Thursday, February 04, 2016

Omelette du Mahathir

The Star Online reports today (extracts):

Will I be like General MacArthur, saying "I came through and I shall return"? 

ALOR SETAR: Outgoing Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Mukhriz Mahathir claims that the move to oust him began 18 months ago.

Mukhriz declared he would continue to serve the people and remain loyal to Umno and he hoped the party would undergo a “drastic and dramatic transformation”.

He said he was throwing in the towel as the Regency Council informed him that he had lost the majority support of the State Legislative Assembly.

Poor Mukhriz. As I commented over at M2D, I personally believe Mukhriz is a nice bloke but nonetheless I'm glad he has been ousted, only because I want to see the real power behind him, daddy Mahathir, lose.

Hey, you can't make an omelette without breaking the egg. To rephrase, you can't make an Omelette du Mahathir without breaking the Mukhriz egg, wakakaka.

Omelette du Loaf, wakakaka

Mukhriz's 'political' blood as collateral damage 

My dear dear Muhriz, it's your dad who has been the cause of your fall.

No? You don't think so? You think it's Najib?

Recall how after the 2008 GE you were appointed the Deputy Minister of International Trade and Industry while your Youth Head (KJ) sat by the side with his duck's egg, wakakaka.

How do you think you were appointed? I hope you don't believe it was your good looks? Wakakaka.

Recall in the pre-election nomination to be Langkawi's representative in the 2008 GE, 85 out of 91 branches in that constituency rejected you, yet you were still given a seat in Jerlun to contest. Indeed, given this, I wonder at your popularity in Kedah.

And guess how you joined the Airborne, wakakaka, to subsequently become MB Kedah?

2013 - oopsie, looks like I'm going to land on top of Ahmad Bashah's head

hope he won't bear a grudge, wakakaka

I believe Najib was trying to mollify your dad. But your dad has been a man who didn't/doesn't know when to give and take. He's the ultimate kiasu, or as RTA would have said, an ultra kiasu, a man who wants, nay make that, demands to win all the time, because he believes not only he is always right but he must be obeyed kau kau.

Mahathir's pompous hubris even extends to declaring that both AAB and Najib were bad choices as his "successorS" (note the word's plurality).

In August last year TMI published Dr Mahathir apologises for choice of successors. TMI reported (relevant extracts):

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, the country’s longest serving prime minister for 22 years, today apologised for the choice of his successors, saying that he didn't know any better then. "Manalah saya tahu waktu pilih, saya minta ampun, minta maaflah pada semua (How did I know when I made the choice, I am sorry and apologise to all)," he said. [...]

... Dr Mahathir also took a dig at his immediate successor, Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, as well as current Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, without mentioning any names.

Omelette du 'Kepala Batas'

stuffed with potatoes for energy, wakakaka 

"We can only guess, when someone is known as 'Mr Clean', we choose lah, but once he entered the arena, he became dirty."

"So I tried to find a cleaner replacement, who knew, this new guy's idea (would be) 'cash is king' and if you give people money, they will like you.”

In a veiled attack at Najib, Dr Mahathir said: "But in giving money to people, we must have money. If don't have, can do business, but not if we are holding a position (in government), but stealing, can.”

His remarks drew laughter and applause from some 4,000 students, lecturers and the public.

Hadn't it been wonderful that even at 90 years old, Mahathir could still find the words to entertain 4000 students (a group who once hated him when he was PM) to such an extent that they laughed and applauded at his politically-titillating jabs at both AAB and Najib?

What he had said was he found to his surprise 'Mr Clean' (AAB) became 'dirty' once he became PM. OK then, so what did Mahathir do on discovering AAB wasn't the 'successor' he had wanted?

In his own words, "So I tried to find a cleaner replacement .....".

[Note: I was informed that his hatred for AAB had more to do with their sons than the crooked bridge, wakakaka]

The 'replacement' he sought for the ousted AAB was of course Najib who, he subsequently found to his shock again, has been engaged in 'stealing'.

Thus Mahathir apologized (with his usual sarcasm of course) for his poor choice of 'successorS'.

Wait, don't bother me by asking me why Mahathir did not apologize for his many acts which hurt us, scared us, horrified us and disgusted us, like the dismissal of Lord President Salleh Abas, Ops Lalang, unilaterally declaring Malaysia as a fundamentalist Islamic state, Forex, Maminco, BB, MAS and various other lamentable acts and events.

I don't want to go into those right now as they have been dealt with endlessly by so many other bloggers, reporters, journalists (including foreign ones) and a host of websites and news portals.

But while everyone would acknowledge it's an undeniable fact AAB had been his "final" successor, (note my use of the word "final"? Sorry Mr Manmanlai, wakakaka again), I wonder how Najib became his 2nd succesor?

According to Mahathir's own words, Najib was considered as a 'cleaner replacement' for a 'dirty' AAB.

It's something we can derive directly from Mahathir's declaration, "So I tried to find a cleaner replacement .....".

Those ridiculous words tell us about his flabbergasting hubris and twisted mindset, that Najib had been his 2nd "successor", one whom he "found" to replace AAB.

Those words show that the man didn't (and probably still doesn't) consider himself as a retired PM, but as a PM in political mufti*, someone who rules Malaysia in perpetuity.

[* mufti as in dress, not Muslim cleric, wakakaka]

Omelette 'Siapa Raja', wakakaka 

To him, AAB must have been only an acting caretaker sort of PM, or at best still his 'deputy', who he could continue to dictate to, perhaps not on everything in running the government, but certainly on his pet issues and hobby horses, and likewise with Najib.

And didn't he once complain that Najib hadn't reported to him for 6 months?

Holy moley, a PM to report to him at regular intervals? Didn't that confirm his mindset as one who had believed he was still the de facto PM?

Yes, in his delusional mind Najib as his 'successor' has failed to satisfy his 'expectations', though Najib tried to mollify him by making Mukhriz a deputy minister and at the same time did not appoint his bete noire, KJ the UMNO Youth Chief, as a minister, wakakaka.

It's not rocket science to know the reason behind the unprecedented non-appointment of the UMNO Youth boss as a minister by the PM (while appointing Mukhriz a deputy minister) when all along every UMNO Youth Chief has been appointed as one.

[Now, haven't I mentioned above that his hatred for AAB had more to do with their sons (including s-i-l) than the crooked bridge, wakakaka]

Najib must have thought he'd nominate Mukhriz as MB Kedah as another mollifying act, but I suspect the old man's implacable ire was ignited by his perception Najib didn't do enough to boost Mukhriz up into one of UMNO VP positions, without which the leadership distance between Mukhriz and the PM position is way way way too far.

Omelette 'A bridge too far' (for Mukhriz) , wakakaka

The amazing thing is he hadn't blamed himself for bringing Mukhriz into politics at such a late stage, and I can only guess (apart from his hubristic belief he is never ever wrong) it has been his invincible (over)-confidence that he, as (still) the most power man in both UMNO and Malaysia, could and would eventually make things tick in accordance with his wishes, including safe and mentored passage to the top for Mukhriz.

I suppose to him, as de facto reigning 'Emperor of Malaysia', a non-performing Najib, non-performing to his specific desires, must be removed!

But alas, as someone in Sungai Buloh would tell you, 'de facto' is one thing while 'de jure' is another, especially when the de jure person has direct and immediate access to party funds and control of the government apparatus, which he undoubtedly will use to his own betterment, wakakaka.

In the end, the 1MDB fiasco is just one of many excuses to remove Najib. This is not to say Najib is yet to be completely absolved from the dodginess associated with 1MDB, but let us put in perspective the real reason for Mahathir becoming such a "diligent guardian of governance" in Malaysia when we consider in context such sickening issues like Forex, Maminco, Perwaja, BB, MAS, and various scarey profligacy during his time, and of course not forgetting the humiliating dismissal of Salleh Abas, then Lord President of the judiciary.

Many inform me that that's all in the past and we should deal with the current problem, to wit, Najib. But wouldn't we say he had been chiefly responsible for most of the ills we are facing today, so how can we so easily brush aside his record and performance - it would be like ignoring Godzilla while we chase after the garden lizard.

Another of his attacks against Najib has been the resurrected Altantuyaa affair, where a convicted killer had been virtually 'beautified' and almost 'canonized' into a saint. Indeed, why weren't these raised before Mahathir's declaration's "So I tried to find a cleaner replacement ....."?

But far more important than Mukhriz's loss in Kedah, lies bare that realization that Mahathir no longer scares UMNO people. It would seem that 'Avarice' surpasses 'Awe', wakakaka, Indeed 'Cash is King' in UMNO!

And I have no sympathy at all for the father.

Tunku Abdul Rahman's Alliance (Perikatan) Party

'someone' was sacked from it in 1969, wakakaka 

As I said at the start, I personally believe Mukhriz is a nice bloke but when someone starts to rock the Perikatan boat (BN predecessor, used here for its nautical characteristic, wakakaka), and rock it vigorously out of selfish petulance, surely some eggs would be broken.

Aiyah, I could have hatched nicely into a PM, wakakaka 

Even a very very tolerant kungfu master would only entertain a few free blows but not continuously because one lucky blow by the attacker would eventually penetrate through his defence and land him on the ground. He had to strike back and stop the ongoing assault. Najib is a kungfu master of political maneouvrings and intrigues, even more so than Mahathir, as the former is quietly sly, less openly aggressive and thus deadlier.

Grasshopper, to make an omelette, you need to break an egg 

Poor Mukhriz has been the collateral damage, not that the filial son hadn't been also publicly vocal against his party boss. 

I've to say I'm glad Mukhriz has been ousted, but only because I want to see the real power behind him lose. It annoys me when the father always gets his way, no matter how wrong he had been.

Yes, you can't make an omelette without breaking the egg. To rephrase, you can't make an Omelette du Mahathir without breaking the Mukhriz egg, wakakaka.

Omelette de la Kedah

karn-neen-nare, semua 'dah jadi chop-suey liao, wakakaka


  1. I have a feeling the last few days events are just another episode in the long running saga.
    Najib is not in a safe harbour, regardless of being "absolved" by the AG he appointed specifically to do that, and his removal of Mukhriz.

    Like a conjurer Mahathir has many more tricks up his sleeve.....unless , ummm...he drops dead...

    1. he won't as his family is reputed to have longevity genes. I bet he'll outlive Najib, wakakaka


    Is that you , Ktemoc ?

    1. if he is as rich as reputed, please yes, wakakaka

    2. Nah.........He hailed from Air Itam, Penang.......What did 1MDB do in Air Itam.......hahahahahaha

  3. Replies
    1. I know such sense of fairplay is just beyond your feral anwarista comprehension, wakakaka

    2. do ya think that person of mixed race writes on macc n dap have any sense of fairplay, or purely vengeance, or paid to write such bs? comment la sikit, let us know how fake u r.

    3. as I've blogged on before I don't always agree with RPK, at times totally.

      But there's an element of truth in that Lim KS has betrayed the cause of TBH by cozying up to MACC, but I don't agree to the extent that RPK as written.

      In fact I once penned this: Forgetting Teoh Beng Hock [] - read it and weep

    4. That TBH taint that you are forever holding against MACC, what would it take for MACC to redeem itself?

      Even now MACC is appealing AGC's NFA against the Empire, for which RPK has a nice spin about MACC being blackmailed by TBH's side.....

    5. MACC must tell us who murdered TBH. From circumstantial evidence (from indirect narrations/accounts) we suspect someone but we cannot accuse a person on the basis of suspicions. But MACC knows - so tell us to redeem the organization's name.

      our suspicion is listed in this poem "The murder of Teoh Beng Hock" []

    6. We must also remember Teoh Beng Hock's death occurred under Najib's administration...

      I have no doubt the continued Kaber-Ap requires very heavyweight sanction and approval...

  4. At ninety,Mahathir is still the man to go to.Just ask the useless opposition leaders who go begging for the Dr's help.

    Kedah stands a good chance of falling into the opposition's hands in GE14.Penang will solidly remained under the DAP.

    With a resurrecting MCA,and the MIC,Gerakan with the ragtags tagging behind,PKR and Azmin's gomen stands a good chance being humbled in GE14.If PKR,in Selangor gets thrashed so goes the Selangor DAP.An upside down gomen in Selangor,with an energized BN bunny,fully loaded with cash will see to that.You guys better believe it.

    1. Ah, slightly better. The jumbled up words n lost train of thought r still there but at least u managed to suppress your urge to expose your unnatural sexual fantasies. Keep it up, uncle (I m not referring to your little weewee ok). It's not easy but u can do it! All together now: Hidup Tony Pua! Hehehe.

  5. Actually I don't give a damn fuck towards kaytee......

    Come to fuckingly think of it.......Tun Razak did get away with everything.......but well kaytee has fucking soft touch towards najib and his daddy

    What is the relationship between him and najib?

    Oh by the way, I will have to read carefully to see if kaytee would mention Paul Keating in relation to Ahmad Bashah become the top dog.......

    Hahahahaha.......Bob Hawke deserved to be ousted by a secondary school leaver, Paul Keating

    If Paul Keating can do it, Fuck! Ahmad Bashah can do it.......Hey, he can be PM of Malaysia.......hahahahahaha

    1. Yes, we should not hold Ahmad Bashah's lack of formal education against him.
      Like Ah Beng, he had a tough childhood, and had to struggle all the way.

      Paul Keating was an excellent example of one who had a difficult background and did not have pursue a higher education. He rose to the top by sheer effort and a bit of luck.
      As a leader , Keating cultivated a "professional" image that camouflaged his humble background.

      Expensive tailored suits, perfect grooming every day, "educated" speech , you would never guess his tough working-class origins.

      What is far more important is Character and Ethics, which I fear "University UMNO" graduate Ahmad Bashah may be rather challenged.

    2. as usual, looes talked cock in his usual reckless style. once I wrote about the personalities in the middle east and he accused me of only accusing Israeli leaders but not Yasser Arafat, and right there in black and white on was my post I had written Yasser Arafat's name right besides teh Israeli leaders.

      looes is an arsehole who just wants to attack/accuse me but without any evidence or, as in the case of abovementioned, contrary to evidence

      if one were to scrutinize my posts one would see that I have been not kind to (2nd) PM Razak, but why let such facts hinder looes' reckless slander.

      looes has from time to time boasted of his family influence in Perak, so his family must have been part to Perikatan/BN/royalty doings. Maybe his family had been involved in the coup d'etat against the Pakatan government there, wakakaka

      he is also a hypocrite - he talks tough here, liberally spicing his comments with obscenities but you should read his comments over at Din Merican where he meows, coos and purrs to Din like a sycophantic cock-sucking eunuch, wakakaka

    3. oh dear looes' sins are so many that I forgot this one - over at Din Merican's blog, I once read the big lie he told about me, completely contrary to what I had written in my post.

      In his lie he agitated some of Din's usual visitors to take issue with me, based of course on his fabrication. And looes crooned about his Christian belief in the one and almighty god, wakakaka, so don't blame me for having a bad impression of some Christians because of people like him.

      he is essentially an old man who wanders around agitating people, stirring shit even using lies, a real regular malicious batu api who likes, nay, make that love to see people quarrel

      but he knows Din Merican won't accept his obscenities hence his eunuch-like balls-licking mewing over there, wakakaka

  6. There is an important difference between the person , and the job that the person does. Being the PM is, after all, just a job.

    Mahathir as PM did many things which are execrable. However, it is not easy to nail him down for personal liability, including scandals such as the dismissal of the Lord President, Ops Lalang, BMF, Forex, Maminco and MAS.

    "I carried out my job as I saw fit" is a pretty good excuse, and also pretty good defense in Court, if it ever gets to that, unless we can show personal gain involved, or criminal intention.

    That is difference why many people who consider major areas of Mahathir's actions as PM appalling, can still shake hands with Mahathir the ex-PM.

    Ironically, we can thank the Mahathir-inititated prosecution / persecution of Anwar Ibrahim for establishing at Federal Court level that wielding one's position , with the influence and power that goes with it , to obstruct or prevent prosecution against one's self amounts to personal gain i.e. corruption.

    The big difference with the current Najib case vs. Mahathir is it is patently obvious to most (but unfortunately not to some people) that Najib is actively interfering in Malaysia's government enforcement and prosecution system for personal gain.

    That is a very serious crime for a PM to carry out.

    With independent law enforcement agencies on 3 continents circling around 1MDB investigations, its a matter of time before 1MDB and its Chairman of the Board of Advisors, who has to approve all major transactions in or out, gets exposed.

    Criminal acts were suspected of being committed in Switzerland, Hong Kong, Singapore and USA, so Malaysia cannot stop those investigations or accuse them of Interfering in Malaysia's internal affairs.

  7. The most likely beneficiary of all this anti-Najib activity in the end will be.....Zahid Hamidi, the soon to be Prime Minister of Malaysia. I hear many UMNO people are already lining up to Ampu Bodek Zahid Hamidi.

    I think Najib day's are numbered, no matter how RPK spins it.
    The accumulated weight of all the Karma generated by 1MDB and Scorpene will eventually sink him......

    When the timing is right, Zahid will suddenly call for justice and transparency in either or both of 1MDB and Scorpene. At that point Najib will be mere Bugis Sandwich.

    But his replacement will be the worst kind of creature to ever occupy the PM's seat....

  8. many of us look at tdm as a hero. a hero who had made a tremendous impact on malaysian politics. a hero who allowed nothing to stand between him and his political appetites. whether we like it or not, because of him.. a deputy prime minister is down.. a minister is down.. a chief minister is down... that's an image of reality... it is all because of his suspicion.. assumption that a person is guilty until he has proven his innocence.. that belief is not democratic nor islamic. simply put.. it is just gila.. crazy giler!

    1. u r wrong. no one here look at mahathir as hero. u people is turning najib into a mahathir. we cant let a pm to become too strong n powerful, this happen when one reign too long. what mahathir did is good since no party can defeat umno. kt justification is his dislike n retribution toward mahathir, unaware to him, people like him would make najib into dictator if he is allowed to stay, perhaps a worst one. n problem with hasan n u is, sorry to say, a blind hadi follower.

      mahathir is shit, najib is equally shit. I hope hadi dun become one.

    2. don't forget anwar in your shit list, wakakaka

    3. agree with kt.. but he should be in a different shit list.. i mean with a bloody infront.. ha ha..

  9. what to do, dap n lims cant live without shit.

  10. Someone somewhere said:

    Bashah has a direct line to PM.
    Kedah MB crisis has nothing to do with PM.
    15 Umno division chiefs held a press conference.
    15 millions immediate approval to Kedah "development fund."
    Who said them ahh?? Not me.

    1. it is arrant nonsense lah.. each got a million! what? another instalment of a familiar tale?