Thursday, October 04, 2012

Proposed Pakatan Cabinet

Malaysiakini - Utusan reports possible 'Pakatan cabinet'

F* Utusan and whoever 'whispered' to it. Okay, this is kaytee's proposal.


a) We don't want an obese cabinet - keep it lean and mean. Reason why BN's cabinet has become so avoirdupois is that the PM has to accommodate all sorts of component party clowns instead of making it a truly working cabinet. Pakatan must not fall prey to this trend, that of entertaining swaths of wannabe ministers from the component parties.

Keep it down to 18, with 6 from each of the 3 major parties. I'm afraid we can't accommodate PSM which is likely to gain only 1 federal seat. I'm also assuming the ally parties from Sabah and Sarawak won't have more than 1 or 2 MPs.

Perhaps a basic rule of thumb should be 1 cabinet position per minimum of 5 MPs, up to a max of 6 cabinet positions each. In the event Anwar froggy mates win 5 seats then kasih satu ler.

6 ministers each only

b) No component party may monopolize choice ministerial appointments, which I consider to be (and for the allies to agree to) the appointments of PM, Finance, Home, Defence ... so on so forth.

Thus if Anwar is to be PM, then Finance shall go to either DAP or PAS, then Home to PAS or PAS, so on so forth.

c) I believe the position of DPM is unnecessary. It can also create confusion as to who is running the cabinet, and worse, force Pakatan into having 2 DPMs just to manmanlai PAS and DAP.

A DPM appointment may suit BN but under a Pakatan government it would be better that no individual be appointed on a permanent basis, and an acting PM be only selected when PM will be away or is sick.

The selection shall be by the cabinet, preferably by consensus but if not, then by the cabinet voting. The acting PM must be a MP (and not a senator).

d) Similarly, I caution against appointing all sorts of 'deputy ministers' just for their syiok-ness. Each party gets 6 ministers (inclusive of PM), and that's that.

The minister can be assisted by professionals (not necessary civil servants but top-class 'civilian' professionals, head-hunted and contracted from the private sectors)

lean & mean

e) No ministry shall be 'tied' to any party, that is, no party in Pakatan shall monopolize a ministerial appointment.

For example, after Anwar retires, the next PM may be from either PAS or DAP (or PKR again, if the allies agree) ... though of course in practical terms, at least for the next 10 to 15 years, it'll have to be a Malay candidate.

Hmmm, perhaps Zaid Ibrahim or Ku Li should consider joining DAP now, wakakaka.

lean & mean

Kaytee's Suggested Lean & Mean Cabinet:

1. PM - Anwar Ibrahim (must be MP, not senator)
2. Min Finance -
3. Min Home -
4. Min Defence -
5. Min Industry & Technology -
6. Min International Trade & Tourism -

7. Min Transport (including transport infrastructure) -

8. Min Education
9. Min Human Resources & Vocational Training -

kaytee believes there should be greater emphasis on vocational training

lean & mean

10. Min Works & (non transport/communication) Infrastructure -

11. Min Health & Aging -

we should have plans and programs to look after our senior citizens

12. Min Foreign Affairs -
13. Min Agriculture, Fishery & Primary Industry -

14. Min Communication (including communication infrastructure) -

15. Min Culture, Youth & Sports -

16. Min Environment, Green Science & Natural Resources -

17. Min Minorities & Native Affairs –

Obviously Malays & Chinese aren't minorities in this regard, but should Malaysia's 9% Indian population be considered?

18. Minister Law & Local Governments

Note that, other than Pakatan's agreement for Anwar to be PM, I haven't proposed anyone to any appointment, wakakaka.

lean & mean


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  7. How come a little red dot like Penang has 2 Deputy Chief Ministers ?

    I think Pakatan Rakyat has a penchant for Bloated cabinets.

    Hence the 2x DPM idea for their dream Federal Cabinet is not a surprise.

    Dream On....


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