Saturday, March 26, 2011

Anwar Ibrahim came out swinging at police

At last!

I am glad to see Anwar Ibrahim has dropped his silly pretentious man man lai Asia’s Renaissance bullsh*t to come out fighting as he should have done ages ago.

As I mention in a previous post
3 bowls of rice (extracts only):

Sometimes, through a combination of excessive praises (perhaps of the insincere type) and an enormous conceit, a person may come to believe he is a great man. But even then, that is not as bad as a person who thinks, through such similar persuasions, that he is sophisticated, highly cultured or culturally refined … so on so forth …, because such a person would start to talk in high-faluting language and with abstract themes that the ordinary people in the kampong, villages and the more grubbier side of town won’t be able to understand or appreciate. […]

I reckon our so-called Asia's Renaissance Man, Anwar Ibrahim, has fallen into this hubristic trap.

Once a sweetie [who I adore very much ;-) ] asked me what Anwar meant by ‘Kafkaesque’, wakakaka – that’s Anwar all right!

But I’ve just read in The Malaysian Insider’s
Anwar function turns ugly as crowd attacks cops that Anwar said of the police attempt to stop him from speaking at the function, also bringing into focus the stark contrast between the police treatment of Rahim Thamby Chik and him (referring to his overnight arrest on July 16 2008):

“This Rahim is a criminal, a rapist but he is made a leader; they record pornography and they are free to walk. I was arrested and treated like a dog but you let them go free after recording statement.”

Now Anwar, that’s the way to go, as such an appeal to the people to view the double standards of the police would/should find better proletarian purchase. Common folks want their politics simple and straightforward instead of bullsh*t like reformasi, or other equally high falutin rubbish, which mention every time would be a Kafkaesque nonsense to me (and sweetie) wakakaka.

Incidentally, just as a side note, Rahim Thamby Chik is a Tan Sri just like Harussani Zakaria, the latter being the bloke who sent a seditious SMS to Muslims that massive Christian proselytizing of Muslims at a church was happening (a blatant fabrication). The misogynist coward then blamed a woman for the whole sickening affair. See my previous posts:

(1) Perak Mufti unusually meek!
(2) Perak Mufti blamed woman; SIS condemns him!

Subsequent to his seditious bullsh*t, he went from Datuk to Tan Sri, but I've to admit I wasn't surprised.

It would seem that under the BN government all some people need to do to earn a Tan Sri would be to have an 'astonishing act' on their CV.


  1. seems you have some burning dislike for him.

    most politicians from both sides of the divide will have their low points

    like, you have statements that the authenticity outweighs the legality of the video

  2. shit, my chinese blood, no matter how i try, would never get me into UMNO.
    guess joining MCA would never allow me to rape a young girl and get away with it and along the way become a tan sri.

  3. Ktemoc,
    Dr Raffick has whacked Azmin left, right & centre. Yet, he's teh gut to gun down Zaid......This fella I admire
    Why still nothing strong on Zaid? Not my bastard

    I hope you too do not disappoint me!!!!!

    P.S : I am with you on PKR Sarawak for being arrogant

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  5. KTEMOC,
    I wanna why the hell DAP got to be so gentleman over all issues.....DAP has been brow beaten into accepting 15 state seats.
    Strongly suggest DAP stick to their seats period! Let see PKR can go far......One damn big headed PKR

  6. What the latest porn video allegation will do, is to turn Anwar into a bigger hero than he was before. Even people who dislike him (like KTemoc) or don't give a twig about him (like me), will now turn to him, and say: hey, this is the man who will end the corrupt regime of the BN. Najib & co. have yet to learn their lesson: never ever try to bring this man down, for he will fight back, and you will be the outright loser in the end. He proved this several times during his ABIM days, then proved it again when he was in UMNO, and proved it, in his battle with Malaysia's first ethnic Indian premier, when he was out of UMNO. The best way is to leave him alone, and he and his party will simply go downwards. But the child rapist, out for revenge, has his own personal score to settle (remember, it was Anwar, when he was Deputy PM, who tried to ensure that the rapist did not survive, politically). Without caring for what this will do to his party, the rapist engaged in a personal vendetta against Anwar, and not only galvanises a politician who is going through a bad patch, but ensures that his own party, UMNO, will self-destruct.

  7. By golly, Shazryl Eskay looks almost like Anwar.

    He said he was in the video too!

  8. Since when did you fall in love with that Leather King?
    He and his blue-eyed boy Azmin and that Zaid Ibrahim should be consigned to the trash-bin.

  9. buttercup,

    how about corrupt UMNO and Taib to the trash-bin?

    you condone corruption?

  10. corruption is a crime in malaysia. and if taib and umno are corrupted, they would have long sitting behind bars already, siple as that. anon 12:14 logic and question are not valid.

  11. Ktemoc,
    Kita is in the news again on Anwar.....I don't think it's petty squabble. When are you going to do your bit to whack Zaid?
    NOT MY BASTARD thingy

  12. looes74, as I mentioned in my previous post of 24 March 2011 Zaid is being vindictive, like Nalla was. I had then written: "Of course it’s all about getting even. Call it spite or sweet revenge, whatever. It’s a very human nature, no doubt a weakness but nonetheless a natural human nature. Zaid gleefully snipes at Anwar.".

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