Saturday, January 06, 2018

Anwar Ibrahim against Mahathir as Pakatan PM-designate

Star Online - Anwar blocks Dr M’s bid for top job (extracts):

anak Pulau Pinang kata: wah poh-siew lah


It is an open secret by now that Anwar is not sold on the idea of another round of Dr Mahathir at the top.

He has issued what some in his party call the Amanat Anwar or Anwar’s mandate for his party to seek a prime minister candidate who is more reflective of the chan­ging times.

The imprisoned PKR leader is standing in the way of Dr Mahathir’s bid to be anointed Pakatan Hara­pan’s prime minister candidate.

The tables have turned – he is now blocking the man who had blocked him from claiming the top post.

“Anwar is not being personal or out for revenge. He does not believe that Mahathir represents our re­form agenda,” said a PKR leader.

Anwar is said to be unimpressed by Dr Mahathir’s promise of judicial reform, fighting corruption, rule of law and press freedom.

In a rather cryptic press statement issued on the day that the Pakatan presidential council met to discuss issues including the prime minister candidate, he urged the coalition to “heed the people’s voice”.

He did not touch on the disagreement over the prime minister post, but there were two giveaway points in his brief statement – he called on Pakatan to respect the spirit of consensus as well as to consult NGOs and activists on key issues.

He was telling the coalition that the decision on the prime minister candidate has to be by consensus, that is, all four parties must agree rather than put the matter to a vote.

He knew that if the issue was put to a vote, PKR would be outnumbered by DAP, Parti Pribumi and Amanah who want Dr Mahathir as the prime minister candidate.

Insiders said that his advice to Pa­katan to consult the NGOs and activist was aimed directly at Dr Ma­­hathir.

Two leading women NGO leaders had met the Pakatan chairman last week to share their views.

They had apparently told the 92-year-old leader that they will boycott Pakatan in the general election if the coalition cannot agree on a more suitable prime minister candidate.

The voices of dissent regarding Dr Mahathir’s candidature are grow­­ing louder with some Pakatan politicians and even analysts suggesting that he carries too much baggage and will not be well-accepted by the voters.

PKR has also been circulating alternative PM-designates and proposed cabinets, with of course PKR's preference, wakakaka.

bukan saje PM tetapi juga menteri kewangan

mukhriz hanya sbg mollifying prize, wakakaka]

OTOH, in the Pribumi camp, the movers are aggressively pushing Mahathir forward as the already-agreed-upon PM-designate, insisting that Pakatan must agree on its PM-designate by today.

I certainly want to read of Pakatan's final decision, wakakaka.

DAP sits helplessly by the sideline twiddling their thumbs whilst being barked at by LKS to zip up so as to support his current BFF Mahathir.

It's ironical, or perhaps not, that PKR remains the sole member of Pakatan that is much against the candidature of 93-year old Mahathri as its PM-designate, a post which Mahathri himself wants as he has offered his service as PM-designate long before, while DAP (under LKS) disappoints me greatly on its PM-designate choice.


  1. This is what I call an All Options Suck situation.
    I definitely will never consider supporting BN /Najib in its current form.
    For Chinese, retreating to purely supporting only DAP sucks as well. I call it a Chinese Ghetto option.

    For those here who thoroughly detest Jews and Judaism, the Ghetto was a physically restricted area in which Jews were both forcefully confined to, And also voluntarily retreated to from the surrounding Christian European communities.

    1. I agree with you on your 1st paragraph including Chinese playing ethnic politics. I'll be blogging on this soon - be patient, wakakaka

      Jews in Europe has historically placed themselves in a racist-religious ghetto, all by themselves, unlike American Jews who were/are prepared to be normal Americans. See the show 'Fiddler on the roof' to understand how socially INSULATED the European Jews were in their very deliberate actions to ghetto-rise themselves from the Kaffir-World.

    2. Search through the archives of almost any continental European city, and you will find laws which forbade Jews from residing in any area outside of prescribed zones, subject to legal penalties. These became the Ghettoes of Europe.

      Over time Jews also found it useful and preferable to live among the protection of their own kind, faced with severe legal and social discrimination against Jews.

      The Final Solution did not just spring spontaneously from Hitler's diseased mind. It had its roots in centuries of anti-Jewish European society.

      Britain, almost alone in Europe , long ago removed all legal discrimination against Jews , though social discrimination still continued for centuries. Britain had a Jewish Prime Minister back in The 1800's, putting the rest of Europe to shame.

      United States was very much founded as a secular nation, on British laws, and there was no legal discrimination against any religion right from the start.

      Fiddler on the Roof is just a movie.

    3. The life of an Israeli, Judean, Jew can be discerned from the Bible. It's in their religious-racist culture.

      Fiddler on the Roof is not just a movie, but based on a series of stories by Sholem Aleichem that he wrote in Yiddish between 1894 and 1914 about Jewish life in a village in the Pale of Settlement of Imperial Russia at the turn of the 20th century. It reflects early Jewish life in Europe and cannot be dismissed for your pro Zionist convenience as just a movie

    4. Chinese Ghetto?

      So banana like, wakakakaka...

      Remind one about all those anglophiles' rants about their ancestorial pasts!

      Tsk...Tsk... Sigh....

      The Jews had choice, so r the Chinese M'sians.

      The Chinese ghetto, unfortunately was forced upon the mainly poor Mandarin educated section of the populace.

      It was never the choice!

    5. Pale of Settlement

      What you fail to acknowledge is that the Pale of Settlement itself was created by discrimination and repugnance against Jews.

      "The Pale of Settlement...a prescribed region in which residency by Jews was allowed and beyond which Jewish permanent residency and in a certain period even temporary stay was mostly forbidden. "

      You are actually actively promoting anti-Jewish ideas, you hate-monger.

  2. Anwar should know by now that he is irrelevant to the opposition.Anwar is no local council material,lest talk about the PM'ship.This man is all about having wet dreams.

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    1. 2 points matey:

      (a) I sure like Ivanka's bod wakakaka

      (b) it's 'cease and desist' not what you have written - just a wee English correction, amety

    2. * typo - last word should be written 'matey' - my 11-fingers typing has been getting worse

    3. Fire n Fury...more damaging is his ex chief strategist Steve Bannon who more or less could very well have cooked Trump's goose. Did he not go right to the's about money laundering and he's the one who said it is treasonous to have the meeting with the Russians in Trump tower without the lawyers and not informing the FBI

      Trump's line then : Make America great again !
      Now : Make America read again ! wakakaka