Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Dilemma for UMNO in Kedah

MB Mukhriz Mahathir can count on at least 4 votes to support him in a vote of no confidence in the Kedah State Assembly (DUN) against his MB-ship, namely, himself, Aminuddin Omar and two more BN blokes (are they MCA ADUN? wakakaka - personally I doubt that).

Technically, that is if PAS' 8 ADUN support him, he'll have 4 plus 15 (8 PAS, 4 PKR, 2 DAP, 1 PAN), giving him a clear majority of 19 in the State Assembly (DUN). And indeed PAS has just declared they will support Mukhriz continuing as MB.

But as I mentioned in an earlier post, Capitalizing on a Mahathir's prediction for Kedah?, there is no necessity for the vote of no confidence to be taken in the DUN because the majority ruling party (of 21) only requires only 11
 among its own ADUN (admittedly a wafer-thin intra-party majority, but I believe there are 15 UMNO ADUN against Mukhriz continuing as MB) to inform HRH or the Regency Council that the majority of the ruling BN no longer have any confidence in Mukhriz's leadership as state MB and are offering a replacement candidate.

Wasn't this the case in Selangor regarding PKR's attempt to remove Khalid Ibrahim?

Thus I wonder why some, especially those from Pakatan, are insisting on the vote of confidence being taken in the DUN, instead of allowing the BN to sort it out themselves. Did Pakatan call for a vote of no confidence in the Selangor DUN against former MB Khalid Ibrahim?

No, don't answer me because I know the answer, wakakaka. 'Twas just a rhetorical question to show the double standards that politics (on both sides of the fence) indulge in.

Just saying "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" is not good enough, not WHEN you yourself have done exactly the same thing, to wit, attempting to deal with Khalid Ibrahim in Selangor within Pakatan or rather PKR party process! I was supportive of that intra-party process in Selangor because I thought that was correct.

But now in Kedah, TMI reports: DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng said in Penang that a confidence motion should be tabled at the Kedah legislative assembly and that the DAP would decide how to respond later if such a motion was tabled.

Much as I lament saying this of a man I very much admire, Lim GE has shown his double standards because he failed to say the same thing in the Selangor MB case.

In fact Kedah DAP chairperson Tan Kok Yew told TMI: "I think we have to stress here that such is not our stand. We fear that there is a misunderstanding. The whole issue here is not a question of support for Mukhriz, but an internal party issue that is up to Umno to settle internally."

"We don't even know if this menteri besar issue is created to divert our attention from other issues. If Umno cannot settle it, then the matter should be brought to the state legislative assembly for a motion of no confidence to be table,"

TMI also reported: PKR president Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail said in a statement today that any decision to remove a chief minister from any state must be based on a justifiable reason.

“In the absence of compelling justifiable reason, our view is to maintain and support the status quo. This is especially pertinent when concerning a member who enjoys the support of the majority”.

So why was Khalid Ibrahim removed without compelling justifiable reason (at least initially)? Unless of course, giving way to her version of "God's gift to the people" (namely, her hubby, wakakaka) was considered by her as a compelling justifiable reason!

Thus I have to say, sadly, Pakatan is just as bad as BN and PAS for bringing the state of our politics to its present parlous pathetic state.

If the issue is taken to the DUN, of course both Pakatan and PAS will support Mukhriz to defeat the vote of no confidence.

But how will Mukhriz then carry on his duties as MB with his new unknown exco, when around 15 UMNO ADUN out of 19 are against him?

Apart from the 3 UMNO ADUN who back him, and perhaps the two MCA men (wakakaka) who else will fill the exco positions? Will he coopt PAS and Pakatan ADUN to join his exco?

Professor Gurdial Singh Nijat told TMI: "How is he (Mukhriz) going to run the BN government without the support of the assemblymen from his party or coalition?"

"He cannot have opposition members in the executive council because the people voted a BN government in the last election."

In fact, Prof Gurdial stated that the move by the Kedah Regency Council to determine the views of the opposition was unprecedented, meaning the Regency Council's action should NOT have been taken.

This is the problem with monarchy over-participating in secular politics.

The more interesting question is (and what the Opposition, both Pakatan and PAS, wants): Will Mukhriz, after defeating the vote of no confidence proposed by the majority of his own UMNO people, advised the Regency Council to dissolve the DUN and call for fresh elections?

If he doesn't, can he continue to run Kedah by coopting PAS (and to a lesser extent, Pakatan) ADUN into his exco? Will his policies/proposals/budget have an easy passage in the DUN?


  1. Heck, if Mahfudz wants to support Mukhriz then let him! But reading Hadi, he will abstain. He knows very well that this is an internal issue of UMNO. What the hell for him to be involved in this issue?

    If PH supports Mukhriz, then Hadi can say that PH and UMNO are forming an alliance too. This is valid because for as long as Mukhriz remains in UMNO and still the MB it means that LGE supports UMNO/BN. Unprincipled LGE/DAP? Podah!

    Najib has to get rid of MY and SA. He has to do it. No choice lah! It is just pure common sense. Najib has the right to ask Mukhriz and a couple of others more to go. He is still being nice to Mukhriz though by indicating that he will give Mukhriz a federal position.

    Ok la tu… apa Mukhriz mahu lagi? He should be happy because then he can be with his wife and family everyday. Mukhriz does not want to move his wife and family to Kedah meh? That key limitation alone is a good insignia that he should NOT be the MB of Kedah!

    Cool, if you are the Monarch, do you want a person with such a noticeable handicap to be your Bendahara, to assist you in administering the state?

  2. Normally I would say, follow Constitutional conventions , as in the party with the majority in the Legislature determines who is the MB.
    However, these are extraordinary times and the overall context has me strongly opposing Najib's machinations to remove Mukhriz.

    The context is we have a PM who is exerting all means fair and (mostly) foul to obstruct justice and remain in power.
    It IS principled to stand up to obstruction of justice.

    If you believe Zahid Hamidi, Abdul Rahman Dahlan, Said Keruak, Raja Petra and (maybe) Ktemoc, there is a Titanic global conspiracy to bring down Najib , orchestrated by Mahathir, Claire Rewcastle, the Edge, the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Switzerland's Attorney General, Singapore's Monetary Authority. The last two foreign government enforcement authorities have criminal investigations into 1MDB Financial transactions.

    Instead of gigantic conspiracies, my conclusion is simple. People in and around 1MDB have committed crimes involving very large amounts of money. Since 1MDB is wholly owned by the Malaysia government, that is Rakyat's money.
    Najib may or may not be personally involved in the crimes, but he is engaging in obstruction of justice (a crime by itself) by removing any and all persons who may be adding pressure over 1MDB.

    Mukhriz is just his latest target, and in that context I say NO to Najib's machinations in Kedah.

    Go FUCK YOURSELF, Najib !

    1. why connect a state issue to 1MDB? It's like connecting the attempted removal of Khalid Ibrahim to Sodomy II

  3. I know the Pakatuns are hypocrites but I wanna talk specifically about the SD to Sultan.

    I thought the SD to the Sultan of Selangor never actually worked out. Technically it was more or less a piece of junk paper, Khalid never got 'removed' (he was, at best, forced to resign) and Kak Wan never got elected. So this time it's gonna work? Correct me if I'm wrong.

    Speaking of hypocrite, didn't we always despise on dragging our monarchs into politics?

    1. Nvm, it worked. I cannot understand politics.

    2. It should have worked in Selangor but HRH there flexed his royal muscles - so in Malaysia when a sultan flexed his might, regardless of its unconstitutionality, what can we do?

    3. I think you mean regardless of morality in with regard to westminster practices. Schedule 8 of the federal constitution allowed him to do as such. And if cikgu bards is to be believed even jijah don't command the confidence of majority of the members of the assembly. As azmin and 5 others has retract their SD and could get the majority he needs either way of joining with PR or PAS+UMNO.

  4. macam mana nak administer state sedangkan keluarga sendiri pun tak boleh manage. dia ni ketua keluarga ka apa. isteri wajib bersama/ikut suami.

  5. Kaytee,Mukhriz has resigned as Kedah MB.So,the kay poh chee's(GE and Azizah's gang) can go vote whoever they want.

  6. Isn't it a conflict of interest that the instigator of the revolt gets to be the next Menteri Besar?

    Ah...I see, the real instigator is somebody else...in Putrajaya....

    1. just like CJ Abdul Hamid sat in judgement of and replaced Lord President of the Federal Court Salleh Abas, all under the premiership of Mahathir.

  7. "No, I never dozed off in the Dewan" new Kedah MB.

    Will be interesting to go to GE14 with another UMNO idiot at the helm......Mukhriz, whatever his faults, was sort of an acceptable guy as MB.

    The problem I have is I definitely do not want another PAS MB either....how ah ?

    1. in Kedah the power will swing between UMNO and PAS (in collaboration with PAS' concubine PKR) for years to come. The Muslim demography dictates that

  8. Ahmad Bashah was reportedly not interested to be MB and his name was reported to be not among the proposed list.
    Yet he gets the job.?

    1. Recall: Casca tells him that the crowd was gathered to watch Caesar receive a crown. Antony offered Caesar the crown three times, Caesar refused it all three times, and three times the crowd cheered wildly

      If Ahmad Bashah doesn't want to be MB, then I am the Shahanshah of Shambhala, wakakaka

    2. Hahaha and Hadi Awang don't want to be PM. Just want to be advisor. LOL.

    3. advising the government on the implementation of hudud and on its related teething issues in the unlikely event that umno/bn agree to support hudud.. itu sahaja. what's wrong with that huh?

    4. Unknown 8:10,
      What Hudud advisor?
      Hadi said BN Advisor, not Umno advisor la. In BN, there are MIC, MCA Gerakan and East Malaysian non Malay/Muslim Parties. Gerakan is suing PAS on Hudud. That is what's wrong with Hadi wannabe BN advisor.

    5. ya la.. didn't i say advising the government? apa yang mca, mic, gerakan and non malay/muslim parties tahu on hudud? but kau yang tak mahu baca my comment betul betul.. i said unlikely event la ..ha ha.. so the advisor position on hudud to UMNO/BN is a non issue until hudud is implemented.. siapa nak sue on hudud sue la.. kau pun boleh sue.. let the process of law decides la.. would be interesting to hear what the court decides.. but the parliament must decide first whether can implement hudud or not! like the tppa.. kenapa lge/dap tak nak sue? perhaps the tppa will still benefit the non malays most. fikirkan!

    6. Watching Hadi being so Mesra with Najib on stage in colour-coordinated outfits, I was reminded of a story once told to me by a Penang Turf Club syce.

      Race horses are bred for speed, not intelligence. And some of the fastest racers are also remarkably stupid.

      Trainers have one extra trick to get the horses to run at their fastest possible speed.
      Before the race, they stick the horse's favourite food, usually sugar, on a dish attached to the horse's bridle , just in front of the horse's mouth, but forever out of reach.

      During the race, the horse will push itself to run its fastest, trying to reach for its favourite food, but, of course, it never gets its gula-gula.

      Not all horses fall for the trick. Some are smart enough to figure out they are being duped, some continue to be deceived.

      I'm sure Hadi doesn't do horse racing, but I hope somebody manages to wake him up about UMNO , Hudud and gula-gula.

    7. ala ah beng.. it was at an opening ceremony of an islamic convention la.. the main guest was from al azhar university cairo. hadi is a graduate of university madinah saudi arabia and also al azhar university. the host organizers wear the same colour dress.. tak boleh ke? ha ha

  9. Over the years, most Penangites had come to find Gerakan, a once proud party, more and more repulsive because of its utter lack of principles.

    I'm afraid Lim Guan Eng, in his 2nd term of office is more and more heading that way as well. Becoming just another slimy, amoral political operative

    1. I wouldn't go that far as to describe LGE as slimy and amoral, nor would I agree to those descriptions. I just see him as having double standards, one for PKR and one for UMNO

  10. It just shows how politically immature Pakatan senior leaders are.

    When Kajang Satay over grilled and got badly burned(Selangor MB crisis),except for a few low ranking Umno leaders,the big guns in Umno avoided the bedroom ass screwing,scratching and hair pulling like the plaque.

    But Pakatan leaders cannot missed the chance of getting their tiny pricks into other's bedroom squabbles.No wonder,they got rejected in GE13.But,come GE14,Najib will humbled and sent them screaming,wailing and running back to their mamas.

  11. In the last Sarawak state elections,PKR contested 49 seats and won only three.This coming state election,PKR insisted on contesting all these 49 seats,plus some newly created ones.It is this bastardized ego of the PKR leaders that led to them not winning GE13.

    They screwed up big time in Sabah by Anwar and Azmin wanting to sit on the faces of the local warlords.Not once but twice.The latter part sending the local warlords heading for the hills,and never looking back.

    These egolistic good for nothing leaders greed for more seats,but unable to deliver,said so much about them.With their tiny pricks,they wanted to taste pussies the size of baseballs.But to no avail,as the lubangs are way way too wide for their tiny pricks to even have any contacts.It is better these clowns go shiok sendiri.

    1. my dear bruno, kindly tone down your use of colourful language. thanks

    2. Ya lo, the weakest opposition party in Pakatan wants to contest in the most seats. So greedy. Wonder if PKR can even keep the 3 seats.

    3. Hehehe. Donno what's his problem. Macho wannabe. Sounds stressed out all the time. I think he misses his guiding light, the monster. Right or not, uncle?

  12. A dilemma it is,indeed for Kedah.It has gotten itself a half past six,sleepy head of a menteri besar in Ahmad Bashah.I wonder if he will blush golden red when in conversation with orang putihs.One thing I will know ,with his pasar malam broken English,would the orang putihs understand what he is trying to say.

    Anyway,tokio rain might want to apply for a translator's job and have Ahmad Bashah as his benefactor.

  13. Mahathir & sons are reaping the fruits of Karma which they sowed over many years.

    Nowadays , you get to enjoy the ripening fruit well within your lifetime, not some imagined next life.