Friday, May 14, 2010

Wee Choo Keong - wakeup call for PKR

What do we make of Wee Choo Keong quitting PKR?

In answering this, there is a danger of a syiok sendiri mentality taking hold and conveniently but dishonestly putting the blame solely on Wee.

When one PKR MP or ADUN leaves the party or worse, defects to the BN, he or she is either not a true believer or a bloody frog; but when several MPs and ADUNs leave PKR, frogs or no frog, the party needs to look at itself in the mirror, painful as this may be.

Why is there this difference between the PKR and DAP (or PAS)?

Of course we need to remember DAP had that most infamous Hee while PAS was duped by Ibrahim Ali into allowing him to stand under the PAS banner in Pasir Mas, but these two are isolated incidents (where if we look carefully, the former was to promote a disadvantaged person into mainstream politics), unlike the embarrassing pack of MPs and ADUNs deserting the PKR ship.

One should recall PKR's former deputy (or was it vice) president Chandra Muzzafar who warned against PKR picking up former DAP members, for the obvious reason if a person can leave party A, he may too party B. Wee would not have been able to join PKR had Chandra been still around. But then, Chandra Muzzafar himself had quitted earlier - no, don't tell me that he was a frog wakakaka because this would be precisely what I meant by PKR refusing to look at itself in the mirror.

Once there were severe criticisms against the DAP for being so tight ass (kedekut) and overly cautious about promoting new members as potential election candidates – the Rocket leaders would vet, screen and scrutinize an applicant a la Shaolin's 36 chambers of ordeal before accepting the person as a likely candidate for election or by-elections.
It’s not unlike but far more demanding than the Chandra Muzzafar doctrine, and in retrospect we have to say the DAP's stringent approach has been justified.

PKR’s problems may be attributed to many weaknesses, namely:

(1) they take on anyone as DUN or Parliamentary candidates, indeed all and sundry,

(2) Anwar Ibrahim plays favourites – otherwise how do you explain a political nobody like Low Gwo Burne being nominated as the PKR candidate for the federal constituency of Kelana Jaya immediately on his joining the party, just a mere 2 weeks before the 05 March 08 general election (why not a faithful and more senior member like sweetie Eli Wong?) or erstwhile best friend Nallakarrupan being prevented from contesting a PKR VP position in an earlier party election to ensure (it was alleged) Azmin Ali gets the last VP slot, and

(3) worse of all, there exists in the party a prevalent UMNO-like avaricious mentality among some of its leaders - these are the more likely people to defect.

If we recall, Wee left DAP because, it was rumoured, he felt Lim KS didn’t fight hard enough for him when our remarkable judiciary dipped its grubby toes into political waters and awarded the BB seat Wee won to the losing MCA candidate, a man already rejected by the BB voters.

It was said that Wee has never forgiven Lim KS for that when he saw by contrast how Lim KS had fought so hard for another person.

So this time, why has Wee left PKR? It’s too easy enough to accuse him of being a frog (he isn't ... yet) but that would just be avoiding the truth. Let's see what he has to say.

Wee claimed that Selangor PKR and the state government, meaning Khalid Ibrahim, had attempted to cover up the scandal involving a state-owned
mining company, presumably the same issue raised angrily by another PKR MP, S Manikavasagam of Kapar.

If what has been alleged is true, then what was it I say about 'a prevalent UMNO-like avaricious mentality among some of its leaders'?

Yes, the PKR faithful have condemned Manikavasagam as if he has been a traitor for exposing alleged dodgy dealings (on top of which PKR was allegedly attempting to cover that up). No doubt they would Wee as well – but that’s precisely what I meant by 'avoiding the truth'. That’s something for PKR Selangor to work out.

That Anwar Ibrahim is now far too well preoccupied to intervene or mediate should not be the issue as Anwar has never been a firm leader or a good manager for PKR – au contraire he has been accused, correctly so, of playing favourites. So the remaining PKR leadership better get on top of this issue, real fast before UMNO exploits it further - that is, if they have the guts, sincerity and will.

As for Wee, I am not sure where he will now go as the life span of an independent in Malaysian politics is equal to that of a tadpole during a drought, unless he is unconscionable enough to reinvent himself as a Chinese version of a grubby 'bullsh*t bullsh*t bullsh*t' ethnic warrior wakakaka.

Quo vadis Wee? Quo vadis PKR?


  1. Why? What of this latest resignation? It is because PKR has always been a department of UMNO-BN.

  2. sack current mb selangor,put a new mb selangor and you will see real
    dynamism under pkr rule.

  3. so many problems in Pakatan.
    PKR problem. Dap problem. PAS problem.
    Sick of all this.

  4. if you go to,
    you can also see that some people are saying DAP & PKR being bullied by PAS in Kedah.
    what type of shit is happening in Pakatan?


    DAP dan PKR terus dibuli oleh PAS Kedah
    | May 14, 2010 02:33:23 pm

    Saya merujuk kepada suatu laporan media di mana PAS Kedah akan memanggil ADUN PKR dan DAP Kedah untuk memberi penjelasan dalam satu majlis ceramah anjuran PAS di Kompleks PAS Kedah di Kota Sarang Semut, pada 22 Mei depan berhubung dakwaan yang tersebar luar kononnya mereka akan melompat meninggalkan Pakatan Rakyat Kedah.

    Saya amat terperanjat dengan tindakan PAS Kedah secara terbuka memanggil ADUN PKR dan DAP Kedah memberi penjelasan tersebut di ceramah PAS di Kompleks PAS Kedah di hadapan ahli-ahli PAS.

    Ia adalah berbeza sekiranya penjelasan tersebut dibuat di ceramah anjuran Pakatan Rakyat ataupun suatu mesyuarat tertutup.

    Tindakan mengarah ADUN PKR dan DAP memberi penjelasan terbuka di ceramah anjuran PAS adalah suatu tindakan menunjukkan dominasi PAS dalam politiks Pakatan Rakyat di negeri Kedah. Ini juga merupakan satu lagi contoh DAP dan PKR dibuli oleh PAS di negeri Kedah.

    Sekiranya wakil rakyat DAP dan PKR di Kedah ingin meninggalkan pentadbiran PAS negeri Kedah, PAS seharusnyat bertanya, kenapa wakil rakyat DAP dan PKR ingin berbuat demikian.

    Pada bulan Julai 2009, wakil rakyat DAP telahpun menyatakan hasrat untuk meninggalkan pentadbiran PAS negeri Kedah apabila pusat penyembelihan babi dirobohkan di Alor Star, Kedah. Sehingga kini, pusat penyembelihan babi ganti yang dijanji oleh pentadbiran PAS negeri Kedah masih belum didirikan.

    *Kenyataan media oleh Tan Keng Liang selaku Ketua Pemuda Gerakan Kedah.

  6. On the subject of politicians' shenanigans, it may help one gain some perspective by reading Ti Lian Ker's blogpost dated Thursday, 13-5-10, here:


  7. Well, it does strengthen the assumption (or fact) that PKR remains to be the 'weakest' link of the Pakatan coalition.

    Though, if you want to look at it from another point of view, his resignation comes just in time for SUPP to gain ammunition for the Sibu by-election campaign. What do you think, KTemoc?

  8. Sibu's Tua Pek Kong offered him Money to pay off his debts?

  9. This is a scumbag who's manufactured an excuse to get out of PKR while sucking up tp UMNO and PM Najib.

    What's the quid pro quo for Wee? Read RPK's expose!!

    we are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  10. Something must be wrong somewhere in PKR if the leaders are coming out of the party by the dozens.

    racist extremists in DAP is at it again

  11. When he contested the seat in 2008 under PKR's banner, why didn't he say then that he had no confidence in that party's leadership, nepotism in PKR, ect? Why say it AFTER he has won the seat?