Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Talam - DAP & PAS rescue a PKR MB while PKR act dunno

Malaysiakini Khalid rejects full discussion on Talam restructuring

Khalid Ibrahim has been in a lot of trouble over a number of issues, not necessarily due to his fault or through lack of governance, but he demonstrates a startling lack of ability or political nous to handle them quickly, firmly and decisively to his advantage.

As an example, his slow response to the Talam case unnecessarily provided MCA with some brief moments of orgasms in believing they have scored against him in particular and PKR Selangor in general.

Mind, the latter, PKR Selangor is nothing more than a nest of vipers with factions working aggressively and vigorously to kill off each other, as was seen in the recent Faekah Husin case, where even ultra pro-Anwar-Ibrahim journalist Terence Netto wrote an article in Malaysiakini titled Selangor MB's pol sec Faekah at bay in which he gave me the impression he has taken up with the side of Anwar's blue-eyed boy, Azmin Ali, in the internecine struggle within that former UMNO branch now called PKR wakakaka.

Of course the two sides seem to ridiculously pit husband Anwar Ibrahim's Team A against hitherto devoted wife Dr Wan Azizah and her Team W. But where the Blue-eyed Boy is concerned, Anwar's water 
seems to be thicker than blood.

In Team A we have in its leadership the two inseparables AI and AA, Saifuddin Nasution (the incredible Apcet II destroyer), and I heard Rafizi Ramli, the whiz kid and future supernova who will be a potential threat to a political pygmy wakakaka.

In Team W, the hitherto devoted wife leads with principally her sweetie daughter, also another future supernova, a besieged Khalid and Faekah.

Now, I hope by now you anti Zaid Ibrahim rabid hounds would understand why Zaid wanted either Khalid Ibrahim or Nurul to challenge Blue-eyed Boy for the PKR No 2 post before he had to take on the task himself (because Khalid lacked the balls to stand against AA, and Nurul after having earlier indicated interests was warned off), of course only to find he had lost the election even before the polling started wakakaka.

Netto also flabbergasted me when he criticized Khalid for being slow to recognize that politics is also about providing opportunities, rewarding loyalties and managing expectations of the party faithful, in particular sections of the party - mainly ex-Umno members - whose 10 years in the political wilderness before PKR came to power in Selangor has had them (in Netto's words) 'ravening for whatever rewards were to be had'.

Now, I would expect such statements from someone like the Blue-eyed Boy but dear Terence Netto ..... ? OTOH, maybe he was providing a voice for dear Blue-eyed Boy – see my post Revenge of the effete snob.

Anyway, we all know dear Rafizi Ramli as PKR's finance whiz kid, who not only exposed the NFC scandal and Najib's alleged interference in the award of contract for the RM1.18 billion Ampang LRT extension, but hung on to them with the vice-like bite of a tenacious British bulldog.

But amazingly, dear Rafizi has been as silent as the dead in the Talam case. What happened, dear whiz kid? Too busy underground with the LRT?

And what about the world's greatest economic advisor? Still manmanlai?

It was left to two non-PKR persons to come to dear Khalid Ibrahim's defence in the Talam Intrigue, namely PAS' Dzukefly Ahmad and DAP's Tony Pua, with the latter demolishing and teaching Chua Tee what's-his-name the fundamentals of kindy maths?

But I'm deeply intrigued by DAP and PAS rescuing a besieged PKR MB while Khalid's own party including the de facto leader act dunno about poor Khalid's problem.

I suppose Khalid's term as MB will end with GE-13, even when Pakatan sweeps to victory for a second term in Selangor, because it's obvious Team A will not tolerate Team W, particularly (in some pygmy's words) 'dynastic pretenders'.


  1. Somebody here failed to mention he is still paying generously for MCA fundraising dinners ?
    Hahahaha...with friends like this...PR doesn't need enemies..

  2. Haiya, you should know the PR division of labour drill by now.
    No need to read conspiracy theories into the deal.

    Its generally PKR and PAS job to attack UMNO, and in this case DAP had the task to fend off the MCA attack.
    Pua was actually the best person in Pakatan to do the job of demolishing Kiddie Chuah, don't you think ?

    Someday I hope to see Pakatan integrated enough to provide a common face to the world, whatever the issue, but we are not there yet.
    And - unfortunately in Malaysia, there are still racial undertones and overtones if a Chinese politician takes on a Malay-only or majority party, and vice-versa.
    I don't like it, but this division of labour is still necessary to avoid creating other problems.

  3. "conspiracy theories"
    So right, so good, I got you.

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  6. The UMNO remnants in PKR are truly nauseating. Hopefully Rafizi moves out of the circle and work towards the true spirit of Reformasi. Anwar (or Azmin) will not be able to reform the party from the worst of UMNO culture they inherited. PKR needs fresh bloods.

    I don’t agree with KT’s division of the two camps based on husband and wife. Even it is true, than it is most superficial form of oppositionism and will lack all form of check and balance, or to mount any meaningful challenge. Zaid is truly PKR lost!

    Btw, Anwar-Azmin sympathisers seems to be targeting KT of late ;-) Wow, KT must really have caused discomfort for the ‘inner coterie’ ;-)

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  8. by the way KT, it's "blue eyed boy" and not 'blue eye boy'. It's a small matter but still grates when read. excellent write-up otherwise.

  9. looks like Chua Soil Lek has taken your cue and blamed Anwar Ibrahim for Ng Yen Yen's PR in Australia

  10. shaf, you're absolutely correct, thanks, have corrected errors

  11. Anon 10:57 am ....Well,to be frank, Anwar Ibrahim was part of the disease at the time.

    However, policies restricting access for Non-Bumis to Malaysian public Higher Education institutions were in place long before Anwar Ibrahim, and it continued long after Anwar Ibrahim left the Education Ministry. MCA had been loyal and silent UMNO partner all that time.

    My parents spent a significant fortune on my education overseas -, and many, many Malaysian Non-Bumi families have made similar sacrifices.

    The Chua Soil Lek excuse is a dishonest one - nothing unusual there.

  12. Monsterbaby : Agree. Also I think the policies restricting access for nons are not from the NEP as there is no mention of privileged races in the 2 prongs. I think it comes from the thinking of certain figures in the country , such as “ … The perpetual position of being in the minority and underprivileged creates a desire in the new immigrants to merge with the majority and acquire the privileged position. The immediate loss of original culture, language and racial characteristics is insignificant when compared with the privileges to be gained as citizens. … “

  13. KT, the Talam issue was explained by TS Khalid yesterday on the state assembly and you can watch it live at Talam or Trinity also came out to defend the issue and you cannot denied that chua jr is screwed unless you read the spin media.
    And also on PKR splits to two camps. It's not as bad as you claimed to be. Don't be fooled by what RPK has written on PKR. How does he owned a fully paid house in uk? Lu pikir la sendiri.

  14. KT,hahaha,you forget Harris Abrahim of team A too.This guy's a trojan,same as RPK.

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  17. Ktemoc,
    Read this!

    By the way, what is the job function of Rafizi? For your info, Rafizi is Azmin's man

  18. looes, see my new post which talks on your MIKINI article

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