Saturday, July 21, 2012

More than 1 way to skin a Chinaman

Dear Diary,

Arsehole won't let me demonize the Chinese. Told him that would be the most effective way to unite the Malays, frighten the hell out of the Heartland with images of the Yellow Peril and their avaricious grabbing intent, unite the race under the banner.

So friend, time's running out fast, we must do something, doing nothing is not an option, as we have not only lost the Chinese votes but will also the Malay votes.

MIC assured us they have recovered 80% of their base supporters. No guarantee but hey man, on this area, MIC is probably more reliable than MCA or Gerakan.

And those useless MCA and Gerakan people are upset, saying we're undermining them ..... which incidentally we are hehehe, tough baby, every manjack and cow for himself (itself).

Don't they realize every warlord there is in UMNO is frantically manoeuvring to be nominated and selected as an election candidate, and each one of them knows the quickest way up the ladder, most effective way to warm the cockles of the grass roots is to use our fave punching bag, those damned Chinese. So, mana boleh not to demonize Ah Chong.

Euphemism, disguise, mask - WTF are you talking about?


I see - don't use the word 'Chinese', use instead 'Communist' - and Heartland will straightaway associate communists with Chinese, so serves same purpose of marshalling them beneath the good old keris-ed banner to withstand the coming siege of the Yellow Peril.

Okay, okay ... but wait, there's no more communist in the world except Castro, ...

... and that old man has even admitted that Karl Marx was a bloody dreamer who didn't understand human nature, his selfishness, greed, self-centred ambitions, so communal socialism was dead from Day 1.

Karl Marx

What about North Korea? Those guys there ain't no communists. They're nut cases, at best fascists, well fed at the top, starving below, it's a wonder the top brass women don't have big tits and slim hips.

Ooops, wrong photo, please see below

And those Chicoms* have become what they were/are/will be good at, capitalism. For the last 5,000 years except for a 25 year hiatus.

* Chinese communists

No, not this one

absolutely NOT - do you want our men to seek asylum in China?

No, no, no!

No, yes, no, yes, nooooooo!

Errr ... wait ... alas, I think not
Thank God, at last what we need, the photo I mean

What about the credibility of the communist scare? Okay, in Tunku's days there was one behind every bush.

Surely people will laugh at this communist bullshit. What? Don't give a shit? Because scaring the Heartland is the main objective, without appearing to launch a hate campaign against Ah Chong? So f* the rest?

Okay then, that should sort out the DAP, but what about the Moon Party? Jemaah Islamiyah?

Will that work? What? Hadi Awang said he didn't believe Dr Azahari Husin was a terrorist but a concerned Muslim traumatised by US brutalities in Iraq, hence his anti-West activities?

Wasn't Azahari from MCKK, like Hisham? Recall Hisham wanted to rehabilitate Azahari's more notorious best-mate Noordin Top.

Won't it be embarrassing to Hisham? Huh, he's too dumb to realize? F* him? Okay then.

What about PKR? Moe maan taai? In Part II?

Goodnight dear diary, but I think I'll have another close scrutiny of those Chinese communist soldiers, just in case they're already in Malaysia.


  1. Going through today's posting was arduous... you seek to torture the innocent at the expense of the virtous... heck Japanese AV or not... the attraction to join the PLA is worth the consideration...

    Have you been to a North Korean restaurant overseas... titillating but no photos please...

    Minda Baru

  2. I love those fair, smooth thighs of those goose-stepping North K sweeties ... they look every bit as delicious as the finger-lickin' good paha of KFC. For this, KT, I'll give you 95 markah ... ok lah it means you get an A+.

  3. KT,have you gone nuts or gone bonkers?Maybe you need the mungster to keep you in check.Hehehe.

  4. UMNO's favoured weapon of publicising rumours of alleged sexual peccadilloes of political figures seems to be singularly ineffective against DAP and PAS, so they go back to the trusted tactics of painting DAP as Commies and PAS as Al-Qaeda in Malaysia...

    Mind you, in my decades of association with the DAP, I have certainly met quite a number whose views are quite far to the Left. They are not personally violent people, but they are definitely supportive of armed National Liberation Movements to overthrow what they see as the Evil worldwide Capitalist Hegemony. Whether they support the Malaysian version of those armed National Liberation movements is a delicate subject I never explored with them

    As for PAS, let me be very blunt. A majority of Muslims in the country, certainly those in PAS, sympathise with the armed struggle against what they see as the Judeo-Christian oppression against Islam.
    The only boundary in contention is whether attacks against civilian targets in non-combatant countries is a justifiable part of that struggle.
    Most would not agree, but I suspect there is a significant number in PAS who do...

    Its actually one of those issues, apart from the Islamic State thing which prevent me from being really comfortable with PAS.

  5. I hasten to add that the hordes of iPhone and iPad-totting professionals that DAP is attracting these days have nothing to do with either Communism or even Socialism...its just some of the Old Guard that I'm talking about, but some still hold considerable influence in the Party.

    Similarly with PAS. Most of the new members are closer to the Erdogan-line, comfortable with coexistence between Islamic values and the modern market economy. But there are still plenty Old Guards who think the Taliban are "Syahid" martyrs.

  6. can we have the source of your far one of your better posts! :))

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  12. That shithead does not know Communism is good for poor countries to grow strong and be united.
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    What is China now???

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  15. "...quite far to the Left. They are not personally violent people, but they are definitely supportive of armed National Liberation Movements to overthrow what they see as the Evil worldwide Capitalist Hegemony. "

    r u sure? i often thought dap is basically right though they call themselves a socialist party, the one u refer is perhaps from Labour, Socialist and Rakyat, but only a handful join dap.

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  17. hi idiot!!
    Communism leads to Socialism and then to "guided" Democracy and finally to Full Democracy like USA where live is a sham.

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  19. Anon 10.30 AM he is good at insulting everyone.
    What so special about this post?
    So many BN political bloggers did that years ago.
    He is a COPYCAT!!

  20. If that Motherfucker dares to write and say Chin Peng is an enemy of Malaysia, he is going to get more shit pour into his "blog".

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  23. The "Old" DAP was definitely very Left.
    It started to change since the 1990's. Now, in Penang, especially, its largely a pro-business party haha...

    Be careful not to substitute Prejudices for First Hand Experience or well-examined information.
    The same way as Ktemoc's extremely heavy prejudice regarding PKR. I'm obviously not a PKR member or supporter, but I have worked alongside them.

    It is a party still with many faults and weaknesses, but I'm very clear from personal experience, that PKR are not the Ogres that Ktemoc repeatedly makes them out to be.

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  35. Visitors, please ignore the above obscene comments made by one frustrated old man by the nick of Monsterball (ignore the various nicks he uses). He is mad at me for various reasons, most recent of which has been my pro DAP stand. Monsterball is very pro MCA which has been why he leaves filthy comments here to protest my pokes at his towkay party, the MCA.

    Additionally his children wrote to inform me of his frusko-anger-despair over his personal "physical" disability which he keeps discovering (but even at his most ancient age, refusing unrealistically to accept) during his regular but pointless sojourns to beyond our northern border.

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  46. How old is old? Is PAP left? Yes but not after leftist like LCS were forced out. DAP were a ‘branch’ of PAP so how left they could be? Like I said, there are some leftist that choose to join DAP for various reasons but basically, I don’t think DAP is left. But left and right are very subjective and perhaps we have an entirely different definition.

    But I agree wrt prejudice, kt prejudice particularly.

  47. If Lim Kit Siang reads Monasterball is n MCA man, he will laugh like hell.
    All BN bloggers hate Monsterball for years for his guts.
    ktemoc is a damn fool.

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  53. as every reader can see, this post is critical of UMNO and MCA, yet seemingly without provocation, Monsterball (and under his various nicks wakakaka, pretending he is many when only a pathetic lonely self) has attacked it with umpteen obscene comments. It only proves he has to be a MCA person.

  54. Freedom Fighter2:16 pm, July 22, 2012

    Who the fuck cares what posts he out out.
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    He criticizes MCA today but dare not criticize Najib.
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    What are you ktemoc?
    I tell you what you are.
    You are confusing readers to vote for no change.
    You use one idiotic excuse and start branding Monsterball an MCA supporter.
    Indirectly, you are saying LKS and Anwar are idiots keeping him as a trusted friend.
    You are saying Patrick Teoh a famous anti MCA man is another idiot too.
    What are you ktemoc?
    Smartest blogger in town?

  56. Super Salesmen Leader.2:33 pm, July 22, 2012

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  63. Your children informed me of your frustration at being rejected everywhere, in your attempt to have some kind of political role, even a most minor one ... which has been why, apart of hanging around pro Paktan blogs (and getting banned or sneered at, wakakaka), you support MCA fund raising campiagns. At one stage you even wanted to do the same for PCM and KITA (after Zaid closed it down) wakakaka, until your children begged you not to - they said your supporting MCA won't be seen as so undignified, but PCM, KITA? wakakaka

  64. now convinced that that Monster Old Bag is a closet MCA man, pretending to defend the Opposition.

    Why do I think so ?

    Well, everytime you gasak UMNO or especially MCA, he came charging out scolding you for posting such useless postings. Aiya, he thinks he could fool us, hehehehe.

    Go and die lah, Monster Babi. Now we know what fertiliser you used for your money tree which you had been boasting about so obscenely loudly last time.

  65. KT, this is one of your better postings. Thanks man ! I thought you have surpassed yourself on those Dr M's series and your take on that Manmanlai.....but this latest one is A+, have to agree with Anwah, hehe.

    Love those pics...droooling.

    Btw....(off topic here, sorry), a lady friend of mine was beaten and robbed 3 days ago and her neighbour was slashed on the head minutes later. Read for yourselves her account and circulate :

    3 Robbery Attacks By The Same Gang of 5, All Within Half An Hour at Bangsar & Bukit Bandaraya

    Dear All,

    Please be very alert now what with all the crimes that's been happening not just at shopping malls and along the streets, but also at our homes. My name is Jennifer and I am writing this so that we should be more aware and proactive.

    Two days ago, on Thursday evening 19th July, I was going back into my house to fetch my handphone which I have accidentally left behind. The time was around 6.50 pm and the day was still quite bright.

    I was already inside the house porch when a white Myvi (car plate number WSU 8794) stopped just outside my front gate and suddenly 5 young Indian men emerged from the car. I saw one of them holding a big stick and another carrying a parang and immediately realised that they were robbers and were coming after me.

    The one with the stick rushed through the unlocked gate and came towards me, even before I had time to take out my house key. He raised the stick as he approached me and instinctively I grabbed hold of a rattan chair that's at the porch and held the chair against my body in an attempt to ward off the blow.

    All the advice and tips on how to act in such a situation flew off from my mind in that instant; and all I could think of was that my 2 daughters who were inside the house at that moment should not come out or that these gang of 5 should not be allowed into the house as my daughters were inside.

    Then the stick came down on one side of my shoulder. He then grabbed my handbag and ran off, along with his companions, to their car. However, this is not the end of the horrible night.

    Just 3 doors away, my neighbour and her daughter were just getting into their house and most likely would have heard my screams. They paused along the road and peered towards my house, and that's when the men saw them and rushed towards them with weapons in their hands. As these two women had no time to run back into the house nor get back into their car, they tried to run down the road as they were chased by these 5 men. The one with the parang slashed the mother on the head while the others took the handbags. ( She was rushed to the hospital and is now back home with 8 stitches on her head,but she is due for a head scan soon).

    Shortly after the second attack, a police car came by, most likely due to an emergency call by one of the neighbour's son who had witnesssed all these happenings from an upstairs window.

    The police informed us that they had just came from a robbery attack incident in Jalan Tempinis, Bangsar Baru, which is not is not too far away from our place at Bukit Bandaraya. The description of the robbers ( and their car ) fit those men who attacked me and my neighbours.

    What that meant was that these 5 men gang had been on a robbing/attack spree that day and had committed 3 attacks within half an hour. God only knows how many more attacks they had committed earlier or later that day.

    It has been been two days and those police inspectors who came to investigate further the next day, told us that they are still unable to track down these criminals inspite of our detailed descriptions of the robbers and their vehicle.

    Please take every precaution possible and not take anything for granted. Even guys are helpless when confronted with a group of young men with such weapons, what more women. Please do take care.


  66. Monsterball....MCA running dog...prostituting for UMNO...traitor...

  67. You know what.....Whenever I wanted to have a hysterical laugh.....Just come to kaytee blog

    Sometimes it's good to turn another cheek. Just apologise to Monsterball.....Hahahaha.....Do what Jesus would have done on the.....I forget you are not a christian
    Didn't RPK ask you & the rest to do a Plan B? Work with UMNO Liberal. EAT THIS!

    Listen to Malik Imtiaz lately. Sounds like he's talking about your lord & master & you

    Hua Yong,
    If he's nuts, you have to be a nut. Anyway, his mind has made up. Probably when anwar has screwed his sister's cat nong nong time ago.....Just chill la.
    Watch Jon Stewart's Daily show.....I love him when he ridicule his hahahaha.....Ktemoc did act like Glenn Beck

    P.S : I love every minute of it. Lets do a twist man



  69. Who cares about the Chinese really? Especially those with communistic leanings.
    Much space has been given to them already.
    In the blog of the former Utusan boss, Zainuddin Maidin aka Zam he has asked what does the Chinese really want?
    To me it's simple. Chinese want everything. They can eat everything except sticks and stones.
    P.S. Monsterball puts the Chinese to shame. All Chinese should give him a wide berth.

  70. there's only one thing uncle monty wants..and he can only get it from lengchai bangla boys..


  71. looes,

    my buddy msk even quit pkr, but he know what is the priority and where is the battlefield, unlike some small minded third rate blogger like that whatever suits him raja petra n hmmmm...

    u from perak right?

  72. "To me it's simple. Chinese want everything." saiz Buttercup

    Buttercup, oh buttercup...just love your sweeping generalization. How about this sweeping statement here.....Malays want everything - all the wealth in this coutry should go to them ( without working for it lah )and only all the Malays should go to heaven (the rest are kafirs should burn in hell forever, hehe ).

    So how does it feel to have someone else running down the malays just like that ? Disgusting ain't it ?

    Mampus lah when we have millions of such severe BTN-nised Malays like this butter guy in our country. Hope he's more than half way his lifespan and all his bigotry and hatred die with him soon.

    Even when we have a change of govt, the road is still very steeply uphill as these bigoted malays are in the millions and millions here and susah hendak cuci otak mereka that's beyond redemption. That big mamak snake has done his deepest cut with his BTN courses started more than 20 years ago and now we reap its rotten harvest.

  73. "there's only one thing uncle monty wants..and he can only get it from lengchai bangla boys" tokiorain

    hehe...welcome back tokiorain. Only you could give it to that monstrous ball kaw kaw. Just visited his, that mug is one in a billion. Could easily launch a thousand cups which btw were his obsession, haha.

  74. aw damn. uncle monty has removed his false teeth and went to sleep. lets chit chat tomorrow ya.

    btw, uncle monty sleeps in the kitchen where he thinks the indon burglars will break in from. he stays in ss14 subang jaya by the way. he intends to scare them with his toothless grin. wtf.


  75. i had fishball soup this morning. the lady gave me one monster ball. i couldnt eat it cos uncle monty will be one monsterless ball. fu dead.


  76. Yeah...we need the rain from tokio to drive away that mungster away.

    Give it to him good and proper eh ! He's been going crazee here for quite a while a gila babi. Err...more like a rabid dog, with his tainted spittle all over the place. Come out like a vampire around evening time when he knows the rat catcher is away. Cowardly monstrous bola, hehe.

  77. First they said the Christians will take over the country.

    Then they said a Chinese will become the PM

    Then they said the Communist (meaning Chinese again) have already arrived, hiding under the Chinese beds

    And they claimed that Malay terrorists too have arrived, hiding under the non UMNO Malay beds

    How much more insult can they pile on the Heartland Malays ? Semua mak cik and pak cik di kampungs bodoh ke ? Bahalol

  78. To me it's simple. Malays want everything. On earth, they want to be the supreme race and feels that they are entitled to all the wealth and all the land in the country. In heaven, they feel by virtue of their religion that they are entitled to be in heavenly bliss forever and the 'others' should forever not only be barred from entering but must be tortured in hell til eternity.

    Which race could beat the Malays for their supreme greed ?

  79. "Malays want everything".

    Thats bullshit. Don't confuse the greed of the Ruling Party and their Cronies(and that includes well connected establishment Chinese) with the rest of the Malay population.

    The George Kent boss is Tan Kay Hock, just to give one example. And Berjaya's Vincent Tan.

    Ad Infinitum...

  80. Our PM's father shook hands with Moa in 1974 see :

    Album of his China visit :

  81. everyone should cool down and not make generalization like "Malays this and that ..." or "Chinese this and that ..." or "Indians this and that ..."

    we may have different or even opposing political allegiances or preferences, but we're all Malaysians


  82. I say kaytee, don't la remove his comments..


  83. Hi this is monsterball. I hereby promise to take my medication and not use words like chowchibai in this blog anymore. Do you think hypnotism will work?

  84. have to remove all racist comments

  85. Smack dab on the button,KT.
    The bastards think they can fool the people with such blatant, obvious lies. I think except for the diehard feudal "buah layu" (melayu), not many bought into this recent nonsense.

    Love the fotos.

  86. Racism is a fact within BN.
    Why remove those comments?
    Your intentions clearly seen.

  87. Tokiorain, I recalled Monsterball asked you "Why the rain in Spain falls manly on the plain" so many times and you cannot answer.
    Shy away few months , back to get attentions?
    Anyway, my Sifu is on a long holiday.
    You write as much as you like.
    He cannot be bothered with a half past six like you.

  88. Monsterball.....MCA running dog.....pariah UMNO ball carrier..

    Too painful to face the reality that you are a Pariah UMNO ball carrier aren't you ? Fantasising about being a Street Fighter...pariah dog..

  89. hehehehehehehehehe
    broadcaster have a BN idiot gone mad.

  90. Anon 4.25 PM why are you so hotheadedly stupid?
    Are you old enough to vote?

  91. Are all the China females really so ugly ? Should be no problem meeting their 1-child policy...

  92. ah the bloody useless ktemoc.

    As usual, DSAI and PKR fault again right?


  93. To Kampung with context lah. My "Malays Want Everything" is actually a tongue-in cheek to show up the racist in Buttercup's who started the ball rolling with "To me it's simple, the chinese want everything".

    You sure know how to select your target. Why no comment on Buttercup's comment ? Standing on the same side ah? hahaha. The word kampung says it all. Podah lah you all BTN graduates. Wonder when Tanah Melayu will weigh in with his own brand of racist slant.

  94. That freaking piece of shithead motherfucker chowceebai kia thinks he can fool everyone with his turn around posts to project a nice guy image.
    Soon he will be back talking cleaning shit.
    Now, very democratic, delete only racists comments.
    His penis is punctured with holes.
    His stomach can digest baby food only if he does not take penicillin injections for his diabetes.
    YET!! Still put out sexy Chinese girls photos to day dreaming how to fuck all and love none like he did in Penang.
    Monty children no more talking to him..
    He said Monty is supporting MCA and an idiot believes him.

  95. Hua Yong,
    Yup, I am from Perak. I hail from Ipoh. It's very funny when ktemoc said that PKR made up of Ex-UMNO. I have pointed out that DAP In Sarawak started by incroporating disgruntled folks from SUPP. Not sure what he means by free will.....I am sure SUPP folks then very unhappy of SUPP
    Guess how DAP becomes so powderful in 1974 if not because all the disgruntled PPP folks joined DAP. Who the fucking hell was V David?
    And yes, Winston Churchill & Ronald Reagan are traitors? Hahahaha

    Hua Yong,
    How nutty you want me to prove regarding this kaytee guy? I rest my case

  96. uncle monty where got take long holiday one..he's in subang jaya bangin' his only ball la. hehehe. rain in spain? who the fark cares. monty baby, i know you r there. cmon show yourself, put on false teeth first. and dont forget to change diapers ya hehehe..

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  97. Did you guys noticed the Ahmoi in the green T-shirt in this posting?
    Wow, her cups runneth over. A girl after my own heart.
    Ooh so succulent. I see toothless Monsterball salivating.
    Where do you meet her KT? Introduce her please. This will make intense people here happpy.
    Wah, so unChinese yea. Ahmois normally are as flat as an ironing board, be it boobs or bums or face.

  98. "rain in spain? who the fark cares"
    said tokiorain.
    Billions of people all over the world knows why.
    This idiot is the best.

  99. woh, uncle monty is awake! hehehe. thats what i want.

  100. Buttercup does not know his cup is part from an Ahmoi.
    All he knows is part from Little India where his cup is always filled with smelly...ggggggggeeeerrrr after a hard night's work.
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    He is on vacation.

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  102. street fighter is uncle monty la. haiya dont play games man. hehehe.

  103. i asked bruno to come help u leh. u guys still buddy-buddy ah?


  104. That idiot, tokiorain want to have cheap thrills.
    "rain in spain? who the fark cares"

  105. Shut the fuck up IMPOSTER!!

  106. aiyoh, uncle monty. how many nicks you want to have? why? no more supporetes ah? come out la..


  107. Now who is faking who?
    I am the real deal.

  108. this is the real monsterball! look at my nick! er dick!

  109. hi Bodoh, how many times must I tell you your "uncle monty" is not around.
    You and Ktemoc abang adek ah
    Both are ghosts and both talk cock about my Sifu all the time.
    Fuck off.
    No time to keep talking cock and bull to you 2 sickos.

  110. I am the real Monsterball.
    What do you want tokiorain?

  111. aiyo. u know why my kids are dark-skinned, have curly hair and sweaty palms? the blardy bangla whos been poking my backside has also been poking my stupid wife leh! die la!

    look at my nick! the real deal!


  112. You all are nuts copying my nick.

  113. i dont want anything uncle monty.


  114. i got 2 nuts. u only got 1 leh.


  115. i hereby declare that i am a nut. tokiorain is not a nut.


  116. tanjung rambutan has just announced they have lost a patient by the name of s s goh. apparently he has only 1 testicle. thinks highly of himself. just sock it to him if you see him.


  117. woi, tidoh kah? i m wide awake leh.


  118. uncle monty, i just linked this url to kit. he is shocked at your behaviour. monsterball is hereby banned from his blog. by the way, rocky and sheik are waiting to kick your arse man.


  119. wake up n put on your false teeth if u r a man.


  120. i am awake but i cannot meet all your demands. i cant find my false teeth. wtf.

  121. sorry ya. have to sleep now. we discuss tomorrow ok?

  122. Monsterball has gone into hiding...

  123. This is a real fucked up blog.
    So many fakes.
    Monsterball has proven his point.
    Mr.Ktemoc cannot moderate or ban anyone.

  124. Monsterball is a real fucked up idiot.
    In addition to being an MCA running dog and UMNO ball-carrier.

  125. If that is true, then Lim Kit Siang is the biggest fool to trust him.

  126. Hot press...Monsterball has been banned from Lim Kit Siang's blog..

  127. The triads in Malaysia. Mostly which one ha. Cuci duit become legal.

  128. It is a free for all.Everybody screwing somebody.Anybody needs the purple diamond shaped pills.

  129. Alice Cafe night shift guy needs it.

  130. Wow 129 comments, dear KT? You can be in the Guinness Book Of Records.
    But 99 Percent are trash from the Ball.
    And we don't learn anything from him.
    Poor deprived soul, being banned from all blogs. Trying to leave his stupid imprints here.

  131. Buttercup is fucked up.
    "banned from all blogs" exposed him having few nicks.
    Fasting month also lying.

  132. Wow...this blog's comments section has become a 5-way battleground between

    Anwar haters
    Malay Supremacists
    DAP He-Men
    ....and Monsterball..

    Interesting....very interesting..

  133. Asia cafe la, not Alice cafe. Goblok monty!

  134. Http:// pm, July 25, 2012

    hubba hubba toot toot chikatoo peep poot! Er what's happening to me? Can't think properly leh. Heeha honk honk!

  135. Many call it Alice Cafe for there are many weird idiots like tokiorain working night shifts to puff and huff away.
    "Goblok monty!" he said when it is me commenting..
    "rain in spain? who cares" he said.
    What about "In Hampshire, Hartford hardly ever rain."
    Oh no, don't tell me he is going to say "who cares"
    So many real BN goons showing how smart they are.
    Who am I?
    Ghostbuster la.
    Real name is Charles Lim.

  136. Another pariah joins monty.
    This fucking fella has made me lost my cool.
    99% 0f comments from him and his gang.
    KT decides not to delete.
    I wonder why.

  137. One moment Buttercup said all are from one, next moment said "his gang" from few.
    He even said Monty is banned from all blogs.
    That idiot never say why ktee never ban monty.
    My real name is Tan Boon Hong.

  138. I am from Cheras and my real name is Law Tuck Sai.
    My nick name is "Taikor Law"
    Heard of me Buttercup?

    Few have revealed who they are.
    I am sure my Sifu is laughing.
    My name?
    Cannot reveal la, on wanted list by the BN police.
    You can be sure I am as close to my Sifu; like father and son.
    Buttercup? Why that fuck shithead's cup is only good to sell at Little India.

  140. Idiotic tokiorain is sleeping.
    He is night shift good for nothing worker at a computer center.
    Small fut with a big mouth and put out few nicks.

  141. Super Salesmen Leader.4:20 pm, July 25, 2012

    Get it into your thick skulls!!
    Monsterball is never here for a long long time.
    We are.

  142. Hey I not sleeping leh. Uncle Monty, u use all these different nicks for what ar? I got one for u. How bout calling yourself I-am-a-dick?


  143. I say, have to go out for a while. Don't go away ya Monty baby.


  144. Yoohoo I am home! Where's my Bangla boy? I need a poke man!

  145. Where is the silly Filipino maid when we need her ?

  146. Monsterball needs to be ridden ...hard.

  147. kopitiam fella.4:52 pm, July 25, 2012

    Silly fella!!
    At Hampshire Hardfort Hardly ever rain.
    Don't tell me you will say "who cares" again.

  148. I think my lengchai bangla boy ran away already la. Haiya today I wear red thongs for him you know...

  149. tokiorain is dreaming to be a hero.
    When an idiot says "who cares" why the rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain,that's enough to prove he is a damn fool.

  150. Good copy of monsterball tokiorain.
    You can fool all in this blog only.

  151. Uncle monty u r that kopitiam fella right? Don't lie. Hehehe. Damn farny leh..

  152. Streetfighter my ass. It's u right uncle monty?

  153. Bangla gone never mind. I get myanmar boy in alice cafe. But I heard they are not very clean leh..

  154. Tokiorain is like shower of fresh rain to blow away the monster.

    Only tokiorain could take on ss goh lah...hehehe.

    Old man have heart attack and ball shrink everytime tokiorain comes a visiting, hehe.

    Sock it to him kaw kaw, tokiorain. See how he laow sai everytime you reminded him of him in the red tong doing it with his bangla sweetie boy, heheheh

  155. Wah really got doggied by that blardy myanmar fella just now. Very rough woh...but damn shiok leh. Now dunno whether can pang sai or not..

  156. Wah..tokiorain trying to appear to be "monsterball".
    Monsterball calling himself "Street Fighter"

    Just like Najis calling himself "Reformist"

    MCA Porn Star trying to take on integrity issues...

    All big Bullshit artists..