Monday, November 05, 2018

Has Anwar Ibrahim missed the boat? - Anwar: Is he too late now?:


On the surface, Mahathir and Anwar appear to be in very good terms although there are few interactions between them, save for the election campaign in Port Dickson.

But below the surface, an undercurrent is taking shape, culminating in the ship-jumping of former Umno minister Mustapa Mohamed to PPBM.

Mahathir's strategy is getting increasingly obvious: his party wants to absorb majority of Umno's MPs.

The door is now wide open, ready to welcome more Umno reps. Of course, for window-dressing purposes, Mahathir has vowed that corrupt Umno leaders will not be accepted.

But who are those "corrupt" leaders? The criteria are very much in the head of Mahathir himself.

So far three Umno leaders have been hauled to the court, namely Najib Razak, Ahmad Zahid and Baling MP Abdul Azeez, who are of course outside Mahathir's list.

Mukhriz has said four will not be allowed to join PPBM: the charged trio plus former tourism minister Mohamed Nazri.

Nazri's inclusion in the list doesn't seem to have much to do with corruption, but he has always been among Umno's harshest critics of Mahathir. In addition, he maintains a good relationship with Anwar, and once said he would campaign for Anwar in PD.

Meanwhile, Khairy Jamaluddin and Tengku Razaleigh don't seem to like Mahathir that much, and are not interested to join his party.

screwed by Maddy in 1988

10 years later it'd be Anwar's turn 

If we take away also Tengku Adnan and Tajuddin Abdul Rahman suffering from bad reputation, there are indeed 40 other Umno reps who may be accepted into PPBM.

The Prime Minister Office media and communications advisor Kadir Jasin has said 40 Umno MPs are prepared to cross over to PPBM, and Muhyiddin also says several Umno reps have met him over possibility of joining his party.

If things work out well, PPBM's seats will swell from the current 14 to 54!

Some may wonder whether there are really 40 Umno MPs defecting to PPBM, and Umno source says Kadir Jasin's claim is just a form of psychological warfare meant to undermine the morale of Umno.

This probability nevertheless cannot be ruled out. Mahathir never fails, especially when all the powers are in his hands.

Mahathir says more people will be charged in the court, and this is already sending chills down the spine of many Umno leaders who claim the Anti-Money Laundering Act (AMLA) is not less powerful than the ISA of yesteryear.

Umno's twice postponement of party elections has contravened Section 14 of the Societies Act 1966, and it is likely that the party will be deregistered.

PPBM, a Malay-first component of the ruling coalition, will take over if Umno ceases to exist.

no fundamental difference

both ketuanan, both's policies the root cause of Malaysia's problems 

It is anticipated that Umno's future is indeed bleak. As for PPBM, once it has become the biggest party in the Parliament, it will influence the other Pakatan Harapan components and will easily subdue parties in Sabah and Sarawak.

Mahathir and PPBM will then be able to do what they want, decide when Mahathir should step down and who will take over the baton.

Anwar may not be Mahathir's and PPBM's first choice!

and back again to Hell? 

PD by-election has been Anwar's tactic to turn the tide around, but the duel between them is no more a Marathon but a 100-meter sprint.

Lacking resources coupled with differences within PKR itself, Anwar is obviously the underdog.

Can Anwar turn the tables, or has he missed the boat?

Saturday's PH presidential council meeting will talk about defection of Umno MPs. Unless Anwar can muster enough support to stop the Umno reps, the meteoric rise of PPBM will be unstoppable.


  1. This mysinchew article was written on October 31st, BEFORE the Harapan Presidential Council Meeting on November 3rd, where the party leaders agreed on no mass acceptance of UMNO MPs. Those wanting to join Harapan must have no charges laid against them, resign from UMNO first, become independent MP, go through a painful purgatory, then apply to join, and only then Harapan will consider accepting.

    Superficial wayang ? Well, it's a long movie, let's wait.

    Saturday's PH presidential council meeting will talk about defection of Umno MPs.

  2. Talking about UMNO FROGS, they remind me of the very poisonous species of cane toads, very similar to frogs, native to South and Central America and now invasive in Australia, introduced in the Northern Territories and now spreading uncontrollably and rapidly southwards and causing havoc wherever they are. Harapan better be careful. UMNO members accepted will feed on everything, breed rapidly and spread uncontrollably. Sure to die, like HIV / AIDS.

    The cane toad, also known as the giant toad or marine toad, is a large, terrestrial true toad native to South and mainland Central America, but which has been introduced to various islands throughout Oceania and the Caribbean, as well as Northern Australia. It is the world's largest toad. The cane toad is a prolific breeder; females lay single-clump spawns with thousands of eggs. Its reproductive success is partly because of opportunistic feeding: it has a diet of both dead and living matter.

    The cane toad has poison glands, and the tadpoles are highly toxic to most animals if ingested. Because of its voracious appetite, the cane toad has been introduced to many regions of the Pacific and the Caribbean islands as a method of agricultural pest control. The cane toad is now considered a pest and an invasive species in many of its introduced regions; of particular concern is its toxic skin, which kills many animals, both wild and domesticated. Cane toads are particularly dangerous to dogs.

  3. Interesting that the same so-called "Idealistic" people who condemned Anwar for Impatience and being Power Hungry over the Port Dickson move, have become silent and dumbstruck over Mahathir and Pribumi's obvious impatient and power- hungry move to absorb UMNO frogs.

    The so-called idealist Marian Mokhtar being a high-profile one.

    1. Mariam mokhtar is ok. Motherfucker cheebye kaytee is a fuvking bastard that requires beheading

    2. dei Told you before I did NOT fCk your mother, so stop calling me your motherfucker - I am not your long lost dad

  4. What if:
    Pribumi 54 + Amanah 11 + PKR 48 = 113 seats enough to form Government

    East Malaysian parties will be Government friendly (Warisan)giving a comfortable margin for governing. Mahathir may yet swallow his 'thing' against Anwar if only to crush the Chinese Malaysians...

    DAP will be consigned to Opposition thanks to LGE/LKS hoodwinking the Chinese Malaysians to put all their eggs into THEIR basket...
    I will laugh at all those 94% : Reap what you sow

  5. Funny how PH people kept giving rules only the "clean" ones from UMNO allowed to join PPBM.. At the same time knowing that Madey IS the judge who decides who is corrupt who is not.. Heck all he needs to do is just instruct the MACC,PDRM etc2 to clear them all of suspicion.. And walla.. 40 "clean" MPs joining PPBM.. Haha.. Dap is gonna be made look like a total idiot, very likely to shame the whole chinese malaysian community.. Malays, indians, borneans, Singaporeans, hongkies, taiwanese and China especially is gonna have a damn good hard laugh it seems.. Dats wut u get for picking a fight with ur roots.. Hahaha

    1. Moron!

      But then how to 'educate' a jaguh kampong simpleton to modern Machiavellian moves?

      Precisely bcoz of the 'holds' that mamak has on these 40 umno shipwrecked rats, mamak CAN easily manipulate them to his 'ways' lah. Mamak says jump they wouldn't walk!

      Mamak's next move for the melayu WOULD be ground breaking & will need all the kowtowings he can master.

      Good or bad for bolihland (definitely bad for the ketuanan freaks & zombies) can ONLY be outlined when he is gone!

      Again, wakakakakaka…

      "Dats wut u get for picking a fight with ur roots."

      What a brainless statement for a weakling who cant see further than what MUST be presented clearly on silver plate to his nose tip.

    2. Since you are an UMNO supporter, it must be safe to assume you consider them Clean.
      So.... rather rich of you to be complaining...

    3. CK.. U see knowing madey, it doesnt matter whether malaysia will be secular or not. Those r just systems. Heck even the elites dont give a damn wutever the system is as long as they benefit. Didnt u know that? What matters is his decendants and legacy would control the old/new Malaysia. So again as i said, DAP will be made a total fool in this so called new Malaysia, to be made as the useless weakling in the eyes of the public globally after decades of trying to champion such cause but not being able to handle it when given. Hahaha.

      We all know madey is not long for this world. The end game is simple. Neither UMNO nor DAP nor PKR nor PAS nor Royals will be in rule as non will benefit him. Whatever he is setting is gonna be a Mahathir's Malaysia. A mahathir's system. Kinda like how u see Atarturk, Lenin, Hitler etc2. They may say they're using secularism, communism, nationalism. But really its just simply theirownism. As long as it benefits the elites and their global circles, doesnt matter who sits on the throne. Hence y u see the puppets in MoEco(nations wealth), MinDef(Army), MoHA(security), MoEdu(brainwashing). Have u noticed how Madey made MoF (DAP) announce dumb statements one after another supported by non other the MoMedia (also DAP) hahahaha! Machiavellian enuf for u? Hahahaha!

      Monsterball, no im not with UMNO. Im just waiting for the breaking point where most malaysians will lose everything. And being able to tell some ppl i know. "I told u so" and laugh at their faces. Hahahaha!

      Well its not like u malaysians dont deserve it anyway. Shudve learned not to sow those which u cudnt afford to reap. I guess ppl never learn huh?

    4. Owh and 1 more thing CK, the pick a fight with ur roots thing. Its actually a brilliant move on madeys side.

      U see, if his plan fails, DAP wudnt hv it easy either as China sees this as a big humiliation and treacherous (i mean ur a chinese u know how u r right) and IF DAP succeded in amending ties with china then the malays will see this as a betrayal too for screwing up with them which then will cause an unstable malaysia (this time not just politically) and IF DAP does not amend ties with China, then Malaysia will lose economic benefits in which the malaysian chinese will be pissed. So u happy with Madey Machiavellian moves yet? Do be while u can, coz the path malaysia is in is most probably gonna wipe those smiles off or whatever is left of it. Hahahahaha!

    5. Wakakakakaka……

      1st u SHOULD read

      To set yr otak-cuci-zed understanding of mamak's Machiavellian moves.

      I DONT give a f*ck about the possible legacies of mamak. Events, especially of political nature, ALWAYS have a way to work out to the true tune of 'Man proposes, God disposes'!

      Currently, all I care IS the complete destruction of that long petrified & bigoted umno.

      Mamak is a handy tool & he is determined!

      Bersatu - the reincarnated umno 3.0?

      See lah - w/o mamak, bersatu is just a mixed-bag collection of freshies/incompetents/sycophants from the various hues of the melayu. Nothing will hold it together when mamak's gone due to the various internal sectarian infightings.

      For yr own misguided political & racial 'passion (sama2 macam those of the mom!)', u r obviously thinking that dap is full of idiots.

      Wakakakakaka… eat yr heart out lah - u know NUTS about 'the pick a fight with ur roots thing.'!

      Yr twisted xenophobic thinking is just yr feudalistic indoctrination circling around the theme of sultan-han tuah-han jebat farts of dubious fairy tales to amuse the yr blur-sotongs kindred.

      The Chinese, both the mainlander & the m'sian, r practical to the core. There r some penghianat to the ancestral roots BUT big picture is the guiding view of this masses of people with the same root!

      Can a tempurung dweller like u, with a silo worldview of alifbata, understand BIG picture?

      BTW, u want to know about new M'sia? Read this excellent piece:

      The direct themes r the simplest to understand. The implicit undertones r more difficult to pick. Wakakakakaka… can u?

    6. ck, pragmatism have its limit, this is exactly what happened during najib reign, the causal is none other than the shit left by mahathir. mahathir mission shd have completed as soon as umno defeated. if he really wan to do more, put a proper check n balance system in place to ensure the next pm or coalition that rule have limited power, not to kill off umno n create another one in ppbm with that 40 thieves.

      shuzheng is a revisionist of anything chinese, his interpretation r mostly syok sendirism, u oso.

    7. Yes, pragmatism has a limit that MUST commensurates with the stage of humanistic maturity!

      ie capital punishment is the ONLY meaningful deterrent for irrational, greed induced & ideological serious crime against fellow human being. It's the current limit of pragmatism that is been dictated by the current humanistic level development.

      Thus, pragmatism is a transient phenomenon exhibited by the limit of PD of the humanity at that particular crossing point. Its perception, level & allowance changes as humanity evolves.

      But can u see that?

      Or rather yr definition of pragmatism is forever stagnant within yr own understanding, growing out of yr '小民的智慧 enlightenment'?

      Shushing is a group of sino idealistists. But, that's preciously that single-minded sinological understanding that qualify them to comment on things China/Chinese.


      Not a bit close to yrs!

      But r u clear about that?

      A definite NO!

  6. "But who are those "corrupt" leaders? The criteria are very much in the head of Mahathir himself."

    They said only about 30% to about 35% Malays voted for PH, which means about 70% voted for Umno and Pas. Can we say that about 70% Malays think that Najib is not corrupted ? From all his articles ever since De Dak era, can we also surmise that Ktemoc also thinks, like his Sifu, that Najib is not corrupted ? So in the heads of these people, the criteria for corruption is very much in their heads, very subjective, right ? hehe

    1. You are right about cheebye motherfucker kayter thought about najib though.

      Likr kang youwei......fuck cheebye kaytee is not as calibre as kang

    2. dei Told you before I did NOT fCk your mother, so stop calling me your motherfucker - I am not your long lost dad