Thursday, October 22, 2015

Tony Pua's 'pasembur' could have been worse

From Malaysian Chronicle:

Dei, it wasn't me
Aiyoyo, c'mon man, don't sabo me lah

The attached image was circulating widely via Whatsapp yesterday, particularly among the Indian community.

Based on the image, I had allegedly tweeted that “The Indians really behave like thugs and act like Pariah! i will not be threathen by them!”

The above tweet is clearly a fake image and I have never written anything remotely close to what was written above. It is clearly fake because you would notice that the time stamp next to every tweet has been removed.

In addition, I would like to think that I would not misspell “threaten”, nor would I be grammatically wrong when it should be “threatened”.

Regardless, I have never used the word “pariah” to describe anyone and I most certainly do not believe that Indians “behave like thugs”. However there are those among us – Chinese, Indians, Malays, who do behave like thugs. The person or persons who made the above image is certainly a shameless “thug”, regardless of his race.

Aisehman, aiyam an Oxford graduate lah, no such bad spelling this kind one man - alamak, 'threathen'?, some more one kinda grammar

Perhaps the above malicious fake tweet, was a vicious response to me when I described those who had prevented licensed Indian traders from setting up their stalls, and those who disrupted my press conference at the Deepavali Bazaar in Sungai Way, Petaling Jaya last week as “thugs”. They had come to intimidate those who were present by heckling, shoving and spewing unprintable expletives.

Pua asserted that the fake tweet was likely related to the very recent brouhaha (between Tony Pua and some PKR people) over the Deepavali Bazaar at Sungai Way, where some dissatisfied traders at the old bazaar site and who happened to be PKR members showed their anger at Pua for the re-location of the bazaar to just the next lane which has more space for new traders.

What man, this is only council matters
My dearest friend Tony should stick to federal issues lah
And don't simply blame blame one

Yesterday TMI reported: On Sunday, Petaling Jaya mayor Mohd Azizi Mohd Zain announced that traders who wanted to use the old site for the bazaar would be allowed to do so.

This followed the council's earlier announcement that the bazaar would be relocated to Jalan SS9A/12. Yesterday, Pua expressed shock at the reversal of the initial decision made by the Petaling Jaya City Council, saying they had succumbed to thuggery led by several PKR grassroots leaders.

Aisehman, storm in a teacup one lah. Tony Pua should consider himself lucky he has been sabo with just fake tweets, not unlike fake (non-authentic) Penang pasembur.

KNN, Penang pasembur got mee one ker?
And where's the bangkuang, chili sotong and hard-boiled eggs? 

All for you know, he could easily have been the victim of a SD filed by, say (hypothetically), an independent-minded, politically-neutral, civic-conscious and very courageous private inve ... citizen who, very much troubled by his conscience after a few drinks in a pub in (say) Sri Hartamas, could claim he (ie. Pua) was involved in, say something vile and shocking, like the sodomy ("she liked it in the back"),  murder and vile unholy disposal of a beautiful foreign sweetheart.

Praise the Lord, Pua should be thankful for small mercies. Amen!


  1. privately sponsored refugee and spinner kot?

    1. Sudah lah Pua... balik aje Batu Pahat to help your father's business...

  2. Tony Pua got a pinch from a sweetie and he is crying and wailing like a sissy.This is the stuff of what Tony and the rest of his gang is made up off.Sissies with pussies.

    Najib got it left,right,center and belakang too.And Najib never even winch.These are the traits of a real politician and a real jantan (man).

    The fuckup opposition have no real balls.Only peanuts,like tokio rain's idol 'ikan bakar' aka Yunos ass licker.

    Rafizi came out screaming about cow's mama.Now he wants to come out screaming the name of the Mara official involved in the Aussie apartment scandal.

    But with 1MDB,Rafizi,Tony and the rest of the gang can only be parroting SR said this and SR said that.Why always say SR said this and SR said that?Why not say Rafizi said this and Rafizi said that?Go figure.

  3. Get your facts right. Dont simply tembak. Yunos is his father. His name is Jamal. Datuk Jamal to you. He is surrounded by red-shirted young girls. Dont be jealous ok. Hehehe.

  4. If you are referring to one who signed an SD regarding your beloved Najib, he at least said it openly in public, and put his name and signature on it. Whether you believe him or not is up to you.
    If he recanted later, it is because of illegal intervention of the Police State in what should be a private matter, not a police matter.

    It is a world of difference from the anonymous impersonation or hacking of Tony Pua's twitter account.

    I'm afraid Ktemoc has totally lost the plot and lost his brain because of his love for Najib.

    1. aisehman, you're too paranoid lah. Maybe you know something I don't. I was merely hypothesizing what could have happened to Tony Pua - just my wild imaginations lah, aiyoh, don't be so defensive lah, all for nothing, wakakaka

  5. tokio rain,when young red shirted girls surround a rich rent seeker datuk aka "Jamal ikan bakar", they think that they are in paradise,crazy in love for the first and last time.We understand your feelings and predicament towards the "ikan bakar",thus your blind loyalty and love towards your idol.At least you know how to enjoy life to the fullest,especially when blinded by love.Your boss understands too,and you have his fullest support.Hehehe.

    1. Haiya why you worry about rent seeker or what? Every month got people put the money in your wallet. You don't want ah? You stoopid ah? Just wallap la. Eh, the china dolls in Pudu hoh liau ley. Hehehe. Hidup the burnt fish Sekinchan! Szechuan ladies wait for me. I want the pedas one!

  6. the suspension of lks clearly demonstrate yr childish ideal of choosing a so called better candidate. my advice is, give yr vote to a dog is still much better than one that represent bn, or a bn cohorts, as simple as that.

    1. for a PKR stalwart who hates DAP, your concerns for LKS is nothing more than croc tears, wakakaka

    2. susah sangat ke nak mintak maaf? mintak maaf aje lah.. ! lepas kena gantong nak menagih simpati pulak.. tak ada isu lain ke? balik balik nak gulingkan Najib... nak tumbangkan kerajaan... tunggu lah GE 14 nanti.. kalau DAP PKR AMANAH betul benar hebat sempurna tentu boleh menang.. tak ada fokus langsung!!!

  7. Com'on my man,just a few words like feelings,blind loyalty and love towards your idol,Yunos ikan bakar getting you upset?Szechuan ladies?What,you like Szechuan ladies?I thought you like Yunos ikan bakar.How about Manmanlai?Hehehe.