Friday, July 13, 2012

Rafizi - too little too late in Talam

In my previous post Talam - DAP & PAS rescue a PKR MB while PKR act dunno I criticized PKR's Team A for remaining silent like the dead ...

as silent as the dead

... and leaving Selangor MB Khalid Ibrahim (supposedly of Team W, but definitely not of Team A) out on a limb, so much so the other Pakatan parties DAP (Tony Pua) and PAS (Dzukefly Ahmad) had to quickly step into the Talam issue to rescue the besieged PKR MB.


The Talam case, raised by MCA's young Chua, son of CSL, was the sort of alleged financial entanglements that would have been right up the expertise alley of PKR's whiz kid, Rafizi Ramli, for him to solve or speak out competently against Chua Junior.

But as I remarked in my earlier post, Rafizi kept so f* silent on the MCA's sniping, swiping and scandalizing against Khalid Ibrahim, a PKR MB, that the vacuum became embarrassingly deafening, perhaps a la the tagline of the film Alien, namely 'In space no one can hear you scream' where in beleaguered Khalid's case could be presented as 'In PKR no one can hear Khalid scream' wakakaka. 

In space no one can hear you scream

Rafizi is seen as a member of Team A, well ... at least for now as he not only outshines Azmin Ali like a supernova to the struggling light from a wet matchstick, a no-no situation for the latter wakakaka, but also possesses the greatest potential to dethrone the PKR Crown Prince, a mere political pygmy in the scheme of Pakatan politics.



Rafizi's silence only accentuates the theme of RPK's article The weak link is getting weaker which suggests an internecine war within PKR where Team A is not only sabo-ing Team W kau kau but may also, unbelievably treacherous as it may sound but standard fare in the vicious villainous vipers' pit that is PKR, get rid of Anwar Ibrahim.

Déjà vu Anwar's 1998 attempt to remove Dr Mahathir? Fitting sweet justice? wakakaka.

It's undeniably common knowledge that Anwar has been perceived as always backing Azmin Ali, even against daughter Nurul Izzah or wife Wan Azizah, for when it comes to the Crown Prince, water suddenly becomes thicker than blood for Mr Manmanlai.

But ironically, without Anwar, Azmin Ali will be even less than the political pygmy he is already seen as, for without his principal backer, sponsor, godfather, what have you, Azmin on the national political landscape will be zilch, nada, kosong, k'ong k'ong, zero.

So indeed if as RPK's article postulates, he attempts to remove Anwar Ibrahim as the last obstacle to his wet dreams of becoming PM in a Pakatan government post GE-13, he'll be in for an unhappy surprise wakakaka, and PAS may be already in orgasmic anticipation of stepping in to replace a deposed Anwar.

Anyway, back to the whiz kid, Rafizi Ramli, who has now suddenly sprung up to counter-threaten Chua junior with scandalous exposure, as reported by Malaysiakini's Rafizi threatens to reveal MCA-Talam links
, but alas, seems to be doing so with a lack in the usual depth of vigour which we have come to associate him with, in his exposé of BN's naughty-naughty schemes like NFC and the Ampang LRT extension.

WTF does he mean by 'threatens to reveal'?

Either he reveals or he shuts up, full stop.

Besides, he is proposing to only exchange shit with Chua Junior instead of demolishing and clearing allegations against Khalid's governance? A feeble effort by Team A.

I suspect Rafizi has only come in at this late stage because he personally must have been stung by numerous sources, perhaps even including insignificant kaytee's blog wakakaka, criticizing him for malulah not coming swiftly to the defence of Khalid but shamefully acting dunno and leaving it to the DAP and PAS to rescue a PKR MB.

He wants to restore his personal reputation.

Anyway I feel his half hearted attempt, just exchanging shit with Chua Junior instead of clearing Khalid Ibrahim (like what Tony Pua has done), is too little too late.


  1. Let the shithead Rafizi,a pawn of AA stand against OTK,like he said he would.Let OTK spank and humilate him in public.In the end this shithead coward will eat his words,and humilatingly choose a safe seat to contest.That is what pawns are for.

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  6. Another wickedly sharp take on the ballooning mess in PKR. But this MB like a cat with nine lives. Outsurvives the others by doing nothing.

    Am shocked he actually wants to sack that Lateefah Koyak woman with the scary face. Wondering if it's him or Faekah??


  7. hang on, i see it sifferently, totally. have anyone seen MCA coming in defense of UMNO or viceversa, MIC or others... lately or at any point of time?

    so what gives???

  8. Lots of noises on Shahrizat's cows. Just a squeak on Talam.

  9. Khalid Ibrahim is the best MB I have seen. Anyone can cook up a storm (in a teacup) with any issues, as what baby Chua is now doing, but all of us know the truth. If MCA has the slightest shred of evidence of corruption, Papa and baby would have shown it to MACC which is eveready to pounce on PK. I strongly support Khalid Ibrahim.

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  25. Selangor now probably has a cleaner and more inclusive state government than it has had for the last 30-40 years.

    Its not perfect - there have been incidents of impropriety. As far as Malay society goes, it is almost impossible , currently, to completely do away with the politics of patronage. Even Khalid Ibrahim, who has openly expressed dislike for distributing such political rewards has had to accept the necessity.

    There is still a lot more work needed on improved efficiency.

    I think the good news about Selangor needs to be more widely publicised, because the MSM definitely is not going to mention it, and Ktemoc can only ever see faults, real or imagined.

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  27. Kitty,
    Guess why I refuse to engage Ktemoc on this matter. Seriously, ktemoc is & will still be upset over Anwar Ibrahim plausibility of fingering her sister's cat once. I rather sympathise him instead. Ktemoc refuses to just let go. Worst, he refuses to go along with the notion of "agree to disagree"
    Anyway, it's his blog. It's not our responsibility to help him to regain his sanity

    Guys & Gals,
    Our dear ktemoc has mentioned about Rafizi being too little too late. Just like Mahathir, he has forgotten this issue flared up quite sometime ago
    Dr Raffick has given a full account on Talam issues. Yes, he got agenda as he's the president of VICTIMS. I am just wondering what the heck ktemoc's agenda

    P.S : Wanna know about RPK's agenda. Frankly, it's time you guys should start using your brain & not blindly accepting views even from ktemoc

  28. Monsterbaby,
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  29. Guys & Gals,
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    One can find commentators who are more provocative than the commentator in kaytee blog that is bugging the poor fella. Check out this prominent "professor" in law, melayu born again christian called Mr Bean & His sidekick, scarlet pimpernel.
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    As for Talam, I believe you guys should go deep & understand the real issues behind it rather than this blogger who picked news from here & there on propagate his agenda best known to him

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  32. Dari wiki. Dan Pas's Dzulkefly's mentioned about round tripping.

    Round-tripping, also known as round-trip transactions or "Lazy Susans", is defined by The Wall Street Journal, as a form of barter that involves a company selling "an unused asset to another company while at the same time agreeing to buy back the same or similar assets at about the same price." Round trips are characteristic of the New Economy companies. They played a crucial part in temporarily inflating the market capitalization of energy traders such as Enron, CMS Energy, Reliant Energy, and Dynegy.

    In international scenarios, round tripping is used for tax evasion and money laundering as well.

    Other companies making unconventional round-tripping deals include AOL with Sun Microsystems and Global Crossing with Qwest Communications. It is alleged that when some telecommunications companies swapped capacity, they booked the value of the incoming capacity as revenue and the value of the outgoing capacity as an investment. These transactions had the effect of inflating profits. The SEC ruled that booking revenues from swaps in telecommunications capacity was improper.

    Many such companies have used round-tripping to distort the market by establishing false revenue benchmarks, aiming to meet or beat the numbers put out by Wall Street stock analysts. As a result of abusive round trips, barter between publicly held companies has become discredited among professional investors.

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