Friday, March 18, 2016

DAP should amputate gangrenous taxi sapu

FMT - PKR may work with PAS-Ikatan pact (extracts):

what about Parti Cinta Malaysia and Ayah Pin's Teh-Kor party?


KUALA LUMPUR: Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) does not dismiss the possibility of cooperating with the new political block, the PAS-Parti Ikatan Bangsa Malaysia (Ikatan) pact, if both parties share the same struggle.

PKR president Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail said the party’s focus was the interests of the people and country.

I don't understand this so-called president of PKR but wait, on 2nd thoughts, I actually do, wakakaka.

PAS has avowed enmity with DAP and Amanah, and vice versa, and she as the so-called leader of a party which is in a coalition with DAP and Amanah (Pakatan Harapan) still wants to work with PAS?

Memang taxi sapu yang paling jelek.

On Sunday 13 March 2016 the Star Online published (extracts):

Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) is willing to team up with Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak in order to "Save Malaysia", says Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail.

The PKR president, however, said there would have to be set terms and conditions to for the co-operation to work and to bring progress to the country.

So desu ne, please tell me which political party doesn't claim it works for the people (voters, wakakaka) and would bring progress to the country?

But since then, Azmin Ali has leapt in to refute that report of PKR-UMNO collaboration, saying Wan Azizah had said PKR was willing to work with anybody committed to the reform though she didn't mention any particular party.

Oh? "PKR was willing to work with anybody ..." - doesn't that indirectly confirms the Star Online report?

When queried by reporters, Wan Azizah acted like MCA-Gerakan a la mute being stung by a tebuan, wakakaka, though she swiftly walked away. Cabut-ed? Wakakaka.

This leads us to consider a few questions on Malaysia's infamous 'taxi sapu' (note I haven't employ the k...-k... word out of respect for her):

Firstly, is Wan Azizah fit and politically competent to be the leader of Pakatan Harapan?

Secondly, what sort of coalition partner would PKR be to Pakatan Harapan when it is willing to work with an avowed enemy of Pakatan Harapan, namely, PAS?

Thirdly, despite the recent signing of a new Pakatan so-called concordant, how does one explain PKR's unilateral announcement (meaning, without consultation nor agreement with its coalition partners) that it will contest 40 seats in Sarawak's coming state election with 15 seats including Batu Kitang being 'non-negotiable'.

Unilateral announcement; 'non-negotiable' - Wow, what a wonderful start to and an example of PKR's 'agreeing but disagreeing' with the new Pakatan consensus agreement, wakakaka.

By the by, Batu Kitang is a new state constituency under the new federal constituency of Stampin with this constituency being a highly dense Chinese majority area a la the Kapar formula of sardine-izing unfriendly-to-BN voters into a tin can to merit only one representative, wakakaka.

Nonetheless, PKR must have believe it can win this seat as with 14 others, hence they've become in PKR's green-eyed monster self, non-negotiable, wakakaka.

But I've no doubt DAP Sarawak will have a different opinion (which alas for LKS, he can do f**kall with the locals' wish).

Note: DAP currently holds 12 state seats after it last contested 15, while PKR holds 3 after it contested 49, wakakaka again.

After our dear Jayakumar, denied an exco position in Selangor because the former MB Khalid Ibrahim favoured Eli Wong instead, wakakaka, after staking PKR's unilateral claim to 40 seats including the 15 non-negotiable seats, pronounced:

“We signed the agreement, and in it, agreed to do our best to fight one-on-one. I don’t see why there should be any overlapping of seats, and we will hold firm to the agreement.”

To be fair to him he was probably reading Nurul Izzah's speech, wakakaka. Frankly, he was more hopeful than confident because he in typical PKR habit neglected to mention that PKR has already and UNILATERALLY laid claim to what its greedy lil' monster-like avarice wants - what cock of a signed agreement was he talking about?

Stampin has almost 3 times the number of voters than friendly-to-PBB Batu Sadong, the latter presumably the Putrajaya-like constituency of Sarawak, wakakaka or should it be like what my matey Dean Johns had once titled one of his articles, to wit, 'Sarawakakaka'.

I think Ah Jib Gor via the EC has been slyly shoring up his 'fixed deposit'.

Anyway, back to the pronouncement of Jayakumar (on behalf of Nurul Izzah) - This has been a PKR f**king habit, that of making unilateral press announcement while seizing the lion's share of seats without any consultation with its coalition partners, and expecting them to succumb to its ketuanan Melayu pre-eminence.

Additionally, with special regards to Sarawak, the announcement was made by a West Malaysian PKR leader (not Baru Bian), namely, Xavier Jayakumar (substituting for Nurul Izzah who was denied entry into Sarawakakaka), an act which cements the Sarawakian and Sabahan suspicion of PKR's highly Peninsula-centralized/remote-control.

Now, what I'm about to suggest may be unpalatable to Lim Kit Siang who dreams of marching into Putrajaya on a flimsy and questionable coalition which still doesn't have the bloody balls to define its shadow cabinet, but nonetheless I would strongly urge DAP to reconsider that partnership with PKR, to amputate off a gangrenous taxi sapu-like party, to ally itself with only Amanah, and to go for broke against PKR and PAS, meeting the former strongly head on in Penang, Perak, Selangor, NS, FT and Johor as it is likely to be in Sarawak.

There are a few good people in PKR and I would encourage them to take the enlightened path to DAP, as has Dr Bari.

My proposed DAP-Amanah coalition may not take over Putrajaya but it has a very strong chance of holding Penang and even winning Perak, Selangor, NS, federal-seats only FT, and possibly Johor. 

Call me an Uber cab please, Sarawakakaka!


  1. PKR is a sinking entity.That is the main reason it is operating a taxi sapu and leg spreading business.Anything it can grab it's hands on to save it from drowning.After GE14 the latest,it will be another mosquito party like Gerakan.Good riddance to bad garbage.

  2. Most of DAP's gains in GE12 and GE13 remain marginal seats. There is a real possibility DAP can lose them, because a large part of the swing came from Malay votes.
    DAP can only hold on to these seats, especially outside of Penang, by building broad multi-racial alliances.

    Ironically it is "headless chooks" like Lim Kit Siang who have a clear-headed understanding of the reality, while the young rah-rahs have psyched themselves into believing its DAP's "time has come".
    That is why Lim Kit Siang has invested so much effort in building bridges, even with "smelly" allies.
    DAP needs its alliance with PKR, even as PKR needs DAP.
    DAP Looking down on PKR with disdain is going down the path to disaster.
    Many DAP ranks in Selangor have been aghast at Lim Guan Eng's attack on Penang PKR. They see him as thinking of Penang only, not considering the national picture, where the alliance with PKR remains vital and indispensable.

    1. well put. and pan got how many members? pan got money? harapkan duit dap? kesian la..

  3. Maybe it is time for the leaders of PKR,to decide the future path,their party is going to take.The path of least resistance is to disband,and let their members be absorb into Umno,MCA,DAP and PAS.And into the mosquito party Gerakan too.

  4. “I would encourage them to take the enlightened path to DAP”. ENLIGHTENED PATH? “Masuk bakul angkat sendiri. Hello KT, please tolong don’t toot your own horn la.

    “DAP should amputate gangrenous taxi sapu”. It sounds like almost similar to the malay peribahasa -“Habis madu sepah dibuang” meaning “when the sweetness is gone the pulp is discarded”?

    Well, to DAP, Anwar is no more of use; Dr Wan – her sweetness is almost depleted; Nurul Izzah is a bittersweet nightshade; and Azmin’s preceding relationship with TDM is too close for comfort to the chinese and perhaps to some malays too?

    “My proposed DAP-Amanah coalition” – meaning that DAP just cannot do it a lone. Don’t believe it? Cuba-Try lah to do a stand-alone for this GE14 and see how many ADUNs and MPs can DAP harvest? Wakakaka… and Sarawakaka too..

    Remember! DAP is too chinese for comfort to the malays? Likewise, PAS is too islamic for comfort to DAP/Chinese? Good luck and all the best to Samad Said, Ariff Sabri, Dr Bari, that sacked-RMAF pilot, and perhaps PAN.

    Remember - “Habis madu sepah dibuang” - “When the sweetness is gone the pulp is discarded”.

    And didn't KT tell us so...?

    1. wakakaka, Bro Hasan made a good point that DAP will remain a provincial power unless it takes on a more Malaysian hue

      In fact I wroteb on thsi 2 years ago - see

  5. Zairil Khir Johari is a young educated,smart,intelligent, disciplined and cool headed politician.He should be the new face of the DAP.Not the barking dog with no teeth,Tony Pua.One has to wonder why the DAP leadership had kept him low profile and in the background.

    1. ..zairil is potential future pm, i think. bole la..i guess.

  6. funny how working with cikdet to save umno is not taxi sapu@jelek
    funny how talk abt msian msia yet my cwc is almost 100% one race (btw zairil is by race)

    1. "taxi sapu" is repetitive embracing of everyone under the sun which has become a uniquely PKR habit. I concede LKS might have aproached that lamentable behaviour