Sunday, January 28, 2018

DAP must watch out for Penang-bound PKR

From TMI:

PKR president Dr Wan Azizah said that the #UndiRosak campaign launched on January 7 was started by people dissatisfied that Dr Mahathir Mohamad has been nominated Pakatan Harapan’s PM-designate.

She is very very correct.

Since DAP members are behind Lim Kit Siang's 101% backing for his former arch-foe, that leaves two Pakatan suspects, namely PKR and Amanah, wakakaka. My guess, only a guess but based on recent news reports, is PKR plus some non-aligned people (me too, wakakaka) who detests Mahathir.

In fact, right at this very period in time, PKR in Selangor has another agenda, one of the party's very survival. PKR has refused to participate in Pakatan's seat allocation for the state as word has it that Azmin Ali is still trying to get the state PAS people on board.

Azmin fears that without PAS Selangor in alliance with him (and f**k the rest of Pakatan), PKR will be torn to shreds in GE14, apart from his own federal seat Gombak, being in heightened peril from BN if PAS were to play spoiler.

Furthermore, the avarice (greed) of PKR is it has sensed its time in Selangor may be over and is now eyeing Penang as a new 'kingdom' where again, TMI reported that ... is looking for a bigger share of the seats, which may even include seats already held by DAP.

Cemburu tamak dan khianat as ever a la its behaviour in Sarawak in the last two elections, especially the most recent one where it stabbed DAP in the back kaukau.

If there arises dispute between PKR and DAP over some blue ribbon seats in Penang, and I reckon it will, and 3-corner fights eventuate over those seats with PKR fighting (in mufti or overtly) against DAP and BN, I believe DAP has the moral right to counter attack and lay claim to some PKR federal and state seats, and most importantly, contests in them in GE14.

DAP must this time contest at least a minimum of 21 state seats in order to form government in the state by itself and not be dependent on PKR and anyone who may from time to time decide to stab the Rocket Party in its back.

Put DAP candidates in those 'former' wakakaka PKR-held Penang seats 

Methinks it may eventually be necessary to kill off PKR and Pribumi and amalgamate with the more-honest-and-sincere Amanah to rise again as the major alternative to BN for political rule of Malaysia.

Let Azmin Ali weep.

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  1. azmin is fine, he dare fight mahathir. dap/lge support mahathir, they oso uphold mahathirism of loving the developer more than people, lets undirosak dap.

    1. lge did n still govern pg, i am compare pg/lge n sel/azmin leader, both state govt la, u undirosak federal kah? ah then....wakaka

    2. It will be a bumpy GE14. Take care of your PKR ya...

  2. Ktemoc keep Uan Ong PKR day after day.

  3. Finally light is being seen. I have always maintained a DAP+Amanah association; a healthy one for the nation as a whole. I do not trust Dr. M and Mr. Azmin; once again. I really hope Azmin puts up a good fight so that DAP will be "forced" out; so that DAP and Amanah will be forced to stand on their own, even if BN has to win again. What more worse can Najib do in the next 5 years. Dr. M and Azmin together will be worse then Najib.

    1. according to kt std, amanah is a racist n religious party, non malay n non muslim r treated as kafir, n cant be member, not that diff with bersatu n pas.

      i suggest dap do it alone la, they got so many malay member n supporter, u didn't read kt listing from time to time kah? u need more than 10 fingers to count all of them man

  4. Since Ktemoc started these Uan Ong accusations.....

    What if Sangeet Kaur and Ramkarpal are the Agent Provocateurs behind Undi Rosak ?
    They are on record being vehemently anti Mahathir as Pakatan PM designate.

    Since the DAP leadership has refused to entertain them, it's no huge leap of the imagination to suspect that they resorted to nefarious means to sabotage the Pakatan stand.

    The Karpals have their own power base within DAP and they ARE not beholden to the Lims.

    It is very revealing that after Lim Guan Eng replied to Sangeet that the DAP leadership decision stands, she has NOT stated that she will abide by the decision.