Friday, June 01, 2018

Civil servants should be apolitical

MM Online - Dr M: Loyalty of some civil servants in doubt (extracts):

PETALING JAYA, June 1 — Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad expressed misgivings today about the loyalty of “numerous” civil servants who were openly supportive of the defeated Barisan Nasional and may disrupt the Pakatan Harapan government.

Speaking at a press conference today, Dr Mahathir said there were videos of civil servants wearing BN’s signature blue uniforms and actively campaigning for the coalition ahead of the 14th general election.

“We came to know that many government officers campaigned for BN in the 14th general election. We don’t know whether they were forced to it or did it voluntarily, but we are sceptical of their loyalty.

“We are not sure if they are loyal to the old BN government or the current government. This will disrupt the PH government because we want to administer the country according to our methods and manifesto,” said Dr Mahathir.

If the Civil Service permits civil servants to join political parties and participate in politics, then civil servants can join any party they like including PSM or PRM. And we can expect them to campaign for this or that party.

They must be loyal to THE ruling government but who is to say they must be loyal specifically to Pakatan. Podah.

And that's why the Armed Forces doe NOT permit its personnel to participate in politics. Their personnel can vote but cannot actively participate in political matters nor join any political party.


  1. but mahathir use the term loyal to old or current govt.

  2. I refer to UK Civil service rules, which are very clear cut, fair and have stood the test of time as a solid democracy.

    Civil servants have the same right as any citizens to join any legal political party.
    Civil servants in Executive grades (it is specified) may not hold any position in any political party or engage in active political activity such as supporting or canvassing on behalf of a political party.
    Lower grade officers may engage in political activity in their personal time but Not during election campaign periods.

    Those Malaysian Civil Servants donning BN shirts and actively campaigning for BN during working hours , using Government assets and machinery, were clearly out of line.

    Pakatan must walk their talk and not now ask for Civil Servants to conduct such activity for their NEW political

    Pordah to Dedak Eater.

  3. No where did Mahathir say anything about the loyalty of civil servants to Pakatan Harapan. You are slipping badly KT.

    1. “We are not sure if they are loyal to the old BN government or the current government. This will disrupt the PH government..." - By your PM

    2. BN or Pakatan government not the political parties.

  4. UK Civil Service rules and Malaysian Civil Service rules are similar.

    The problem is that Malaysian civil servants in executive grades were involved in BN campaigning both during and after the stipulated office hours. Those non-executives were also caught during office hours campaigning for BN.

    That is clearly a breech of conduct and the Book should be thrown at those involved irrespective of which political parties they were campaigning for.

    After so many years of BN rule in Govt., it has become a norm for civil servants to flout all these rules if campaigning for BN parties but not for opposition parties since no disciplinary actions will be taken. Those non-executives campaigning for opposition parties usually take leave or do it after working hours and that also done not outwardly to prevent discrimination in work and promotion prospects. In fact, those opposition supporters who are discovered usually suffer in their career advancements.

    Over the years, the executive and top-levels are already populated by BN cronies who get their posts by being BN friendly.

  5. Ai yah very simple lah. Campaign period over. GE over. Now follow boss’ instructions or kena disciplinary action for insubordination.

    1. So meaning when Mahathir was campaigning for the civil servants to be disloyal and vote for him, that was okay? But now that he's back in power, they must show absolute & unquestionable loyalty to his administration?

      Such double-standard hypocrisy! At least when Najib was in, he never minded that substantial servants were openly PAS supporters but now with this dicktator back, he wants to force their affiliations back to the underground again!

      No matter, PH was strong because of PKR and PKR was strong because of PAS. If PAS can be the kingmaker of PH, then it too can be the kingmaker of PH's eventual vanquisher.

    2. Wrong John. Who you choose to vote for is a personal right. However, as a government servant you must be professional in carrying out your job.

  6. Hahahahahaha.......again nothing on Najib and Rosmah......aaargh......classical cheebye kaytee