Thursday, November 08, 2018

Julau, Sarawak (2) - What a Cat fight

 Dökkálfar Dwarfs

The Dökkálfar Dwarfs are screaming, screeching and shrieking for a postponement to the PKR party elections at its Julau division in Sarawak. The election is principally to vote for the future party deputy presidency.

They wail, whine and whinge about probable party stacking where the division membership allegedly grew overnight from 603 to 13,000, with most seemingly in the camp of the Pandan Cats, wakakaka.

A dwarf has reported on the suspicion to the MACC which surprisingly took immediate action for what is nothing more than a political party's internal poll. But the MACC has now revealed (or revised) its new objective, to wit, to investigate on reported vote-buying. Strangely, neither the EC nor RoS, but only MACC has moved to probe the allegations. One must ask why the MACC has been so unusually quick off the mark?

But PKR sec-gen Saifuddin Nasution retorted there has been no cover up or illegal increase in the number of members in Julau. He referred to an earlier party circular sent from his office in June which showed that the purported small number of Julau membership had mistakes, and that a second circular with the correct membership numbers had already been emailed to party leaders.

Needless to say, some of those party leaders weren't at all pleased, wakakaka. The Julau party polls and the re-election in Sabah will likely have adverse consequences for the Dwarfs. Mind, the Dökkálfar Dwarfs haven't been exactly angels, au contraire, wakakaka.

To pound down the last nail in someone's political coffin, DPM and former party president Wan Azizah riposted to Latheefa Koya's outcry of her (Wan Azizah's) unseemly visit to Julau, that her visit to that town last Saturday had been long-planned and had nothing to do with the PKR elections, wakakaka.

yeah, right! 

Wan Azizah said she was not involved at all in the party elections this time. Of course not, wakakaka.

 above - Dökkálfar Dwarfs (photo not showing Latheefa Koya)

below - Pandan Cats (photo not showing Nik Nazmi, Nurul Izzah and Princess Iron Fan)

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  1. There was a lot of alleged hanky panky in Penang and Kedah , so I think the other side decided both sides can play the hanky-panky game eakakakaka...

    All in all, I am more distrustful of Azmin, as his deeper intention is not in PKR's interest, and also not in the nation's interests.

  2. Wakakakakakaka

    A PKR party election has now turned out to be a proxy battle between DSAI and TDM theru their surrogates.

    So why are non-PKR menbers taking sides if not to stir the boiling cauldron in hopes of PKR break up?

    And poor LKS and LGE can only look helpless when 2 Goliaths fight for the future of their dynastic and family Empire.

    Sarawak/Sabah are the States where only those with Money or RM can survive the politics. Voters are just plain dumb and vote whoever feed them with dedak.

    So, Iron Fan lady suddenly do not appear to be docile or just warming the seat. When it involves her hubby future, she dons the armour and enter the battle.