Sunday, October 11, 2015

Najib and MCA in a lose-lose game

MM Online - You want more? Make the Chinese back BN, Najib tells MCA

Wah si ler kai Ah Hnea 

On the surface of it, Najib's call seems more than fair, as he's implying that he has already 'given' to MCA (minister posts, assurance of Chinese vernacular education under his premiership, etc) and there will be more if they can play their political role successfully, namely, to rally the Chinese Malaysian voters back to the BN corner.

BUT and a bloody BIG 'but', the reality of Malaysian politics, as played by a besieged UMNO or more correctly some of its leaders, makes Najib's condition a lose-lose situation for both MCA and BN.

We see time and time again how besieged UMNO leaders, when confronted by threats to their political survival whether inter or intra-party, would fall back on their nasty formula of the jingoistic bangsa, agama dan raja (but seldom ever negara).

Today Najib under serious threats from within UMNO, specifically by Mahathir and his faction and supporters, has played the bangsa card to rally the party faithful and the Malay Heartland to his banner. 'Yesterday' (ie. 2001 and 2002) Mahathir set the ugly example by making what Lim Kit Siang termed as the 929 and 617 Declarations.

On 29 September 2001 Mahathir declared Malaysia as an Islamic State, obviously to outflank PAS in the wake of a near disaster for him and his BN in the 1999 general elections when Chinese Malaysian voters came to his rescue and saved his political skin, and a year after, on 17 June 2002, he upped the agama ante (presumably in readiness for the 2004 general elections) by declaring that Malaysia is not just a moderate Islamic State but a fundamentalist Islamic State.

Then there was another UMNO leader, wakakaka, who resorted to the same bangsa cards with his alleged "Cina balik Tiongsan" during his UMNO-days' campaign in the Heartland and his threat to stop the bells in an Indian temple from ringing.

Now, don't think I am always bashing only him, wakakaka, because our dear Ku Li had been the same - for more, read my 2008 post titled
Tengku Razaleigh signals his claim for UMNO No 1.

And then there was even former deputy chairperson of PKR (same DNA as UMNO), Dr Syed Husin, one time socialist and my once-hero who finally became a zero in my eyes - for more, read my 2011 post titled Dr Syed Husin, the Socialist who lost his way.

That's UMNO leaders' (and their splinter groups') modus operandi when their political a$$e$ were being singed by fire or when they wanted to singe someone (intra or inter-party) else's a$$, wakakaka.

As Samuel Johnson said on 07 April 1775, "Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel", and which would definitely include so-called patriotism to bangsa, agama dan raja. And didn't we witness very recently how an UMNO man specially Pak Kadir Jasin whom we know as one of Mahathir's mouthpieces, stated that Najib would be committing lèse-majesté if he didn't heed the Rulers' call to solve the 1MDB affair a.s.a.p including taking appropriate legal actions.

Malaysiakini had then reported:

HRH Sultan Selangor chairing the Rulers' Conference

'someone' could have been sitting beside HRH if he is not in SB 'Hilton'

The Conference of Rulers wants the investigation into 1MDB to be completed as soon as possible and action be taken against those who have committed wrongdoings.

Commenting on this development, veteran newsman A Kadir Jasin asked if Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak would adhere to the decree or commit lese majeste.

He also described this as a test for attorney-general Mohamed Apandi Ali, inspector-general of police Khalid Abu Bakar, Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) chief Abu Kassim Mohamed, Bank Negara governor Zeti Akthar Aziz and the Public Accounts Committee.

"Will they be loyal and true to the rulers or be afraid of Najib," questioned the former New Straits Times Group editor-in-chief and close ally of former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Wakakaka, and this from an UMNO man whose party gave free rein for its members to commit acts of gross lèse-majesté in 1992. Yessir, on 10 December 1992, Dr Affifuddin Omar, an UMNO man from Padang Terap, no doubt given the imprimatur by his party leaders, asked in Parliament:

"How can we continue to uphold rulers who are known to be robbers, adulterers, drunkards and kaki pukul (thugs)?" [...]

"They (the rulers) must be made to realize that they do not own this country. They are not Superman but placed on their thrones by the people.

"The real power did not lie with them, but with us - the representatives of the people."

Aiyoyo - rulers who are known to be robbers, adulterers, drunkards and kaki pukul (thugs)?

Just compare that gross insult to Najib's potential buat ta'tahu terhadap tuanku2. And which would be the real lèse-majesté?

Mind you, Affifudin Omar then had the sarung protection of Parliament as well as that of (no doubt behind the scene) the most powerful PM in Malaysian history - ingat, ni tahun 1992, OK? Wakakaka.

Miss Malaysia 1992

today she would have been Jakim-ed kau kau

(photo from

This is not to say that Najib can buat ta'tahu about 1MDB, but the sheer hypocrisy in the bewailing of menjunjung tinggi to the pronouncement of the raja2 and the shameless by-far-too-rich threat of lèse-majesté.

But that's just UMNO putar belit-ing its sinuous slimy sinister way around.

But Najib or rather UMNO since the days of Razak has not been fair to MCA, indeed in more than one way, frequently jerking the carpet right from beneath those Ma-Hwa people and still expecting them to blindly support Tai-Koe even when the UMNO government policies were disadvantageous to Chinese Malaysians.

And that's precisely why Chinese Malaysians, especially the younger generation, find it ridiculous to keep supporting the MCA (or Gerakan).

Okay, Najib might have just whispered sweet-nothings to the MCA assembly on Chinese vernacular education, admittedly a very important issue close to the hearts of Chinese Malaysians, but hasn't that been totally contradictory to his support of the recent 916 Red Shirt rally who called for the abolishment of vernacular education?

Najib (not unlike PKR leaders currently) has his two feet each separately on two different boats which obviously have been moving towards separate direction. His legs are now splayed out kangkang, with him in danger of being ripped asunder starting from his you-know-where.

He played the bangsa game and now wants to show he is Ah Jib Gor, Bung Muhibbah.

Mind you, as an accused-alleged-abused (wakakaka) pro-Najib though sadly unpaid blogger, I could argue he should be excused from the former, the bangsa game, with the blame for that placed solely on Mahathir, who we can easily argue forced Ah Jib Gor into a corner, to wit, his Samuel Johnson's 'last refuge', and at the same time of course making Najib a Samuel Johnson's 'scoundrel', wakakaka.

But alas, much as Malaysian or rather UMNO politics would be such, while that bangsa resort might been an excuse for Najib the UMNO man, it's not an acceptable tactic for Najib the PM.

So Ah Jib Gor, beware, with your two feet separately on two different boats sailing away in separate direction, you'll end up not only with a bloody sore behind but also right in the raging stormy sea, wakakaka.

And coming back to MCA, the party like its shadow-mate or half-brother, Gerakan, the Ma-Hwa people had been willing captives to UMNO's 'sins', or more appropriately, the 'sins' of Mahathir vis-a-vis, for example, his 929 and 617 Declarations.

Lim Kit Siang had then written:

Before his “929 Declaration” that Malaysia is an Islamic state at the Gerakan national assembly on September 29 last year, MCA and Gerakan leaders had been attacking the DAP for working “hand-in-glove’ with PAS to establish an Islamic State, proclaiming at the top of their voices that Malaysia is a secular and not an Islamic State.

But immediately after Mahathir’s “929 Declaration” that Malaysia is an Islamic state, the MCA and Gerakan leaders were the first to give their full and unequivocal support that Malaysia had always been an Islamic state from day one of our nationhood 44 years ago as if the founding fathers and early leaders of MCA like Tun Tan Cheng Lock, Tun Tan Siew Sin, Tun S.H. Lee, Too Joon Hing or even the early UMNO leaders like Onn Jaffar, Tunku Abdul Rahman, Tun Razak and Tun Hussein Onn would have agreed to multi-racial and multi-religious Malaysia becoming an Islamic State.

For eight month after September 29 last year, MCA and Gerakan leaders were trumpeting that Malaysia is a moderate Islamic state – in fact, Gerakan President, Datuk Dr. Lim Keng Yaik made such a statement only on Sunday.

But after Mahathir’s announcement on Monday that Malaysia is not a moderate Islamic state but a Islamic fundamentalist state, Keng Yaik and his counterpart, the MCA President, Datuk Dr. Ling Liong Sik would be the first to endorse Mahathir’s escalation of his stand from his “929 Declaration” that Malaysia is an Islamic State to his “617 announcement” in Parliament on June 17 that Malaysia is not a moderate Islamic State but fundamentalist Islamic State.

[Helloooo, Uncle Lim, didn't you just acknowledge admiration for Ling Liong Sik, and that you had earlier wanted Mahathir to chair a RCI to investigate Najib and his 1MDB? Wakakaka]

When did the Cabinet make this radical policy shift to declare Malaysia as a fundamentalist Islamic State, going against the 1957 Merdeka Constitution, the “social contract” of the major communities and the 1963 Malaysia Agreement that Malaysia is a democratic, secular and multi-religious nation with Islam as the official religion but not an Islamic State?

It is both sad and most shocking that the Prime Minister and all the Cabinet Ministers are not setting the good example of respecting and upholding the historical, political, legal and constitutional principles of the Malaysian nation by unilaterally, arbitrarily and unconstitutionally declaring Malaysia as an Islamic fundamentalist state.

Thus I had condemned, and still do, both MCA and Gerakan as 'willing captives' to UMNO or Mahathir's draconian deformasi dictates.

Today, in a politically moribund MCA, its Youth wing, realizing its status as an endangered specie, wants to show their 'constituencies' or what few are left of them, that MCA is still relevant as representatives of Chinese Malaysians, as demonstrated by a Johor branch (Pasir Gudang) severing relationship with PM Najib and another (unusually for a meek mousey MCA) calling for Najib to provide information and clarifications on 1MDB.

Would these radical (for MCA) gestures be a sad case of 'too little too late'?

And we need to bear in mind too these MCA Youths are in the same peer group as the Chinese Malaysian youths whom Singapore Ambassador-at-large Balihari Kausikan had criticized as being politically delusional, wakakaka.

As I had written in an earlier post Secret about Chinese Malaysians the Chinese priorities would be something along this line:

  • procreate (sons) to perpetuate the family line. Confucius said that a man's greatest sin was in not doing so. I admit and am glad that today's Chinese don't care so much about the gender of their children (girls today are just as great as sons) as much as their children's health, intelligent and well-being, the last of which includes education
  • the concept of 3 daily 'bowls of rice', even if this has to be achieved by selling pirate DVDs
  • as mentioned in dot-point (1) above, their children's education especially for those not so well off, to enable their children to bloom like lotus, which rises up from the muddy dirty water (poverty) and bloom in glorious splendour through education, qualification and a career.

With today's Chinese Malaysian youths, perhaps I need to add in one extra priority, to wit, 'respect by the UMNO-BN government as a Malaysian, equal to other Malaysians' which it would seem is to include an appropriate quantum of political power.

Najib and his MCA cohorts have until GE-14 to work that out. Good luck, you need it!


  1. If Jibby had real balls,the first thing he can do is to summon the twitter happy IGP to Putrajaya.Then order him to send his armed to the teeth gorillas and arrest Jamal Yusof and Ali Tinju.Then banished them to Somalia,the land of the lawless,where they will be fed to the dogs.That will also put an end to tokio rain's dream of becoming a rent seeker in Petaling Street.

    If Jibby had the balls to do this,and get all the rabble rousers within Umno to become kittens,he will definitely be doing the MCA a big favor.The MCA will be screaming that they finally done the right thing,getting Jibby to make mincemeat of the bigots in Umno.What better ways of doing this to make sure the Chinese come flocking back to the MCA.

    I have been saying this for months already,the MCA,MIC and Gerakan have hit rock bottom in GE13.Do not expect them to do any much worse in GE14.They can and will only add more seats to their credit,and the opposition will and definitely be eating humble pie come GE14.It is just a matter of seeing how many losing opposition MP's and aduns, will be squatting and wailing out loud for their mamas,on the roadsides on election night.

    1. U really should get out of your rented room n get to know your housemates, man. Being cooped up like that the whole day, no wonder u r hallucinating. And stop twerking in your undies in front of the mirror, you old horny hag. Hehehe. Hidup Jamal! Bruno kirim salam!

  2. For the Royals ,supposed to be above politics ,how is it that the institutions keep getting drawn in and seem to be used as another tool to fan the emotions of the Malay community.Esp with UMNO, either they hentam the opposition for being irreverent to the Royals,in effect ,is a slight to the community's heritage..
    But then,they speak out against the Royals for not being on the same page with their stance etc..hinting all sorts of seditious tones ....and so on.

  3. The story of Anwar Ibrahim's threat to stop the bells in an Indian temple from ringing is untrue.
    Chandra Muzaffar, the most active purveyor of the tale has recanted his claim and publicly apologised for it.
    "A reliable journalist told me" was all Chandra could earlier offer as his mitigation.

    Only Ktemoc keeps repeating the lie, hoping that it becomes regarded as the truth if he repeats it enough times.

    1. We all know of KT's disdain and his disparaging remarks of Anwar (including
      the coining of the manmanlai label?), but at least we can take heart that his is very mild compared to the non-stop rabid tirade that spews out from his
      sweetie the muppet. So with the understanding that every man has his little
      quirks ... ... ... oh kay lah, let KT indulge once in a while with his own .....

  4. Chinese still go to MCA when they have problems and issues with the Education system, especially Chinese schools.
    I suppose MCA will still be needed for a long time more.....a handful of seats in Malay-majority areas should be sufficient for survival purposes.

  5. tokio rain,when I have finally gotten out from my rented room,I will help you to get out of the dog house.Hehehe.

    1. Wah. Good one. Never mind. Waiting for your next idiotic comment. Hehehe. Going out again with Jamal ley. He very generous la. Belanja us go to latest china doll lounge to play play. Gotta go! Hidup Jamal!

  6. PKR held a forum in Perth,Kaytee's own backyard last week,said Malaysia Today.

    PKR leaders were bombarded with sarcastic taunts like "Umno is at it's weakest,and you herd of impotent lembus cannot even govern.Do you think that with the present crop of leaders you have,is there any future for Malaysia?"

    Well,my 2cts worth of advice to the opposition supporters.The next time you guys and gals decide to contribute,please send containers of the "blue diamond shape pills" to these impotent opposition leaders in lieu of the depreciating MR.

  7. Politics is a game of skill,very much like a game of chess.

    See how the game had been played.Since the 1MDB fiasco came out and the attacks on Jibby and 1MDB intensified,Jibby has shown that he is a better chess player than his mentor,Mahathir.

    Jibby has more or less silenced his critics.He is now more aggressive in his approach and has come out much stronger than before.He is just waiting for the right time to having the main players in the Justin stolen documents arrested.And time is what Ah Jib Gor has.

  8. I have been watching RPK,and this past one month from his writings, one can definitely say that he is solidly in Najib's camp.

    Well,when RPK was supporting the opposition and Manmanlai for so many years,he was not well rewarded financially and was discarded like garbage and given the middle finger when they though that his services was no longer needed.

    Now in Manchester, "botak" is driving a new beemer.And a fully loaded bank account.Seven figures by the way.At least his services is much appreciated by "Ah Jib Gor".And "Ah Jib Gor" always shows his gratitude and generousity towards his men by rewarding them handsomely.Go figure.

    1. Democracy is about freedom of choice and freedom of association. And if RPK chooses to support Party A instead of Party B that's his right, and no one in Malaysia has more rights in this respect than him.

      The problem in Malaysia is the "freedom of choice and freedom of association" would only be acceptable of these are on the side of those who decide whether one's choice and association are "correct".

    2. Ah. So u don't know. Pete is a secret agent working for Pakatan. He has been gathering info on 1mdb. When he has enough, you will be given the privilege to bring the curtains down on Jibby. Hidup manmanlai! Hehehe.

    3. democracy is oso abt rule of law, n freedom of political expression. press n speech. of course it is yr freedom to support a leader n party that ignore rule of law, n threaten the people thru employing his red guard. u scrutinize some msian acceptance of "correct" choice without scrutinizing najib and that turncoat reveal yr understanding of democracy to be fairly non-existent, n operating on double std.

    4. an intrinsic part in rule of law is about "due process" and "evidence" and that a person is "innocent until proven guilty". Have you applied that? If not, then you're practicing double standards. Balderdash to your pompous "rule of law", wakakaka

    5. KT - you have always maintained that Najib is innocent until proven
      guilty in the various allegations against him, as there is no shred of
      evidence to prove it.


      However you have also maintained that Teoh Beng Hock was
      murdered by MACC, based solely on the improbable suicide theory,
      not on any existing evidence, isn't it?

    6. due process? do u mean sosma under najib? n u would start yr usual rant mahathir is worst.

    7. Mahathir worse? Hey you said it, not me, wakakaka

    8. u sound exactly like tis umno man. n next, tis umno man will lecture us abt democracy.

    9. HY, if I sound like him, anything incorrect?

      Al Bert, you're right that there is no substantial evidence to prove MACC murdered TBH, but there were "circumstantial evidence" (not good enough in court) of (a) TBH reminding his best man of the wedding the following day (action of a suicidal man?) (b) when police were taking DNA of MACC personnel one bloke avoided that (as informed by a whistleblower in a letter with a MACC letterhead (this was reported) - why?, (c) TBH was seen loitering around in the MACC office in the early part of the morning (d) MACC building went into total lockdown for more than an hour (locked out and locked in) around the time of TBH's death - why?

  9. Normally, if two otherwise good people are seen fighting it out in a lose-lose situation, we need to help them find a way to resolve the conflict.

    In THIS case, I couldn't give a fu*k if the Criminal Najib and the Irrelevant Boot-licker MCA slug it out to the death.

    Good riddance to both.