Saturday, June 02, 2018

War between Singapore and Malaysia?

Will there be war ... of sorts, not of the military type ... between the two nations?

since Singapore was expelled from Malaysia, relations have not been good until in recent years when Najib and Lee Hsien Loong became chummy

now that Mahathir is back again as PM, will the relationship once again nose-dive?

Mahathir had previously shown from his PM records of 1981 to 2003 that he disliked Singapore immensely. And he is now confirming that impression by making a few unfriendly-to-Singapore actions, statements and gestures since becoming the PM after GE14, as follows:

(1) Suggesting that Singaporeans may want to follow Malaysians in rejecting the old establishment, to wit, by voting out PAP from ruling Singapore, wakakaka.

This is hardly the correct thing to say in public, but it shows that Mahathir couldn't resist poking the Sing government in the nose whenever he can/could, wakakaka.

In fact, by world standards it's outrageous gross interference in the internal affairs of another sovereign nation, and a cause for real war, a casus belli, if Singapore so chooses.

(2) Saying Malaysia will build an island out of the Middle Rocks. International observers have said Malaysia’s plans for Middle Rocks could set back bilateral ties.

MM Online reported (extracts only):

Malaysia has constructed a maritime base on Middle Rocks comprising a jetty linking the two main outcrops, a lighthouse and a helipad. The base lies close to Singapore’s Pedra Branca, which can be seen at the bottom of this photo. — TODAY file pic

ISEAS’ Mustafa [Mustafa Izzaluddin, a fellow at ISEAS-Yusof Ishak Institute], however, said: “It would be diplomatically prudent to discuss this bilaterally with Singapore as Middle Rocks is in close proximity to Pedra Branca and there is a need to delimit maritime boundaries, which was the function of the Malaysia-Singapore Joint Technical Committee convened to implement the ICJ judgement.”

Professor James Chin, a Malaysia expert from the University of Tasmania, said that building some sort of permanent settlement on maritime features like Middle Rocks is “actually very common among countries which want to assert their sovereignty”.

“Of course, it will impact the relationship (with Singapore), but there is nothing Singapore can do as long as the construction is on the Malaysian side,” he added.

“This will be seen as a provocative act and will be at the back of the minds of Singapore diplomats whenever they have to negotiate anything with Malaysia.”

Associate Professor Kevin Blackburn, a historian at the National Institute of Education, added that Malaysia’s move to make Middle Rocks an island “would most likely create misunderstandings and not be good for the (bilateral) relationship”.

He added that it does not augur well for bilateral ties.

But that is the old Mahathir who apparently has NOT changed from his aggressive acrimonious confrontational mentality when it domes to any dealings with Singapore.

Many suspect Mahathri bore and still bears severe  grudges and prejudice against Singapore because:

(a) of jealousy against Singapore's development, progress and First-World performances,

(b) his age-old rivalry against the now late Lee Kuan Yew where LKY seemed to have always come up tops, apart from the late LKY always being so arrogant against the Malaysian government and its rule, 

(c) maybe his humongous anger at Najib selling off KTM land when for ages he frustrated the Sings by refusing to sell that land,

(d) the water debacle where Sing is selling back to Malaysia treated water at a price not commensurate with the pittance the Island State pays Malaysia for untreated Malaysian water,

(e) the sorry sad story of the crooked bridge where Sing again frustrated him,

(f) previous EPF/CPF issues,

(g) loss of Pedra Branca to Sing,

(h) etc etc etc inclduing rumours of his young days when he was studying at university in Sing.

(3) announcing his cancellation of the HSR project but without even informing the Sing of his intention.

Since signing the contract for the HSR, Sing's original plan in conjunction with the HSR is in serious financial jeopardy.

Sing had wanted to build a second Central Business District at the western suburb region of Jurong. It has also removed the Tanjong Pagar Terminal port and relocated that to Tuas, in anticipation of the HSR development in Jurong.

Sing has paid out tens of billions acquiring over 12 hectares of land from a golf club and several residential developments.

Outside the government sector, investors had poured millions in property and commercial investments.

The Sing state media said the land would likely be left vacated until Malaysia “re-visits” their decision on the HSR when their financials improved.

Yesterday, Sing Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan (an ex-Malaysian, wakakaka) openly threatened Malaysia, vowing to make Malaysia pay for expenses in addition to the contracted compensation clause of US$125 million.

a Penang lang who studied in Chung Ling and ACS (now called MBS, my alma mater, wakakaka) 

He said:
“Should Malaysia cancel the project, Singapore will study the implications and exercise its rights – including any right to compensation for expenses – in accordance with the terms of a bilateral agreement signed in 2016.”

He has also been annoyed that Malaysia has not bothered to respond to his request for clarification when each and everyday Sing is incurring high expenses for the yet-to-be officially-notified cancellation.

But it's all vintage Mahathir who loves to see Singapore squirm and who BTW doesn't give a sh*t about bad relationship with Sing.

It's said that when old men make mistakes, young men may die. Let's hope we don't ever come to that.


  1. With a bit of luck in a couple of weeks President Trump and Mr Cute Boy will be meeting face-to-face in Singapore, the first step to normalizing of ties between the two countries and eventually between the two Koreas. Reunification is not impossible, heck South Korea has had a Ministry of Reunification since 1969. So who is to say the "original" Malaysia ala 16 Sept 1963 will not come to pass within the next 50 years.....or sooner? Never say never. But not during TDM's time. This HSR, like the pebbles in the sea is just a spat between siblings that came from the same womb.

  2. i fully support mahathir wrt his view towards spore, a zombie state.

  3. I have had suspicion for a number of years that Singapore had undisclosed leverage over Najib, similar to Russia's leverage over Trump.

    The HSR deal certainly looks highly unbalanced with Malaysia shouldering the bulk of the cost and the project primarily benefiting Singapore.

    The decision making control over design and vendor selection was also handed to Singapore companies.

    A strange contract indeed.

    If proven that the HSR contract was made under corrupt practices , Malaysia has right under international law to void the agreement WITHOUT compensation or a fraction of the commercial compensation.

  4. ~ Dato’ Seri Hj Mohamed Khaled Nordin

    1. Kerajaan Persekutuan telah dengan rasminya mengumumkan yang negara kita tidak akan meneruskan usaha dan prosiding rayuan Pulau Batu Putih (Pedra Branca) daripada Singapura di Mahkamah Keadilan Antarabangsa (ICJ).

    2. Keputusan tersebut bukan sahaja tidak disertakan dengan justifikasi atau alasan yang kukuh. Malah, ia diputuskan ketika Peguam Negara (AG) sedang bercuti.

    3. Biarpun AG barangkali sudah memberikan nasihat dan pandangan, namun keputusan yang dibuat ketika AG bercuti boleh menimbulkan kontroversi dan kelihatan tidak teratur (improper).

    4. Lebih penting, keputusan ini secara tidak langsung memberikan satu mesej moral yang tidak baik kepada kita selaku rakyat. Ia menggambarkan yang kita telah berputus asa untuk berjuang berhabis-habisan dalam menuntut perkara yang menjadi hak kita.

    5. Ini bukanlah satu contoh keputusan yang baik. Kerajaan pastinya diharapkan oleh rakyat untuk terus mencuba sedaya upaya untuk menuntut perkara yang menjadi hak dan kedaulatan kita.

    6. Pedra Branca sentiasa dilihat sebagai sebahagian daripada Johor, dan ia seharusnya kekal sebagai sebahagian daripada Johor dan Malaysia.

    7. Keputusan untuk tidak meneruskan prosiding tersebut seolah-olah kita menyerah kalah dan melepaskan kedaulatan kita kepada Singapura dengan mudah tanpa mempertahankannya dengan sehabis daya dan usaha.

    8. Ini adalah isu kedaulatan. Dan bukannya perkara remeh. Ia adalah perkara yang tidak boleh digalang ganti. Jadi, ia mesti dipertahan dan diperjuangkan dengan setegas-tegasnya.

    9. Lebih-lebih lagi, ekoran wujudnya bukti dan keterangan baharu yang boleh dikemukakan sebelum ini, pihak AG sendiri yakin bahawa kita masih mempunyai kes yang boleh dibawa dan dipertahankan dalam isu ini. Peluang tersebut seharusnya kita gunakan dengan sehabis baik.

    10. Atas dasar inilah UMNO Johor berpendirian yang Kerajaan Persekutuan seharusnya meneruskan kes dan prosiding ini dan tidak menghentikannya.

    11. Lebih malang, keputusan tersebut langsung tidak mendapat sebarang maklum balas Kerajaan Negeri Johor.

    12. Pihak YAB Menteri Besar Johor hanya membisu dan tidak sedikit pun bersuara menyatakan pendirian Kerajaan Negeri, sama ada bersetuju atau tidak dengan keputusan tersebut.

    13. Tindakan sedemikian amat mendukacitakan. Kerajaan Negeri seharusnya peka, aktif dan tegas menyatakan pendirian berhubung perkara ini. Terutamanya Pedra Branca terletak berhampiran dengan Johor dan sudah pastilah kedaulatan dan pemilikannya akan memberi kesan yang besar kepada persempadanan dan aktiviti laut di perairan Johor.

    14. Kerajaan Negeri tidak boleh sekadar bersikap acuh tidak acuh dan memilih untuk tidak mengambil peduli perkara yang besar dan sepenting ini.

    15. Biar apa pun keputusan oleh Kerajaan Persekutuan, Kerajaan Negeri Johor seharusnya mempunyai ketegasan dan menyatakan pendiriannya yang tersendiri berhubung perkara ini.

    16. UMNO Johor menggesa Kerajaan Negeri Johor untuk memberikan penjelasan dan menyatakan pendiriannya dalam perkara ini.

    1. Khaled Nordin is pissing in the wind. Malaysia's case on Pedra Branca is very weak and a Syiok Sendiri effort.

      Singapore and it's predecessor the Straits Settlement exercised sovereignty rights over Petra Branca for 150 years, building and operating a lighthouse there.
      There is Zero record of the Johor Sultanate or Malaya or Malaysia ever protesting or asserting that the lighthouse is there only with permission of its rightful owner , Johor . Not one scrap of paper.

      It's the same principle of UNCLOS law why the Americans loudly and frequently assert that the South China Sea rocks do NOT belong to China.
      The Americans have no claim to the islands but , they need to publically deny China the rights to the rocks and surrounding seas.
      Silence is NOT Golden.

      Mahathir is right in not pursuing the lost cause of Pulau Batu Puteh, BUT fully intending to openly assert Malaysia's sovereignty over the Middle Rocks.
      The Sings have Zero right to complaint.

    2. Pentadbiran dan tindakan Singapura di Pulau Batu Puteh sejak pembinaan Rumah Api Horsburgh oleh Kapten James Horsburgh dari Scotland, British pada 1847-1851 tidak dibantah oleh kerajaan negeri Johor / Empayar Johor-Riau. Diam tidak beerti setuju dan mengiktiraf pulau itu hak Singapura. (Bagaimanapun pembinaan dan pengurusan rumah api Horsburgh hanya dengan kebenaran Sultan Johor pada 1844.) ~ Wikipedia

    3. Pi baca UNCLOS la....
      Diam bisu sama macam setuju..

    4. Diam bisu selama 150 tahun..tak Guna menyesal..

  5. The Singapore Navy for years has been provocatively asserting its sovereign rights over Pedra Banca by aggresively warning Malaysian fishermen away, sometimes with guns pointed at them.

    What's wrong with Malaysia peacefully asserting its ICJ recognised rights over Middle Rocks by building it up into a proper island ?

  6. KT, you forgotten one more beef of his. During the 1998 financial crisis, he went down to SG with a begging bowl but was spurned by LKY. It was a double insult to his ego; 1st- he had to humbly went down on his knees, 2nd- to be rejected in his face.

    But like Trump's bravado against DPRK, perhaps he will got his DAP lackeys to smoothen things out with their PAP counterparts.

    1. You pandai make up story. Actually LKY offer to loan Malaysia 2 or 4 billions but was turned down by Tun ler

    2. Do you realised that time our Debt to GDP ratio were at 103.4%, and that we were in recession? 2 or even 4 Billion can't do shit. Akin to giving a beggar 10cent, effectively shoving a rejection note into his face, and that's what LKY did to Mahathir. What we needed to stabilise the economy was 5 times more! And Mahathir's ego never recovered from that humiliation.

      Mahathir, in all his bravado to recover any little bit of his shattered ego, spinned this story and til now there's still a poor sob that continues to buy it.

    3. Dr m begged lky to internationalised sing dollar and lky refused. For a good reason

  7. The terms of the HSR and ECRL contact were so favourable to Singapore and China respectively , and unfriendly to Malaysia, Najib was either BODOH or Corrupt to sign It in its current form.

    The Sings and the Chicoms must have been sneering behind their
    Backs watching Malaysia being duped.

    I strongly suspect Najib was both BODOH and Corrupt.

    1. Actually, HSR is not really favourable to Singapore. That piece of land in Jurong East can be easily redeveloped into something even more useful than just a mere HSR terminus. Jurong East has already been designated as alternate CBD before HSR even initiated.

      Singapore needs more water and land (sand).

      As for so called confrontation with Dr M, sup sup suay la. Just build one causeway from Singapore island to Pulau Tekong (BMT area) and extend all the way to Pedra Branca lor.....hahahaha

      That will make Dr M jump......Meanwhile, kaytee hides this news

      I think that news is more important

  8. Singapore made a Strategic error of judgement in very clearly siding with the Najib Administration prior to GE14.
    The right move would have been to play it balanced and cool, and make it clear they are neutral with the outcome , regardless.

    Of course, by the eve of GE14, Singapore was so heavily invested in Najib-era agreements and projects, and all the intelligence they received indicated a strong Barisan win, they put all their eggs in one basket - the losing one.

    Expect some senior Sing intelligence heads to quietly roll over this strategic intelligence failure.

    Kiasu Sing does not take such serious failures without serious career-ending consequences.

    1. Aiyaaa......Singapore will make friends with anybody including kaytee Mock so long that it does not joepardise its interest. Singapore and Australia have a very close relationship militarily. Perhaps, why kaytee boh chee to reveal his true identity and his address in australia

      Because.........singapore can anyhow level Kaytee's house mistakenly......hahahaha

  9. know what.....Probably Khaw Boon Wan came from Air Itam, Penang. He told me that he never knew the existence of kaytee mock......hahahahaha

    Another ex penang lang.....

    1. Looes, don't be cruel to Pauline. After having "served" her kaukau with you extraordinary long tongue, you should not delay continuation of your "services", or I am going to report you to the RSPCA, wakakaka

    2. Khaw told me that he doesnt know kaytee mock but he knew who ryan goh who cabutted to australia. Are you ryan goh's son?

    3. Ktemoc is linked to Ryan Goh ?


    4. Monster.......Ryan Goh was sacred out of his daylight when he kenna manhandled by lky. His PR is revoked that day and he is shipped out to australia......hahahahaha

      Meanwhile, this shows kaytee's cheebye theory is debunked

  10. "Ingin saya tegaskan, supaya kerajaan negeri menubuhkan satu pasukan khas untuk membuat rayuan bagi membatalkan keputusan yang dibuat oleh ICJ berkaitan Pulau Batu Puteh." ~ TITAH SULTAN JOHOR

    KT, I wonder, 'Will there be war ... of sorts, not of the military type ... between the "two"?' Or has it already started?


    Don't play play....Najib hires prestigious legal firm of a former US Attorney General.. no less..

    It is recognition he could potentially soon be facing 1MDB criminal charges in the US , since his immunity is now gone.

  12. Just wondering how many UMNO cronies involved in the HSR project and now landed with huge loans from banks to be paid.

    When Singapore returning the billions stashed away by Malaysia's BN politicians?

    TDM may make UMNO cronies go mad and their politicians bonkers with his vengeance.

    1. HSR was a corrupt gravy train of titanic proportions. That is why it cost so much.

      2x the average cost for HST even in developed countries.
      Is per kilometer land acquisition in Malaysia more costly than in France ? No way. ( Lim Guan Eng ordered a study including French TGV benchmarking)

      Mahathir was correct to order a cancellation up front...then can talk with Sing.
      It's called a Stop-loss strategy.
      Wise Old-fox indeed.

    2. Spore would rather spend money in improving domestic mrt

  13. It is all politics, all decisions normally have reason/s behind them. It is either 2 (Reason 1): make urself (or ur cronies) filthy rich or (Reason 2): make urself a hero among ur citizens so they will vote 4 u 2 power again or (Reason 3): for the 'benefit' of ur country & citizens. Normally, e last reason is given least priority in corrupted countries or if u r 2 put in % terms, 80% on e 1st reason, 19% on e 2nd reason & 1% on e last is pretty obvious, u c them build something dat doesnt work 4 everyday people like u & me,& they spend more money 2 clean up / rectify e mess frm e original thing they built overpriced in e 1st brainer really.

    u make it sound like Najib & admins r saints. where were u when e entire KTM land till Tanjong Pagar was surrendered without a sound? back then, everyone was talking about how easy of surrendering such precious land must come with a veli clear reason...surely fulfilling Reason 1 & 2 above.there is NO BENEFITS 2 MY apart frm building MORE FRIENDLY BILATERAL TIES WITH SG so hopefully other nego. in e future will b SUPER SMOOTH.

    now,will e new opp. led gov make decisions 4 e same priorities like typical corrupt countries or e % of allocation will change? well, we hope it is different tis time.i dun mind ur friendliness level with ur neighbour as long as u dun get bad deals frm any agreements made dat wun benefit u financially, sovereignly, psychologically, perceptually & physically.

  14. we do not need such grandiose, show off high speed trains that carries only passengers and nothing else even if it is built and paid for by someone else...this is a railway system that demands total professionalism in its safety and maintenance... sure we can hire the expertise to train the locals but do we have the culture...we can't even maintain the snail train to run on schedule.. a mishap due to poor safety maintenance on a HSR is too scary to imagine