Friday, February 19, 2016

No poke de no-pork

Muslims but only those in Malaysia are the most easily confused lot, this assertion of course according to enforcement director Mohd Roslan Mahayudin of the Domestic Trade, Consumerism and Co-operatives Ministry and Nadzim Johan of Malaysian Islamic Consumer Association (PPIM).

But I wonder whether Malaysian Muslims agree with the two, to wit, they are the most easily confused people?

This claimed confusion relates to the no-pork sign on some restaurants.

There is a gnawing suspicion that those devious restaurant owners might be attempting to deceive (most easily confused) Malaysian Muslims.

This is turn brings into question whether those naughty non-Muslim restaurant owners have had a history or ambition of desiring Muslim customers?

I asked my char koay teow hawker buddy and he confessed he hadn't given that idea much thought because approx. 98% of his customers have been, would you believe, Chinese while about 2% were Indians (Hindus of course), which have been keeping him quite busy at the wok.

Eons ago I knew of one char koay teow outlet in Kuching which definitely served no-pork food, aside from its quite tasty no-pork (thus no lard nor laap-cheong) char koay teow.

But that's because it was serving food in a government building where the strict stipulation was no-pork, full stop! Comply or lose the contract!

Personally, having eaten at that shop, I doubt it was 100% halal (and mind, it didn't claim nor advertised itself to be so) because other than its no-pork assurance, the owner served chooks which I believed were not sembileh (slaughtered) in accordance with Islamic rites - but only because they weren't told to do so, or I reckon they would have complied with that as well.

Today at a Breadtop outlet in Eastwood, Sydney (Chinese-dominated township) I saw some hot looking hijab-ed sweeties in tight, very very tight fitting jeans, yummy, and figure-hugging blouses, yummier, which would have caused massive heart palpitations if not failures among some conservative Malaysian Muslims. They were buying cakes and various types of pastries at the shop.

In case some of you may not be aware, Breadtop is a Sing-originated pastry shop which among many exotic pastries and cakes also serve savoury puffs and buns which do NOT qualify for the no-pork sign, and which of course the owners (of various outlets) do NOT display nor bother to claim as such. They also sell char siew pau's (buns) which I can testify are absolutely delicious.

Now, those Aussie hijab-ed sweeties didn't seem confused, but I suppose that's because thank goodness those owners, not as devious as the Malaysian non-Muslim restaurant owners, do NOT display the no-pork sign. Mind, they didn't pick up the char siew pau's but only the cakes.

Not too long ago I had lunch with another hijab-ed sweetie from my office at a Thai restaurant. I told that Lebanese hottie I'd avoid the pork stuff and she sweetly replied that it was okay even if I ordered that, provided I would inform her which was what. Of course I didn't but then, was that Thai restaurant halal? I would say no but sweetie enjoyed her lunch. Maybe it was my company? Wakakaka.

I conclude by saying that apart from Malaysian Muslims being the most easily confused customers (this according to the Domestic Trade, Consumerism and Co-operatives Ministry) the word 'pork' is the most dreadful item in Malaysia, even when it's missing as in no-pork, wakakaka.

Yes, even our Cadbury was once believed to have contained porcine dna!


  1. it was in melbourne. i arrived early from KL and was having breakfast at a hotel. i have taken a plate of plain fried rice from the buffet station and was walking back to my table when the waitress took it back from me and whispered to my ears that it contained pork. she is a local white non muslim. how did she know that i am a muslim? that is a classic act of understanding and respect of one's religion of the highest order.

    1. the white non muslim worry if u find out she feed u pork, u might bomb her hotel into debris wakaka

    2. yeah... people like you who does not understand islam nor respect muslims will always think that way.. ha ha

  2. Malaysian Muslims are the most confused lot in the Muslim world.No wonder,they needed to import 1.5 million Banglas.For what?Well,I recently read from somewhere,that Malay sweeties are falling heads over heels over these imported Banglas.They lavished their Malay sweeties,with gifts costing RM2,000 over their measly RM3,000 paycheck.Even our Malaysian born Malays cannot afford to throw RM2,000 in gifts to their Malay sweeties out of a RM5,000 paycheck.Go figure.


  3. Maybe they don't want to read the word
    The confusion of pork sign on display
    They have lived here for generations
    They have breathe the air along with it

    What's there so confusing?
    The spirit of tolerance should be there
    The years of studying scriptures
    They don't see the point at all

    They are easily manipulated by the politicians
    Serving their own kind of curry powder to boost it
    The taste burning in the stomach walls...
    They say it gives them the kick

    But to read the word on display
    They can't stomach it at all
    They feel they will commit a bad sin!
    They feel they will get trapped in it

    The air that we breathe
    It has all the ingredients we like it or not
    Floating to make the point telling us why
    Tolerance the key to a better nation

  4. The reason Ah Tee and his pack consisting the likes of Ismail Sabri,Ali Tinju,Ikan Bakar and blah blah blah are able to flourish is because the Muslims are a confused lot.Or else they will be thrown to the dogs.

  5. Have anyone ever notice how the writings of botak head RPK,lately had on bringing Najib's enemies on the defensive?Botak might be living on self exiled in the UK,hundreds of thousands of miles away.But his pen is more poisonous that a serpent.

    While he was still living in Malaysia and backing the opposition,his blog was then even more influential.Then,herds of Anwaristas and opposition supporters were flocking to his blog.

    But a guy who fought so hard for the release of Anwar,was barred from entering Anwar's home on his daughter's wedding night.He was quickly ushered out when they saw him inside,to joined the crowd on the outside.Hey,the botak guy only came to congratulate the bride,not to play hanky panky with the father.

    Well,that botak guy Anwar screamed,was used and soiled diapers,soon to be discarded garbage had finally emerged as the guy,who is going to put him in Sungei Buloh longer that he had expected.

    Najib,whom his enemies had expected to be kicked out by now is stronger that ever.His deputy,whom everyone expected to be his successor had instead been given the broomstick,and is now crying and wailing like a spoiled brat.

    What had turned out to be a cruise missile,Anwar instead thought it to be a dud.That is the main reason Najib is sitting and relaxing comfortably in Putrajaya,while Anwar is languishing in Sungei Buloh.

    And so much of Anwar's ketuahnan Melayu mentality.Is it because of his education policies that Malays or Muslims are the most confused lot in Malaysia?Is it because of the Islamist indoctrination into the heads of young Malays and Muslims at a young age that have made them into a confused and inferior lot?If that is the case,then he deserve to call Sungei Buloh his permanent retirement home.

    1. bruno, the way I;ve heard of AI's daughter wedding (from a very reliable blogger) was not so much "some" people being "barred" from entering the house but that the seats in the house were "reserved" fro UMNO bigwigs who were personal guests of AI.

      AI's workers and supporters (perhaps like RPK) were shunted outside to sit under erected marquees. RPK remarked to my blogger friend that he was disappointed at the way AI treated his supporters and workers, by giving preference (1st class reception) instead to his UMNO political foes but whom no doubt AI wanted to continue pally buddy-ing with as he (at that time) still schemed to return back to the MOthership

    2. wow, u heard? did u hear god whisper to u abt najib?

  6. I have deep doubts about the veracity about this story about Anwar's daughter's wedding. Nurul Izzah was married on May 9, 2003. At that time Anwar was languishing in Sungai Buloh prison .
    Nurul's wedding was a low-key affair. It was shunned by most UMNO figures, and Pakatan did not exist at the time, so Anwar was largely an unwanted figure to people on both sides.

    A bit sad to see people willing to believe almost anything negative said about Anwar, without the capacity to think through what is said.

    1. anwar was released for nurul's wedding - reported worldwide including abc australia

      my source is very reliable and would you believe it, pro PKR - in fact at that time, a pkr member.

      I did not involve Pakatan in this re-telling so why have you brought that in?