Sunday, June 03, 2018

Can Anwar Ibrahim be held back any further?

FMT - Businesses happy with ‘tested’ duo but fear ‘impatience’ in Anwar camp (extracts):

PETALING JAYA: While the financial sector has largely welcomed the return of Dr Mahathir Mohamad and his trusted ally Daim Zainuddin into government, there are concerns that a repeat of the rift between the prime minister and his one-time deputy Anwar Ibrahim could deal a blow to reforms being undertaken by the new government, Singapore’s The Straits Times (ST) reports.

The paper quoted a close friend of Daim as saying that the business community was generally “comfortable” with the former finance minister, who now heads a team of “eminent persons” to advise the government on economic reforms, because the Mahathir-Daim combination was a “tested brand”.

“The general view is that Dr Mahathir is likely to stay for two years and there are questions among investors about what happens after that,” said Ismail Jaafar, who owns a business consultancy.

The report comes amid speculation that a delay in naming the rest of Mahathir’s Cabinet members was due to disagreements over the choice of ministers.

Already there were murmurs of protests in the PKR camp after only three of its leaders were named in the 14-member Cabinet, with key portfolios of Finance, Home Affairs, Defence and Education being given to DAP, Amanah and Mahathir’s PPBM.

PKR president, Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, who was made the deputy prime minister as part of a pre-election deal by the Pakatan Harapan coalition, is meanwhile tasked with heading the women’s affairs ministry.

ST said there was an “uneasy state of affairs” that could lead to “impatience” among Anwar and his allies.

“That, in turn, could result in serious strains and lead to a political confrontation among members of the ideologically diverse ruling coalition,” it said.

The fear is not new. Less than 10 days after Mahathir was sworn in as prime minister, Daim warned of “young fellows that are in a hurry” to see Anwar taking over the government, although he was careful to say they were beyond Anwar’s control.

“They are the ones that are impatient, not Anwar,” Daim had told reporters on May 18.

wakakaka, admittedly from an earlier period 

Naturally big businesses like Mahathir and Daim, wakakaka.

But despite Daim's diplomacy in attributing the impatience within the PKR camp to its young hot-heads, the reality is Anwar himself has been impatient as well. Bear in mind he has been in the 'outer' and also in jail since 1999. That's 20 years which makes him mighty eager to come in from the cold.

Remember the Otai Reformasi? Read my previous post Civil War in PKR?. These blokes can't stand Mahathir nor Azmin Ali nor Zuraida Kamaruddin.

Do you think they are prepared to let Anwar sit out in the cold for a further 2 to (as Mahathir wants) 3 years after 20 years of marginalisation initiated by the Mahafiraun?

PKR (the faction under Wan Azizah) feels as the party in PH with the most number of parliamentary seats after GE14, they have the justification to demand for a fairer share of the spoils of war instead of just Wan Azizah's women affairs ministry (they don't consider Azmin and Zuraida as mateys, wakakaka).

Notwithstanding his statements after being released from prison that he wasn't in a rush and fully support Mahathir's continuation as PM, we see Anwar recently moving in stealth among the royals and at the same time making noisy speeches.

Look mateys, two tigers can't exist on the same mountain.

Hmmm, this time he better gets it right.

A wee aside, from his speeches, I note one of Anwar's bug-bears (and he has many) seems to be to extract revenge for Sodomy II via the Altantuyaa murder case, hence his strident call for Sirul to be repatriated back to Malaysia. But alas, until Malaysia abolishes capital punishments, Australia cannot do so as it's in its law.

in Arizona, USA 

Interesting times lie ahead for Malaysia.


  1. i think it depend on whether mahathir stick to his 2 years promise.

  2. Far more serious is the brewing constitutional crisis over the appointment of the new Attorney General of Malaysia.

    Pakatan Harapan's unanimous choice is emminent Constitutional law expert Tommy Thomas. Just as important he is untainted by the UMNO-Judiciary-Civil Service septic tank which has corrupted law enforcement in Malaysia.

    Alas , the dream of a non-racial reset in Malaysia may be torpedoed by the Rulers themselves. Tommy Thomas, highly qualified and respected as he is, is and Indian and a Christian Catholic. The Rulers , who are required to "Act according to the Advice of the Prime Minister" have refused to endorse the appoint, as they insist on a Melayu Islam.

    Apandi the 1st Class Crook and Liar was also a Melayu Islam. Race-Religion should NOT be a criteria. Enough said.

    1. Not so much on the race issue but because of the conflict of interest. T Thomas was the lawyer acting for LGE corruption case.

    2. t thomas was the lawyer for LGE corruption case

    3. it seems the new AG won't have any say on prosecution, which will go another/different personality

  3. It's not the spoils of war.
    The party in the Ruling Coalition with the largest number of MPs must have a proportionate say in decision making.

    In case you don't understand that, the same mechanism is at work in the Liberal-National Party coalition government in Australia, as well as the CDU-SDP coalition in ﹰGermany.
    One party is clearly the senior partner, though all coalitiin partners views must be respected.

  4. I know your fucking intention....cheebye kaytee.....that explains kaytee cowardice in declaring who he really is.

    His crocodile tears to teoh beng hock is real. Hence we should be endeavour in ensuring kaytee die horribly.....kaytee is an atheist right.....hahahaha

  5. Power need not be limited to Dewan Rakyat.

    Come on, let's see an overhaul of the Dewan Negara. With 70 seats there should be a 40-30 split, to reflect the Dewan Rakyat composition. Put in Zaid as President of the Senate and we should have some firework debates, as it should be. The opposition should be game, nominate some good people from their side and Let's Get Ready to Rumble...

    1. Good idea. We can have kaytee as leader of opposition in dewan negara where i can tekan him just like an encik tekanninv the recruits

  6. Good luck Tommy !! Then we still need a good Public Prosecutor, then all them crooks better watch out.

  7. PH is an improbable combination of populists, socialists, autocrats, secularists, islamists, nationalists and nativists; exerting mob rule over the rule law. It does not matter who is the PM?

    1. The ancien regime was much simpler ya.. they were corrupt racists...

    2. Did it not begin with 'him'? Wakakaka..

    3. yes but like helen said we first cleanse him with holy water, now is in the progress of recycling n reuse.

    4. 'him'??

      Wakakakaka…… u meant the father of jibby lah!

    5. Yes, very much so it began with HIM. But all the more poignant and noteworthy that he, now at that very late stage of his life, is seen trying almost desperately to redeem his legacy. He starts it, he sees the horrifying consequences of his handiwork, he pleaded and cried for 'his melayus' to change but instead of which, the last anointed 'son' took it to the next impossible even at this very old age, he made up his mind to bring down the hammer to destroy that Frankenstein Monster that is UMNO. The impression now gaining momentum is that even if it takes him down to his very last breath, he's determined to undo everything that brought us to this unenviable horrendous stage.

      See how he's 'un-powering' the PMship position - finance ministry taken away, AG and MACC to report to Parliament, defence ministry to be handled by another partner in the coalition, 2 terms max for PMship

      Sacred cows slayed left and right...AG position and Finance Minister position no longer the solely reserved for 'orang kita'. With one stroke, he's saying no more divide and rule ?

      Education...many thinks there will be more slaying of the sacred cows. But 46 years of damage can't be settled overnight...see how agitated UiTM with its recent screeching.
      It is too soon, but many suspect this incident has some hidden hands manipulating at the back.

      And this is not even one month into the new governance !

      Yes, it was started by him but at least he thinks fit to destroy Frankenstein before we all get trampled to death. The religion aspect will be the last to be tackled, because it is the hardest part of all. The plus point is that Dr M is not the ultra conservative islamic type, which we should be thankful for.

    6. we can now canonise him as Saint Maddy of Langkawi

    7. He ain't no Saint.
      And he is in a big hurry, racing against time, so he may break some eggs in the process.

    8. Wakakakaka… canonised a known Muslim!

      Either the wordsmith has a confused mind due to pent-up post ge14 frustration OR he has a sinister move to label mamak a murtadd!

    9. childish lah to even take sarcasm literally, wakakaka - you're the one with a confused mind

    10. Wakakakakaka……

      Whose childish?

      Only u can monopolize sarcasm ke?

  8. Who is creating all these nonsense about TDM vs AI?

    They are helping each other out very well, really.

    1. Conspiracy theories, innuendos and outright accusations flying around. This is to be expected given the recent and not too recent past histories all these actors had with each others.

      But whether these are nonsensical or having a smidgen of truth, many are indeed leery and suspicious of Anwar. Maybe by openly and very loudly pouring out their theories and suspicions, these supporters of certain faction/s think that this is the only way to stop Anwar in his track in whatever plots or schemes he's hatching, if any. That's Malaysian politics la...

    2. 2 key on-line Batu Api are Syed the Box and Kadir Jasin.

      Yes, there is an underground campaign to Stop Anwar.

      Pribumi is currently in a weak situation, as the largest number of Pakatan Harapan MPs are from PKR and DAP.