Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Threats to national security

Malaysiakini - Nazri: Foreigners in Sabah not a security threat

Minister in PM's Department (at times acting Law Minister) Nazri Abdul Aziz told Parliament that '... the nearly a million foreign migrants in Sabah, illegals and legals alike, posed no danger to the peace and security of the state or the nation, assured a federal minister.'


However, I believe the BN government considers the following people as high level threats:

Future and foreign threats follow:

and the most dangerous, the most perfect infiltrator of all:


  1. Nazri is covering up the Government's serious failure to resolve the issue of Illegal immigrants in Sabah. A minister saying Illegal immigration is not serious deserves to be sacked.

    Having said that, I stand by my view that the most serious threat to Malaysia's well-being is the possibility of Anwar Ibrahim leading a Pakatan Rakyat win to form the next government.

    The so-called "Shadow Budget" they presented was the height of irresponsibility.

  2. "The so-called "Shadow Budget" they presented was the height of irresponsibility."

    how so?

  3. Yes, yes, how could the 'right' muslims, legal or illegal, from this country or from without, be a threat to Malaysia. The biggest threat are those cupfulls of silicones hanging from the chest of some women specie, clad in skimpy attire, hehehe

  4. Let it not be forgotten that the Sabah illegal immigrant and instant Malaysian problem was Anwar Ibrahim's creation.
    It was part of his strategy to ensure a permanent BN majority, unassailable by any future change of support by Native Sabahans.

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  8. Is Nazri's wife,his children's mama a threat to national security .Since Ambiga is considered a national threat by Umnoputras,I think so too.So is Chuah junior's mama and Muhyiddin's wife.

  9. Is Nazri's wife,his children's mama a threat to national security .Since Ambiga is considered a national threat by Umnoputras,I think so too.So is Chuah junior's mama and Muhyiddin's wife.

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    Viva freedom of speech and freedom to abuse

  14. As I mentioned in a previous post, the Najib Budget is no doubt flawed. It did not address fundamental problems with Malaysia's indebtedness and declining competitiveness. It is however, a Doable budget, in spite of its flaws. Government servants get paid, services still get peformed, substantial funds still go for development.

    The Pakatan Rakyat "Shadow Budget" is however, a roadmap to bankruptcy. They are trying to promise all things to all people, just to get into power.
    The numbers just don't add up.
    It appears Malaysia will quickly go insolvent under a Pakatan Rakyat Federal government.

    I will continue to take BN, warts and all.

  15. "The numbers just don't add up."

    which part dont add up? revenue or expanditure? i have no problem to add up the number, i am just not entirely sure how thing can be implemented, like ap, ipp and etc. but at least they are willing to tackle this shit. if pr fail, we can kick them out. claim like roadmap to bankruptcy is no difference when many tell the same about bn, meaningless discussion, would pr budget increase the debt/gdp to 100%? show me then we carry on this topic.