Monday, February 27, 2012

Political violence - the nature of the beast

Malaysiakini - Penang anti-Lynas rally disrupted, smooth elsewhere

The Penang leg of solidarity gatherings for the Himpunan Hijau 2.0 rally in Kuantan was the sole event which saw disruptions, with two journalists hurt during a fracas that erupted at the rally.

Himpunan Hijau supporters began gathering at the Penang Esplanade were met by a hostile group, which includes local leaders from Umno Youth and Malay rights pressure group Perkasa, numbering about 50.

Several members of this group have often been spotted at anti-Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng rallies organised by Suara Anak-Anak Malaysia and Komtar Traders Association vice president Abdul Ghani Mohammed Jiman.

Sometimes I wonder why police have to take such drastic actions against innocuous assemblies like candlelight vigils or even massive rallies like Bersih. Likewise, UMNO-Perkasa thugs shouldn’t have wrecked the Himpunan Hijau in Penang.

If the police had ignored those candlelight vigils, their messages would have had the life span of a butterfly, and in the cases of the bigger rallies, if the police had not taken aggressive and brutal (totally unnecessary) actions against the protestors, like firing tear gas into a hospital where the participants were seeking refuge, I wonder just how much value (or sympathy and thus support) would have the rallies wrought from the public?

Thanks to the hooliganism of UMNO-Perkasa thugs in Penang Himpunan Hijau assembly, Pakatan will undoubtedly receive more votes in the next state as well as federal eletcions.

Today, in Free Malaysia Today’s article Gerakan man slams Umno’s thug politics Baljit Singh, head of Penang Gerakan’s legal and human rights bureau warned UMNO to cease and desist from thuggery-style politics as it’s counterproductive to BN cause.

Baljit, who I observed had been vocal against UMNO’s Mat Rempit-ish politics on a number of occasions, was speaking in regard to the anti-Lynas protest at the Penang Esplanade Speaker’s Square yesterday.

He warned that such thuggery will see BN kissing goodbye to Putrajaya in the next polls. He came to the point he wanted to make, namely, that UMNO’s thuggery will cause collateral damage to other BN component parties because of guilt by association with UMNO.

Baljit is right of course but I doubt his appeals to Tai Koe will be heeded. ‘Tis the nature of the UMNO beast to resort to such violence.

Now now kaytee, don’t you think it’s rude to say that UMNO has a proclivity to thuggery politics?

Well, I so happen to recall that sometime in 1996, there was an international conference in Kuala Lumpur called Apcet, the second ‘Asia-Pacific Conference on East Timur’ which was convened to propose a peaceful solution to the Indonesian militant oppression of East Timorese in Dili. The conference was held at Asia Hotel.

On 20 July 2007, a person by the name of Joe Gombak wrote a letter to
Malaysiakini asking whether our mainstream media knows exactly which aspects of Malaysia's political culture could possibly benefit other countries. Gombak was of course being sarcastic in sneering at one of our mainstream press’ gratuitous article about how Malaysia was a wonderful example of unity and diversity. He confessed he nearly vomited after reading that bull, and indicated his displeasure, distress and disgust at the rotten state of affair, to wit, our failed state.

What attracted me to his letter was his statement: Our dominant ethnic political party organizes mob violence at venues (such as the
Apcet II meeting) whenever the occasion suits itself, and unashamedly threatens violence against the ethnic minorities at its AGM (Kerishamudin's ‘keris’-waving and ‘bathe it in blood’ antics courtesy of national television) and not to mention mobilizing its youth wing mobs to threaten to burn down a public building belonging to an ethnic minority - the Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall.

Indeed, indeed, but I wonder whether Joe Gombak was aware of who was the acting PM when the UMNO thugs went to Asia Hotel to wreck violence on Apcet II?

Hint – this was in the mid-1996 and Dr Mahathir was away in Ghana, hence there had to be an acting PM back at home. The then acting PM actually praised the mob violence which disrupted the Apcet II meeting and forced its abandonment.

He declared after UMNO Youth’s successful disruption of Apcet II:
“Our mission was to stop the conference and we did just that.”

Wah, congratulations lah, hoe liao man!

Incidentally, did you know that Tian Chua was a member of the organizing committee of Apcet II? Wakakaka. No, jokes aside, I really did admire him for his pre-PKR human rights activities but since he joined PKR, pffffffft wakakaka again. But he was a victim of the mob violence at Apcet II.

The other PKR person involved (also a victim) was the party’s former Deputy President Dr Syed Husin Ali, who was physically abused in the UMNO-perpetrated violence.

OK, let’s revisit what Dr Syed Husin Ali, victim of that incident said during the court case in which the victims successfully filed a RM83 million suit over their wrongful detention by police on the opening day of Apcet II, which as mentioned, was stormed by the UMNO mob.

The doctor said he recognised 3 UMNO blokes who were among the rioters. They were wakakaka Saifuddin Nasution, Ruslan Khamis and Mustapha Yaakub. He knew them because Saifuddin Nasution and Ruslan Khamis joined PKR subsequently [though the latter returned to UMNO].

It was reported that Dr Husin actually grinned when he mentioned Saifuddin’s name – a sort of ‘hmmm, what a very very small world!’ or perhaps 'goodness gracious me, I'm now in the same party with a thug at Apcet II' wakakaka.

You know Saifuddin Nasution , don’t you? wakakaka. He is PKR’s current sec-gen and a member of Anwar Ibrahim’s inner coterie, that exclusive party within the PKR party that RPK told us about (and which PKR members like Tian Chua, Eli Wong and Sivarasa won't have a ghost of a chance of ever being privy to their deliberations), and as the party sec-gen the man who dismissed angry complaints about the PKR party polling process. Wakakaka.

This was what the mob did to Dr Syed, according to Dr Syed’s statement to the court:

… the 300-strong BN angry mob broke down the doors and invaded the conference hall carrying sticks and chairs in their hands.

Dr Syed further revealed:
“One of them who had in his hand a food-container half-filled with water, emptied the contents all over me. He shouted at me saying, ‘Get out! Get out!’. It was mayhem.”

“I was personally assaulted by three persons. They used force and pulled my hands and body. They kept insisting that I should leave the hall.”

I just wonder whether they were the same 3 persons he recognized, wakakaka?

Saifuddin, one of those wreckers turned reformed (pun intended) apologist, who was then No 3 in the UMNO Youth leadership hierarchy but now the PKR sec-gen, admitted it was indeed an UMNO orchestrated attack on the conference. But naturally he placed the blame on (1) Megat Junid, at that time deputy Home minister, (2) Zahid Hamidi, UMNO Youth Chief, and of course (3) the bete noire of PKR, Dr Mahathir.

Then, when Dr Mahathir arrived home from Ghana, Megat Junid and Saifuddin met him, where Saifuddin related "Megat told Mahathir that it was all orchestrated."

Now, isn’t it just strange that, according to Saifuddin (who is now, just a reminder, the current sec-gen of PKR), Dr Mahathir who gave the approval for the disruption of Aptet was informed by Megat Junid that “It was all orchestrated.”

Tell me, is it logical that Mahathir who, according to Saifuddin, allegedly gave his approval in the first place had to be so informed by Megat Junid? Wouldn’t Megat Junid have said “Semua kowtim Datuk” instead of "It was all orchestrated."

And I ask again: Who was in charge at home when Mahathir was away in Ghana? Was it possible for this person not to be aware of affairs that his sidekick Zahid Hamidi (the man he used in a failed attempt to drive Dr M into expeditious retirement) and Saifuddin were up to?

If you read this link again, isn't it amazing, that according to Saifuddin Nasution, those that PKR coincidentally hates, namely, Dr M and Zahid Hamidi (both in Ghana), and Hishamuddin (in Singapore) were asked for directions and approval to disrupt Apcet II, while someone at home, yes, in Malaysia as the acting PM, was not even mentioned at all and thus portrayed as clean as a whistle? The bullshit was just too f* rich, wakakaka.

And aren’t we also aware that Megat Junid had been accused as the architect of one person’s fall from UMNO's grace?

But recall this, who boasted of the UMNO disruption of Aptet II:

“Our mission was to stop the conference and we did just that.”

Sure as hell wasn't Dr M, Hishamuddin, Zahid Hamidi or Megat Junid (mind you, not that they're angels).

Strange [or should it be] that Saifuddin Nasution didn’t even once mention his name, despite that person's very vocal boast: “Our mission was to stop the conference and we did just that” wakakaka.

You want to wait for Saifuddin to confess? Manmanlai, or as a matey of mine would say, tankookoo (tunggu2 selamanya).

But I wonder what those anwaristas who have been and are no doubt condemning the police in Kuantan's Himpun Hijau rally and the UMNO-Perkasa thugs in Penang's Himpun Hijau rally would say of the by-far-worse 'orchestrated' mob violence at Apcet II?


  1. Some people have a past, even a nasty past. So ?
    The guy's already made a public apology of it.

    Nelson Mandela was once an armed insurgent (I won't use the subjective term terrorist made by the Apartheid era-government) and he has never denied it. Today he is respected globally as a man of peace.

    Not implying any politician in Malaysia has the stature of Mandela, just to point out an examplar that people do different things at different times, and they stand for different things at different timess.

  2. The post isn't about frogology - so you are the one now writing off-topic.

  3. He was a master of frogology (as in Sabah 1994), and 916 frogology is clear evidence he has not changed an iota even though he claims to be a reformer. 916 frogology also shows he has bullshitted his reformasi cerdentials. He is still the same Anwar with that UMN0-mentality

  4. He needs to account fully for his actions in Sabah before he can be accepted. An act of contrition would be appropriate. Blame everyone he likes, but he must accept some responsibility here.

  5. When in Rome do as the Roman does.
    When you are free a a bird...your mind becomes free and you get a call from from a jail cell ..saying...."Go free my people from bondage....from ones that mock me".
    What a lucky man Anwar is.
    Grandfather old story is factual.
    The MAN is there and Ktemoc sees sad.

  6. If this is a court case....the prosecutor is Ktemoc.with this as his opening speech to the Jury..half will be sleeping.
    Then come Karpal Singh...opening speech..the court will turn to be a mad house..spectators and jury..all cheering ....judge will declare...."NO case!!"Ktemoc..bow his head in shame..ready for Najib to goreng him.....and Anwar smiling a free man.

  7. 1996 and now..2012 is 6 years behind.
    Anwar was in jail.
    Must be Dollah as acting PM.

  8. Living with the past memories is worst that Mahathir loosing his memory.
    At least Mahathir can boast he know he is lying with a sharp mind ..practicing his dirty politics...better and he thinks.
    But one that keep living with the past memories have lost years of unrealistic life...becoming a dreamer....for mind is bend to be anti matter what...creating a word.."Anwaristas" to battle on his mission of hope for the hopeless corrupted racists...for reasons he knows best.
    I can only guess.he hope to be rewarded if BN wins 13th principle of a Tong Sampah school in Penang recommended by MCA..with so many fringe benefits...a new apple of the eye of ah jib kor.
    Never try never know.

  9. Where is that Buttercup who tried to carry my balls...trying how fishing with worms casting using rod...only bamboo stick...thinking I am like easy to be caught.
    Come out and defend your hero!!

  10. 1994...1996...Ktemoc already migrated to Australia?
    Why...Malaysia so beautiful and the way he talks...BN government suits him fine.
    He always has a bone to pick with Anwar..why?
    Lost something when Anwar had power in UMNO b?
    Don't tell us...your principles in life are far above us.
    Your dignity compromised.
    Your dignity far far above Lim Kit Siang...Tok Guru..Karpal..who support Anwar...listening to the voices of the People.
    Whose voice or voices are you listening to?
    We all want to learn....teach us la.

  11. If all Malaysians KONSIDER like Ktemoc....all you need is ONE it Najibrista or Mamakrista...whatever..and more than half of the population will run to Australia ... without considering this or that..anymore.
    Did all read Najib's speech how to give MACC more power? ...and got more than 180 commentators fucking him.

  12. /But recall this, who boasted of the UMNO disruption of Aptet II:

    “Our mission was to stop the conference and we did just that.”//

    Could you please quote the source of that information ?

    I think the alleged person needs to respond and also has a right to respond.

    If there is no actual quotable source, I will treat it as bullshit.

  13. I mean run to Australia ..look for Aussie Kt and.....???? without any consideration.
    You go imagine what they will do to him.

  14. It's
    He only read news from papers and TVs.

  15. Aha ... KT's post got two Anwar admirers beating their breasts and shrieking in apoplectic rage.

    Poor, poor dears. Have a valium and then breathe into a plastic bag while counting from 1 to 100 slowly. That should help, sweeties.

  16. Dr.Anoowah HaHa...stuff your prescriptions to your ass.

  17. Political bloggers hits....
    1.Rockybru.......more than 17 million
    2.kickdefella....8 million.
    3.Susan Loone....7 million last year and stopped blogging.
    All started blogging same time.
    Ktemoc takes the wooden spoon award.
    But we will make him beat Dr.Hsu for sure.

  18. Ho,ho,ho, oops of course we know who that man is. The man pluck from nowhere and suddenly installed as minister, UMNO youth leader and later DPM and deputy president.
    No credentials yet helicoptered to be UMNO mandarin.
    (The only other man who was plucked straight away as minister was Tun Ghazali Shafie. Of course he was non pareil in his brilliance.
    Tun Razak plucked him from a diplomat and retired him on government interest with special privileges).
    But what is so special about this Malay studies general degree holder.
    Others started as parliamentary secretary or Deputy Minister.
    The person whom Mahathir forced UMNO members to accept. A relic of the hippie era who then sported a kurta and sandals from Malay street.
    Later shed his image to a savant bon vivant Hugo Boss and Zegna model.
    The one who imported hooliganism and thuggery into UMNO despite his very, very short stay.
    Of course others do the dirty job for him. He remains clean, pristine, angelic, holier-than thou. So Megat Junid and Zaid Hamidi bore the brunt of being the dirty hands.
    The favored one washed his hands off everything.
    And now he is full of vengeance because he has still not get the PM which he thinks is his god-given right.
    Oh KT, surely you are not that naive to think that these politicos are so true and loyal.
    They can change their friends and foes like they change their wives and clothes.
    Lain dulu, lain sekarang lah, kawan,

    P.S. That once Anwar friend who leapfrog to Pakatan and now back to UMNO is Roslan Kassim. Not Roslan Shamsudin like you said.
    He is now on TV3 almost every night castigating his ex-best-friend.

  19. Woo....these monstrous anwaristas oh my, their knickers got into a humongous twist.... that their hero/god's thuggish, samseng past came tumbling out of the closet...hehehe...

    They fondly think just because he got walloped in jail after falling off from the throne will clean up all of his black soul and turn him into an angel, to the extent that for one fanatic anwarista old fool here, with just one handshake with his 'god', this old fool turned into an orgasmic trembling jelly,most likely couldn't eat or sleep for days, refusing to wash the hand that was touched by his god, hehehe.

    Our malaysian people are ever so forgiving, willing to forgive and forget even the blackest of souls, but some lost souls are just incorrigible....lost case lah, cannot be saved, as they just can't help themselves, like the 'bamboo' has been bent to the other extreme end and couldn't bounce back straight up, and will forever be bent and crooked, although they give the illusion of being straight and honourable.

    This illusion is called the magic mambo jumbo, snake oil rhetoric and he does it best on a stage, mesmerising the opened-mouths adoring hordes buying into his hypnotic glib silver tongue rolling out his rrr... oh, how the crowd love him and in his younger days, young girls put his pictures under their pillows, hehhehe, this is their reformasi god.

    Only PAS and DAP are the true saviour parties in the opposition coalition and hopefully PKR will not weigh them down in the critical moment.

  20. UMNO b and MCA thugs are seen everywhere nowadays.
    Are you blind?
    So many incidents these few days....all ignored.
    Even Nurul...a young lady...received insults and possible injuries...if not protected.
    How proud can BN supporters be?
    To People Power...this is signs of desperate people applying desperate means.
    Go..keep talking Anwar this Anwar that...which actually prove one thing...he is feared most by BN.

  21. Can someone please answer-----

    > If such a finery in Kuantan is “factually and scientifically” safe, why must the Australian-based Lynas site it in Malaysia when Australia has millions of sq km ample land? and;

    > Why is Najib so supportive of Lynas’ nuclear shit when the Australian government is dead against the setting up of such a facility in their own country?

  22. Can someone please answer ? Although it is a rhetoric question.... the answer is $$$$$$$$ and lots of $$$$$$$$$$$.

    The real test is to relocate it just next door to the PM's office in Pootrajaya.

  23. Najib is supportive because it is a multi billion project and UMNO b must make billions continue corruptions which all UMNO b members are so used to getting easy money.
    Get it very very clear...UMNO b needs billions to keep feeding and buying votes.
    Trace all Najib promises and respect for Malaysians.
    He does not care two hoots what we say ..want or reject.
    This is a nuclear plant..and yes....if Australia reject it...why must we have it?
    He said Lynas has installed few in Middle East with no objections...and that is it...Arabs feel safe..why worry.
    Now many Arab countries corrupted PMs and Dictators have been thrown out.
    You will get a clear picture...reading all from Malaysiakini.
    Such important current issue involving current living conditions..not important to Ktemoc...because he lives in Australia and there is no Lynas plant there....yet he is so concern about Malaysian affairs...telling all ..Anwar is a devil.
    There is a limit to everything...and it seems this is a joke to Kt keep using Anwar as punching bag.

  24. KT has also also written about the doctor in the house, part I and we are all waiting breathlessly for part II.

    See the response of Buttercup....he did not turn around and bite off KT's head although his hero is put under the microscope, warts and all.

    Compare this to the monstrous trio, when their god were discussed - monster papa, monster baby and monster girl, especially the dodering papa....foaming at the mouth, filth escaping out non stop, and vicious venomous rant pouring upon KT's head.

    Verdict :

    Buttercup 1 (class act )
    Monster Gang 0 ( jinjang joe act )

  25. Monsterball since you and your family have total control over KT's blog there is no need to go over to LKS's blog.You cannot talk shit and f..ked PR politicos there in LKS,Teresa gal and other PR blogs.Only in KT's blog you are allowed to say and suck tits more.

  26. First my comment regarding this post about political violence, I nevertheless have to say that thuggery conduct must be curbed in order for a civil society to flourish. We cannot allow a small section of community to ride roughshod and show unruliness and disrespects to others' rights.

    If you do watch the video recording of the disturbance in Penang, we have to sigh about the bad mannerisms of the group of Pro-Lynas protesters. They used foul language and foul gestures defiantly. They are ready to resort to intimidation and violence. It is regrettably that the presence of security enforcement was lacking and not in control of the situation.

    Likewise in this blog ,we would like to see a more civil and mature discourse in your debate and support of your own political choice without resorting to the beastly nature of thuggeries and violence.

  27. Anon 12.53AM...I don't know how old you are ..but to continue and make you understand how serious the problem that UMNO b leaders must steal millions for their party and for themselves.
    How do you think Mahathir sons are billionaires and Najib's brother own a bank.
    REMEMBER...we are an oil EXPORT country making RM81 billion per year....yet all things go up...electricity...petrol..toll..bringing a chain reactions to all food essentials.. prices... all go up.
    You see....they steal and steal for themselves..and keep increasing taxes to make Malaysians pay for the yearly running of the country.
    Alot of uneducated or less educated Malaysians know this..but don't know how to explain.
    Hope this give you some ideas why we must save our country by voting BN out...and Ktemoc is not helping one bit.

  28. Anon 3.17AM...You are talking nonsense.
    Dozens of blogs you can talk freely.
    As much as Rockybru is a pro UMNO b blog....he is very opened minded and NEVER stop anyone commenting.
    He gets the most insults and take all like a gentleman.
    Rockybru can be considered the most successful political blogger in Malaysia.
    Lim Kit Siang is an Parliamentarian blogger...more towards putting out current issues and let all give their views.
    He too never stop any BN commentators talking there.
    You see few...because BN supporters have nothing to say there.
    You see more here...because Kt's blog is Anti-Anwar..sort of BN supporter.

  29. Then monster, we urge you to go to Rockybru whom you just described as gentlemanly.

    Your 'services' are badly needed over there. There's sooo many BN/Umno commentators there, running down PR and most time, running down your god anwar. Moreover Rocky always have very very short postings, with very very simple vocab, no 'bombastic' words, suit you to a T.

    Please, please go ! We need freedom fighter there ! You will save the country if you slay all the evil doers there. YOur f*cking and sh*iting there will kill them all. Anwar will give you a huge reward once PR forms the govt and he becomes the PM.

  30. Good work Ktemoc! Never let people like "monsterball", "monsterbaby" etc discourage you.

    Regardless of whether 6 years ago or 12 years ago, a leopard never change its skin.

    Tat wakaka guy is a real hypocrite!


  31. Monsterball kena hentam dari anon.Bila monsterbaby dan monstermom datang rescue "DADDY".

  32. Freedom fighter monsterball going to Rocky bru's blog to clean Umno b supporters away.Hehehe.

  33. Monsterball still asleep lah.How to clean rocky bru's blog when monster is still sleeping.

  34. Go Monster go! Go to Rockybru to show your stock and your salt.

    Freedom fighters needed there. Go to the lion den and reap the accolades of being a monster slayer or a reformist.

    A match made in Heaven: Most successful political blogger against most vulgar politcal commentator.

  35. The master of all frogs is Lim Kit Siang who jumped from the P A P to the D A P in 1965. Who founded the D A P? None other than the two-headed snake and future President of Singapore, C V Devan Nair, who never left the P A P, of course, but created another party in another country out of sheer convenience. Let's not forget the master frog who remained in Malaysia: Lim the Father. The history of frogology in Malaysia began with Him, Father of Guan Eng, and everything else pales in comparison. Lim the Father's frogology is more energetic and athletic than anything achieved in the subsequent history of frogology in Malaysia: he practically jumped from a party in one country to another party in another country. Even Ibrahim Ali, the disgusting Kelate frog, cannot achieve what Lim the Father has achieved!

  36. hi you idiots..I DO comment there.
    I need not show this or show that to you all bloody show dogs ..showing off...great BN balls carriers anything.
    What a great morning to start responding like this.

  37. hahahahahahaha..."master of Lim kit Siang"...."anti-frog" said....and not one MCA or UMNO b politician said that...except him...hahahahaha
    No doubt ...BN do have samsengs and idiots.

  38. Anon 8.04AM..all BN supporters are praising you ...maybe one...inti many..who knows...all faceless and nameless...except..."anti-frog".
    It seems you all are so need to kind under your mother's sarong to talk big and brave.
    Keep looking at your nick...and feel proud to talk that way.
    You want to fuck someone least be like "anti-frog"..with a nick..if not a face.
    Somehow ...when I talk CORRUPTIONS to teach someone...out come divert attention.
    By the way...monsterball family not interested to dominate this blog. Don't be too smart to talk like that.
    We are here to DEFEND Anwar..and PR politicians....for Penang and DAP.

  39. Monster is getting antsy.Getting hot in a cool morning.Hitting out at anons.Which anon is monster screaming at.Maybe in Rocku Bru's blog many more umno b supporters to f..k off.hehehehahaha.

  40. I wonder when trouble starts...where will all this ANONS hide besides their mother's sarongs?
    Ktemoc need not hide..enjoying the firework he helped to build.
    Yes...all are pressing for 13th GE and the signs are that Najib will delay and delay.
    Provocations...insults are now focusing on PR politicians....since trying so on Christians {using religion} race and PR personalities....all with the same aim...telling all Malaysians... fights and disrupting for the whole country...will come..if BN looses the 13th GE....or...a fire to burn so big...not easy to put out...thus Emergency Rule must take over.
    Such are the signs seen day in day out right now.
    I hope some love ones from these ANONS get hurt or their houses get burnt off......and then maybe they will learn something....that May 13th 1969 riots was caused by none other than UMNO b loosing so many seats to DAP.
    1969 up to now..always blaming others.always fooling Malaysians.
    These UMNO b mentalities and behaviors have never change.
    It has upgrade to be better hypocrites and devilish people.
    Greedy for money.. have consumed them.
    Namesake Muslims....but are real devils in human seen so clear...Mahathir ..the devil ....leading all UMNO b members to hell.
    Time and time again ...history repeats itself...and this's cleaning up Malaysia with millions dying for no reasons.
    Enjoy your fun insulting me.
    You have years to regret it....that is presuming you have a heart and a good brain.

  41. KTemoc held a kangaroo court where, acting as prosecutor and judge, the unnamed accused, which, of course, is patently clear, is someone whose name begins with 'A', was found guilty.

    But, wait a minute, isn't it fair that the accused should be provided access to a defense attorney? And if he did, what would the defense be?

    Firstly, consideration should be given that there may be extenuating factors for the accused to act in the way he did. The decision to break up the meeting may have come from his boss, the Great Maha, who may have given the order to the accused to carry it out.

    This means the accused had to do so otherwise he may suffer loss of esteem in his boss's eyes and may even find his job security threatened.

    Another possible reason the accused could not decline the task is that he saw this as a test of his mettle by his boss, an assessment of his professional competence.

    His boss, cunningly as always, found an excuse to go overseas so that if anything went wrong he would escape any blame.

    As for the accused's remark: "Our mission was to stop the conference and we did just that" - if one were to look at it impartially, it's just a bland statement of fact although admittedly those words can easily arouse a subjective emotional response in the reader who could find it sounding boastful and arrogant.

    That, definitely, is a faux pas on the part of the accused. He could have burnished his standing by giving a more diplomatic and statesmanly response, such as saying that the meeting had not been officially approved and therefore could not be allowed to proceed, but it was regrettable that during that emotionally charged situation things had somehow gotten out of hand, and that, therefore, in future both parties should proceed with caution, treat each other civilly and with respect, and most of all to keep emotions in check. Saying that would have made the accused stand out smelling like roses or at least odorless.

  42. Ktemoc needs his daily punching bag...otherwise he will go gaga and climb up walls etc.

    One thing I'm pretty sure...none of the Anti-Anwar Anons here have even an itsy-bitsy of the guts and grit that Anwar Ibrahim has shown in the fight for a more balanced political system in Malaysia.

    That's why DAP and PAS leaders stand side by side with Anwar.
    They aren't just "tolerating" him as some claim.

  43. Fuck all the traitors is the best.
    No need be civil minded with gangsters and thieves.
    Street Fighters ...People Power are in control..not the wise ones.
    They understand more than you think how to be civil and respect others.
    But right's TRAITORS Vs PATRIOTS...and Ktemoc the cheerleader for enjoying his fun.
    We must not disappoint him.
    Who are not civil minded in real life....out there in the streets?
    Inspired by Mahatma Gandhi...disobedience without violence are practiced everywhere by Malaysians ...waitnng for 13th GE.
    Why Najib got balls to say what he mean and mean what he says.
    He is looking for an excuse not ti have 12th GE...and you think be civil minded can get him keep his promises?

  44. Talk about political violence...
    Has Anwar Ibrahim beaten up anybody in the last 10 years ?
    Has he ordered anyone to be beaten up in the last 10 years ?

    I'm all ears -

    But I only accept quotable sources, mind you, not airy-fairy bullshit sourced from Mars...

  45. Few typing errors in my 12.40PM.
    I hope all understand...especially 13th GE..not 12th.

  46. Baby take over..I rest.
    She has an art to insult and put out facts...I am enjoying.
    This is not DOMINATING the blog.
    This is battling and arguing....and Buttercup better keep quiet.
    Her balls carrying me tactic..SUCKS!
    Next she may say...I am her more KT.
    Luckily...Buttercup is really a half past six product made by Mahathir.
    hi..score keeper!!...are you still keeping scores a clown?
    Bye monsterbaby...see U in few hours time.

  47. Dudes, can you see the hilarious situation here. It's like Monsterball and family having a feast of Mee Sedap and rambling about others who are not at their dining table.
    Like a punch in the wind. Like a fly swatter which misses the fly. Swish, only air and his fart.
    All under the good patronage of Ktemoc. He should go again to Rocky's blog who allows differing opinions.
    But The Ball will be bashed right, left and centre by his fans.
    If he goes to LKS's blog, the DAP supporters will be ashamed that such a shallow man is one of them.
    They can do without supporters like him. Sokong membawa rebah.
    Translation: Support which contributes to downfall.
    Go to Anwar's blog, Ball. You will help him speed up his journey to Never-Never land.

    P.S. Can't understand why you are hot and bothered when this posting is all about UMNO's presumed chicanery.

  48. anti-frog,

    when Tunku expelled Singapore from Malaysia, the PAP was no longer legal as it was LKY's party, in essence a foreign party after teh split up.

    Hence in 1965, after Sing left, those Malaysians who were in PAP decided to form a Malaysian social-democratic party, naming it DAP. Thus Lim KS was not a frog but in fact a pioneering member of DAP.

    Furthermore he could not be a frog for the simple reason PAP and DAP did not exist at the same time; in fact it was a cleaner & clearer change than UMNO and UMNO Baru (or you can call Mahathir a frog as well), or UMNO and PKR wakakaka.

  49. Mahateh-O,

    Wakakaka, how you've shot your anwarista foot in your reply.

    If as you asserted, there might have been extenuating factors for the accused to act in the way he did, such as the accused had to do so otherwise he may suffer loss of esteem in his boss's eyes and may even find his job security threatened.

    So, I ask you, where is the brave reformer you people have been boasting he was/is? I tell you where - enjoying his UMNO privileges and trappings so much he dared not lose it, wakakaka.

    Then there was your “Another possible reason the accused could not decline the task is that he saw this as a test of his mettle by his boss, an assessment of his professional competence”.

    Professional competence? In bashing up a human rights convention? Wakakaka.

    Again it supports what I have been saying all along, there’s no such animal as a reformer in your UMNO beast (yes, he is UMNO through and through) - deformasi yes, but reformasi, my bloody foot, ptui.

    As usual, as always, as to be expected, it’s all about his own deformasi self interests.

    And that Saifuddin Nasution, in completely omitting his icon's name in the statement provided to the court, an icon who was not a nobody but the acting PM during the incident, the boaster of the violence perpetrated on Apcet, shows how PKR people have not been honest even as a sworn witness in a court of law, so how much more as a politician?

  50. Monsterball,
    Thought you have gone over to Rockybru to perform your freedom liberating act? Still squatting under kaytee's sarung mumbling and grunting?

    Complaining about the bad smell but still so thick skinned entrenched here.

  51. Immediately I leave...out come Buttercup trying to lure me to talk.
    And that football kicker...trying so hard to make to talk at Rocky's blog...which obviously has many many regular visitors...including we.
    All lousy fishermen.

  52. I mean many regular visitors left Rocky blog now.
    I can sense....political bloggers will loose it's shine as 13th GE getting nearer.
    Voters have made up their minds.
    ball kicker..real disappointed...all result.

  53. Going going gone again...Buttercup...RELAXING..jealous tak?

  54. Ball,
    The reason you are not going to rockybru is a result of having been insulted and assaulted there.

    From a small ball got puffed up into a swollenball, all blue and black. Only mouth in working condition, non-stop blaring... Dont forget to take your medication and nurse your injuries under other's sarung hospitality.

    When you recovered... be grateful!

  55. Anwar Ibrahim's blog, as well as Lim Kit Siang's comments section are kind of boring - mostly fellow PR supporters.

    Rockybru's blog comments section is makes me feel like puking....full of grovelling UMNO/BN idiots.

    Ktemoc's blog comments were likewise deteriorating into a somnolent Anti-Anwar groupthink....until monsterball started livening it up....

    Time to boogie !

  56. Mahateh-O,
    Have the courage of your believes, and don't let Ktemoc bully you with his Closed and 1-track mind.

  57. Ball kicker claims to be a doctor....takes his medicine get cured be grateful.
    I wonder how many kind of balls he is familiar with and can kick.
    Somehow...the trademarks of shameless faceless toads from UMNO b. are distinctly recognizable...and their arrogance and bragging are like circus clowns.
    Just listened to Anwar's latest speech in Kuantan....betul....hentam tetap hentam...even mamak... not spared now.

  58. Mahateh-O...Take heed.. monsterbaby advises.
    We will back you up...if anyone try to be funny with you.
    Please speak more...for your comment gets Kt's attention....means something.

  59. Yes...LKS blog is boring. BN guys dare not comment to battle us.
    Rockybru blog is boring because so many freedom fighters battling there got no good responds.....all talk like ball kicker...take medicine ..this and grateful.
    Ktemoc's blog...dying...boring but keep insulting ONE MAN and one man only...Anwar Ibrahim...getting one racist... a Najib's paid Buttercup so excited....keep belittling Anwar...and that's where..the fun Baby and me can to enjoy their puppets shows...needling them to perform.
    Now they try same thing onto me...needling me....but it's always..insults and take medicine
    Even put out few more look like many....but actually from one or two.
    Which one do we choose to have fun?
    You all know which one.
    How else can this blog score more that 100 comment in few posts...if there is no fun.
    While Baby and I are enjoying...and hope few more join us...these pro BN toads are getting very angry.
    I also get angry.
    Anger against anger....and monsterball still put out long comments...what about BN toads?...must consult..think and think..then out come a comment.
    Brain too slow... not so good.

  60. LKS and Anwar blogs are boring because "ball kicker" and Buttercuo have no balls to comment there.
    They want to dominate this miserably.. and say..Monsterball family is dominating.
    We don't dominate.
    We speak till 13th GE comes..sort of you advertize...we advertize and see who win.
    They offer us medicine.
    Baby offer them serious respond.
    I offer them futs and balls to smell and play with.
    OK...enough again.

  61. Hey Ball

    You keep on saying rest, rest, rest. Yet here you are again.
    Go to sleep NOW. You need it or your old hear can't stand the strain. Can die soon. Mahathir will outlive you.
    Where can Anwar get the one vote from?
    Get a life, lor Ball. If you got nowhere to go (no money) or nothing to do (illiterate to read books or watch TV), shave your armpit or wherever that's bushy.
    Or you will end up a curly, whorly, wooly, woozy ball.

  62. Buttercup,be nice to monsterball or I will be very nasty to you.You know what I meant.I will sit on your face until you turned purple if you continue to be rude to monster.

  63. Ball, your Mrs just told me she doesn't like to sleep near you. So, that's why you cannot go to bed.
    Here's something to keep you awake the whole night.
    Did you suspect the unseen hands of your idol leader meddling in the Kedah MB affairs?
    But the MB triumph over him. Syabas Datuk Azizan for being brave and stickng to your ways.
    Your leader is peeved with Azizan being friendly to UMNO and supporting UMNO's Auku proposal, among others.
    Only Fakhrolrazi and the Ismail fell into the trap and quit their Exco post. Clever Azizan just drop them and appoint the other Excos to take over the duo's portfolio.
    And now shameless Fakh fella wants to come back as Exco. And with conditions. Hahaha.
    Another story - that Us Stud who was caught khalwat went to town as though he was beaten up by the police duing questioning.
    And the police said it was the hubby who beat him when he brought the religious officials to nab him at the hotel.
    I will also beat him up if he plays wth my wifey.
    And what is so laughable, that Us Stud putting on a show of lovey-dovey like holding the second wife's arms when they went to the Pahang Religious office.
    So like his Imam Mahadi boss who is also holding hands with the wifey whenever he makes his grand entrance in court. Even embrace the wife when he was acquitted.
    Is that a new brand of Keadilan leaders to play-play and then man-man-lai the Mrs? Hypocrite yeah?

  64. hahahahahaha...At last monstermom came and Buttercup is so confused...COMPLETELY change subject..uttering a load of shit stuffs.

  65. Buttercup says I will end up a whorly wooly woozy ball.
    She is now an itsie ..bitsie .. teenie ..weenie cuppie ...shiverie he/she.
    Tonight she will have nightmare a big fat yellow mama san pin her down in a wrestling match...cannot breathe...surrendering..asking for help.
    I laugh till my stomach ache ...oh.

  66. KTemoc: "So, I ask you, where is the brave reformer you people have been boasting he was/is?"

    Rebuttal: The subject's bravery is not the topic under discussion here. Moreover, where in my comment did I "boast" that the subject was/is a brave reformer? You are putting words in my mouth. So, Wakakaka, as you would put it!

    KTemoc: "Professional competence? In bashing up a human rights convention? Wakakaka"

    Rebuttal: The assignment was - Prevent the Convention from taking place. So the subject's competency assessment is based on whether he was able to do that per se. Here we are not talking about the method used to achieve that end. That will be a different debate. Having said that, the way his flunkeys went about doing it was indisputably deplorable and indefensible. Your statement seems to suggest that I approve of their behaviour. No, I most certainly do not. Here again you made a wrong assumption of me.

    KTemoc: Wakakaka, how you've shot your anwarista foot in your reply.

    Rebuttal: Uh huh ... yet another wrong assumption on your part labelling me an anwarista. Nope, I ain't one.

    "Then why are you defending him?" you ask.

    The answer is, I am not so much defending him than having some fun purely arguing with you, hehehe. Nope, don't hare off again and assume that I hate you. The truth of the matter is, I have too much free time on my hands and decided to entertain myself engaging in a verbal joust with you. ;-)

    And to sum up? You are definitely a formidable opponent, and I've been entertained and amused!

  67. Hi there, Monsterbaby and Monsterball, good evening ... or rather more accurately, Good morning, in view of the time now! ;-)

    Well, thanks for your kind words. Actually, I'm not having a fight with KTemoc. As I said in my reply to him, above, I was merely entertaining myself and having some fun. No hard or hurt feelings there, I'm sure.

    Monsterball, do you know that you and I have "talked" to each other before here on KTemoc's blog? In another life, in another time - I was also called Rover! hahaha It's nice to talk to you again!

    I'm shutting down now.
    Good night.

  68. ROVER!!...My dear friend!
    Yes..I remember you very well.
    Keep entertaining yourself.
    Ktemoc is doing same...why not us?

  69. Good night also from Monstermom and Monstergirl.....I am sure.
    Monsterboy..also said "nighty uncle" to you.
    We are family.

  70. Ball

    Even Bruno has ditched you. He is fed-up with your babbling. Wakaka. He is now in Rocky's and other blogs. Go join him.
    Now you are bringing in Monstermom, Monstergirl and Monsterboy. Ahoy, bring on Monsterdad, Monstersis, Monsterbro, Monster grand-pa, Monstergrand-ma and the whole clan.
    Need the numbers to fight me, yeah loser.
    Can't you be like Mahateh-0 who can argue with wisdom and wit.

  71. Rover...nice to meet you again.
    Yes, your initial post was obviously not meant to be an argument.
    However, I could see Ktemoc immediately seized on you as an Anwarista, and as usual in such cases, when straight for the Jugular.

    Typical of his closed mind whenever it touches on The Devil @ Malaysian Lucifer @ Anwar Ibrahim...

    You have made an excellent response.
    Hope to see you sometime soon....

  72. Talking about violence, another favourite Ktemoc topic.

    The UN says over 5,000 Palestinians have been killed since year 2000 from Palestinian-Israeli conflicts.

    In one year, the Syrian regime has killed 7,500 civilians..also according to the UN.

    Apparently Ktemoc is OK with Arab inflicted violence against civilians...

    I'm not Pro- anybody in the Middle East, just ponting out some perceived hypocricy...

  73. Don't get too worked up about the "Solar-Powered" Hasan Ali.

    As this photo shows, his cross-country roadshows are very well attended indeed.

  74. "F..k all the traitors is the best.
    No need be civil minded with gangsters and thieves.
    Street Fighters ...People Power are in control..not the wise ones.
    They understand more than you think how to be civil and respect others.
    But right's TRAITORS Vs PATRIOTS...and Ktemoc the cheerleader for enjoying his fun.
    We must not disappoint him.
    Who are not civil minded in real life....out there in the streets?
    Inspired by Mahatma Gandhi...disobedience without violence are practiced everywhere by Malaysians ...waitnng for 13th GE.

    The above is an excerpt of monsterball's 12.40 comment. What exactly is your gist? Be civil minded or not to be civil minded? To practise violence or non violence?

    Everything in conflict, self -contradiction is definitely hypocrisy!

    Think before you shoot. What is the point of posting most comments when it is of little value and sprinkled with vulgarity?

  75. My comments have values and gain votes for PR.
    If not why ball kicker keep following me all the time? my lips....FUCK all the traitors.
    People Power is on the roll.
    What can you UMNO b chicko do?

  76. Ball kicker is Buttercup's alter ego..

  77. buddy for life is not ditching idiot of the highest order.
    He is reading and reading laughing.
    You know..Bruno is a man of few words..but I am sick of having such a buddy too...which I have reduced to him as a friendly selfish harmless neighbor.with one mind...FUCK BN out in 13th GE.

  78. Yes Baby....Buttercup has studied bomohrism like Najib..can change and twist in a matter of seconds.
    However Buttercup's cup is destined to service others like Saiful....that's his/her khamah.

  79. Buttercup is mad at like getting close to HER.
    I am her hero in her dreams.....HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  80. ROVER aka Mahateh-O caught Kt by the balls.
    Keep it up posting as "Mahateh-O" a nick that will get Buttercup change to ball kicker more often to scratch my back with her throwing pebbles at pebbles massage...invented by our ever inventive Malaysians.

  81. Talk talk talk big when I am away..this Buttercup and her speaking cup ...useless braggart ball kicker...cannot score goals at all.
    I come back...all run away.
    They are like rats...can smell the cat is and hide.

  82. monster,

    Your comments are invaluabe in driving away votes from PR. It is a nightmare for PR to have a dumbhead to jeopardise their efforts in gaining more votes. You are indeed a blessing in disguise for BN. Example: you are in the block of Jessie Ooi.

  83. What a glorious afternoon!
    Good afternoon Ktemos from Malaysia...and to all I love and cherish...good afternoon to all of you too.
    To Buttercup and ball kicker...both of you can FUCK OFF...while I am back.
    Bad mouth man like me... better than good mouth UMNO b rats anytime.
    My heart is pure. Their hearts are black.
    My mind is wide open. Their minds..half close.
    I am a free man. They are robots to Najib.

  84. ball kicker keep trying new style of twisting or is he a NUT?
    Useless to reply to his comment...kept repeating and repeating.
    Why is he so concern I am chasing voters out from PR to BN....when Anwar and Lim Kit Siang are so friendly with me...recognizing me a vote getter?
    Is this a way ball kicker thinks he can get votes?
    OK la...ball my lips again....FUCK ball carrier of a corrupted government!!

  85. Soon he will turn to be a doctor...feed me with medicine ...I get well and be grateful to him.
    Go read all his comments.
    i fuck him...he feed me with medicine..and Buttercup tells me to cool down or else Mahathir will out live me.
    I am sure the hantus love to see me dead and so I die for sure......for life is uncertain...death is certain.
    However don't Buttercup aka ball kicker konck out sooner than me...becoming the good die sad.

  86. aiyoyo! old man getting nasty... forget to take something?

    Exposing his weakness, he blew his top. No good for your health...even ball got swollen,..eyes red and bulging. Remember to take BP.

    Let you cool down... got to cari makan. Be a good boy n see u later!

  87. That's typical tokio-rain changed to ball kicker.
    Come as tokio-rain...real shameful...don't know why the rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain. ass ball many ball games are there them..and who invented football..blowing games?
    Cannot shame yourself with this nick too.
    Change it again.

  88. See like rats...come out..few away...saying nak cari makan.
    hat he mean is boss is to switch off internet and put out company surf here and there looking seriously working.
    PR takes over..these are our future road side sweepers really cari makan with public watching them every minute.

  89. "forget to take something" ball kicker said.
    From medicine to "something"...shy to say medicine.
    BALL KICKER!! about ball games with me...since you cannot talk about rain ass tokio-rain.
    Enjoy Monsterbaby advised m.

  90. ball,
    Better now, after rest?

    Relax-lah sikit... no more F-words ... telinga also not that sakit. Comment at least more moderate now although so so only.

    Continue like this,good boy. Ok?

  91. Bowling....Football...Basketball... name a few....hi.."ball kicker" who invented them?
    The answer to tokio-rain is...Lerner & Loewe said the rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain.
    Now changed to "Ball Kicker"...I will keep talking balls to him.
    Soon he will change"Monsterball Kicker"...then I let ..monstermom ..pinned him down...monsterbaby.. and monstergirl...giggling and laughing...while Monsterboy...kick his ass blue black.
    Smart ass trying to say I chase PR voters away....I will chase more and see whose voters run away from who and which party.

  92. hi ball...who invented those ball games?
    Don't talk cock.
    Talk intelligent stuffs.

  93. Idiot call an old man ..a
    "good boy".
    That's UMNO b good english...manners ..brain and style to win votes.

  94. ball kicker..lets talk balls.
    Answer me...who invented those ball games?
    All commentator and visitors are waiting for your respond.
    They want to know and learn.
    Show your intelligence la.

  95. 'Better now..after rest?"...question mark.
    Simple thing..also not sure.
    A young hantu he is...
    BALL GAMES la...give answers for all to young stupid fut..calling an old man..."boy"
    In real are known as a NUT case.
    But then....Buttercup is quite an actress mamak....crying.

  96. Where got and run.
    Come back..
    " ah better foul word"
    That's if he is doctor doing house calls...checking his patients...tak tau malu.
    No wonder he never looses his bloody shameless thick skin..and an idiot too.

  97. monster,
    Getting better and better now! Asking to talk more serious stuffs now? No more dirty language, apek?

    This old man can be as lovable as litle good boy if they chose to be.

    Maintain good demeanor and i send you 1 toy ball to play with.

  98. Don't beat around the bush idiot.
    Answer me on ball games.
    Don't know....SHUT THE FUCK UP!!
    PS: I am sure ball kicker thinks he has made me angry and I lost my cool. I enjoy fucking him up..period.

  99. One style moment "apek" next moment.."little good boy"
    Who do you think ..needs shrink?.
    It's balless tokio-rain..talking.
    Ball many times do I need to ask you who invented those ball games?

  100. Do you need Monstermom to squeeze your balls to talk ball games?
    Once she squeezes sure faint or run away seeing her coming.
    That's how a great ball kicker you are.
    Who are you trying to fool..tokio-rain?

  101. OK....another 100 comment post..signing off.
    That ball kicker is bloody useless UMNO b balls licker.

  102. First my apologies to KT for using this avenue to talk unrelated and trivial matters.

    If you think that my actions are inappropriate, please voice out so that I will stay in line with your house rules.

    Regarding my exchanges with the infamous Ball, I will try my best to engage with him civilly and if possible show him the light. Some hypocrites are beyond redemption and some are salvageable. For their own good, we hope they can revert to the correct path.

    As i see that he is more stable now, I will comment less lest i will be a nuisance.

  103. What a great self appointed Arm Chair Critic...he has become.
    The correct the vote UMNO B government OUT!!
    Another idiot keep avoiding my questions...yet have a nick call "ball kicker"

  104. WOW!!...a miracle worker too!!
    I am salvageable lost soul...hahahahahahaha
    Apologize first to Kt..that keep talking cock.

  105. BALL KICKER!!..Who invented those ball games?