Saturday, March 12, 2016

PKR defends Mahathir

TMI's Sacking Dr Mahathir as Petronas adviser an abuse of power, says PKR reported that PKR's N Surendran said:

The removal of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad as adviser of national oil company Petroliam Nasional Bhd (Petronas) simply because of his political differences with the prime minister is an unlawful exercise of power and is open to legal challenge, a PKR lawmaker says today.

How dare he on top of refusing to report to me for more than 6 months?

Melayu memang mudah lupa apa dia dah buat kepada kerajaan?

OK, but let me ask Surendran about DAP's Dr Bari being rejected as a Selangor Ampang Jaya councillor (MPAJ). He was nominated by DAP but his name was deliberately dropped by the powers-that-be in Selangor.

Initially DAP-bashers blamed DAP for sneakily dropping him because he is a Malay and DAP is/was being anti-Malay, which made cow-sense because why then would the DAP have nominated him in the first place? But morons are morons!

In this RPK post, one of M2D's regular commentators Edwin Jansz provided information which threw sad lights on why Dr Bari's name had been dropped. Jansz had written (only relevant extract):

... azmin's recent silent but deadly chess move against bari says a lot. and i suspect (merely guessing) that azmin is under the sultan's tutelage. 

I'm sure you know who the 'azmin' is. So, if Jansz's info is correct, then Dr Bari was 'done by' his former PKR party No 2, supposedly an ally of DAP, wakakaka.

A bit of background on Dr Bari to shed more light on PKR's alleged animosity against Dr Bari - He was formerly a PKR member but on seeing the sad state of affairs in that kang-kang taxi sapu party, he decided to quit and join the DAP.

Obviously 'hell hath no fury like a kang-kang taxi sapu party scorned', wakakaka.

I won't touch on Jansz' suspicion that Azmin was acting under HRH's orders - Ampun Tuanku.

But notwithstanding Surendran's misguided or bizarre defence of Mahathir's position as advisor to Petronas, I've to grudgingly admit that the DAP in Selangor suffers from a far more sad state of affair with Tony Pua as its state captain. I've been terribly disappointed with the so-called DAP whiz-kid wonder, Tony Pua. Indeed, what did he do to argue the case for Dr Bari?

Anyway, YB Surendran should look into why Dr Bari's name was dropped from the list for MPAJ councillors before commenting on issues pertaining to the PM's prerogative and UMNO internal affairs.

What's good for the goose should be too for the gander!

I'll get the party to defend you Uncle

Good on you and I'll definitely reciprocate, but make sure you make Mukhriz your DPM

Mafulat man, I thought I will be taking over but the old man has gone for his own family, even one not in UMNO (for now)



  1. abuse of power vs technical mana ada sama? u sound as daft as the turncoat cum malay nationalist.

  2. which jansz? one that wrote the below? wow u dap fanboy memang adhere to lks way, can even refer shitdick when it suit u, so cheap meh?

    "lim kit siang wants us to believe that dap prostitutes do not allow any penetration. can only raba-raba, tweek a nipple or two, and gesek-gesek. strangely, there are people who believe this."

    1. prostitutes are those who buka their kaki kang kang, wakakaka

  3. Immediately following the Mahathir-led declaration on 4th March the government issued a statement thus :

    "... There is an existing mechanism to change the Government and Prime Minister. It’s called a general election. And it is the only mechanism that is lawful, democratic and fulfils the people’s will. In 2013 the Malaysian people expressed their will and elected the current government, led by Prime Minister Najib Razak. If Tun Mahathir wants to change the Government, he must follow democratic process and await the next election, in line with Malaysia’s laws and Federal Constitution..."

    And on 11th March it issued another statement justifying the sacking of Mahathir :
    "... The declaration aims to topple the democratically-elected Government led by the Prime Minister, and is therefore against the law and the Federal Constitution. The Cabinet decided that since Tun Mahathir is no longer supporting the current Government, he should no
    longer hold any position related to the Government. ..."

    Toppling of elected governments without using the "existing mechanism" of a general election is not new in Malaysia - Perak 2009, Sabah 1994. Or is it that toppling of state governments is not prohibited by the "existing mechanism", so no need to wait? the goose/gander thing be damned...

    (The declaration did not explicitly called for toppling the elected government, just removing certain people.)

    On a sidenote, recent weird happenings have been providing comic relief from the tedium, the latest one being the widow's apology in a press conference degenerating into a screaming appeal for RM20,000 for son's studies.... and yeah, Ibrahim Ali trying to explain his handshake, ended up extolling DAP's Malay members. Be entertained....

    1. toppling a ruling party from holding the reins of the government is usually done via an election as in the case of Penang in 1969 and 2008, Kedah, Perak and Selangor in 2008 though Perak reverted to BN rule shortly thereafter due to the change of or shift in "ruling majority" as a result of party defections (our world famous or notorious frogology)

      916 was a (failed) attempt in changing "ruling majority" through 30 fros from BN. If it had succeeded it'd have been legitimate but vilely unethical and totally immoral in undermining the voters' choice, in subverting the supremacy of the ballot box

      Changing a PM or MB or CM (but not the ruling party or government in rule) is usually an internal party affair, as in the case of the recent Kedah MB change, the earlier Terengganu MB change and at federal level the ousters of PMs Tunku and AAB.

      The current attempt to depose Najib falls under this category, to wit, for BN the ruling party to remove Najib as its choice as PM.

      The only way for Najib to fall but without BN falling as well is for BN to internally remove him as per the Mukhriz example.

      It would be unusual for BN with 132 out of 222 federal seats to move against Najib in collaboration with non-BN parties. If 112 MPs votes against Naib then he'll be out BUT it's akin to voting against BN as the majority ruling party. Thus the only avenue for BN to remove Najib without practically voting itself out has to be an internal BN ouster.

      Naturally Pakatan especially PKR wants BN to disintegrate - only hope to release Anwar Ibrahim with full pardon

    2. Other than general elections, toppling an elected government by frogology is acceptable in Malaysia, as was done in Perak & Sabah. This is corroborated by the government successfully outlawing the anti-frog laws passed in Kelantan and Sabah (presumably it also wanted to keep this back-door available?). What Anwar failed in 916, BN succeeded spectacularly in Perak & Sabah.

      Investigations into Najib's role in the 1MDB, SRC, donation thing and any consequent action is internal party affair, a political thing? Theoretically, if a PM commits a crime, he can only be removed by the political process?

  4. hendak ditegur sudah lali.. biarkan lah si luncai terjun dengan labunya.

    don't know whether it is ironic or stupid or idiotic? it will destablize pkr and stigmatize azmin rather than to cause any harm to pm najib and the government. everyone knows that azmin adalah anak angkat tdm and thus groomed by him.

    but it is not surprising lah! afterall obama hates al qaeda and hamas but obama supports israel who hates hamas. and now all of them together hate assad and support the syrian rebels. it sounds so familiar kan..kan..?

    and so what will azmin and lks and mat sabu and tdm and etc..etc.. do on this coming 273? biarkan lah masa yang menentukan segalanya?

    1. just one point - Obama and ALL US presidents have no choice but to support Israel whether they personally like it or not, because the powerful US Christian Right blindly supports Israel for religious reason and it'd be political suicide for either the Democrats or Republicans to not support Israel (not unlike political parties in Malaysia not supporting or going against agama dan raja).

      Obama actually doesn't get along with Benjamin Netanyahu and abhors his extreme policies and would have punished Israel kau kau if not for the next Democrat Party presidential candidate (likely to be Hilary Clinton)

      The only way for USA to abandon or punish or severely reprimand Israel (cut off aid) would be for either Christianity to discover its belief (Jesus, Mary etc) doesn't have any link with the Old Testament and Israel, or for new archaeological or ancient documentary evidence that the religion of Judaism and thus Christianity is not what the Bible says it is

  5. It just shows how desperate the opposition parties are.A drowning man will grasps at whatever,he can get his hands on.This low-downs couldn't care less,if they pull their own motherfuckers down with them.To these low-downs and motherfuckers,go play play and screw their own selves.

  6. Aziz Bari's appointment or non-appointment as an Ampang Jaya Municipal Councillor is a totally different issue from Mahathir's sacking as PETRONAS Advisor.

    The person or body given the task of making appointment decisions usually has plenty of discretion to decide.
    You would have to prove deliberate bias to challenge a decision to appoint or not to appoint.
    In this case the New RPK's New Malaysia-Today has less credibility than even The New Straits Times. I hardly consider a dubious article from there as a reliable write-up.

    Firing an existing incumbent is legally and logically a very different matter, as the question of due process comes into the picture.

    Every day, all over the world, organisations and corporations are often required by tribunals to provide evidence and justification defend their decision to fire somebody. If the court judges that you have unfairly dismissed somebody, it can end up costing you a lot of money.

    Of course, Mahathir is not a PETRONAS "employee", and his case is heavily complicated by politics.

    Appointing does not have the same rules and standards as Firing. That is something every employer knows or has to know, and Ktemoc should not mix this up in asking Surendran to justify why Aziz Bari was not appointed.