Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Those bloody rich Chinese!

[This post was published on 28 March 2010 - thought I'd republish it today πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜…πŸ˜†]

The Malaysian Insider
just published an article titled Government will update data on wealth distribution.

It reported that Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has called for an investigation into wealth distribution in our country following accusations that non- Malays have been grabbing everything.

Dr Mahathir

DPM Muhyiddin Yassin agreed to that (natch!). He said:

“The data is available, maybe needs to be updated. According to current records, a large portion of the nation’s wealth is in the hands of non-Malays.

“We acknowledge this matter, previously under the New Economic Policy we had targeted for Malays to own at least 30 per cent of the nation’s wealth but it is has been proven that till today we have not achieved it.

“On the other hand, wealth ownership among the non-Malays increased especially the Chinese. We need to have an approach whereby we do better towards meeting the aspirations of all communities.”

Muhyiddin Yassin

Incidentally kaytee has recently completed my own informal private study on the same topic, and found the following ethnic groups own the respective proportion of national wealth:

Chinese – 97.73% - bastards, Perkasa has been right all along!
Indians – 2.25 % - stop grumbling, Perkasa has been right all along!
Malays – 0.02% - didn’t I tell you Perkasa has been right all along?

I told my elderly village neighbour when he came to Selangor for a weekend visit of my findings. He gasped in amazement at the statistics which showed him as among the wealthy Malaysians. He asked me pointedly: “Kaytee, when is Ah Pek going to get in real terms my share of that wonderful percentage that Chinese own?”

As I was about to answer him, I was distracted by the fantastic mansion on my left. It resembles a Bali palace, and it’s even bigger than the one in Klang, home of a late satay king. As my Kancil spluttered along the Great Wall of the Bali Palace, a sleek BMW coupe zoomed by me. ‘Ere its 4.2 litres engine took it out of my sight, I recognize it as belonging to a Datin whose hubby is one of the directors of a GLC.

Khir Toyo's Bali Palace

I whispered to Ah Pek, “Don’t tell anyone, with the exception of Perkasa, but we Chinese will be taking over the country soon, and when we do, you’ll then get your share.”

“Are you crazy? Perkasa is the last organization we should tell,” he glared at me for my seeming gross stupidity.

I told him it was in fact the leader of Perkasa who told us that the Chinese will take over running Malaysia.

He gasped again and exclaimed, “You mean that bloke who was a student activist about to be arrested under the ISA in 1970, and who ran to seek help from then Opposition Leader Lim Kit Siang?”

Dr Mahathir & Ibrahim Ali

This time it was my turn to gasp, “Really?”

“Yes, that f* lying ingrate! Now he claims that the DAP, which he ran to for help in 1970, was responsible for May 13.”

“Karn neen nare, just imagine, one year after May 13, he desperately went to the very man, the leader of the DAP in 1970, for help, and now he accuses the DAP of being May 13 trouble-makers.”

Elder looked despondent after that, realizing he was not about to go on an immediate spending spree in KL for all the wealth kaytee has informed him the Chinese in this country own, and would be still plodding away at his char koay teow stall in Ayer Itam when he returned to Penang.

Ayer Itam

Then he sighed loudly and conceded, “I guess I ought to be grateful that I‘m luckier than my father. He was just a trishaw man, toiling away like a beast of burden everyday, for peanuts, until he eventually died a physically broken man! Kuan Yin has been merciful to me. I hope my grandson will be able to take over my char koay teow stall in 3 years from now, when I am 67.”

Indeed, Omitofu!


  1. Ktemoc,
    I would like to share with you a news about Tan Keng Liang found in the Edge. He condemn Perkasa. Are you going to criticize Tan for doing that too?
    Go read it here:-

  2. KUALA LUMPUR: Kedah Gerakan Youth chief Tan Keng Liang on Sunday, March 28, questioned Malay rights movement Perkasa's need to portray the organisation as the "ultimate defender" of Islam, Malay and bumiputera rights given that these rights were already enshrined in the Federal Constitution.

    In a statement on Sunday, Tan noted that Article 153 of the Federal Constitution accorded protection to the special rights of Malays and bumiputera while Article 3 stated that Islam was the religion of the federation of Malaysia, although other religions may be practised.

    "I cannot comprehend why there is any further need for Perkasa to portray themselves as the ultimate defender of Islam, the special rights of Malays and bumiputera. All these rights are well protected in our Federal Constitution under our Yang Di-Pertuan Agong and the Rulers of States.

    "No one in our country is currently threatening the abolishment of Article 3 and Article 153 of the Federal Constitution," Tan said.

    Tan was responding to reports of Perkasa's annual general meeting (AGM) last Saturday, where Perkasa president Datuk Ibrahim Ali described the group's objectives as defending Islam as well as Malay and bumiputera rights.

    Tan also criticised Perkasa's "arrogant" warning to political parties against casting Perkasa as an "enemy" if the political parties wanted to win the general elections.

    "Malaysians are fully aware of the contents and the protection accorded by the Federal Constitution. So, I am quite amused as to how Perkasa would be able to significantly affect the results of any elections in our country," Tan said.

    Both Ibrahim and Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, who spoke at the AGM, had urged the federal government and political parties to listen to the demands of the Malays to ensure support.

  3. The dozen or so Malaysian Chinese billionaires should take up Singapore citizenship, so that the wealth of the remaining Chinese can be on par with that of the Indians.... then PERKOSA will then try to perkosakan the orang asli for being wealthy

  4. Don't twist the story around.
    Who are you kidding.
    There are more Chinese and Indian billionaires around than there are Malay billionaires.
    In terms of the ratio of the Malays being the largest population, Malay wealthy are negligible.
    And mind you, the poorest Chinese and the poorest indians are not as poor as the poorest Chinks and Keling.
    Is it wrong for the Govt to redress this???

  5. Who controls :-

    Ministry of Finance
    Khazanah Nasional
    Permodalan Nasional Bhd
    Civil Service
    Polis Raja DiMalaysia
    Army, Navy

    So Katak Ali, what rubbish you talking about. you may be insane but there are many intelligent people here in Bolehland.

  6. john lee,

    If gerakan's tan keng liang want to open his mouth next time, best to leave gerakan first.
    Gerakan has not rights to talk about anything.

  7. kerisali of perdosa damn hodoh lah !!

  8. "The dozen or so Malaysian Chinese billionaires should take up Singapore citizenship".

    Of all place you suggested singapore. Please, you are insulting malaysia! why must we flock to the that island when their youths are flocking away from there (go read the star lah). Are you saying we malaysians are no better than singaporeans? In fact, I find malaysia quality lifestyle is even better than the little city state!

  9. oh ladila,

    no objections over assisting the poor. and the malays formed the majority of the poor. govt is and should be there to help and thats what PR policy is all about.
    on billionaires, is it rite to rob the poor malays just to create a few bumi billionaires and then blame the non-malays for marginalising the poor malays? that sounds UMNO and their cronies, aint it?

  10. damn ! only ONE mamak in the top 20,
    why cant the other 19 let go some for my other mamak-children to be listed in top 5 !!