Monday, February 26, 2007

UMNO surat layang = early elections

If I am forced ;-) to point out an UMNO person that I can respect for doing his parliamentary job reasonably well, I would pick Johor Baru MP Shahrir Abdul Samad.

He was the bloke who had the decency, guts and conscientious parliamentary responsibility to stand up and be counted against the notorious Cyclops in the Monkey House of Malaysia. The Cyclops was the man who told Malaysian Customs to ‘close one eye’ to one of his import ‘activities’.

Cyclops was also the so-called parliamentarian who shamelessly made a shocking stupid scandalous shameless sickening scuzzy sexist sexual innuendo to a lady (DAP) parliamentarian, but then, he showed he's a sick sleazy scumbag. I also posted that in Monkey Business in Big Monkey House, in which I wrote:

I also discussed that Cyclops averred many of our local performers and dancers of the National Culture and Heritage Academy were ‘soft’, and demanded the academy address the issue.

A Rocket lady then
objected: “No matter if the performers are hard or soft, fat or slim, pretty or ugly, they deserve basic respect.”

In an unmitigated sexual innuendo, Cyclops asked the lady: “I understand what you mean, but you like hard or soft?”

Just to remind everyone, Cyclops' obscene allusion was stated in the Big Monkey House. Look, I couldn't possibly use another term to describe the place, given Cyclops' unruly behaviour.

Most senior Rocket Man said Cyclops had no moral authority to be in the so-called august place as he had brought shame to that place. But the one-eye simian is still allowed to continue his monkey business, hence it's only appropriate I refer to his antics as monkeying in the Big Monkey House.

So until the Big Monkey House purges itself of monkeys, apes, gorillas and baboons, especially the one-eyed specie, it shall have to accept it's one Big Monkey House.

But in truth, even real monkeys know about shame, hence I apologise to the real monkeys.

Well, now you know where the Monkey House was/is. It’s where the ruling pack of apes makes monkeys either out of the hallowed institution or of us (the gullible masochistic voters), by their monkey business including their shameless tribal protection of Cyclops.

As a result of Shahrir Abdul Samad admirable stand for parliamentary propriety, in supporting Lim Kit Siang’s motion to refer Cyclops to the Parliamentary Committee on Privileges, he was slapped down by his own party and lost his appointment as the chairman of the parliamentary backbenchers club (yes, he resigned, but his resignation was accepted by UMNO leaders with disgraceful alacrity).

So what’s the latest on Shahrir Abdul Samad?

Well, it seems ‘someone’ (singular or plural) whispered he was married to Robert Kuok’s daughter. Shahrir believed that nonsense could have been passed around because he (Shahrir) was outspoken on controversial issues.

He said Kuok has no daughter (what? blast!) and that should hopefully dispel the rumours his wife is related to Malaysia's richest man Tan Sri Robert Kuok.

He spoke at a Johor Baru Umno forum on education:
"Many people think that a politician who makes a lot of noise must be very rich, and that I, because I may have about 10 per cent of the Kuok fortune which is about RM2 billion to RM3 billion, I can afford to say anything that I like."

"I have a Chinese wife but she is from Ipoh, not from Johor. I am not at all related to him (Robert Kuok). I didn't marry his daughter, I didn't marry his niece and I didn't marry any Kuok. These are all rumours."

Looks like the infamous UMNO’s surat layang (political poison pen) has taken off again – election must be very near and party pre-selection is approaching.


  1. As you say, the party preselection is approaching. But it would be a sad day if Shahrir Abdul Samad is eliminated from standing as a candidate in the G.E. by UMNO's "Wheel of Fortune" (preselection) instead of by the electorate.

  2. Datuk Shahrir will stand as an independent if UMNO does not wants him and still Shahrir will win by the biggest majority in the election!

    Hidup Shahrir Samad!

    Shahrir Samad for PM!

  3. Just to prove that Shahrir is definitely not married to Robert Kuok's daughter,he doesn't know that in fact Robert Kuok has several daughters, one of whom, Suraya, is now married to Tan Sri Rashid Hussein.

  4. thank you thank you, bless you for the good news, maybe there's a god afterall, maybe I might even join the Kuok family ;-)

  5. Hey hey! Ask Robert Kuok to adopt me if he wants more daughters XD