they would face quota and other restrictions entering local ones.

This proposed holding back of the Chinese from pursuing overseas tertiary educational opportunities (even at their own expenses, many through their parents’ mortgaging of houses) was his second prong attack to solve the Malay disadvantaged economic situation. The first prong was of course the almost monopolization of tertiary education by Malays (and total monopolization today in institutions like Mara and UiTM).

Promote one forward and pull the other backward - most suspiciously a yang-yin strategy wakakaka.

Fortunately for Chinese Malaysians, his pathetic punitive proposal was publicly ignored though I wonder how many UMNO MPs silently supported him.

A week ago, I posted Chinese King Makers in which I mentioned that the most worried UMNO person in this period leading to the GE-13 has been Dr Mahathir. Even prior to that post and extending until today, Dr Mahathir has become more and more strident in making news headlines on issues which are lamentably very divisive and particularly very hostile to and critical of Malaysians of Chinese ancestry.

As my previous post title indicated, he has accused the Chinese of likely becoming King Makers, implying that they would ('could'?) control the Malays who incidentally constitute 65% of Malaysia’s population and form the majority of the political power, almost 100% of the military, police, civil servants, bank owners and judiciary, etc. And to quote a Chinese saying wakakaka, 'Power comes from the barrel of a gun'.

Naturally he focused his readers’ attention on GE-13 as an election about race, and for him, well ... bloody f**k corruption or piss-poor governance as an issue.

And just to ensure his readers feel the same way he does, he stated that it has been a privilege for non-Malays to keep their race image, but unfortunately, without informing his readers that it was his administration which forced Chinese and Indians to remind themselves that they are Chinese and Indians in their kad pengenalan, borang-borang kerajaan Malaysian, and in their limited quota into universities and non-admittance into UiTM, etc.

It was also Dr Mahathir who stated recently that it is still premature for Malaysians to assume a non-ethnic identity like Bangsa Malaysia, dashing the hopes of millions of non-Malays. And regretfully he forgot to inform them too that his creation the Biro Tata Negara (BTN) has ensured that his civil servants (teachers) look at non-Malay students as children of dogs and prostitutes. To him, perhaps those images of being children of dogs and prostitutes were privileges to the Indians and Chinese.

I had written that after years of observation of him prior to and during his time as PM, his statements, his actions, etc, I suspect he just couldn't stand the very picture of, say, more Chinese millionaires than Malay ones, more Chinese doctors, engineers, dentists, graduates, you-name-it than Malay equivalents, so on so forth.

He must have also hated the very picture of Malays serving as chauffeurs to Chinese towkays. I wonder whether that had influenced his decision to have a Chinese as his chauffeur when he was a doctor in Alor Setar?

Ah Chong chauffeur

It’s a pity he didn’t see the rickshaw pullers and trishaw riders in Penang who were 99% Chinese, nor did he those coolies who, beneath the blazing midday sun like plodding mules and oxen, carried heavy gunny sacks after heavy gunny sacks of rice, charcoal and various goods up from ships or junks on to the pier at the commercial seafronts of Penang, and how they returned home at the end of the bloody long day with pittance to show for their blood, toil, tears and sweat, and how they then fell into bed with a million aches all over each of their devastated bodies, only to wake up early the next day for another round of blood, toil, tears, and sweat.

Chinese coolies

But I have because two of those mule-like coolies were my uncles.

Be that as it was - the tragic existence of the other side of the coin to rich well-to-do Chinese where we have Chinese rickshaw/trishaw blokes, coolies (incidentally a Chinese word), amahs, washerwomen, char koay teow seller (please read my post The 'rich' char koay teow boy) - I was still sympathetic with Dr Mahathir’s intention to make Malays claim 65% of the sector of whatever the Chinese were in (being millionaires, businessmen) or were doing (being doctors, lawyers, dentists, engineers, etc, though of course not including the professions of the ‘other side of the Chinese coin’).

From RasaMalaysia website - Chinese hawker

Thus, I did not consider him a racist to the extent that I would that UMNO parliamentarian who had proposed for the NEP to not only promote Malays but to also push back the Chinese. I considered Dr Mahathir as a Malay leader who had altruistic principles, plans and programs for Malays.

I wrote that I was prepared to consider his feelings (by stepping into his shoes to see) that Malays, being the majority in their own country called Persekutuan Tanah Melayu, should rightfully (in terms of numbers and heritage) be the majority in each and every Malaysian sectors of ownership or profession.

Thus, as an example, if there were 3 Chinese millionaires (and I mentioned boldly he was not against them per se), then there should be 6 to 7 Malay millionaires.

He must have carried that attitude or belief of socio-ethnic appropriateness as a grievance, a humongous chip on his shoulders, for he thus set his policies accordingly when he was PM. I believe even today he is still very emotionally governed by this belief, though mind you, he is not so concerned about the ethnic percentages in the civil service, police, armed forces and several ‘hallowed’ departments.

Making the Malays build their self esteem and confidence was also part of his programs. The BTN was chosen as the vehicle to instil those values but which unfortunately, instead of making the Malays proud, confident and self reliant, toppled over the cliff and became a machine of hatred instead, its proponents for twisted reasons believing hatred for non-Malays would be effective in installing confidence, pride and self reliance in Malays.

It's okay for Dr Mahathir to cry his eyes out at his unsuccessful social engineering efforts, as he did once on stage, but he shouldn't be peeved with nor blame the Chinese for the abysmal failures of BTN or various Malay millionaires-billionaires known as his, take your pick, protégés or cronies. After all, MAS is still flying, Bank Bumiputra is still banking, Bank Negera is still around (but hopefully not forex-ing), and the list goes on - admittedly with the national coffers emptying alarmingly.

And let's also not forget he did in fact score many successes, for example in people like Daim Zainuddin, (the late) Satay King of Klang, King of the Selangor Bali Palace, etc, and indeed his own sons are very successful and powerful business men.

Bali Palace in Selangor

But I opine his latest statement about the Chinese has really crossed the line. Today, in Malaysiakini we read that Dr M blames Malays for TAR College cert recognition, in which the article reported him condemning the Najib’s government's recognition of certificates by Tunku Abdul Rahman College (TARC).

His fury was so unrelenting that it overshot mere criticisms of poor Ah Jib Gor, where he also lashed, lambasted and likened the promised manmanlai reforms by Anwar Ibrahim as not unlike Malay rulers forsaking their lands and identity for personal gain. He cried out:

Now (as the Malays are divided), we have to fulfill their demands because of votes, hence everyone races to make promises.
In fact (the opposition) wants to forsake this country and in the end it will become like Singapore. This is the old custom of the Malay, whereby when someone offered cash, they sold off Singapore and Penang.
So it's like history repeating itself. Just because someone desires to be the prime minister, he is willing to let the Malay race be wiped out.

Amazing how Najib’s promise (only a promise) to recognize TARC certificates, already recognized by a large part of the world, could lead to condemnation of Anwar and Pakatan and then on to the wiping out of the Malay race.

Can you blame me for imagining that he must be the soul mate of that 1970’s UMNO MP who wanted to prevent the Chinese from sending their children overseas for tertiary education (only because their children couldn’t get that tertiary education here in Malaysia)?

lotus ikebana

Maybe Dr Mahathir would only be tolerant of TARC certificates on qualifications like ikebana, mahjung playing or Jeeves-ism, the last being the art of the gentleman’s gentleman (butler), where I suspect Dr Mahathir would love to see more Chinese Jeeves or Ah-Chong-chauffeurs to UMNOputra billionaires.


At least that 1970’s UMNO MP didn’t preposterously claim that educated or qualified Chinese would wipe out the Malay race.


  1. KT

    Tsk, tsk, KT. If you said Mahathir is a racist, you are too. You really show your true colors.
    At least the Tun prides himself as being a Malay nationalist. Why don't you, LGE and LKS too declare yourselves as Chinese nationalists.
    But you pride yourself as a fair and liberal blogger.
    You sounded exactly like LGE at the debate with Uncle Chua today. Like Tunku Aziz said DAP is a thinly-veiled Chinese party. That it is a sham multi-racial party.
    Like CSL said Chinese are richer, own more houses, earn more, have more millionaires, are more in business and industry.
    Infact CSL said Chinese are given more scholarships as compared to the Malay poor.
    It's never a level playing field between the Chinese and the Malay in the rural areas.
    You are just pitting the Chinese against the Malays. It's not only Chinese who are coolies who did back-breaking jobs. The Malays too.
    Don't you know the hardships the rural Malays endured and also the Felda settlers who opened up their land before it became a big settlement.
    If trying to kill the Chinese from advancing has resulted in richer and educated Chinese, I wonder how it is like if we do not have the DEB.
    Equal opportunity to you means more for the Chinese! Wonder why Chinese of old mortgaged their houses to send their children overseas to study.
    But the Chinaman of today with Benz and Beemers and big bungalows who sent their kids to private schools also need scholarships for studies abroad.
    We seem to have change our values. The rich Malays are now proud that they can send their children overseas without JPA scholarships.

    P.S. Monsterball and fans. You should all be happy with KT's posting.
    So you all should be united in supporting him.
    Stop once and all the demonizing of KT.

    P.S. What's with this TAR college issue? Even without PSD recognition, all the TAR college graduates are given high paying jobs in private companies especially those owned by Chinese companies.
    But ITM grads working in Chinese companies are offered a small starting salary.
    Chinese employers can never be fair to Malay workers if compared to Malay employers treatment of non-Malays workers.
    Chinese employees can become CEO of Malay company. But Malay workers in Chinese companies are just decorations or window dressing to fake equal job opportunity.
    Yes Malays rule the country but on the ground the Malays are the Chinese slaves. Happy?

  2. Mamak Kutty is indeed a curse upon this blessed land.
    I hope the lowlife will kick the bucket soon so that the curse will be ended.

  3. The racism of the Chinese in Malaysia, especially in the private sector is real and undeniable - from my own personal experience.
    I started off as a wage earner in the private sector, and have never depended on the government in my entire career. After a few years, I realised it was a futile effort.

    I am as smart, competent and hardworking as any Chinaman, but I soon realised I will never get a fair shot at recognition in those Chinaman dominated enterprises, be they locally owned, or Chinaman-managed foreign multinationals.

    Eventually I decided to be my own boss, and have never looked back since.

    Dr. Mahathir, as usual, is right, but the truth hurts...

  4. When talk about "Malay language" culture, it means Bahasa Indonesia. After so many year of NEP and mahathirism, it is now up to the Malay society to realise, who bring more destruction to their own community and culture.

  5. Malay Language is NOT Bahasa Indonesia. It has developed separately over the last 200 years.

    Books written in standard Bahasa Malaysia can only be read with some difficulty by someone trained only in Bahasa Indonesia, and with the possibility of misunderstanding because of the differences in usage of even the same words. And vice-versa the other way round.

    Have you ever attempted to really read any book in Bahasa Indonesia ? And when was the last time you read any Bahasa Malaysia book ?

    If you ever tried to read an "English" book written in the 1400's or 1500's you will likely have similar difficulties.

  6. Najib's announcement of the recognition of TAR college certificates was a brilliant move and a real game changer.

    Many students and their parents have received the news very positively, and it will definitely translate into many additional votes for BN in the Chinese community.

  7. Aha! after you have examined Dr Mahathir from various angles in your essay, it seems like your conclusion is that the dear doktor is just another version of Monsterball who you likened to a mindless moronic myrmidon for his total devotion to The Great Reformer.

    Your essay suggests that Dr Mahathir is also totally devoted, mindlessly, heedlessly, to the creation of a Supreme Malay Race!

    Is that what you're trying to put across - that Dr. Mahathir and Monsterball are soul brothers? hehehe

  8. "Many students and their parents have received the news very positively, and it will definitely translate into many additional votes for BN in the Chinese community" - said MaHua

    So it really comes down to 'what's your price ?' isn't it ? haha.

    For the rural poor malays in the West, just one kain pelakat and a prayer mat with rm500 cash thrown in will do the trick. Likewise for the those others like the indian poor and the indigenous natives of the East...some gula2 will also do the trick.

    Now in the urban area....according to MaHua, just a promise to recognize their children's exam certs is enough for the parents to
    vote in a thoroughly corrupt govt who had ceaselessly been braying for their (chinese) blood all this while. Mmmm....don't we deserve the govt we got ? Why blame anyone else ? Don't cry and rant why the chinese are 2nd or 3rd class citizens in their own country.

  9. It is ALWAYS the converted or the 'half breed' who must put on a great show that he is more 'genuine' than even the 'originals'. Remember this fella Rid One Tee Arb Doo Lah ?

    Dr M must, right to the very end of his life, show that he is more malay than the malays.

    It is his karma that his father migrated to this country and got hitched to a local malay lass here to give up his indian ancestry while converted to another religion. If his father had migrated to Africa or England, then he won't have the malay masses for him to lead by the nose. Or the chinese here for his convenient bashing as and when the situation calls for it.

    Now with the GE just round the corner (and this GE has been proclaimed as THE game changer) we will see and hear more and more of this old man's railing and castigating of the chinese who supposedly will wipe out the malay race.

    The chinese here will wipe out the malays ? Bwahahahaha. getting a humongous tummi ache now lafing so hard. Podah lah you old indian man who happened to be muslim....only his fanatical supporters will pretend buy his crap stories.

  10. Mahatiu is just a cunning opportunist, I bet when Anwar Ibrahim becomes prime minister of Malaysia , the bugger will immediately fled the country.
    If the scumbag decided to return to his homeland Kerala India, he will immediately shed his "Malayness" and revert back to being an Indian overnight.

  11. A) a lot of chinese became millionaires if not billionaires during mahathir's time. Its not so much about putting down the chinese, but just giving a chance for the malays. We (malaysians) are learning and getting better at this.

    B) why do people spend so much time giving two hoots about what mahathir has to say? He's retired already, he wont shut up, but malaysiakini and opposition blog give way too much coverage to the old man. Intimidated much?

  12. Oh and btw, chua and lim's debate showed that the chinese are just as stupid as the malays

    Camtu ka ade pasang angan2 nak jadik PM?

  13. Minyak Man

    Hmmh, see your statement stupid as the Malays. The stupid supremacy of the Chinese.
    If you are for DAP you are smart, if you are for MCA/BN you are stupid.
    You are a graduate of the Kuomintang school, I understand you. Your warped mind also comes from the Chinese reservation land of Kampung Baru Cina in Jinjang or Kepong.

    1. Buttercup

      I think you need to learn how to read first before commenting. Did you not get the message i was tryin to send? Simple english maa.

      And stop making racist comments. I think all races are equally stupid, be it chinese, malay or indian, or political sides, dap umno mca pkr, you name it.

      Im a malay, my wife is from kepong though, also a malay. Problem?

  14. There are two groups of believers here :

    Those who believe that Mahathir has retired and completely harmless, hence of no consequence, hence his words are just some mumbling of an 86 years old edging towards senility

    Those who believe he's calling the shots behind the scene and the word 'retired' is just a joke. He had 2 candidates lined up to be his pm-proxy when he pretends to retire....the first one, the sleepy-head did not quite work out and now the other is fast turning out to be another disappointment.

    With such a turn of events not going according to plans, the master himself have to 'turun padang' and show his hands....first he had Perkasa formed and get-going, complete with Pekida and the Silat group. And yet his work is not much work for an old man. He worked on the malays that the chinese will take over this country and very soon, DAP will join forces with Singapore to drive out the malays. Malays will be wiped out. The yellow horde is relentless, the 28% will take over the 65%, who so happened to hold all the guns and C4 and submarines and war planes and bombs.

    If the malays really buy into the old man's drivelling fear-mongering, then they are more stewpid and gullible than was thought possible.

  15. KT,

    U should read this;

    Just Faaland, Mukhriz Mahathir and Khairy Jamaluddin (2003). Malaysia's new economic policy: An overview. Utusan Publications & Distributors Sdn Bhd.

    BTW, how many of u, knows that Dr Just Faaland, a Norwegian political economist, has played a critical role in the formation of NEP?

    For that he was awarded a Tan Sri!

    Dr Just Faaland belongs to a class of social economist, who believes that for a mixed society to have equitable developments among the different classes, ZERO SUM approach in policies implementation COULD be the initial approach.

    By so doing in zero sum game, the lesser developed classes have a chance to catch up with the more advanced, thus reduces the socio-economic gap.

    But, there is a price to pay - the stagnation of the socio-economic developments of the entity during the implementation stages. There must be a TIME cap, so that not too much harm is done to the overall system.

    That's WHY, Tun Ismail proposed the 20years limit on the lifeblood of the NEP.

    Unfortunately, once a sweet is given, the addiction started to prolonged the hijacking of the NEP in a positive feedback chain reaction that leads to the current stage of M'sia bolihhood.

  16. "What's with this TAR college issue? Even without PSD recognition, all the TAR college graduates are given high paying jobs in private companies"

    Flaw argument with stupid logic.

  17. non-relevant-to-post comments (& of ad hominem attack characteristics) deleted wakakaka

  18. His economic policies reflect his thinking as he wrote in 1970 The Malay Dilemma:
    “… Where necessary, laws must be promulgated in order to render effective whatever economic policy may be considered necessary. Harsh punitive measures should be meted out to those who impede the elevation of the Malays to an equality with the other races. …” from Chapter 4: The Malay Economic Dilemma
    “ … As small groups of immigrants of different racial origin acquired citizenship, they adopt the characteristics and distinctive language and culture of the larger definitive race of the country concerned. Forgetting their ancestry, these new citizens not only become indistinguishable from the definitive race but they in turn insist on retaining the conditions of citizenship to which they had to submit. … … … The perpetual position of being in the minority and underprivileged creates a desire in the new immigrants to merge with the majority and acquire the privileged position. The immediate loss of original culture, language and racial characteristics is insignificant when compared with the privileges to be gained as citizens. … “. From Chapter 8 : The Malay Problem
    But once in a while, he criticizes the Malays, here are some extracts of an interview in 2002 ``Saya kecewa dengan Melayu'':
    UTUSAN : Datuk Seri menyebut tentang kegagalan mencapai matlamat DEB. Banyak mana yang dapat dicapai?
    DR. MAHATHIR: Dulu kita capai sampai 20 peratus tetapi sekarang berkurangan hingga kepada 19 peratus. Daripada 19 peratus itu, 17 peratus adalah yang dimiliki oleh institusi-institusi bumiputera yang diurus oleh kerajaan, bumiputera sendiri cuma memiliki dua peratus. Bukan kerana kita tidak beri, kalau hendak dikira jumlah yang kita beri kepada bumiputera lebih daripada 30 peratus. Tetapi hampir semuanya dijual. Sebab itu kita tidak dapat mencapai matlamat. Sebab orang kita hendak cepat dapat duit. Kalau jual boleh dapat duit cepat. Kalau simpan, tidak merasa.

    UTUSAN: Jadi apa yang silap dengan orang kita, Datuk Seri?
    DR. MAHATHIR: Saya anggap itu sudah menjadi satu budaya bagi kita. Kalau kita lihat ke tapak projek, kita harus tanya pada diri kita, kenapa tidak ada seorang pun Melayu yang bekerja dalam projek pembinaan. Apakah orang Melayu berbeza dengan orang Jawa, orang Sumatera yang bekerja kuat di situ. Mereka kerja sampai malam. Takkan kerana kulit kita coklat seperti ini, maka kita tak boleh buat kerja.
    Itu budaya kita. Kita tak tahu susah, hendak senang selalu. Kalau naik tinggi sedikit, sudah gayat. Kerja lama sikit - letih, lenguh sampai tak boleh tidur. Saya selalu pergi melawat ke tempat tapak projek, saya lihat ada orang Indonesia, orang Cina, orang India, tapi orang Melayu tidak ada. Kalau kita lihat di situ kita tidak tahu ini Malaysia, negara orang Melayu. Kita ingat ini negara asing.

    UTUSAN: Datuk Seri, cubalah kita buat perubahan drastik, kita cabut hak istimewa Melayu.
    DR. MAHATHIR: Mereka akan menjerit. Mereka tidak dapat hak istimewa. Mereka anggap hak istimewa ini satu kemuliaan. Sebenarnya hak istimewa bukan sesuatu yang mulia. Kalau kita kena selalu pakai tongkat, bermakna kita daif. Antara orang yang kena pakai tongkat dengan orang berjalan tegak, yang mana kamu pandang tinggi? Orang yang pakai tongkat atau orang jalan tegak?

  19. No one should call anyone or any race stupid ( within context lah, hehe )but....time and again, you will find that Dr M's supporters are super quick to take umbrage at this so-called insult hurled at the melayus.

    Have they forgotten that it was the old man himself who arbitrarily surmised that the genes pool of the malays in this country, especially in the kampongs are 'compromised', a result of their habit of marrying among cousins, uncle marrying nieces, close relatives marrying or co-habiting and that this prevalent culture caused 'recessed' genes with the resultant of less-than-smart offsprings.

    In fact, Dr M and his family back in the 50's have proudly registered themselves as Indians and this was proven when Dr M himself was registered as an Indian when he was studying in Singapore U then, not knowing then that he would be in politics later on and that he would be the one who created the new term 'bumiputra' and will start his sentences with " kita sebagai orang melayu", "kita melayu ini.." and will fight tooth and nail for his adopted race since then up til now. But back then, his family resolutely considered themselves Indians. Being a malay was not an option then, as that would be like going 'backward' for the Mahathir and his family during that time.

  20. I have reserved a bottle of Cristal champagne which I will pop once Mahashit expires.
    KT, it will be great if you can join me for the celebration.

  21. " have reserved a bottle of Cristal champagne which I will pop once Mahashit expires" said AH

    On that much-awaited day, many, many are drinking to the hilt and holding in, in order to pee on that graveyard. But the queu will be very long, as more than half the adult population really want to 'show' this snake tongue twister of a mamak when he's finally shut up for good.

    He can cry at will, he can praise the chinese and the indians when he wants something from them and make promises and then in the very next minute, he can turn around and brazenly told them 'dulu lain, sekarang lain'. When brought to account and shown evidence that he had acted against the interest of the public, he can blatantly said 'tak berapa ingat'. And yet if it suits his agenda, he has the memory of an elephant and could trot out the in fine detail events which happened donkey years ago.

    Still so greedy even with so much already accumulated. If I had one son tooling about in a rm 40 million bugatti and another son flying around the world in his own private jet and sitting on the boards of hundreds of companies, I would call it a day and will not push for more and more, wanting to be the king ( pm ship is essentially the king ) of the country.

    The wealth of the world is enough for every man but not enough for the greed of one man, so says a very wise man.

  22. tanah melayu, the same racist barriers can be seen in some government agencies & malay muslim companies. A glass ceiling if you're from the bangsa kafir. Any hope of further promotion depends on your conversion n name change. Even then, you're still refered to as 'mualaaf'

    why is mahathir so worked up about accepting tarc qualifications? TAR accepts students of all races, while there was a shitstorm when they wanted to open uitm to other races

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    Now to berak in his blog.
    One for all, all for one!!
    Shithead ktemoc, clean this.

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  27. Just ignore the bull-s*it coming out of Tun Kutty's mouth.

    You should know by now that bitter, senile old men are given to rantings of the most objectionable kind.

  28. Drink Royal Salute when he expires.

  29. Store bottle upside down and another Martel Cordon Blue to celebrate Ktemoc's 60th Birthday as a bachelor.

  30. Fireworks and holidays when he expires.

  31. Sing "When the Saints goes marching in" with joy when Monty expires.

  32. If Buttercup is buried, dig it up and burn the corpse!
    His cup will become killer worms, new deadly virus for humans.

  33. Joker will die with no one mourning.
    Sad case.

  34. Dear visitors

    Please ignore the feculent foul filthy vulgarisms placed by one malicious dirty old man who posts under various nicks such as Street Fighter (he wishes wakakaka), Kopitian Fella, Road Runner, Referee, Anonymous (with filthy comments) but who normally goes by teh nick Monsterball.

    He was banned by various other blogs and has been a pest here for several months which was why I told him to go somewhere else with his obscene and filthy comments, but he is very thick skinned, explaining why he still hanging around and behaving like a vandal.

    His family has written in to me requesting that I please tolerate his senility and nyanyuk-ness, or he'll go berserk and abuse them at home, or some poor ones in Hadyaai.

  35. I wasn't aware of this until I received an email from Monsterball's family (only 1 minute ago).

    I've been informed that the old man (Monsterball) is particularly mad at me regarding this post because he is in fact a covert supporter of MCA and hence Dr Mahathir.

  36. Hahaha. Good one KT this uncovering of the real Monster. A closet MCA and Mahathir fan. Also a closet LGBT practitioner like his ex-idol Anwar.
    He is the cess-pit. Pity the family have to beg and plead from you.
    I suggest the whole family get a divorce from him.
    And KT, you must not apologize to them for rubbishing the father.Just pride on yourself as the monster-basher.
    Delete, delete and delete when you see rubbish being dumped into this blog.
    Get a trash compactor from Alam Flora, You have a tougher job. At least they get some money from the recycled trash.

  37. The poor crazy old man leaving comments (all already deleted wakakaka) under various nicks as if they were by different people wakakaka, when everyone knows it's just Monsterball. It's really pitiful he went to that useless extent, just to fool no one but himself.

  38. Dear Mr KTemoc,

    I write to share with you the jaw-dropping exploits of my dear ol' dad, Mr Goh (but he prefers to be called Monsterball), just a couple of days ago.

    Last Sunday, he, my mother plus three of us children attended a formal business dinner at a well known hotel. Just as we were half-way through the 3rd course, my father, Monsterball, let out an explosive, thunderous fart! Everyone in the hall froze, and turned to stare at us at our table. My dear ol' dad grinned and giggling said, "Oh my, isn't there a lovely fragrance in the air tonight."

    At that moment how I wished I could shrink into the size of an atom and float away, as I'm sure were the rest of the family present at the event that evening.

    So you see, KTemoc, if father can do something like that at a formal, black tie dinner, coming here and peppering your blog with vulgar comments is a small thing to him.

    When I get a chance to speak with dad's bhikku I will ask the holy man to pray for a complete personality overhaul for dad. That may sound like an impossible miracle. But I do believe that miracles can happen.

    All the best.

  39. Hi Goh, yes I heard about the MCA fund raising dinner and was wondering whether your dad would be attending - thanks for confirming, though of course I didn't hear (literally and thank goodness) of his farting wakakaka

  40. KT, we ALL know that old crackpot Monsterball is a 'gone-case' and his persistency in making himself a real nuisance and pest here is an irritating annoyance not only to you but all us other readers/commentators too.

    But you know what? the best way to deal with such cracko is just to ignore him.....just click him away quietly, and act as though he had never come on board to this site. This will really drive such people crazy....they could not handle being ignored and become a non entity, their ego being such.

    So don't let him under your skin....just act like he had never existed and when others bring up his name, we will not acknowledge even knowing him and that sakit jiwa old nut will eventually lose steam and move on to find another blogger to pick a fight.

    The more we aknowledge his existence, the more we comment on his (mis)behavior, the more that nut case will be emboldened and crazed.

    So let's bury that guy here once and for all.

    Monsterball ? who/what's that ?

  41. KT I agree with Anon 7.42 AM
    Keep deleting and ignore him.

  42. poo nia bor. loo hor lan kan.
    chow ceebai kia
    clean shit

  43. Can't blame the man in totality.....he once trusted the Chinese like Eric Cheah of Perwaja Steel and Ting PK of Bakun, gave them project...but in the end backside kena played especially Eric Cheah..go study these 2 classic case and may shed some light on why he behaved like this..which of course is like what the Chinese say " One bamboo hitting the entire boat"