Friday, November 09, 2018

Captain speaking: Abandon morals & principles

FMT - Why bother with elections when an affidavit can do the trick? by Clement Stanley:

The political shenanigans that we experienced in Perak after GE12, in Sabah during GE14, and in previous elections held in Sabah since 1967 make one wonder if we should even bother holding general elections in this country.

Elections are supposed to be the avenue for the public to exercise their democratic right.

public to exercise their democratic right? 

M: I was not involved; I never was as I am always clean

H: PM said (words to effect) that there's no good when Chinese (MCA, DAP, SUPP, Gerakan, Dong Jiao Zong, etc) meet in unity at a Chinese Temple

Why? See below (wakakaka)

Catchphrases such as “every vote counts” or “you can make a difference” are drummed up to such a crescendo that you start to believe that power lies in the hands of the common man. Sadly, it is no more than a figment of imagination, shoved down the throats of the voting public.

The truth is, what you ask for is not what you get. The politicians have seen to this.

In every election, you vote for the person you believe is best for the job or for the party of your choice on whose ticket he or she stands.

You see in the candidate and party the cure for all types of “illnesses”.

You see your future in them. You put your hope and trust in them because you think you have found the solution for that better tomorrow. Their manifestos and promises supposedly seal the deal.

But when the dust settles, you wake up to reality. It was no more than a pipe dream because the very people you put your hopes and trust in betray this divine trust by frogging over to the other side.

kaytee's note: ... or inviting frogs to leap over to a certain side]

some of 40 frogs not in picture

scared of being trampled by 40 horses?

Let’s face it: in most cases they do so for personal gain under the disguise of acting in “the interest of their voters”. But this is merely a weak attempt at justifying their move.

Unfortunately, such opportunists have now found new ways and means of achieving their objectives via clever use of the courts.

then I was scared, now I am not 

You no longer need to go back to the state assembly to decide who should or shouldn’t be the chief minister or menteri besar. Just get signed affidavits to state your support for the chief minister of your choice. Not your voters’ choice. Just your choice. And you are now set for the rewards that are coming your way.

Some politicians have obviously forgotten what morals and principles are. These politicians compromise on values which we assiduously try to instil in our children and the future generation.

Forgoing values is one thing, but if there was even a single bone of decency left in these kinds of politicians, they would honour what their voters wanted.

Voters who spoke up. Voters who made a choice. Voters who decided who should serve them and which party would best serve their interest.

Not the politicians.


  1. What model's and principles ?
    The previous Captain siphoned billions of US Dollars into his cronies and his own accounts, with many Malaysians supporting him still.

  2. When Karma strikes, stop sulking just because you are now on the receiving end.

    It's already a Federal Court ruling.

    Do you think DSAI or Tun is busy collecting affidavits from all the MPs?


  3. Heck, what democracy? The reality is you just have to be a strong leader who doesn't give two hoots about elections and trust in the MPs & ADUNs by the electorates. All will be well one as you have five years to make another manifesto.


      it's sad to belong to someone else
      When the right one comes along,
      Yes, it's sad to belong to someone else
      When the right one comes along.

      not democracy, it is more likely due to monotony of monogamy wakaka

  4. When is the next flight to utopia land? Do let us know while we live here in reality.