Friday, October 09, 2015

Tony Pua's 'prick', Singapore diplomat's 'sole concern'

In the MM Online we read of DAP's Tony Pua saying Singapore is Southeast Asia’s ‘mercenary prick’ and which has been why the Island Nation has no friend.

Bilahari Kausikan

Ambassador-at-Large at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Singapore. Prior to this he was the Permanent Secretary of MFA from 2010 to 2013, and Second Permanent Secretary from 2001. He has also held various positions in the Ministry and abroad, including Singapore’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations in New York and Ambassador to the Russian Federation.

Awarded the Public Administration Medal (Gold) and the Pingat Jasa Gemilang (Meritorious Service Medal) by the government of Singapore.

Awarded the “Order of Bernardo O’Higgins” with the rank of “Gran Cruz” by the President of the Republic of Chile and the Oman Civil Merit Order by the Sultan of Oman.

Writes widely for the international media such as The American Interest and The Straits Times.

If not anything, at least Pua's most undiplomatic and quite abusive remarks prove that the DAP in Malaysia is not affiliated to its alleged Singapore Tai-Koe, the PAP, wakakaka.

Before I come to the words of Singaporean diplomat-at-large Bilahari Kausikan, who described Bersih 4.0 participants as 'delusional', bearing in mind he was referring to young Chinese Malaysians, who were the majority at the 2-day street rally (and I hope there was no Chinese participant from the PRC, Taiwan, HK, Macau, and elsewhere especially Sing, wakakaka), I want to share something I heard from my seniors.

The current 'mercenary prick' (wakakaka) story has a resemblance to what happened in the apartheid days of white supremacist South Africa, at a time when that racist pariah nation was suffering from political and economic-trade sanctions, an earlier form of BDS or 'boycott, divestment & sanction', a campaign which is applied today to Israel though less successfully than the one against apartheid South Africa because like it or not, many Western-Christian nations like Australia, United States and many European countries shy away from anything that's against Israel, even unto closing one eye to most of the Jewish State's vile brutal atrocities of war-crime proportions against the Palestinians and Lebanese.

they liked red as well, wakakaka 

Amidst the sanction against the Afrikaner nation, there came along the Japs, then the super-salesman of the world. Ohayo gozaimasu, 'twas said those Japs did not hesitate to trade with South Africa which obviously was in dire need of trading and economic relationship with anyone, so those Afrikaan white supremacists got around their own racist state policy vis-a-vis their Asian trading partner by making Japs (but not Chinese or Koreans or Mongolians) 'honorary whites', wakakaka.

Apparently (I've to admit I am not so clear on this one), white-ruled Southern Rhodesia (now black-ruled Zimbabwe, wakakaka), which became the 2nd Commonwealth nation in two hundred (200) years after the USA to unilaterally declare independence (UDI) from Mother Britain, so as to avoid Britain's policy of NIBMAR or 'no independence before majority rule' (which in Africa effectively meant black-rule), did the same hypocritical putar belit on its state's racist discriminatory policy.

Back to apartheid South Africa, there were two ironies to the Afrikaans' innovative (wakakaka) 'honorary whites' categorization, namely, (a) the Japs were, especially during and before WWIII, themselves racial supremacists who considered themselves as descendants of the Sun Goddess Amaterasu and would have probably deemed those Afrikaans as Conan-like 'barbarians' (wakakaka) from the Great Unwashed of the Dark Continent, and (b) in terms of skin complexion, the Japs (and indeed most Koreans and northern Chinese, though not the chocolate brown Chinese Malaysians and Sings, wakakaka) were far far more fair and thus more 'white' than those ruddy red-brown-dark Afrikaans.


Anyway, more than a few Asians were pissed off with those 'honorary white' Japs for breaking ranks and sneeringly described them as 'economic animals' with an abusive accent on the critter word. If that had happened under today's circumstances, some Malaysians would have described them as 'economic Japigs', wakakaka.

Thus I suspect Pua's 'mercenary prick' would be the updated or modern version of 'economic animals', meaning people who would do, say, conduct anything or behave in any way just for money, gains and profits even unto rubbing shoulders with the uncivilised 'gaijin', and perhaps could be argued as a most apt description for a society reputed notoriously as very kiasu, wakakaka.

But let's now come to Bilahari's remarks which was reported by the MM Online as follows:

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 6 — Malaysia’s ethnic Chinese youth are “delusional” if they believe that Malay dominance in politics can be replaced by a change in the system, Singapore’s ambassador-at-large Bilahari Kausikan has said.

Instead, the top Singaporean diplomat said this dominance will be defended by any means, including a possible political alliance between Malay nationalist ruling party Umno and opposition Islamist party PAS.

“It is my impression that many young Malaysian Chinese have forgotten the lessons of May 13, 1969. They naively believe that the system built around the principle of Malay dominance can be changed.

“That may be why they abandoned MCA for the DAP. They are delusional. Malay dominance will be defended by any means,” Bilahari wrote in an opinion piece published in The Straits Times (ST) today.

Amid the current political upheaval in Malaysia, Bilahari cautioned that any new system that emerges will not only still have Malay dominance at its centre, but its enforcement will be even more rigorous with less space for the non-Muslims.

Personally I assess Bilahari's remarks as having fair substance, that the Malays in Malaysia, irrespective of what their political affiliations may be, aren't quite ready yet to accept a Malaysian government which is not dominated and controlled by Malays.

Thus UMNO, PAS, PKR (let's not pretend PKR is not a Malay party) and Amanah all share the same racial ideology in terms of political control and dominance of our country. And that has been why the clarion call for 'Malay Unity' has been so appealing and in more than one case, particularly vis-a-vis the ongoing UMNO-PAS wooing and cooing behind the public eye, quite successful.

Indeed PAS' so-called reverence for Islamic values, which in reality include supra-nationalistic values (that which is above race, colour and creed), comes only in second place to its invincible Malay nationalism.

Now, we may be tempted to call those PAS ulama hypocrites to their Islamic values, but then, you can't blame them when they have been indoctrinated in their Malay-ness for for more than a thousand years since 683 CE.

That was when Dapunta Hyang Sri Jayanasa took a sacred journey called siddhayatra to apparently acquire blessings (particularly for magic powers), wealth and to conquer foreign lands, a kind of crusade.

Bloke led 20,000 troops and 312 people (presumably his personal staff and advisors?) in boats from (according to one historical theory) the East coast of the Malay peninsula to the adjoining land which we know today as Sumatra. His military exploits absorbed into his newly founded Srivijaya Empire both the conquered Melayu Kingdom, then existing somewhere around Jambi in Sumatra, as well as the conquered Hindu kingdom of Tamuranagara in West Java.

 Candi Gumpung
a Buddhist temple at Muaro Jambi of Melayu Kingdom

Dirgahayu Maharaja! Well, 'maharaja' because he and his subjects were Indianized as well as being Buddhists, where centuries later his kingdom and subjects turned respectively to Hinduism and Islam, but throughout remained Malays, so what more for those poor PAS ulama, wakakaka.

And Bilahari would well be very correct that young Chinese Malaysians who didn't experience the horrors of extreme racial strife as happened on 13 May 1969 have come to naturally believe that their political ardour, dedication and sacrificial efforts can change Malaysian politics into a superior non-racial version without the need to factor for Malay primer inter pares in political power, yes, even in Pakatan.

Thus, in his opinion those young Chinese Malaysians participating in Bersih 4.0 have been 'delusional' on such an impossibility, well, impossible for at least several more decades to come.

Pua has presumably been quite pissed with Bilahari's critical interfering comment and riposted that those 'delusional' young Malaysians have hearts and souls.

But Bilahari came back to say (in his Facebook) that "one of the most common forms of delusion in politics was to mistake hopes and dreams for reality".

Continuing, he said, “I do not begrudge Mr Pua his hopes and dreams and I wish him and indeed all Malaysians of all races well."

“But I fear this particular hope and dream may well lead to disaster; it did in the past and if it happens again Singapore — my sole concern — cannot but be affected. So my hope is that that whatever their dreams, the DAP's policies will be made during their waking hours.”


Bilahari has his point, one which he admitted as his 'sole concern', namely, that if there is unrest in Peninsula Malaysia, and god forbid of the May 13 variety, his Singapore will invariably be adversely affected, indeed in terms of instability, not only in public safety and security but in trade, commerce and economy.

He is basically telling young Chinese Malaysians to chill out.

I could go on and on for both sides of the argument but will end here by just saying Pua, whatever his arguments might have been, has been quite disappointingly childish and undiplomatic in describing Singapore as a 'mercenary prick', no matter how true that might be, wakakaka.

But you know what? I would love to hear Pua say those exact words of a few personalities in PKR who took him on a jolly bullshit ride in Kajang on which we suspect he was a naive but willing captive, wakakaka - that is, if he has the guts!


  1. The Singaporean diplomat is 110% correct.I have been very critical of this Bersih 4 rally from the very beginning.This Bersih 4 rally is nothing close to "BERSIH" anyway.It is the wolves (fuck up opposition) hiding under sheep's clothing.

    This fucking Bersih 4 rally have given the Malay bigots the excuse of counter rallying against the Chinese led Bersih.To protect and defend Malay pride and dignity.Also wolves under sheep's clothing.And Jamal Yunos aka "human pig" is the self proclaimed leader of the red shirted pack.It is an open secret that Jamal Yunos aka "human pig" made his bones sucking Noh Omar's dick.The only thing is that this "human pig" was laughing all the way to the bank.

    The opposition's attacks on Najib and 1MDB and Bersih 4 rally have actually strengthened Najib's position in Umno and as PM.Those anti Najib morons who thinks that Najib will be toppled today,tomorrow,next month or next year please listen carefully.Try bending downward towards the middle of your legs.Then try to go closer and make contact to your private parts.For the ladies try licking your own pussies and the men try sucking your own dicks.See how difficult it is trying to satisfy one's ego.Now do the easy thing and and go buy the largest cucumber and shove it deep into your asses or pussies.Got it?Now,go fuck your own selves.

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  2. What Najib,Zahid or Noh Omar cannot do,that is to rein in Jamal Yunos,Nur Jazlan is now trying to do.To save face for the gomen and Umno,he has now talk tough and has warned Jamal Yunos and Ali Tinju.

    Soon,we will not be hearing much from these two hired thugs and they will fade into the sunset,with Jamal Yunos earning his dues servicing Noh Omar's dick.Everything will be so quiet with these bigots out of the way.

    Najib wins and Umno wins.Except for the sore losing opposition wailing and crying out loud for their mamas on the roadsides.

    A well planned strategy finally came to fruition.Another win for Najib.And another lost for the opposition.To the useless opposition,please do not embarrass your supporters anymore.Bow your head,eat humble pie and head for the exits with heads facing down.

  3. tokio rain,before you start rabble rousing with that big mouth of yours,just to let you know I am pretty disappointed with the DAP too.The DAP together with the PKR has been a fucking letdown bunch.They have fucked up so many times that I think Najib have given them enough rope to hang themselves umpteen times.Before you go figure,just make sure that you dis-associate yourself from your idol Jamal.He might drag you down when Nur Jazlan finally flushed the toilet.Hehehe.

    1. I dont care who u r disappointed with. U need a strong hard man. Like Jamal. Then the world will be right with u. Hehehe.

  4. tony stand up to face the communist mind dictator fr both msia n spore, n u could only talkkok in a blog, u wanna talk abt guts, dun make me laugh la.

    1. firstly, unlike Tony Pua I am not a people's representative, one who should talk with responsibility and far greater civility as is expected of a YB. I'm but only a blogger, wakakaka

      secondly, it's noteworthy that HY, an anwarista who at the best of times dislikes DAP, has now forced himself to defend Tony Pua just to get at poor kaytee, wakakaka

    2. we r talking abt guts, no?

      secondly, I stated my opinion base on issue n cause, I am partisan but still able to tell what is right or wrong, unlike u, everyone that go against najib now become a mahathir lackey, or beholden to him, or become his tool, we cannot have our own judgment, u see how childish u could become due to yr hatred toward mahathir,n anwar, however to be fair to u, hatred is still much better than that cheap turncoat.

  5. the 3 communist party, ccp, pap n umno talk the same language, all youth have no brain n delusional, this red communist would crash anyone that go against them with tank, gun n parang.

    I haven't meet anyone that share the delusion we could change a malay polity via b1234, only the red guards n their apologist.

  6. Reading his original piece and the responses from Tony Pua and
    Ong Kian Meng (ignoring the subsequent facebook polemics) it seems
    the diplomat's remarks were for Singaporeans' consumption; he was
    comparing the relatively stronger racial cohesion there with the
    less-than-desirable situation in Malaysia while trying to sound a warning
    not to take things for granted in his country.

    This was stated in his short reply to the rebuttals from Tony and Ong.

    He mentioned about DrM's "tired line about Singapore Malays being
    marginalised", ... "contagion from Malaysia", ... "temptation that some in
    Malaysia may have to externalise their problems", ... and Singapore in
    "not the most salubrious of neighbourhoods". It could be a warning that
    Singaporean Malays may challenge the govt. which is mainly of ethnic
    Chinese, similar to the purported situation here with the ethnic roles reversed.

    On the issue of UMNO-PAS collaboration, there was a short 5-year marriage
    (nay, more of a junior partner arrangement) in 1972 to 1977 which ended in
    KL taking control of Kelantan via declaration of emergency. Would the present
    times see a happier and more lasting union?

  7. Bilahari Kausikan's write-up has some truth to it.
    It is also a shallow analysis, large chunks of it based on uncritical acceptance of the Malaysian government position, and a regurgitation of the Singapore Establishment's frame of thought. A very predictable output from a gray "Establishment Man".

    First of all, Malaysian Chinese are rational enough to understand you cannot ever remove the Malay dominance in Malaysia's political system. DAP understands it, PKR understands it, GHB understands it, PAS understands it. All the BN parties of course accept it.

    Calling Bersh 4.0 as a "Chinese event" is just unthinkingly accepting official Malaysian government pronouncements. It was a truly multi-racial event, with reduced Malay participation mainly because PAS was either sulking in the corner or for some, staring at UMNO with Hudud-lorn eyes.

    By the way, PKR is no doubt a Malay-dominated party, but it is certainly not a Malay party , in name or in fact.

    What many in Malaysia are objecting to is the gross abuse of power, corruption, and impunity against prosecution occurring in the name of Malay-centric policies. Those are actually criminal behaviour , camouflaged and protected by claiming them as "sensitive issues". And many are also objecting to "Malay Supremacy", where all non-Malays are more and more being denied their rightful place. Supremacy is not the same as Dominance.

    It is certainly true there is some idealism and aspiration to it , "dreams" as a cynical Bilahari may put it, but it Is NOT delusional.

    Anyone who followed Singapore Government-linked media in the run-up to GE13 would understand the Singapore Establishment would definitely rather deal with UMNO. They see Najib as someone they can do business with, and UMNO as representing stability.
    The Opposition alliance is seen by Singapore as a loose cannon, unpredictable and possibly move in directions highly detrimental to them if they gain power.
    As a country which has made it rich, Singapore's primary concern in the region is "Stability".

    By the way, Singapore preferred dealing with Suharto , too, and took them a long time to adapt to the chaotic changes in Indonesia after Suharto.

    The great thing about the World Wide Web is its levelling effect. You are judged by the quality of what you write, nobody cares about how many titles you carry behind your name. I have seen brilliant write-ups by Nobodies, and also rubbish written by very well known "experts".

    To me, this write-up by the Singaporean with a very long list of awards behind his name is closer to the latter rather than the former.

    1. Bilahari was not accusing the political parties, to wit, DAP, of forgetting that Malay political dominance at this stage in our history is still non-negotiable. He was addressing the young Chinese Malaysians who constituted the majority of Bersih 4.0's participants. He posited that they in general have 'abandoned' MCA for DAP because of the delusional belief they could effect changes as I have written above. forgetting that Malay political dominance won't be surrendered by the Malays.

      The PKR is a DE FACTO Malay party.

    2. Just cannot agree with this Kausiguan. Seems like he has no understanding of Malaysians of Chinese Origin, what more does he understand of the Singapore Chinese.
      It is plain and simple - Malaysians including Chinese Malaysians does not accept UMNO's political leadership which is corrupt and benefit only its cronies, not the ordinary Malays in general. A leadership that is for Malays only, not Malaysians.
      A leadership that wants to cling to power at all cost - to the point of scaring the Malay masses by inciting racism and May 13 incident.
      This Kausiguan views are the same as UMNO, and he advocates status quo.
      When challenged by Tony Pua and others, he backed off and deludes to Singapore's sole concern conveniently.
      I am afraid his long string of achievements won't help his cause with his 3000 word garbage.

  8. tokio rain,instead of always looking up,cheering and idolizing Jamal and lately Noh Omar,surely you do have better things to do.Like having a life with matey,monsterball?No?Hehehe.

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  9. tokio rain,when your idol Jamal got his way,and ended up with a handful of stall lots in Petaling Street,he will give you a couple.Then you can rent them out and become an Umno career rent seeker.Then you will be beholden to Jamal as he is to Noh Omar for life.Hehehe.