Saturday, May 29, 2010

Ali Rustam - a terrifying future danger

Do you know who Ali Rustam is?

No no, I don’t mean for you to tell me he’s the Malacca CM, head of a State which is renowned for its major product, Datukships galore ;-) …

… or that he’s the PPL's PPP's least favourite person on earth wakakaka – for more on why Kayveas doesn’t like him but may be forced to continue to bodek him, read what I had written last year:

Ali Rustam was the man, who as ‘guest of honour’ at the PPP annual general assembly in Malacca in October 2007, sneeringly told the
PPP to get out of Barisan Nasional if the party wishes.

Yes, as PPP's 'guest of honour' at the party's most important annual event!

Ali spat out those tsunamic hurtful words while gesturing rudely at the totally gobsmacked and highly humiliated PPP delegates: “PPP can leave BN. All of you can leave. Either today or tomorrow. Why wait until the general election? What’s there to wait for?”

[maybe after the March 2008 tsunami Kayveas might have regretted not taking up Ali’s advice wakakaka]

I blogged on the sorry saga in
The total humiliation of PPP - a lesson for BN parties.

Then in PPP a Disgrace - Denied Datukship, Denied Dignity: I wrote: Ali Rustam had been the man who completely forgot about the traditional etiquette of the Malays to be bersopan-santun (exercising good manners) and berhalus (showing refined behaviour), more so when he was afterall the PPP's guest of honour.

Apart from wondering how those PPP people could have the face (and certainly the thick hide) to swallow that humongous insult and utter humiliation, and remain like dumb-struck donkeys in the BN, we have come to learn that Ali Rustam had not been a nice person at all.

AAB was an equal a$$h*le because it took the chairperson of the BN one whole blooming week to comment on that shameful behaviour by Ali Rustam. Even then, AAB was a disgrace in not reprimanding Ali Rustam.

Anyway, what prompted me to raise a post again on Ali Rustam has been his comments in yesterday’s Malaysiakini Ali Rustam: Drug testing on animals a 'God-given right', which reported that bloke defending the state government's decision to allow the establishment of a multi-million ringgit biotechnology centre that will feature several animal testing laboratories.

Naturally animal rights activists have been appalled yadda yadda yadda.

While I am an animal lover I don’t support an extreme total ban on animal testing, because apart from the greater good that may be derived from such testings, we do have such testings on humans as well. In many cases, the tests on animals represent only the first step before they are applied to humans.

Yup, new medical drugs and safety features have to be tested on either animals or humans, or both, but so long as the testing on animals are done humanely and not for frivolous reasons (such as cosmetic experiments to develop methods and drugs to keep rich people young and sexually virile) I accept the reality and greater good of such testings.

But what galls me is Ali Rustam’s gorilla mentality (and I apologise to the ape, the real simian). MKINI reported him challenging the activists to volunteer themselves as test subjects as an alternative to drug testing on animals.

He said: "I should call this group for a dialogue and I will ask them if they are prepared to replace the rats and monkeys. If they are, then sign (a contract).”

No doubt his grossly stupid but postured jaguh-ish statement might have found gleeful admiration with the likes of those who applauded the ‘bocor’ comments in Parliament, but his low brow pariah mentality worries me.

For more of what I meant by 'bocor' mentality read Bocor business - AAB misses the whole point and No light at end of UMNO 'Tunnel'.

Firstly, Ali Rustam demonstrated that he continues to have that gorilla chest-thumping mindset that had led him, as the guest of honour at a PPP general assembly, to spit out a f*-off to his stunned hosts.

But most importantly and indeed most frighteningly, the reason for my worry is that he is a very popular man in UMNO - so popular that he would have been the DPM if not for a wee ‘inconvenience’ that took him out of the race and ensured (or, to ensure) Muhyiddin Yassin’s appointment to the No 2 spot.

Indeed I fear that in the next round of UMNO party election this terrible man may possibly become that terifying 'heartbeat away' from the No 1 spot. ‘Tis a horrendous thought for Malaysia.


  1. Maybe he thinks he's Hang Tuah
    Banished for a while under money politics
    Keep on a leash be a good dog.......
    Barking when it suits the matter

    When the time come for him
    He will march into his glory
    Fighting for his race cause
    He thinks he has the ball

    As Hang Tuah realized
    He couldn't be a Sultan
    He could be a slave to the crown
    Killing his best friend fighting for his honour

    The implosion should have clowns
    Inside to make the play applause ringing
    Let them forget; let them talk the 3Ps
    Until the voters write them off quickly

    The rusty mind on the rusty man
    Crowing the glory he thinks he will get
    By the time he realizes the weak legs
    He is long gone into the deep ocean

    The large ship can't sail
    She gets stuck on the muddy shore
    Too many hours of merriment
    Until it slowly sinking 6 feet underground

    The clowns still singing
    Blowing pipes telling stories
    Of the grandeur of a great party
    As the dark water rising up slowly

  2. Kakaka is that suppose to be a poem by CaravanSerai?

    It doesn't rhyme. Pentamic arrangement all wrong.

  3. hail ali rustam.

    this serves reminder to animal activists not to be a hypocrite, if they're willing to champion animals' rights they should sign up for the test themselves! brilliant comment from our melaka CM, man of practicality - he helped melaka to create jobs, unlike the penang CM!! as if these activists not using cosmetics and medical product result from animal TEST!

  4. KTemoc, quoting your 3rd para:

    "..or that he’s the PPL's least favourite person on earth wakakaka – for more on why Kayveas doesn’t like him but may be forced to continue to bodek him, .. "

    There's a typo here. You must mean: "PPP's least favourite person" and not "PPL's".

    Nitpicker strikes again!! ;-)

  5. May be AR will drop dead soon ?

  6. AR won't drop dead soon

    He will be struck by lightning and blown to hell to be Hades' son-in-law tonight

  7. There are many ways to write poetry Two line poems or 3 line poems, haiku etc For me I prefer the free style poetry write it as it flows like freedom without rules

  8. Aiyah, why ask the activists to volunteer as test subjects. Many UMNO/BN members are willing. You benefit them with $$$ they volunteer - it is a deal.

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  10. thank's for your information and i like it post ^____^