Friday, April 15, 2016

Malaysian politics - Talk softly, talk loudly, talk nastily!

In the good old days nasty slanderous political campaigns usually went underground and then emerged as either khabar angin (rumours) or surat layang (poison-pen letters or sometimes circulars packed with poisonous slanders), which could either be facts or nasty fabrications.

According to Khoo Boo Teik in his book 'Beyond Mahathir: Malaysian Politics and its Discontents', the favourite topics of the political surat layang were corruption and sexual misconduct among politicians, and mostly UMNO ones at that.

Since a good part of the art of UMNO's in-fighting was conducted as wayang kulit (shadow play), the typically surat layang made a stealthy appearance before or during UMNO general assembly, party elections and the general elections. [...]

Not all surat layang were, reportedly, entirely false in their contents. Yet the surant lyang as a genre of calumny and character assassination was too indirect to be an effective weapon - unless the misconduct it exposed was too widely known and too serious to be overlooked.

Since the 1980's, because of the ineffectiveness of anonymous vilification, the slanderous rumours and libellous surat layang were sometimes overshadowed by the emergence of privately published but openly marketed books whose authors did hatchet jobs on selected targets. An infamous example of these books was 'Challenge: Siapa Lawan Siapa?' that vilified Musa Hitam before the 1987 UMNO part election.

Another example of poisonous and slanderous fabrications had been the baseless shameless unscrupulous lie by an UMNO man in a Penang UMNO division that Lim Guan Eng's teenage son had somehow molested an American Chinese who was 15,000 km away across two big oceans, someone whom he had never met and who had never even visited Malaysia.

What a slug, one which must have crawled out from beneath the slimy sleazy shitty murk of a cesspool!

As Khoo Boo Teik mentioned in his book, for the slanders to be more effective, it would come in the form of books rather than mere surat layang, eg. '50 Dalil Mengapa Anwar Ibrahim Tidak Boleh Jadi PM' which was published in mid 1998 to slander kau kau then-DPM Anwar Ibrahim who was subsequently ejected out from UMNO.

Presumably that '50 Dalil' book was to prepare UMNO party members for his eventual ouster. The World Socialist Web Site published (extracts only):

... at the UMNO national conference held in June. During the lead-up to the meeting, Anwar and his supporters mounted a thinly-veiled challenge to Mahathir in the guise of an attack on nepotism and cronyism in UMNO and the government. Anwar pointedly referred to the resignation of Indonesian president Suharto in May, warning that if Malaysia did not counter corruption then, as in neighbouring Indonesia, "the people may demand changes".

Mahathir used the conference to answer his critics and effectively sidelined Anwar by inserting former finance minister Daim Zainuddin, a close political ally, into a key economic post as Minister of Special Functions. Daim, a millionaire businessman in his own right, was closely involved in the Fleet Group, a holding company for UMNO's extensive business operations.

In the manner of previous UMNO leadership struggles, a campaign against Anwar was set in train with the distribution to conference delegates of the book '50 Reasons Why Anwar Cannot Be Prime Minister', containing all the unsubstantiated accusations which form the basis of the present criminal charges. Whether true or false, these allegations were simply a political cover for the repudiation of Anwar's policies and a fundamental shift of economic direction.

Of course the World Socialist Web Site, being of a socialist bend (wakakaka) wasn't all that keen on a capitalistic conservative like Anwar Ibrahim, so it also stated:

Even after he was sacked and then expelled from UMNO, Anwar only very belatedly and reluctantly began to call anti-government protests.

For two weeks he confined his political activity to meetings of supporters at his home in Kuala Lumpur and repeatedly put off plans for a series of rallies around the country.

[kt note: I suspect he was hoping to be recalled to the Mothership, wakakaka]

Only when it became apparent that no compromise with Mahathir was possible did he tentatively launch a "reform" campaign that culminated in a demonstration of some 50,000 people in Kuala Lumpur on September 20--the day before his arrest.

Like all bourgeois politicians who seek to exploit the aspirations of working people for their own political ends, Anwar feared that the protests and demonstrations would trigger a broader movement of the working class and undermine the stability of Malaysian capitalism as a whole. The economic breakdown has already fueled widespread discontent among workers, small farmers, traders and sections of the middle class who have been hit by a doubling of the jobless rate and rising prices.

Anwar's credentials as a "democrat" are being bolstered by an array of opposition political parties, non-government organisations and human rights groups. Last weekend two new opposition coalitions were formed--an Islamic-based coalition, Majlis Gerakan Keadilan Rakyat (MGKR), and Gagasan Demokrasi Raykat, comprising 18 different parties and organisations.

The three main opposition parties--the ethnic-Chinese based Democratic Action Party (DAP), Parti Islam se-Malaysia (PAS), which supports the formation of an Islamic state, and Parti Rakyat Malaysia--have all lined up behind Anwar.

The character of these coalitions is revealed by their uncritical adoption of Mahathir's former right-hand man Anwar and his wife Wan Azizah as de-facto leaders of the opposition movement. Throughout his 17 years in UMNO, Anwar has never been anything but a loyal defender of all of the government's policies, including its repeated abuse of basic democratic rights. He joined UMNO in 1982 at the invitation of Mahathir, who helped him to rise rapidly up the ranks to become deputy leader in 1993 and heir apparent to the 73-year-old prime minister.

[kt note: that has been one of my blogging burdens, namely, to remind people of the deformasi (not reformasi) of the politics of this man and his inner 'coterie', and which has been vindicated by, just 2 examples, Anwar's shameless 916 frogology and Kajang manoeuvre - both arrogant insults to the voters]

Sometimes the campaign of poisonous slander would be delivered in open campaigns but by 'remote' proxies (which BTW is still being used today, wakakaka).

Then Statutory Declarations (Stat Decs or SDs) become commonplace in lieu of 'surat layang' or poisonous books, after the existence of this legal document was first brought to our attention by RPK who claimed he was provided information allegedly okay-ed by the aide of Ku Li and also of Anwar. Both were coincidentally much touted much rumoured competitors to Najib for the DPM's post.

The main target of incriminatory Stat Decs seems so far to be Najib Razak, wakakaka, though recently one was offered as a denial of alleged questionable sale of a Penang bungalow, wakakaka again.

Then came Facebook and blogs, wakakaka.

But now it seems the vogue medium, the 'in-thing', is debates.

Last year we had expectations of a debate between Mahathir and Najib but the latter wisely ignored his former mentor's challenge. Obviously one would only accept a challenge to debate when one believes one can have a good chance of winning or at least gaining favourable publicity, wakakaka, so otherwise why even bother!

Now, we have been inundated with promises of debates between HRH TMJ and leng chai KJ on soccer, Tony Pua and Arul Kanda on 1MDB, Rahman Dahlan and Lim Guan Eng on governance (of land) in Penang, and Dr Zakir Naik and Penang DCM II Dr Ramasamy on comparative religion.

In the last case, what Malay Mail Online has reported seems to show that the Mumbai-based Islamic TV evangelist or rather his supporters takut ler (scared), wakakaka.

Read this MM Online report:

Indian Muslim preacher Dr Zakir Naik is prepared to accept Dr P. Ramasamy’s debate challenge on condition that the Penang Deputy Chief Minister II gets at least 20,000 people to attend his own 
(Rama's) ceramah first, organisers said.

Abu Shariz Sarajun Hoda, programme director for Dr Naik’s Tour to Malaysia 2016, also told Malay-language broadsheet Utusan Malaysia that he did not want Ramasamy to debate with the Mumbai-based televangelist just to be popular.

“If Ramasamy wants to debate with Dr Zakir, at the very least, he needs to be at the same level as his proteges first.

“If he wants to debate, Dr Zakir has six proteges in Malaysia. Maybe he can challenge them first and see if there are issues which can be brought forth and defended, only then can he think about debating our teacher,” Abu Shariz was quoted saying.

Aiyoyo and to boot, very karn-neen-nare ler, Abu Shariz is very Tionghua in his arguments, pushing the ancient Chinese kungfu insulting and play-safe formula of "You're not my sifu's equal lah, so tiu nei, you go fight with his disciples first before talking big. Tiu!" 

"And see whether you can even get nor-baan lang to attend your own ceramah before you smell my sifu's toes. Tiu."


But I wonder what medium will be next for political stoushing, but excluding twittering because our IGP has already monopolized that, wakakaka.


  1. Ktemoc's blog is also largely a Surat Layang

    1. reminder: not all surat layang have false contents, wakakaka

    2. surat layang to warn the readers of demonic character of unscrupulous opportunists for whom ends justified the means are a thousand times better than the poisonous pen of mercenary authors and journalist gila..

    3. Hahaha.....talks about fitnah, suddenly everything goes - including the dear religion!

      Fitnah is fitnah IS fitnah, irrespective of the forms & sources. There is no hierarchical distinction in its purest form.

      Unless yr faith says so!

      Then, u run into deepest trouble bcoz yr good book has many similar contradictions that elevated yr definition of fitnah to an art form.

      Another blur-sotong, with multiple disguises, to propagate his form of hatred.

      What a wackos - indeed too many have been tersabar-sabar to allow this type of trash to flow around.

      But then majority of the M'sians r known katak, swimming in a simmering pool not realising the water is slowly getting boil. They probably die not knowing they have been conned kau-kau, thinking their leaders r championing their ketuanan cause!

      U people deserve every bits of the consequences for throwing the god given pride of MARUAH down the cesspool.

    4. They key word is WARN. To warn is to inform/remind of something unpleasant or of a possible danger.

      From then on it is one’s responsibility to earnestly seek the truth and NOT to trust someone else to do one’s thinking and studying of the warning.

      Akhirnya kebenaran akan pasti muncul or the truth shall always prevail. Until that occurs one should always respect the other person’s honour and his/her right to the benefit of the doubt that he/she lawfully deserves.

      That is from my training.

    5. Very very well trained, Indeed!

      That's why u need the supplement of a set of spurious words-of-mouths to re-enforce &, most ridiculously, to re-interpret what yr good book has said.

      Thus, u have allowed all sorts of untrues to grow out of yr good book!

      Izznt this FITNAH to the uppermost?

      BTW, where is this part goes;

      ''s responsibility to earnestly seek the true, and NOT to trust someone else to do one's thinking and studying of the warning'??????

      So, r u going to flush yr tok guru's fatwas down the cesspool?

      Do be reminded, u r the one that said so, I just point out the elephantine jingoes that r underlining the tune.

      Ooops.... warning it the fitnah-disguised warnings?

      & who r u to give warning? Based on what?

      Footlickers have zilch authority, comprehending?????

    6. "Very very well trained"

      Thanks for the compliment, CK, and thanks again yea!

    7. Wakakaka....compliment????

      Walau eh, indeed - for thickening yr face skin to a mile!

      BTW, who's training who? Pink-lip? U? In the act of maruah cesspooling.

      Ohhhh...could it be both of u learn from that 3-ton hippo. Yes?

      So don't thank me. That hippo should gets all yr praise & this is not a fitnah!

    8. ha ha.. ck.. your own sentimental myth has made you incapable of precision of thought and expression which degenerates into untruthfulness - fitnah.. which is in fact the characteristic of your sceptical mind. your slipshod intelligence works like a piece of mechanism that is singularly deficient in the logical faculty of which you conclude and admit the truth.

      thus ck.. it is unfortunate that you have indeed manufactured yourself as one who possesses positive traits of a fool.

    9. Mmmm…my sentimental myth?????

      Do tell me, I want to know what u know about this sentimental myth of mine, that I’m NOW claiming 100% ignorance!

      BTW, this phrase of ‘yours’ - ‘…your own sentimental myth has made you incapable of precision of thought and expression which degenerates into untruthfulness - fitnah.. which is in fact the characteristic of your sceptical mind. your slipshod intelligence works like a piece of mechanism that is singularly deficient in the logical faculty of which you conclude and admit the truth.’

      Errr…sounds & reads so familiar from one of the many books that I have read on blasphemy. Must go & check it out later. But…but.. NONE of these authors r known as ‘unknown’. They r ALL authority in their fields of study & r well-known - just for yr info.

      I would be damned iff one of them would entertain me with his/her thought, by remaining as an anonymous, to comment on my writing on this insignificant blog of ktemoc! This is certainly MOST unlikely.

      If u r quoting someone’s work, do acknowledge that author. Otherwise, u r plagiarizing that someone’s work. Not ONLY it’s unethical, u COULD also very well mis-treating his thought, which is based on years of pains-taking researches founded on multiples of contextual scenarios! Unlike what u r doing NOW, no?

      Now, I must admit I have been a fool, bouncing on stages, to try to enlighten many a blur-sotong. I’m NOT very successful bcoz I’m hitting a large group of people, whose idea in life is as-long-as-he/she-belongs-to-my-kind(religion &/or race)-whatsoever-evil-deeds-he/she-does-is-acceptable. The kind of he-aint-heavy-he’s-my-brother type of mentality in its most twisted form, as mentioned by pink-lip’s younger brother.

      Am I now incapable of precision of thought & expression as u have claimed? Most probably I've lost u...sigh...

      Mind u, I’m definitely skeptical about that part on ‘manufactured myself’ as one who possesses positive traits of a fool.

      Bcoz to fight a fool, one must acts as a fool. To quote Sun Pin’s (not Sun Sze) – only illogical move can counteracts another illogical move. Something like trying to reason with a delirious mental patient is a futile effort! Comprehendi?

      Fool DOESN’T admit himself as fool, only syok-sendiri katak inadvertently proven itself when he opens his thought to let the world know what a tempurung katak he is! Yes?

      Otherwise, what r u, but a bodoh sombong copycat trying to dig a way out.

      Not very successful, I’m afraid!

      Now, no more…. rollover & sit!!!

    10. aiyoyo, I wonder why you keep coming back, wakakaka

    11. ha ha ck.. i read extensively..and i decide what i want and could write.. and thanks for your compliment too. i guess you must have read my thesis.

      by the by why don't you just proceed with your freedom for evil in the interest of the nation.. since i guess you don't have your own life to worry about.

  2. on twittering our igp should leave it to salleh and the mcmc la..

    yang terang-terang bertujuan hendak memporak-perandakan negara.. teruskan ambil tindakan lah..

    jangan ambil kira sangat faktor umur dan jasa-jasa mereka.. dah lama sangat negara ini bersabar..

  3. Najib promotes Zakar Naik

    Now where does this leave Ktemoc and his wildly mistaken pro-Najib views ?
    "I suspect Najib might have the same opinion that Nazri has expressed about Dr Zakir Naik."

    As usual, Ktemoc is either wildly out of touch with reality in his positive leaning towards Najib, or simply another paid Najib cyber-trooper.

    1. you have shityy reading skills, or more correctly, shitty comprehension skills, wakakaka.

      What I had written was [note bold emphasized points]:

      Because Nazir would only say stuff that he believes the PM stood for or has been so told by the PM, I suspect Najib might have the same opinion that Nazri has expressed about Dr Zakir Naik.

      But regardless of Najib's opinion, good on you Minister, you're succinctly spot on in your views.

      You disappoint me by constantly failing in your futile attempts to get me - pathetic lah.

      Secondly, due to the widespread controversy and attention given to Dr Zakir, I'm not surprised by Najib wanting to score some brownie points with his Muslim supporters, but it doesn't automatically translate into him embracing Dr Zakir like Pak Haji Hadi has done, wakakaka

    2. i do not support and do not embrace zakir. hasan will agree with me..

    3. Zakir's unpleasant polemic perpetuates prejudices, preconceptions and even hostilities. That is not in tandem with the Quran and Sunnah. Yes, if Hadi endorsed Zakir then I disagree with Hadi.

  4. By the way, why is the Auditor General's report on 1MDB still an OSA-secret ?

    What is being hidden from public scrutiny ?

    1. ask Tony Pua or Dr Tan - they're both in PAC

    2. Is this another of that ktem0c vis-a-vis ktemoc trick?

      Hello surat wayang, the Auditor General's report on 1MDB is been OSA-ed by the AG, not the PAC!

      So, what talking u there?

      Even if Dr Tan & Tony read the AG's report, they can't say anything about it, lest they know WHY it's been OSA-ed.Yes?

      The best person, who know & can also declassified the AG's report, IS yr pal - ahjibgor!

      Why u so keen to get Dr Tan & Tony into trouble le?

      To remove the constant annoyances that still disturbing the jerky slumber in the hippo's den?

      What a brownie for u. Wakakaka....sigh.

  5. Zakar Naik denigrates Hindus.
    Ktemoc denigrates Jews.

    All the same bloody stupid zealots.
    In the case of Ktemoc an Atheist (just another religion) zealot.

    1. and pray show me how I have denigrated jews?

    2. Self - explanatory...

    3. cheap attempt to escape showing evidence - who have been the scholars I quoted? Japanese? Fijians? Iranians?

    4. Ah yes...Ktemoc just like Zakar Naik, putting on a veneer of scholarly research, knowledge.

      Claiming to be positions based on knowledge delving into the others religion's , all the time built with subtle and unsubtle insults.

      BTW...I attended his talk in the rain...