Thursday, February 22, 2007

Some politicians have only sex on their minds

Most bloggers, and probably most Malaysians, are bemused by the constant harping by some politicians on issues of sex – whether it’s about:

(1) some bizarre suggestions to prevent sex crimes like the use of chastity belts, and PAS’ current proposal to train women to be martial artists, or

(2) blaming women for being responsible for arousing men (eg. lipstick, perfume, gatal divorcees, dressing, gyrating Indonesian singer), or

(3) snoop squads, raids on elderly American tourists, nightclubs a la Zuok

As readers to my posting Mat Skoding - bounty hunters for gatal females commented, there are so many far more pressing and important issues to deal with, like injustice, poverty, corruption, social division, economy, education, natural disasters, the frightening threat of HIV-AIDS, just to name a few.

I am not sure whether it’s due to those politicians’ limited range and appreciation of political issues or sheer obsession with the sexual nature of society. One reader even suspects they (the pollies) have grubby sex on their own minds all the time.

Those pollies use religion as the overhead authority for their narrow-minded obsession when religious teachings have been far far far more embracing than just focusing on the some parts of the human anatomy.

But they leave us with faint hope of good political leadership, especially when their perennial 'victims', the targets of their bizarre policies, would usually be women.


  1. yoz ktemoc ~ rock on dude..

    ya lar, to quote wong chun wai, this "sex obsession" has to stop and is really symptomatic of a greater rot due to sexual repression.

    i mean things are so bad in kelantan that i've read that youth actually go to the hutan belukar to have group orgies.

    this kind of police state mentality has to stop and citizens in a democracy are ADULTS. let people think for themselves.

    i think human nature is such that what u can't get, your mind will work overtime to get EVEN MORE.

    great alliteration by the way :D

  2. I would like to advice the snickering lot, whether they are politicians, religious zealots or just plain louts to sit down at dinner tonight and put forward their suggestions, pros and cons, to thier wives, daughters, mothers about the chastity belt furor. Maybe even have a fashion parade to wet your appetite. Call me, I could give some insight to locking up pussy. Meow, meow!!!

  3. laimun,
    Have to be fair abit, must also find ways to lock up Willies and Dickies. Bowowowow